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Pennsylvania: Our People, Places, and Past

by Randall A. Pellow

This book presents the rich history, geography, people and products of the state of Pennsylvania.

Rosa (Second Edition)

by Elaine Cunningham

Rosa is the daughter of migrant workers. She wants to learn and have friends, but must travel with her family where there is work. Who becomes Rosa's friends, and how can they help her find lasting happiness?

Noah Webster: A Man who Loved Words (Second Edition)

by Elaine Cunningham

This is a story based on events in the life of Noah Webster.

Wonder's Victory (Thoroughbred #4)

by Joanna Campbell

The fourth book in the Wonder series continues the story of the filly that was saved at birth and is on her way to becoming a prize winning race horse.

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

[This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts in grades 4-5 at]

My Father's Dragon

by Ruth Stiles Gannett

When Elmer Elevator hears about the plight of an overworked and underappreciated baby flying dragon, he stows away on a ship and travels to Wild Island to rescue the dragon.<P><P> A Newbery Honor book

A Papa Like Everyone Else

by Sydney Taylor

Sydney Taylor, author of the All-of-a-Kind family series, presents the plight of many Hungarian Jewish families following WWI. Father goes to America to find work and to make a better life for his family. While he is saving money for their passage, Mama, Szerena and Gisela manage their farm and fully participate in rural Jewish life. For children 8-12 and older readers.

The Case of the Trail Mix-Up (Wright & Wong #3)

by Laura J. Burns Melinda Metz

On the school camping trip to Bottomless Lake, Orville's nemesis Stu Frysley disappears. The adults freak out and call a search and rescue team. Could Stu have been eaten by Trixie, the Bottomless Lake monster? Wright and Wong are sure to get to the bottom of things at Bottomless Lake.

Little Darlings

by Sam Llewellyn

dark comedy about a family of very bad children - Primrose, Cassian and Daisy, Enter nanny Petronella Fryer - Nanny Pete - in a Jag XJS. She's different, there's the stubble for a start. They're all about to embark on what can only be called a comic caper which leads to their missing mum.

Fright Time - Black

by Rochelle Larkin Joshua Hanft

3 spine-tingling tales: Don't Breathe, Overnight-mare, and It's in the Attic.

Fright Time - Green

by Rochelle Larkin Joshua Hanft

3 spine-tingling tales: Forest of Fear, Ghost Twin, and Something's in the Sewer.

Fright Time - Pink

by Rochelle Larkin Joshua Hanft

3 spine-tingling tales: Madman on Main Street, Scary Harry, and It's Almost Dark.

Fright Time - Blue

by Rochelle Larkin Joshua Hanft

3 spine-tingling tales: Terror Town, Medal of Horror, and Kid Willie's Ghost.

An Alien Dies (Animorphs Companion: The Andalite Chronicles, #3)

by K. A. Applegate

Elfangor believed his mission was simple, but no one expected what he, Alloran, and Arbron were about to discover.

The Pagemaster

by Todd Strasser

A young boy who is afraid of everything gets trapped in the local library, where he befriends three strange characters; Adventure, Fantasy, and Horror, and must overcome his fears while journeying through "Storyland" towards the Exit Sign.

The Alchemist's Cat (The Deptford Histories #1)

by Robin Jarvis

The Alchemist's Cat -- The year is 1664 when young Will Godwin comes to London. In order to survive, he becomes an assistant to a wicked alchemist, Elias Theophratus Spittle. Prequel to the Deptford Mice trilogy.

X Marks the Spy (Chris Cool Series, #1)

by Jack Lancer

In the thrilling city of Paris, TEEN's crack espionage agent Chris Cool undertakes a baffling and dangerous mission: to ferret out a revolutionary new secret weapon which could change the balance of power in the cold war. His contact is an unknown spy identified only by a cunningly concealed X mark. When three men turn up with X marks, Chris is faced with the grim challenge of correctly identifying the right contact. Chris and his Apache fellow agent, Geronimo Johnson, follow a clue that leads to the Riviera resort town of St. Tropez and discover that they themselves have become the quarry in a bloodchilling game of hide-and-seek with the deadly agents of TOAD. For all mystery-spy fans, here is a suspense thriller packed with pulse-pounding excitement that never lets up till the final paragraph.

The Secret of Skeleton Island (Ken Holt, # #1)

by Bruce Campbell

In one of the most tense and exciting series books ever written, the young Ken Holt must elude the clutches of a dangerous ring of car thieves and at the same time rescue his kidnapped father. The action begins in Chapter 1 when Ken Holt is kidnapped, and doesn't let up a bit until the last chapter. This is one of the best Ken Holt books and is an example of why many think so highly of this series.

Vocabulary Workbook

by Pathway Publishers

Vocabulary Workbook for 5th Grade

Climbing to Good English Practice Sheets Grade 5

by Schoolaid

English Practice Sheets for 5th Grade

Practical Spelling Grade 5

by Miller School Books

A language arts spelling book for Grade 5.

Workbook for Living Together

by Pathway Publishers

Language Arts Workbook for Living Together Grade 5

Living Together

by Pathway Publishers

A language arts textbook for grade 5

Climbing to Good English 5

by Schoolaid

A language arts workbook for Fifth Grade

The Big Black Horse: A Storybook Version of the Black Stallion

by Walter Farley

From the publisher: This book, especially designed for young children, is a brief retelling of the first part of a famous book entitled THE BLACK STALLION and originally published by Random House in 1941. When the children are a little older, they will want to read the whole story, many times longer than this, just as it was written by Walter Farley. When Alec sees men forcing a tremendously beautiful black stallion onto the ship he is on, his curiosity is aroused. After feeding the horse sugar and gaining the horses trust, Alec is saved during a storm by the "black"". This is the exciting story of how Alec and the Black survived on a desert island. Other books about the black stallion are also available from This file should make an excellent embossed braille copy.

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