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Rainbow Magic #7: Heather the Violet Fairy (Rainbow Magic #7)

by Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper

The seven Rainbow Fairies are missing! Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each RAINBOW MAGIC book. Read all seven books to help rescue the fairies and bring the sparkle back to Fairyland!<P> Fairyland is home to seven colorful sisters. Together, they are the Rainbow Fairies! They keep Fairyland dazzling and bright. But when evil Jack Frost sends them far away, the sisters are in big trouble. If they don't return soon, Fairyland is doomed to be gray forever!<P> The merry-go-round whisks Rachel and Kirsty away to a magical world. Could Heather the Violet Fairy have something to do with it?<P> Help the girls find the last Rainbow Fairy, and bring the color back to Fairyland!

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy (Rainbow Magic)

by Daisy Meadows

Three sparkly stories in one Rainbow Magic book, just in time for Christmas!<P> What's wrong with winter?<P> Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy's magic objects are missing, and winter break could be ruined for everyone! Gabriella knows that Jack Frost and his goblins are behind all the trouble. They've stolen her magic snowflake, festive spirit, and firestone. Now winter isn't a wonderland --- it's a mess!<P> Can Rachel and Kirsty help their new fairy friend? Or will their ski lodge vacation be extra-chilly, snow-free . . . and no fun?<P> Find the missing objects in all three stories inside this Rainbow Magic Special Edition, and help keep winter magical!

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Shannon the Ocean Fairy (Rainbow Magic)

by Daisy Meadows

With three stories in this brand-new Rainbow Magic Special Edition, readers can enjoy more fairy fun than ever!<P> It's an ocean commotion!<P> What's a fairy to do? Jack Frost has stolen three enchanted pearls that control the magic of the oceans. Without them, the tides are all wrong, the sea creatures are confused, and even daytime and nighttime have gotten mixed up! <P> When Shannon the Ocean Fairy asks Rachel and Kirsty for help, they set off on a magical adventure to an underwater world. But will they find the pearls in time . . . or will the girls be lost at sea?

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Trixie the Halloween Fairy (Rainbow Magic Special Edition)

by Daisy Meadows

Three sparkly stories in one Rainbow Magic book, just in time for Halloween!<P> BOO! It's Halloween, and Rachel and Kirsty can't wait to go trick-or-treating together. But for Jack Frost, this holiday is all about the tricks! Three magical pieces of Halloween candy are missing, and Jack Frost's goblins are to blame. If Trixie the Halloween Fairy doesn't find the candy first, the holiday could be ruined forever!<P> What a fright! Can the girls help Trixie outwit the mischievous goblins? Or will this Halloween be spookier than ever?

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy (Rainbow Magic)

by Daisy Meadows

Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy has her hands full. She's trying to keep Rainspell Island sunny and bright -- but Jack Frost won't make it easy. <P> Rainspell Island is the perfect place for a vacation. And Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy is the one who keeps it that way! But when Jack Frost steals three magical shells from the beaches, Joy starts to lose her sparkle. <P> Can Rachel and Kirsty help her bring the magic back to Rainspell Island? Three times the fairy fun in one book!

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Holly the Christmas Fairy (Rainbow Magic)

by Daisy Meadows

Help Holly the Christmas Fairy save the holiday magic! Three stories in one!<P> There's trouble in Fairyland again! Jack Frost is up to his old tricks. This time, he has stolen Santa's sleigh. There were three special gifts onboard. Without them, Christmas could be ruined! <P> Will this holly jolly holiday be changed forever? Or can Rachel and Kirsty save the day, with a little help from Holly the Christmas Fairy? <P> Find the three glittering gifts in this Rainbow Magic® Special Edition and help save the Christmas magic!

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Stella the Star Fairy (Rainbow Magic)

by Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper

Rachel and Kirsty are off on another fairy adventure in this Rainbow Magic Special Edition, just in time for Christmas!<P> Stella the Star Fairy's magical Christmas ornaments are missing --- and Jack Frost's mischievous goblins are to blame! Without the ornaments, Christmas will lose its special sparkle. <P> If Rachel and Kirsty don't act fast, the holidays won't be very merry or bright! Can the girls help? Or will Jack Frost and his goblins find the ornaments first . . . and ruin Christmas for everyone?<P> Find the ornaments in all three stories inside this Rainbow Magic Special Edition, and help save the holiday sparkle!

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Kylie the Carnival Fairy (Rainbow Magic)

by Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper

A brand-new Special Edition introduces a brand-new fairy -- Kylie the Carnival Fairy!<P> The best part of summer has lost its sparkle!<P> Jack Frost is at it again! He and his goblins are always causing trouble. This time, they've stolen the three magic hats that make Wetherbury's summer carnival so much fun. If Kylie the Carnival Fairy doesn't get them back soon, the carnival will be ruined!<P> Rachel and Kirsty can't let that happen. They're determined to help Kylie track down the hats! But will they find them in time, or will this year's big carnival be a big flop?

Rainbow Stew (Into Reading Texas, Read Aloud Module 8 #4)

by Cathryn Falwell

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Raindrops, Unit 2: Around Me

by Katie Sharp Gregg Valley

NIMAC-sourced textbook

A Rainy Day (Into Reading, Level A #3)

by Jeff Hopkins David Bauer

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Rainy Day Play, Unit 4: Outdoor Explorers

by Dianne Folkerth Chris Case

NIMAC-sourced textbook

A Ramp

by Meryl Henderson Denise Fellows

NIMAC-sourced textbook

La rana Rita (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level B #28)

by Chloe Thompson Carol O'Malia

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Ranas (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level C #54)

by Michael Smith

¡Hay todo tipo de ranas! ¿Qué hacen todas las ranas? NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Random House Book Of Fairy Tales

by Amy Ehrlich Shana Corey Diane Goode

The Emperor's New Clothes Hans Christian Andersen 3 The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood Charles Perrault 10 The Elves and the Shoemaker The Brothers Grimm 22 Rapunzel The Brothers Grimm 26 The Twelve Dancing Princesses The Brothers Grimm 34 Jack and the Beanstalk Old English 46 Snow White The Brothers Grimm 58 Puss in Boots Charles Perrault 74 Beauty and the Beast Madame LePrince de Beaumont 82 The Frog Prince The Brothers Grimm 94 The Valiant Little Tailor The Brothers Grimm 102 Red Riding Hood The Brothers Grimm 118 The Real Princess (The Princess and the Pea) Hans Christian Andersen 126 The Steadfast Tin Soldier Hans Christian Andersen 130 Cinderella Charles Perrault 138 Hansel and Gretel The Brothers Grimm 150 Rumpelstiltskin The Brothers Grimm 166 The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen 174 Thumbelina Hans Christian Andersen 194

Rappy the Raptor

by Dan Gutman

Meet Rappy the Raptor, a velociraptor who speaks in rhymes all of the time, whether it's morning or noon, October or June. Now, how did it happen that he started rappin'? Well, here's Rappy's story in all its glory! <P><P>New York Times bestselling author Dan Gutman and New York Times bestselling artist Tim Bowers team up for a funny, warm story that is sure to have readers snapping their fingers and tapping their toes! Parents and kids alike will love bopping along as Rappy learns to embrace his unusual way of speaking in this upbeat picture book with a dino-size beat.

Rapunzel Can (Disney Learning Reading Adventures Level #1)

by Bill Scollon

Disney Reading Adventures is a curriculum-based, leveled reading program that offers children the support and guidance they need as they progress on the reading continuum from emergent readers to independent readers who read for meaning. Thoughtfully crafted and engaging stories contain key features that develop children's reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. The stories are highly predictable with repetitive sentence structures and easy-to-read sight words designed to inspire a sense of mastery and confidence. Includes ten, 16-page books, 86 stickers, parent letter, and achievement certificate.


by Sterling North

Skunks, woodchucks, a crow named Poe, an absent-minded father, aneighteen foot, half-finished canoe in the living room--welcome to the North home! <P><P> Nothing's surprising at the North residence. Not even eleven-year-old Sterling's new pet raccoon. Rascal is only a baby when young Sterling brings him home to join his unusual family. The mischievous raccoon and Sterling are partners and best friends for a perfect year of adventure--swimming, fishing, exploring the countryside together--until the spring day when everything suddenly changes and Sterling realizes he must let Rascal go. <P> This heartwarming and delightful memoir of a boy's friendship with a wild animal, and his growing awareness of the world around him, has become a treasured classic. Rascal has taken his place among literature's most captivating and endearing animals.<P> <b>Newbery Medal Honor Book<P> Winner of Pacific Northwest Library Association’s Young Reader’s Choice Award</b>

El ratopín desnudo se viste (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Read Aloud Module 2 #3)

by Mo Willems F. Campoy

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Rat's Diner (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Kindergarten)

by Barbara Spurll James Spears

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Rattlebang Picnic

by Margaret Mahy

The McTavishes, their seven children, and Granny McTavish take their old rattlebang of a car on a picnic up Mt. Fogg and have an exciting adventure. Other books by this author are available in this library.

Read About Derek Jeter

by David P. Torsiello

Yankees captain Derek Jeter is profiled in this beginners' biography. Large, full-page color images bring the reader to the center of the action.

Read! Read! Read!: Journey To The West (Penguin Active Reading (graded Readers) Series)

by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater

Twenty-three poems capture the joys of reading. From that thrilling moment when a child first learns to decipher words, to the excitement that follows in reading everything from road signs to field guides to internet articles to stories, these poems celebrate reading. They also explore what reading does -- how it opens minds, can make you kind, and allows you to explore the whole world. Ryan O’Rourke’s rich artwork beautifully captures the imagination and playfulness in these poems by noted author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.

Read This Book If You Don't Want a Story

by Richard Phillips Eric Zelz

Mr. Book With No Story wants his pages uncluttered by pictures and plot lines, but images, questions, and ideas keep invading the unruly pages he is trying to police, ignoring his efforts to chase them away. Mr. Book is determined to share nothing with readers, but his pages have other ideas. It turns out that Mr. Book’s big fear is having nothing worthwhile to say, but in this fun, zany tribute to the creative process, he needn’t have worried. The bumbling blowhard of the first page inspires empathy and affection by the time the last page chimes in. The messages are simple: Stories are fun, and all of us can tell them.

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