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Work Book Special English 12th Standard - MP Board

by Madhya Pradesh Rajya Shiksha Kendra Bhopal

Special English text book for 12th standard from Madhya pradesh rajya shiksha kendra bhopal in english.

The Velveteen Rabbit

by Margery Williams Bianco

Margery Williams's tale of a velveteen rabbit who becomes real through the love of a child is a timeless classic, as dearly beloved as the velveteen rabbit himself. It is lovingly abridged in this paperback edition, featuring Sophie Allsopp's illustrations.

The Big Black Horse: A Storybook Version of the Black Stallion

by Walter Farley

From the publisher: This book, especially designed for young children, is a brief retelling of the first part of a famous book entitled THE BLACK STALLION and originally published by Random House in 1941. When the children are a little older, they will want to read the whole story, many times longer than this, just as it was written by Walter Farley. When Alec sees men forcing a tremendously beautiful black stallion onto the ship he is on, his curiosity is aroused. After feeding the horse sugar and gaining the horses trust, Alec is saved during a storm by the "black"". This is the exciting story of how Alec and the Black survived on a desert island. Other books about the black stallion are also available from This file should make an excellent embossed braille copy.

Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp (I Can Read! #Level 1)

by Syd Hoff

From the book jacket: Guess who's going to summer camp with Danny? <P><P> His friend the dinosaur. An expert at foot races and football, and happy to help when weary hikers need a lift, this gigantic camper is a huge hit. <P><P> Since the publication of Danny and the Dinosaur in 1958, the popular pair has been a favorite for beginning readers everywhere, who, like Danny, love the dinosaur as much for the measure of his size as for the largeness of his heart. <P> Those who enjoy this book may also want to read "Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur!" (also available from Bookshare). <P> This file should make an excellent embossed braille copy. AGES 3-7

Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur! (I Can Read! #Level 1)

by Syd Hoff

What would happen if a dinosaur came to a birthday party? Come to Danny's house and find out. His friend the dinosaur helps make this one party you'll never forget!

The Velveteen Rabbit (or How Toys Become Real)

by Margery Williams William Nicholson

Originally published in 1922, The Velveteen Rabbit has delighted young readers for nearly a century. The story follows a young boy who’s given a stuffed rabbit as a Christmas gift. After the rabbit befriends other nursery toys, he comes to the realization that he wants to become a real rabbit. Eventually, the boy becomes ill and is relocated; his room is then disinfected and all the boy’s toys are thrown out, including the velveteen rabbit. The rabbit sheds a real tear causing a fairy to appear and turn him into a real rabbit. This edition includes full-color illustrations, with image descriptions,from the original illustrator, William Nicholson. Each image accompanies the text to enhance young readers’ experience and immerse them in this captivating story. Reprinted hundreds of times since its initial publication, The Velveteen Rabbit is a timeless children’s classic lets young readers experience the true magic of friendship, love, and being honest with oneself. In 2007, the book was named one of "Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children” by the National Education Association.

Happy Maths 2: Shapes and Data

by Mala Kumar Angie Upesh

Sankhya and Ganith learn that different shapes have different properties.

Big Bullies

by Greg Watkins

Learn about how to be a friend and deal with a bully. Follow the colorful friends: a green and yellow parrot, a yellow snake, a brown and tan mouse, and a pink and orange striped cat as they deal with a bully and talk about better ways to be a friend. Limited picture descriptions present.

Sharing with Friends (Values & Virtues)

by The Clever Factory

Teaches children how to develop positive character traits by sharing. Picture descriptions added.

Stephen Stands Strong

by Julie Stiegemeyer

An easy-to-read rendering of Acts 7. Other Arch books are available in this library.

The Littlest Angel

by Charles Tazewell

He is always late! He's been caught swinging on the golden gates! He chews on his wings! He sings off key! And, then... something happens... A wonderful book for children and grandparents to read together.

Deborah Saves the Day

by Erik Rottman

From the book: She said to Barak, "Go to war! No longer quake with fear! If you can't fight him on your own, You will have me near." Other Arch books are available in this library.

The Lost Coin: Luke 15:8-10, for Children

by Nicole E. Dreyer

When a poor woman looses a coin, she searches her house in order to find it. When she does find her coin, she rejoices and invites her neighbors to celebrate her good fortune. Other Arch books are available in this library.

The Woman at the Well

by Melinda Busch

In Jesus' day, it was not proper for a Jew to eat with a Samaritan. But Jesus asked her for a drink anyway. Then, He told her about God's living water.

Daniel and the Roaring Lions

by Louise Ulmer

When King Darius threw Daniel into a den of hungry lions, he expected the lions to eat Daniel. But God had other plans for his servant's life!

The Knee-High Man and Other Tales

by Julius Lester

Tales of why dogs chase cats, why the little man wants to be big. Lester skillfully retells these tales from black folklore.

Phonics K, Student Pages, Semester 1

by Inc. K12

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Phonics K, Student Pages, Semester 2

by Inc. K12

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Jamie Goes on an Airplane

by Jill Krementz

Jamie likes to watch the airplanes take off! He likes to ride on airplanes! And, he loves to visit his grandparents! Other book by this author are available in this library.

Discovering God's World (Grade #1)

by Judy Hull Moore

A book that helps kids to learn about themselves and the things around them the Christian way.

The Hole in the Tree

by Jean Craighead George

Who will be the king of the hole in the tree? A delightful book where two children find a hole in a tree and watch as it becomes larger through the occupation of successive animals. Starting with a small beetle who begins the hole and the progression to different insects, birds and other animals. Even the two children use the hole once he gets large enough through the progression.

Bridge Book

by Delores Shimmin

This book provides enjoyable children's stories that apply the special sounds in the A Beka Book Phonics Program.

Secrets and Surprises

by Marion Hedquist

This book provides enjoyable children's stories that apply valuable practice in applying phonics.

Tiptoes (Fifth Edition)

by Laurel Hicks Marion Hedquist

Tiptoes is the second reader in the A Beka Book first grade reading program. It reviews the simple one- and two-vowel words introduced in Fun with Pets and then progresses to words containing special sounds introduced in Charts 6 and 7.

Stepping Stones

by Laurel Hicks Marion Hedquist

Stepping Stones is the third reader in the A Beka Book first-grade reading program. Students will enjoy these stories about children and animals while gaining fluency in reading.The following Christian virtues and character traits are incorporated in the stories: cheerfulness, cleanliness, industry, kindness, obedience, thankfulness, and thoughtfulness.

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