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Hachette Childrens Yearbook and Infopedia 2018

by Inhouse

It?s a fact-finder, it?s an almanac, it?s a G.K. book, it?s a compendium of must-know topics. Yes, it?s indispensable for every student who wants to know what in the world is going on. The Hachette Children?s Yearbook & Infopedia 2018 is a ready reference book that?s jam-packed with interesting and essential information, making it the perfect tool for homework and projects for every student. All About India, Current Affairs, Inside the Earth, Out There in Space, Climate Change, History Timelines, Countries of the World, Must-watch Movies, Tech Updates, Sports Spotlights, Top Newsmakers, and much, much more.

Me and I

by Devottam Sengupta Nabendu Ghosh

?A story that breaks the barriers of space and time? They all had the same question for Mukul: `Why didn?t you recognize us? And why did you look so dark?? Mukul was perplexed. The day had started as any other Sunday morning would, with him going out to meet his aunt, his friends and his mentor Noni Kaku of the Telescope. But when everyone, including his own parents, insisted that he was lying about his whereabouts, Mukul had to look around for the imposter? And he found Lukum, who had travelled light years to meet his intergalactic `twin?. Little did Mukul know that he had set out on the longest Sunday of his life. How would this all end? And where? Written by Nabendu Ghosh, path-breaking novelist, screenwriter and film director, this racy story about a parallel universe has been translated by his grandson Devottam Sengupta. Fusing human curiosity about space with a futuristic vision, it delivers it all with a suspenseful, gobsmacking punch.


by Parvathi Ramkumar V. Madhavan Nair

The popular and fun-filled Koman Circus has been wrested away from Koman, the beloved ringmaster, by his cunning manager, Kelan. And now sadly Koman is dead, leaving the animals and other circus artistes helpless. Led by Chimpa the chimpanzee, the animals decide to start their own circus. They learn to do everything themselves ? from managing money to thinking of new and dazzling tricks. Will their circus, the first of its kind, triumph over all odds? Or will Kelan succeed in his wicked plans to take everything away from them again? This classic action-packed story of loyalty, faith and teamwork, written by the iconic Malayalam writer `Mali?, has been translated fully into English for the first time by his granddaughter and author Parvathi Ramkumar, to bring it to thousands more young readers.

Gay Neck, The Story of a Pigeon & Ghond The Hunter

by Dhan Gopal Mukerji

Take flight with Gay-Neck, the passenger pigeon with a shimmery throat, his kind young master and Ghond, the wildlife expert, on their adventures in a village, across the Himalayas and to a battlefield in France. In this heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking tale, soar through Gay-Neck?s encounters with hawks and eagles, his quests with the swifts and a monk, and finally his heroic service as a bearer of messages filled with love and courage during the First World War. A prequel to Gay-Neck?s internationally renowned story, Ghond the Hunter focuses on the first fifteen years in the life of Gay-Neck?s trainer, Ghond. The young boy?s initiation into forest life, his understanding of dangerous animals, his run-ins with eagles, snakes and tigers, and his experiences with his pet panther make for this riveting tale of a master hunter. This special edition brings together two classic stories ? Gay- Neck, the Story of a Pigeon and Ghond the Hunter ? by Dhan Gopal Mukerji, the only Indian to have won the John Newbery Medal. Describing animal life with nail-biting realism, Dhan Gopal Mukerji?s stories take you to a place where the feral meets the tame, man meets nature, and all that matters is the law of the jungle!

Guru Nanak: The Thinker and the Poet

by Astri Ghosh

`He who regards all men as equals is religious.? Insightful, compassionate and benevolent, Guru Nanak Dev was a scholar, teacher, mentor and guide. Both a man of God as well as of the people, he believed that religion was a means of bringing everyone together and upheld the equality of all human beings, whatever their caste, beliefs or gender. Unusually spiritual even as a child, Guru Nanak stood up bravely against the social and religious rituals of the times. He travelled far and wide, in India and beyond, for more than 20 years to spread the message of peace and humanity. His sermons, songs and stories are recorded as hymns in the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhism, the faith he founded. This book brings together the extraordinary life of Guru Nanak and his most important sayings and beliefs. From his steadfast pursuit of truth and equality, and his love for all, you too can learn to be a little bit like Guru Nanak. PLUS ? Flipbook-action page corners ? Timeline: A chronology of Guru Nanak?s life ? The Japji Sahib ? Bonus Quiz: How much do you know about Guru Nanak?

Hachette Children's Yearbook& Infopedia 2016

by Various

It's a fact-finder, it's an almanac, it's a G.K. book, it's a notable notes diary. . . Yes. It's indispensable for every student who wants to know what in the world is going on. The Hachette Children's Yearbook and Infopedia 2016 is a ready reference book packed with essential information. It's the perfect tool for homework and projects for every student. And that's not all! There's a special section on the newsmakers of 2015 with unique illustrations to help you boost your general knowledge. The book covers a range of topics: * News: India & World News Round-up * People to Remember * Countries Fact Files: Location * Capital * Area * Main Religion * Currency * Literacy Rate * Life Expectancy * Time Zone * Head of State/Head of Government * GDP per Capita * Population * ISD Code * Internet TLD * Earth: The Structure of the Earth * The Continents * Seasons * Making Sense of Climate Change * Geographical Records * States and Union Territories of India Fact Files: Capital * Location * No. of Districts * Area * Population * Main Languages * Literacy Rate * Governor/Chief Minister * Festivals * Tourist Attractions * History * and much, much more... * Sports: ICC World Cup 2015 Recap* Sports Highlights * Sneak-peek at the Olympic Games 2016 * Wimbledon 2015 recap * Literature: Major Genres of the Novel, Poetry and Classical Drama * From Books to the Screen * Origins of Words Quiz * Movies: 100 Must-Watch Movies * Movie Soundtracks Quiz * Awards and Winners: Most Important Achievers of the Year * The Most Prestigious Awards, Both Nationally, and Across the World * Commonwealth Awards, Grammy Awards, Oscars, Filmfare Awards, Pulitzer Prize and many more. . . * History: Timeline of World History * Timeline of Indian History Including Major Political Events * History of India Quiz * Science & Technology: Branches of Science * Basic Physics * Basic Chemistry * Basic Biology * Internet Timeline * Conversion Tables * Robotics Round-Up * The New Digital Age * Divisions of Science * Branches of Science Quiz * Space: * Our Universe * Our Solar System * Planets Fact File * Missions To Mars * Life on a Space Station * Space Quiz * PLUS! 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland * Abraham Lincoln's 150th Death Anniversary* All-New Quizzes*Technology for the future!

Kings and Queens of India: All about famous rulers and dynasties that shaped the country

by Anu Kumar

The incredible stories of the most powerful and ambitious rulers in Indian history They ruled vast and influential kingdoms across our country. They laid down laws and systems of administration. They fought wars that had far-reaching impact, and negotiated peaceful times that nurtured the arts and the sciences. They made decisions that, whether right or wrong, shaped events and moulded our culture. They were the kings and queens who played lead roles in the spectacular drama of India?s past. From Kanishka, Harshavardhana, Razia, Akbar and Ranjit Singh in the north to Narasimhavarman, Rajaraja Chola, Krishnadevaraya, Mangammal, Marthanda Varma and Tipu Sultan in the south, and from Gautamiputra Satakarni, Amoghavarsha, Mihira Bhoja and Shivaji in the west to Bimbisara, Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka, Gopala I and the Bhaumakara queens in the east ? this book tells the riveting stories of close to 50 important rulers whose actions left a mark on the history of India. Read about their lives and the times they lived in, what they achieved and what they failed at ? and why they are still remembered ? in Kings and Queens of India. Packed with intriguing facts, this comprehensive volume is the perfect introduction to India?s rich and utterly fascinating royal heritage. *Dynasties Download: Important dynasties and their significance *Impact Summary: Why these monarchs matter in history *Top Trivia: Fun facts about Indian royals

Deki: The Adventures of a Dog and a Boy in Tibet

by George B. Schaller

ÔI am coming from behind me and I am going aheadÕ A dog can lead you into the corners of some stories better than any human can. This is a story like that. In the vast Tibetan plateau, where beauty and cruelty fall as day and night, Deki, a Tibetan mastiff, is born with a moon on her black chest. This is the tale of the dog and her friends, Tashi, Karma, and Changku the wolf. Of how she meets a runaway boy, and of their journey guarding a precious statue, with a vicious bandit at their heels, towards the celestial city of Shambhala. But do they find it? Deki's story moves with clouds, wild winds and the seasons. It carries the scent of blooming poppies and scurrying pikas, and of friends who leave without saying goodbye. Angry yaks and innocent sheep, fearsome bears and majestic snow leopards walk in and out of its words into caves where wise hermits teach the whys and hows of what everyone in the world wants to know. Finally, Deki faces the choice before every living creature: a life of comfort within someone else's walls, or freedom ? fragile and dangerous, but her own to risk. Follow Deki into an adventure without end.

The History of India for Children: From Prehistory to the Sultanates (Vol. #1)

by Archana Garodia Gupta Shruti Garodia

There were ostriches in India. Gold was dug up in the Himalayas by animals. Coins of Greek rulers in India showed Krishna wearing Greek clothes. Ethiopian military slaves founded kingdoms across India. Jump into an action-packed history of India told like never before. Discover our incredible heritage and uncover delightful nuggets about our grand old country. Travel through time and see how people lived, why things happened and how we came to be what we are. Written by BBC Mastermind `Champion of Champions? Archana Garodia Gupta and history-geek Shruti Garodia, this volume spans the ages from the dawn of humans until the Delhi and Deccan sultanates, and tells the story of India?s rulers and invaders, traders and architects, sculptors and poets, scientists and innovators, farmers and businessmen, and millions and millions of just ordinary, everyday men and women. With a chatty style, simple explanations and well-rounded coverage, this is the definitive Indian history in two volumes for young readers. Filled with photographs, illustrations, activities and quotable facts, this is one retelling of history you don?t want to miss.

Book Mine: Ramayana For Young Readers

by Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury Dutta Dutta

WHEN ANYONE WISHES TO SPEAK OF A GREAT RULER, THEY SAY, `A KING LIKE RAMA? All is well in the prosperous and orderly kingdom of Ayodhya until the greedy Queen Kaikeyi tricks King Dashratha into sending his beloved eldest son and heir apparent, Rama, into exile for fourteen years. The noble prince, accompanied by his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita, leaves for the forests. When Sita is abducted by Ravana, the demon-king of Lanka, it triggers off a series of events starting with the search for her and culminating in the cataclysmic battle between Rama and Ravana. What unfolds in between is a remarkable tale of divine reincarnations, fierce demons, powerful kings, magical weapons and amazing creatures ? all woven into the extraordinary and keystone Indian epic of good and evil, love and enmity, boons and curses, hardship and destiny. These retelling of the Ramayana, written especially for young readers by the inimitable Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury, and checked and proofed originally by none other than Rabindranath Tagore, has been translated for the first time into English by leading children?s writer and translator, Swapna Dutta.

The Water Catchers

by Bhairavi Parekh

`Someone from your bloodline, your village and water are all closely linked . . .? Counting out his days through measured buckets of water in the overcrowded, water-deprived city of Mumbai, 11-year-old Chintan aka Chintu leads a somewhat ordinary life. But all of that changes when his grandfather recounts a strange prophecy. The revelation takes him on a quest to his ancestral village, Tintodan, which is parched of rain and plagued by empty taps. Here, a chance meeting with Maahi, a shy girl with mysterious powers, makes him believe that prophecies might come true, after all. Back in Mumbai, Chintu has a run-in with a dreaded gang of bullies at school. This results in an impossible challenge and suddenly, he finds himself heading a major conservation competition that could bring his school prestige and a huge prize! Do these unlikely heroes fulfil the prophecy? Who is the saviour from the bloodline? Does Chintu?s school finally win the contest? Does he defeat the bullies? Discover the magic of water and how it transforms everyone who catches a drop.

Treasure Island: Prince Otto

by Robert Louise Stevenson

Join young Jim Hawkins and the crew of scurvy dogs aboard the Hispaniola as they go on a grand quest with pirates, battles and lots of danger. And of course there is the fabled search for the buried treasure belonging to evil Cap?n Flint. Meet the memorable cast of characters which include the one-legged Long John Silver, Captain Smollet, Billy Bones and Squire Trelawney and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The only thing you need to remember is that this is no tale for lily-livered scallywags!

The Lu Quartet: The Lu Quartet B

by Swapna Dutta Nalini Das

`We knew we had to solve the mystery somehow!? The world of Kalu, Malu, Bulu and Tulu is always buzzing with mysteries, big and small. And that works just fine, because the four young `detectives? are raring to solve them. Wherever the four clever friends happen to be?at their school hostel, next door at the Zamindar Mansion, or away on holiday in Mandu or Cherrapunji?they have a way of smelling out a mystery and keeping their nerve in the face of daunting dangers and terrifying threats to find what lies at the bottom of it. Join the Lu Quartet on their adventures in caves and ravines, secret chambers and dark mango groves, and see if you can unravel the twists and turns of the whodunits just as they do. These thirteen classic stories by Nalini Das originally appeared in the reputed Bengali magazine Sandesh and have been translated for the first time into English by leading children?s writer Swapna Dutta. PLUS! Book Mine Gems: 32 extra-special pages: Know more about the author, her work and her times. Plus things to think about and to do.'

The Crazy Tales of Pagla Dashu and Co.

by Sukumar Ray

`Dashu got away with it because he was `mad?.? You never know what?s going to happen in Pagla Dashu?s world ? it?s an out-and-out romp. Life is never ordinary or dull when Dashu is around and this round-eyed, curly- haired schoolboy shakes up people and places till everyone and everything is as topsy-turvy as our hero. From his classroom antics to his playtime tactics, Dashu?s impish audacity has you rolling on the floor with laughter. Join him and his equally wacky company of madcap schoolboys and geniuses, show-offs and know-it-alls, scientists and explorers, and many other unforgettable characters who will take you on a crazy roller-coaster ride through poetry epidemics, strange robberies, chaotic school plays, and imaginary lands populated by magical creatures. These 25 classic stories by Sukumar Ray have been put together for the first time in English by the Jadavpur University Translators? Collective and feature rare illustrations by the father-son duo of Sukumar Ray and Satyajit Ray. PLUS! Book Mine Gems: 48 extra-special pages: Know more about the author, his work and his times. Plus things to think about and to do.'

Sarama and Sarameyas: The Heavenly Hounds

by Anu Kumar

`Banasura used his thousand arms to good effect, wielding five hundred bows that sent off a storm of arrows towards Krishna...? Banasura was fierce to look at with his thousand arms carrying a thousand different weapons. He had an equally fierce personality, whereby he terrorized humans, gods and even imprisoned his own daughter! He waged the greatest battle of his life against Lord Krishna. Read about his unmatched weapons of war?'

The Bones of Stars

by Giti Chandra

`I am the blood that flows under all, I am the fire and bones of stars. . .? In the colossal caldera of Yellowstone National Park, a geyser blows in a startling eruption of red, and young Akshat disappears. This is only the tiny, terrifying start to the primal battle, now resurrected in full fury, between the two ancient foes, Elrai and Edasich. As the frantic search for Akshat ensues, his cousins, the child-guardians entrusted with olden secrets, come together with a coven of witches to rescue their beloved Akshat ? and indeed the world ? from certain peril. But will their growing powers be enough against the merciless evil loosed by the desperate and vicious Hyena-faced One? Will they be able to save Earth from a cataclysm of scorching lava and pulverized rock? Who will finally don the good Elrai?s baldric and leash the trail of death and destruction? Gripping and heart-stopping, The Bones of Stars tracks the defiant crusade of six extraordinary young people against a formidable, brutal force that threatens to obliterate the whole world as you know it. And end it forever.

Premchand's Kazaki and Other Marvellous Tales

by Munshi Premchand Sara Rai

`His is a voice that comes from where the action is...? Dhanpat Rai, famously known as Munshi Premchand, was an ordinary man living an ordinary life in extraordinary times. His intimate experience of the lives of common people gave him insights that created a vast and vibrant world in his vivid stories, making him one of the most important chroniclers of the 20th century. His vision homes in straight to the extraordinary heart of his everyday characters as they go about their daily struggles, proving an inspiration to generations of readers. From a game of gulli-danda to the classic tale of an imaginative young boy?s love for his grandmother that transforms a pair of household tongs into a battle hero, Premchand?s compelling stories continue to hold readers spellbound. His granddaughter Sara Rai brings a personal perspective to this book with family recollections and lovingly done translations. Premchand?s great-granddaughter Lara Chandni pays tribute to her illustrious ancestor with an eye-catching cover and poster design created especially for this collector?s edition.

Tiger by the Tail

by Venita Coelho

MISSION BRIEF: Tigers are being reported missing from wildlife reserves across India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Several hundred tigers have vanished. Something, or someone, is taking them. And if they are not stopped, this could mean the end of the species. It is time the Animal Intelligence Agency got involved. NOTE: The Animal Intelligence Agency is a multi-species nongovernmental agency. Specially trained Animal and Human agents work undercover to save animals and save the world. Some of them have the licence to kill. The following agents have been assigned to the case: Agent No. 002 Species: Panthera tigris tigris Name: Bagha One of our most experienced agents. 250 kilos of sheer intelligence and muscle. Licensed to kill. Agent No. XXXX Species: Semnopithecus entellus Name: Kela Formerly an agent but removed from duty in disgrace after the Incident of the Exploding Mangoes. Licence cancelled. NOTE: KEEP A CLOSE WATCH. HIGHLY UNPREDICTABLE. Agent No. 11.5 Species: Homo sapiens sapiens Name: Rana Skinny. Allergic to everything. No brawn, plenty of brain. Great facility with technology. Fluent in JungleSpeak. Has the ability to speak to nearly all species. NOTE: ALSO ALLERGIC TO CAT HAIR. MIGHT BE A PROBLEM WHEN HE PARTNERS WITH AGENT NO. OO2. Agents have been instructed that this is an Alpha mission. Highest degree of difficulty and danger. The leads they have to follow lie in Kathmandu, the Sera monastery in Tibet and the Forbidden City in China. They will face danger, destruction, and possible death. The fate of the tiger species is in their hands.

Taranauts 8: The Magic of the Dazl Corals

by Roopa Pai

A great war looming, and four Tarasuns still to be rescued! Take flight with the Taranauts on their incredible final adventure! Mithya?s eight worlds ? Shyn, Lustr, Sparkl, Glo, Dazl, Shimr, Syntilla and Glytr ? were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until Zarpa, Tufan and Zvala ? three bright and brave Taranauts with special gifts ? set out to bring back light and cheer to Mithya. Seven missions later, the Taranauts have reason to be proud ? they have successfully returned 28 Tarasuns to Tara. But there is little time for celebration. The Corals are still to be rescued, and Shaap Azur, determined not to go down without a fight, is preparing to unleash a terrible war. Will the Taranauts survive the deadly dangers that await them in the Dil of Darkness? Will the giglworms return to the Forest of Gul Izta and make the Dazlkos well again? Can Emperaza Shoon Ya find a way to save the mithyakos from the bloody destruction of the Great Zamara? Who will emerge victorious, and who will be banished to the Fiery Lands? Read and find out!

Amar Aiyaar King of Tricksters

by Sulaiman Ahmad

`AND THE TRICKSTERS OF THE WORLD WILL CALL HIM THEIR KING? There?s never a dull moment with Amar Aiyaar: master of mischief, perpetrator of pranks, con artist with a conscience, trickster beyond compare. As the loyal companion of Ameer Hamza, the illustrious warrior from Arabia, Amar bravely, and brazenly, defeats every trap and overcomes every challenge, standing up to king, sorcerer and commoner alike. Right from childhood it?s clear that Amar, the son of a camel driver, is born to humble even emperors with his audacity and sharp wit. As Hamza?s army is magicked away into prison in Tilism-e-Hoshruba, the land of sorcery that stuns the senses, it falls upon Amar to rescue them. Using his cunning and his blessed bag of tricks, Amar Aiyaar blazes his way through the most extraordinary adventures with aplomb. Of course, he never ignores a chance to add to his fortunes, with a greedy eye on every purse of gold. At once roguish and honourable, superhero and villain, Amar Aiyaar is one of the most colourful characters in traditional storytelling in India. In the age-old great dastan of Tilism-e-Hoshruba, his is one of the most exciting and unforgettable stories of all time.

The Search for the Glytr Turquoises

by Roopa Pai

Join the intrepid Taranauts on their most formidable mission as the action shifts into high gear on Glytr?s Terror Trail! Mithya?s eight worlds ? Shyn, Lustr, Sparkl, Glo, Dazl, Shimr, Syntilla and Glytr ? were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until Zarpa, Tufan and Zvala ? three bright and brave Taranauts with special gifts ? set out to bring back light and cheer to Mithya. Six times they have been stretched to the limit, and six times ? undaunted by mind-boggling riddles, monsters and mayhem ? the Taranauts have returned successful. Now they are headed for the razzle-dazzle of Glytr?s capital city, Boom Bolly Bay, where, unknown to them, Shaap Azur has changed the rules of the terror game. Can the Taranauts save a hazillion unsuspecting Glytrkos from `bubbling, burbling death?? Will Zarpa succeed in preventing a terrible tragedy at the Bel Nolo Inter-World Cup Final? And where in the world has Shaap imprisoned Max Moolah, the 15-octon-old heir to BBBay's biggest fortune? Will the Turquoises shine down on Glytr again? Read and find out!

The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street

by Shabnam Minwalla

`Sometimes the forces of evil are so dark that no single spell can defeat them.? Cosy Castle is far from `cosy?. In fact, it is a boxy, grey building where children walk on tippy toes from fear of the dreadful `dragon? and the crotchety `crone?. With Nivi Mallik?s arrival at Cosy Castle, the rules start to change. The bimbli trees become the hang-out spot for two giggly girls and the driveway is a permanent cricket pitch for the boys. But the happy times are soon ended by the `dragon? and the `crone?, who gang up against the children and declare war on the bimbli trees. It will take a miracle to challenge the two wily women, leave alone defeat them. But miracles happen only in fairy tales?Or do they? Is it possible for fantasy-fan Nivi, geeky boy-next-door Venu, bubbly Sarita and their three pint-sized comrades, Nikhil, Vijay and Rehaan, to conquer an evil much beyond their power? Join the six imaginative spellmakers as they use a very practical kind of magic to conjure potent potions, summon unlikely fairies and engineer a haunting... Does Cosy Castle finally become what it?s called? Make your way to Dorabji Street and find out?

Mahabali: The Generous Asura B

by Anu Kumar

`I made vamana a promise and I am duty bound to keep my word...? Although he was an asura, he was loved by all. Mahabali was one of the most generous kings to have walked the earth. He was brave and powerful and used his boons and riches wisely for the betterment of his kingdom. A visionary and a warrior, Bali was admired and worshipped in all corners of the world. Read about his magnificent sacrifices and his great kindness to all?'

Mahishasura: The Buffalo Demon B

by Anu Kumar

`He charged forward, his head lowered, his horns curved and menacing, symbolizing destruction...? He was the much-feared asura who was more powerful than the bravest warrior on earth, stronger than the divine beings in Heaven. Mahishasura, the buffalo demon, unleashed such a reign of terror, that it finally took the combined forces of all the gods to defeat him. Read about his thrilling battles?'

Banasura: Thousand-armed Asura B

by Anu Kumar

`Banasura used his thousand arms to good effect, wielding five hundred bows that sent off a storm of arrows towards Krishna...? Banasura was fierce to look at with his thousand arms carrying a thousand different weapons. He had an equally fierce personality, whereby he terrorized humans, gods and even imprisoned his own daughter! He waged the greatest battle of his life against Lord Krishna. Read about his unmatched weapons of war?'

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