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The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read

by Curtis Manley

<p>It’s not easy to teach a cat to read, but one boy tries to anyway in this sweet and silly picture book debut that captures the challenges and rewards of learning to read. <p>Nick loves to read books—and he loves to play with his cats, Verne and Stevenson. So naturally Nick decides it’s a great idea to teach his cats to read. But Verne and Stevenson don’t appreciate when Nick wakes them up with a flashcard that says NAP. Nick finally piques Verne’s interest with words like MOUSE and FISH. But not Stevenson’s. While Nick and Verne go to the library, Stevenson hides under the porch. Will Nick ever find a way to share his love of reading with his feline friends?</p>

They All Saw a Cat

by Brendan Wenzel

The cat walked through the world, with its whiskers, ears, and paws...<P><P> In this glorious celebration of observation, curiosity, and imagination, Brendan Wenzel shows us the many lives of one cat, and how perspective shapes what we see. When you see a cat, what do you see?<P> A 2017 Caldecott Honor Book

Westward Ho, Charlie Brown! (Peanuts Great American Adventure)

by Charles M. Schulz Tom Brannon

Charlie Brown and friends pack up and head West for a pioneer adventure! But will life on the wagon trail be too rough for the Peanuts gang?

Woodpecker Wants a Waffle

by Steve Breen

One day Benny the woodpecker awakens to the best tummy-rumbling smell ever and discovers it’s something called waffles. He must taste them! He pecks on the door of the waffle house, but he gets the boot. He tries to sneak in, but he gets swept away. Each time Benny tries, he just can’t seem to get to those delicious waffles. The other forest animals laugh at him: “Woodpeckers don’t eat waffles!” they say. But Benny has a brilliant plan. . . . Steve Breen has created a delightful picture book with pitch-perfect humor and tons of visual gags that will keep readers coming back for more!

All Around Us

by Xelena Gonzalez

Grandpa says circles are all around us. He points to the rainbow that rises high in the sky after a thundercloud has come. "Can you see? That's only half of the circle. That rest of it is down below, in the earth." He and his granddaughter meditate on gardens and seeds, on circles seen and unseen, inside and outside us, on where our bodies come from and where they return to. They share and create family traditions in this stunning exploration of the cycles of life and nature.

First Numbers: Touch-and-Trace Early Learning Fun! (Little Groovers)

by Angie Hewitt

Presenting a fun and engaging way to introduce early learning concepts to young children! Kids can use their finger to follow the grooves on each page to learn numbers 1-10. They can practice their numbers by tracing the grooves with their fingers from one snail all the way up to ten leaping frogs.The Little Groovers series is an excellent way for children to:Develop hand-eye coordinationEncourage motor skills developmentBoost learning through interactive playFirst Numbers is an engaging and colorful way to introduce early concepts to toddlers. Practice again and again with this new board book series to get children ready for preschool and prewriting.

John Deere, That's Who!

by Tracy Nelson Maurer Tim Zeltner

Back in the 1830s, who was a young blacksmith from Vermont, about to make his mark on American history? John Deere, that’s who! <P><P>Who moved to Illinois, where farmers were struggling to plow through the thick, rich soil they called gumbo? Who tinkered and tweaked and tested until he invented a steel plow that sliced into the prairie easy as you please? <P><P>Long before the first tractor, who changed farming forever? John Deere, that’s who!

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors

by Drew Daywalt

Long ago, in an ancient and distant realm called the Kingdom of Backyard, there lived a warrior named ROCK. Meanwhile in the Empire of Mom’s Home Office, a second great warrior sought the glory of battle. And his name was PAPER. At the same time, in the Kitchen Realm, in the tiny village of Junk Drawer, lived a third warrior. They called her SCISSORS. These three were the strongest, smartest, and fastest in all the land. Time and again they beat the most fearsome opponents they could find: an apricot, a computer printer—even frozen, breaded, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets! But when the warriors finally meet each other, the most epic round of battles begins . . . and never ends. That is why, to this day, children around the world honor these worthy adversaries by playing ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!

Mouse and Hippo

by Mike Twohy

Mouse creates a painting for his new friend Hippo—and Hippo returns the kindness in an unlikely way—in this delightful story about doing your best to make a friend happy! <P><P>Mouse offers to paint a portrait of his new friend Hippo, but Hippo doesn’t quite fit on Mouse’s canvas. Still Hippo is delighted. In return, Hippo returns the favor for his new friend in the best way he knows how. In a surprising story sure to cause giggles, picture book readers will ask for this book over and over again! <P><P>Lexile Measure: AD490L

Ruby Bakes a Cake (I Can Read! #Level 1)

by Susan Hill

Sorry for the inconvenience. Out of print, no longer sellable. Please remove from sale.

Ruby Paints a Picture (I Can Read! #Level 1)

by Susan Hill

Sorry for the inconvenience. Out of print, no longer sellable. Please remove from sale.

Ruby’s Perfect Day (I Can Read! #Level 1)

by Susan Hill

Sorry for the inconvenience. Out of print, no longer sellable. Please remove from sale.

Quizás algo hermoso: Cómo el arte transformó un barrio

by F. Isabel Campoy Rafael López Theresa Howell

¿De qué sirve un toque de color en una comunidad de gris? ¡Como descubren Mira y sus vecinos, más de lo que puedas imaginar! Basado en la historia real del Urban Art Trail en San Diego, California, Maybe Something Beautiful revela cómo el arte puede inspirar la transformación, y cómo incluso los artistas más pequeños pueden lograr algo grande. ¡Toma un pincel y únete a la celebración!

We Don't Eat Our Classmates

by Ryan Higgins

It's the first day of school for Penelope Rex, and she can't wait to meet her classmates. But it's hard to make human friends when they're so darn delicious! That is, until Penelope gets a taste of her own medicine and finds she may not be at the top of the food chain after all. . . . <P><P>Lexile Measure: AD500L

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