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Just Plain Maggie

by Lorraine Beim

It is 12-year-old Maggie's first summer at camp. Everything is so new and strange! She has never met girls like her bunk mates, and never has she been so homesick.

Seeking True Values: Grade 7 Textbook

by Pathway Publishers

Seeking True Values Grade 7 Textbook

Practical Spelling Grade 7, Revised Edition

by Miller School Books Editorial Staff

The Student Books are consumable and look like something our grandparents might have used in school typed pages, no pictures, decent paper quality and softbound, stapled covers. To our graphics-intensive trained eyes, these might look "sparse," but don't be too quick to judge. Instruction is to the point, word selection is based on phonics principles and usage topics (i.e. fruits/vegetables, cooking terms, etc.), reinforcement activities are traditional and varied. The result is an extremely inexpensive, get-the-job-done-well program. Each "unit" is a weekly lesson 36 for each year. The number of weekly words vary with the grade level. Grade 2 has 10-11. Grade 3 has 12- 13 words; Grade 4 has 14-15; Grade 5 has 18; Grade 6 - 8 have 20. There is a review lesson every six weeks. Most of the work up to the weekly test can be done by the student working independently.


by G. P. Taylor

An apocalyptic battle between good and evil is vigorously, violently fought in British author G.P. Taylor's suspenseful, action-packed fantasy. The story, set in the 1700s on the Yorkshire coastline, revolves around Vicar Obadiah Demurral, a corrupt-but-inept, dead-conjuring "shadowmancer" who desires to control the universe by overthrowing God, or Riathamus. When two hard-luck near-orphans, (13-year-old Thomas Barrick, a bitter enemy of Demurral, and his troubled friend Kate Coglund) band together with a young African stranger named Raphah, they spend the rest of the book trying to stop the wicked Vicar as if their very souls are at stake...they are. Along the way, the three youths meet an enormous cast of friends and foes, some agents of Riathamus, others of Satan (Pyratheon), and some godless (but not for long) smugglers like Jacob Crane.

Seeking True Value: Grade 7 Test

by Miller School Books

Seeking True Value Seventh Grade Reading Test

Climbing to Good English Practice Sheet: Grade 7

by Martyrs Mirror

Climbing to Good English gr.7 Practice Sheet

Hurricane Reef

by Bryce Walton

While visiting his uncle and cousin on a Caribbean island, Steve spends the summer performing science projects and collecting data that will help him win a Science scholarship to study oceanography at the U.S. Government Marine Science Institute at the University of Miami. Surviving a hurricane gives him a new outlook on life.

Miss Charity Comes to Stay

by Alberta Wilson Constant

From the Jacket: This delightfully warm and often funny story begins with the Run of 1893 which opened the Cherokee Strip, a part of the Oklahoma Territory. Joe (Papa) Richardson was among the thousands who made a dash for land and staked a claim for his family. And such a family! There is Mama, of course; Nell, who writes poetry; Tom, who wants to be an outlaw; and Betsy, who writes this story. Behind a cottonwood tree the Richardsons build their one-room sod house. Soon Mama begins to agitate for a "real" house. She's tired of holding an umbrella over her head every time the roof leaks. (Betsy hates to leave the soddy.) Then Mama wants a school, and a school means a teacher, so pretty Miss Charity comes to stay. It isn't long before Tyler Evans, the cowboy on the next claim, begins to spend more and more time at the Richardsons'. And with each visit he loses a little more of his heart to Miss Charity as Betsy jealously stands by. Betsy's story is of genuine people who lived at the close of a turbulent century. Betsy said of a loose tooth: "It hurts good." And so does this story hurt good. But the hurt is tempered with an abundance of joy.

The Fair Adventure

by Elizabeth Gray

It was Page's graduation day. Everything seemed to be disappointing on this most important day of her life. Her mother had to go off to meet her married sister. Her other sister was graduating from Nurses training in the afternoon, and to top it all, father missed his bus and she thought he wasn't going to be there either. Page was not only reading an essay but she had to give the Valedictorian's speech. And none of the family seemed to think it was important. Page even left her essay at home in the excitement. After graduation came College Board exams. If she passed she could go away to college on a scholarship. Otherwise she must go to college at home where her father was a professor. She worked hard but didn't quite make it. Her family was so absorbed in their own affairs she could scarcely get them to listen to her troubles. She accepted bravely the prospects of staying at home but at the last minute nice things happened to change plans. It is a nice story of a real girl.

The Silver Secret (Connie Blair, Book #11)

by Betsy Allen

Connie felt increasing alarm. Where was Kit? Had she been kidnapped or-- Connie's mind stopped short of envisioning any other possibility, but for the first time since she had become involved in this mystery she was frightened - not just plain scared as she had been in the cemetery, but sick and cold with fear. It was quite clear that Kit had disappeared because she had been mistaken for Connie. Kit, who knew little or nothing about the silver theft. Kit, who only wanted to have a little fun on her vacation, and who loathed anything even vaguely mysterious, who, in spite of her resemblance to Connie, was as different from her twin as day is from night. With Kit in terrible danger, the Silver Secret became more than a puzzling mystery. Solving it now was a matter of life or death!

The Mutation (Animorphs #36)

by K. A. Applegate

When the Animorphs morph into killer whales to battle a Yeerk ship, they make a startling discovery: an underwater civilization of mutated humans with both gills and lungs.

A Pup in King Arthur's Court (The Adventures of Wishbone)

by Joanne Barkan

From the Book Jacket: Using a computer, Joe Talbot and David Barnes decide to publish a sports newsletter that will put the school's existing one to shame. New technology over old ideas? This reminds Wishbone of Mark Twain's hilarious classic tale, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Wishbone imagines himself as Hank Morgan, an inventor who is transported back in time to King Arthur's court at Camelot. As Morgan, Wishbone immediately decides to use his Yankee know-how to modernize the simple medieval society. With knights on bicycles, jousting with lassos, and a sixth-century stock market, he causes quite a stir old England. Morgan also makes an enemy out of a powerful wizard named Merlin, who liked things just the way they were!

Betsy's Wedding

by Maud Hart Lovelace

In this final book of the Betsy Ray series, Betsy finally marries her high school dream, Joe.

Mining the Iron Mask

by George Corey Franklin

Includes a glossary of terms used in the book.

Wild Animals of the Southwest

by George Corey Franklin

A collection of short stories about some wild animals that can be found in the southwestern United States. Each takes a unique look at a different animal.

The Lace Dowry

by Andrea Cheng

12 year old Juli and her parents travel far to Halas to commission handmade lace for her dowry. There, Juli forms a friendship with the lacemaker's daughter and attempts to help with their family secret and rebelling against her own family's expectations of her.

Saint Therese and the Roses

by Helen Walker Homan

A sweetly written biography of this saint. Other books about her are available from

Geography Grade 7

by Siyavula

An open source textbook for South Africa.

History Grade 7

by Siyavula

An open source textbook for South Africa.

Loving Will Shakespeare

by Carolyn Meyer

In Stratford-upon-Avon in the sixteenth century, Anne Hathaway suffers her stepmother's cruelty and yearns for love and escape, finally finding it in the arms of a boy she has grown up with, William Shakespeare.

Busted! (Left Behind. The Kids, #7)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

from Nicolae High, Vicki and Judd attempt escape. A friend's betrayal puts Vicki on trial. With Old Testament prophecies coming true before their eyes, the Young Trib Force struggles to spread the truth no matter what the cost. But the noose is tightening. Will the group stick together? Who is the insider at the school helping them? Follow Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan and the growing Young Trib Force as they continue their perilous journey through the earth's last days.

Death Strike (Left Behind. The Kids, #8)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins

A horrifying future awaits the Young Trib Force. As Vicki fights for her life in a detention center, Judd sets a new goal that could put the group in the greatest danger yet. With conflict arising, Judd faces a decision that will affect the rest of his life. The rise of a rebel group, a global catastrophe, a disappearance, and the death of a friend give the kids a heartbreaking challenge.

The Search (Left Behind: The Kids #9)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

As World War III erupts, the young Trib Force loses one of the most important people to them in the world. Also, Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and their friends set out on a desperate search to find Ryan. The exciting series for kids continues as the Young Tribulation Force attempts a rescue before another air attack by the Global Community. In the process, the kids face new dangers and encounter a top Global Community official.

Into the Storm (Left Behind: The Kids #11)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Filled with grief over the loss of their friend, the Young Trib Force hears scary details of the future. As Judd hides, the others must help him find secret documents to combat the Global Community. Lionel faces a life changing decision. Vicki must deliver the most convincing edition of the UNDERGROUND yet. Follow Judd, Vicki. Lionel, Ryan, and the growing Young Trib Force as they encounter new dangers and a world crumbling beneath them

Earthquake! (Left Behind: The Kids #12)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

The worst disaster the world has ever seen scatters the Young Trib Force. When the great wrath of the Lamb earthquake strikes the globe, Judd has been captured by the Global Community. Vicki is planning to distribute the UNDERGROUND newspaper. Lionel tries to make it back to his friends while Ryan stays in hiding. The events foretold in the book of Revelation come to life as the kids struggle to survive. Will the earthquake claim their lives? Will they be able to find each other again? Follow Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan and the growing Young Trib Force as they face the deadly earthquake.

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