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The World's Messiest Food Fights (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 2)

by Davia Luke

NIMAC-sourced textbook

World's Oldest Living Dragon #16

by Kate Mcmullan

Sir Mort engineers a class trip to a home for "olde" knights. But when the lads and lasses arrive, they discover that Sir Lancelot has decided he's had enough of hacking and whacking and is ready for retirement himself. Find out how Erica (his most fervent admirer), Wiglaf, and the rest of the gang get Lancelot back in action, battling the feared Grizzlegore, the world's oldest living dragon.

World's Worst Wedgie #3

by Nancy Krulik Aaron Blecha

In his continuing -- but mainly disastrous -- efforts to be an upstanding, responsible ten-year-old, George Brown decides it's time to earn some money. (There's also an expensive remote-controlled toy that he's been coveting.) But no matter what he tries -- whether it's working at his mother's craft shop, opening a lemonade stand, or setting up a backyard circus for neighborhood kids -- the magic burps erupt at exactly the wrong times and wreak havoc on George's entrepreneurial plans. .

The Worry (Less) Book: Feel Strong, Find Calm, and Tame Your Anxiety!

by Rachel Brian

This is a book for people who worry. (So, yeah -- everyone!) We all have a mixture of fun and not-so fun feelings. And everyone feels worried sometimes. But too much anxiety can get in the way. So this book is here to help you identify your anxiety, understand why it's just part of that thing we call life, and equip you with all the tools you need to find calm again.Playfully presented, packed with fun and helpful illustrations, and expertly vetted, author-artist Rachel Brian (co-creator of the viral "Tea Consent" video) delivers a must-have book for anyone who wonders why they worry or how to better live with their anxiety. From recognizing when you're feeling anxious and worried, to taking charge by training your brain and using awesome techniques to help you feel good again, this book will have you worrying less and living more.

Worse Than Rotten, Ralph

by Jack Gantos Nicole Rubel

Rotten Ralph makes an earnest attempt at good behavior but is enticed, not too reluctantly, into a series of misadventures by some ruffian alley cats. "The gleefully naughty story is matched by antic pictures, so brashly colored that they glow in the dark. " -- Publishers Weekly

Worse, Worser, Wurst #2

by Nancy Krulik Ben Balistreri

Princess Pulverizer may not be a knight yet, but she won't let that stop her from saving the day!There's trouble in the kingdom of Salamistonia! Ever since an evil wizard kidnapped Lester the jester, laughter and smiles have disappeared. Now Princess Pulverizer has the perfect opportunity to complete the next good deed on her Quest of Kindness: a rescue mission! With her friends Lucas and Dribble by her side, can Princess Pulverizer defeat the wizard, free Lester, and bring fun back to Salamistonia?

The Worst Breakfast

by China Miéville Zak Smith

"Miéville and Smith's dialogue is fantastic: witty, smart, with great rhythm that doesn't sacrifice artful turns of phrase to reach for an internal rhyme. . . Smith's artwork keeps pace with the text, which the artist sets into little rectangles to contrast with the jaggedly flamboyant paintings that get increasingly manic as the girl goes on, incorporating tentacles and pterodactyls as well as piled-high foodstuffs. . . This should be in the hands of all kids who aren't easily satiated by tamer picture books and who would engage with a real work of art that they can revisit over and over. None of the artwork is too gross to behold, even for the squeamish, but it does perfectly illustrate the culinary horrors the girl is trying to convey to her sister. A brilliant, original, infinitely rereadable book that can sit alongside Sendak and Dahl. " --Kirkus Reviews, Starred review Part of Akashic's Black Sheep imprint. Two sisters sit down one morning and begin describing all of the really gross things that were in the worst breakfast they ever had, until all they can picture is a table piled sky-high with the weirdest, yuckiest, slimiest, slickest, stinkiest breakfast possible. And then they have the best breakfast ever. . . almost.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Expert Advice for Extreme Situations (Worst-Case Scenario)

by Joshua Piven David Borgenicht

Danger! It lurks at every corner. Volcanoes. Sharks. Cyberbullies. Sinkholes. From wresting an alligator to evading drones to landing a plane if the pilot passes out, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook is here to help with expert, illustrated, step-by-step instructions for life's sudden turns for the worst. Needed now more than ever, this revised and expanded edition—published on the international bestseller's 20th anniversary—delivers frightening and funny real advice readers need to know fast. With crucial information added from across the Worst-Case series and 20 all-new scenarios for twenty-first century threats (extreme weather, "fake news," dropping a cell phone in the toilet), this action-packed hardcover handbook brings emergency instruction for anxious times.

The Worst Kid Who Ever Lived on Eighth Avenue

by Laurie Lawlor

Trying to be detectives, Mary Lou and her friends imagine that terrible crimes are being committed when Leroy, the worst kid who ever lived on Eighth Avenue, returns to the house next door.

The Worst Mascot Ever (The Big Idea Gang)

by James Preller

Four friends put their heads together to convince their school to get a new mascot in The Big Idea Gang—an exciting new chapter book series about making a case . . . and making a difference! Quick-thinking third-graders Lizzy, her twin, Connor, and their friends Kym and Deon have a big idea: their school desperately needs a new mascot, and they've got the perfect one in mind. Now they have to figure out a way to convince their principal and rally the rest of the school behind them. Luckily, their teacher, Miss Zips (short for Zipsokowski—but who can say that?) is skilled in the art of persuasion. Armed with Miss Zips's persuasive tips, the gang of four set out to make their claim, build a case for a new mascot, and convince Clay Elementary that Arnold the Armadillo has had his day.

The Worst Name in Third Grade

by Debbie Dadey

Bridgett always gets teased about her name. And now, to make things even worse, her favorite teacher in the whole world is moving away. The new teacher, Miss Snotgrass, isn't nearly as nice. Bridgett's best friend has a new best friend. And something is wrong with Bridgett's dog, Bobo.

Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of an American Feud

by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain

THOMAS JEFFERSON WAS TALL AND QUIET WHILE JOHN ADAMS WAS SHORT AND TALKATIVE. It didn't matter. Together they helped shape America. But as the years went on, Tom and John couldn't agree as to how the new United States should be run. Soon they became political rivals, and before long Tom did not talk to John and John did not talk to Tom. Suzanne Tripp Jurmain and Larry Day tell the true and humorous story of a great American feud and how these two larger-than-life men, once again, found friendship.

Would You Rather? Made You Think! Edition: Answer Hilarious Questions and Win the Game of Wits

by Lindsey Daly

Enjoy hours of laughter with hilarious questions for kids that get harder as the book goes on. Who will win the competition for the best answers? Who will outsmart everyone?Laugh and learn with 160+ questions designed to make kids giggle, think, and figure out who's the wittiest (and silliest) of all! Would You Rather? Made You Think! Edition provides endless hours of fun for eight- to twelve-year-olds who love a challenge--and a good laugh.Would You Rather? Made You Think! features: • Learning through play. Kids will exercise their brains with these either/or scenarios that make them think creatively, use their imagination, and pull together facts quickly. • Family time away from screens. 160+ age-appropriate questions, ranging from the mind-boggling to the totally gross. • An exciting game for competitive kids. Try to outsmart family and friends with the most creative answer. • Levels organized by difficulty. As kids complete the levels, the next questions get harder. • Lots of laughs! The questions are funny; kids can make the answers even funnier! • Perfect for road trips, camping trips, restaurants, sleepovers, and dinner conversations. • Classroom fun. These questions can be used to increase student engagement, practice reading and writing comprehension, promote critical thinking skills, and create a fun classroom environment!

Wow! Cody Investigates the World of Wellness, Student Book, Green Level

by Bonnie K. Nygard Tammy L. Green Susan C. Koonce

Human Kinetics recognizes that health education may be challenging to fit into your busy schedule. That is why we developed the World of Wellness Health Education series (WOW!): With WOW! you can deliver top-quality health education within the limited hours of the school day, promote health literacy, meet the mandates of No Child Left Behind legislation, and enhance your efforts to achieve the objectives of the overall curriculum that you work so hard to implement. WOW! is designed to develop strong and compelling links between what students should know and what they should be able to do in the areas of reading and writing. Finally—but no less importantly—WOW! emphasizes the importance of physical activity and nutrition throughout the health education strands. Through careful design and execution, a coordinated approach, and consideration for real students and teachers in real school settings, WOW! not only helps you meet the challenge, but does so in a way that appeals to kids of all ages.

The Wretched Stone

by Chris Van Allsburg

In a story recounted through the daily log of Captain Allan Hope, the sailors aboard the Rita Anne become mesmerized and transformed by a mysterious glowing rock, and only music and books can restore them to normal.

The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk

by Pam Hirschfeld Karen Leon Alan Kramer

Perform this script about two children who travel in a time machine to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to meet the Wright brothers.

Write On! (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #17)

by Nancy Krulik

Katie can't wait for her favorite author, Nellie Farrow, to come visit her class and tell them all about her new book. But when Katie starts working on a cool new website with Suzanne, she forgets to read the book! Then Katie turns into Nellie, just when she's about to give her presentation! Will Katie be able to turn things from wrong to write? .

Write (Or is it Right?) Every Time

by Lottie Stride

An Apple a Day Keeps the Low Marks Away!Whether you're writing a report or a creative essay, the more you understand about the workings of the English language, the better you'll do. Write (Or Is That "Right"?) Every Time provides a fun-and-easy way to tackle tenses, sort out spelling slip-ups, put a full stop to punctuation problems, and conquer clauses. The book is divided into bite-size chunks, including: Goodness Gracious Grammar: Fun ways to tackle the parts of speech, tenses, conjunctions, and clauses, with rule breakers and amusing examples of bad grammar.Spelling Made Simple: Easy techniques to learn the rules-and exceptions- so you become a spelling whiz (or should that be whiz?).Punctuation Perfection: Effortless ways to conquer those punctuation dilemmas. From exclamation points, colons, and hyphens to all the commas in between.

Write Source: A Book for Writing, Thinking, and Learning (Grade #2)

by Dave Kemper Patrick Sebranek Verne Meyer

In Write Source you will learn to write letters, reports, stories, poems, and more. Besides writing, you will learn how to listen, speak, and take tests in class.

Write Source: A Book for Writing, Thinking, and Learning

by Dave Kemper Patrick Sebranek Verne Meyer Chris Krenzke

This powerful classroom toolkit provides a variety of additional resources to help you make the most of the Write Source program: - SkillsBook Practice for essential mechanics, usage, and grammar skills (SkillsBook Teacher's Edition also included.)- Assessment Book Copymasters for a pretest, interim tests, and posttests to help prepare students for stare assessments- Overhead Transparencies Graphic organizers, assessment rubrics, and benchmark papers for whole-class instruction- Interactive Writing Skills CD-ROM Animated grammar lessons, engaging, interactive activities, and printable and e-mailable reports- Daily Language Workouts Quick 5-to-10 minute activities in mechanics, usage, grammar, and writing.

Write Source [Grade 2]

by Dave Kemper Patrick Sebranek Verne Meyer Chris Krenzke

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Write Source [Grade 2], SkillsBook

by Great Source Education Group Staff

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Write Traits Student Traitbook

by Vicki Spandel Jeff Hicks Erik Martin Judy Bernheim Alex Culpepper Jim Higgins Mark Dagrossa Scott Van Buren

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Writers and Their Pets: True Stories of Famous Authors and Their Animal Friends

by Kathleen Krull

Discover how animals influenced 20 of the world’s most beloved authors, from Charles Dickens to J.K. Rowling. Did you know that a dog saved Pablo Neruda’s life? Or that Mark Twain had a cat named Bambino? Or that Edgar Allen Poe wrote with a cat on his shoulders? Writers and Their Pets tells these stories and many more with playful full-color illustrations that will delight not only children, but also literary experts, history lovers, and animal enthusiasts. Each short chapter focuses on one author’s life, using simple and entertaining text to weave tales of the pets that affected the lives and works of these writers, with illustrative artwork sprinkled throughout each page. This title features a diverse list of both male and female international authors, spanning from the 19th to the 21st century, including Beatrix Potter, E.B. White, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Kurt Vonnegut, Maurice Sendak, Ernest Hemingway, and and more.

Writer's Handbook [Grades 1-2]

by Rigby

NIMAC-sourced textbook

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