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Agile: An Executive Guide

by Jamie Lynn Cooke

Learn how to use Agile methodologies to generate high business-value returnsAll too often, IT solutions are plagued by budget overruns, missed deadlines, low-quality outputs and dissatisfied users. Agile methodologies are common-sense methods of increasing the relevance, flexibility and business value of software solutions. Agile methodologies can bring huge benefits to your software solutions. Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, DSDM, FDD, Lean, XP and Kanban, are all approaches for applying the finite resources of an organisation to deliver high business-value software solutions. These methodologies protect organisations from wasting money on inappropriate software solutions, and they replace upfront investment with incremental investment. They encourage ongoing communication within the organisation, empower staff to deliver value, and ensure that software solutions are responsive to change. Read this guide and . . . Understand the core benefits of Agile methodologies. Agile can deliver high business-value software solutions through better risk management and control of budget expenditure, better alignments with business requirements and substantially higher quality outputs. Learn whether Agile methodologies are right for your organisation. Assess your organisational culture to decide whether Agile is suitable for you. Can it support a self-organising team management model? Can you trust the team to succeed without tight management control? Can you eliminate the ‘business as usual' mindset? Assess the business value proposition of Agile. This pocket guide describes Agile methodologies in clear business language specifically written for business professionals. It includes step-by-step guidelines, interactive tools and targeted questionnaires for readers to apply these methodologies within their own organisations. This guide will help you make realistic decisions on whether Agile methodologies are appropriate for your organisation; it also suggests ways of introducing, incorporating and leveraging these methodologies. It is especially relevant to organisations looking to reduce their IT overheads, and is full of practical advice, including detailed guidelines which will help you to choose the most appropriate Agile methodology for your organisation. You will learn how to choose the right kick-off point and how to avoid common traps, as well as learning ways of monitoring your investment and broadening the use of Agile methodologies into other areas of your organisation following their successful introduction.

Breaking the Addiction to Process

by Elizabeth Scanlon Thomas

Breaking the Addiction to Process will give you a clear understanding of the way Agile works and how it can improve your business practices. It explains how Agile will help you to improve your relationships with your customers, to work more efficiently with your colleagues and to develop more streamlined and successful working practices, saving you time and money. This practical twelve-step guide is clearly written and offers simple solutions to age-old problems. Agile is a flexible, adaptable system and this book will help you to implement it for maximum impact and success for your business. About the author Elizabeth Scanlon Thomas is a member of the Nokia Agile Community and the London Agile Community. She is a documentation manager at Nokia, having begun her career in advertising and marketing before moving into writing in IT.

Classroom Capers #4

by Andrew Farley Sue Bentley Angela Swan

Will Julia's camping trip be a fun week away from home? Julia has been looking forward to her school camping trip for weeks, but when her best friend can't join her, Julia worries the trip won't be any fun at all. But when Julia meets magical bunny Arrow, her camping trip is soon filled with a whole world of magical fun!

Computer Forensics

by Nathan Clarke

How would your organisation cope with a cyber attack? Pinpoint and close vulnerabilities using effective computer forensics!The primary purpose of computer forensics is to enable organisations to pinpoint where the malware has infected their computer systems and which files have been infected, so that they can close the vulnerability. More and more organisations have realised that they need to acquire a forensic capability to ensure they are ready to cope with an information security incident. This pocket guide illustrates the technical complexities involved in computer forensics, and shows managers what makes the discipline relevant to their organisation. For technical staff, the book offers an invaluable insight into the key processes and procedures that are required. Benefits to business include: * Defend your company effectively against attacks By developing a computer forensic capability, your organisation will be better prepared to defend itself in the event of a cyber attack. Surveys of the threat landscape have indicated a significant upswing of insider activity. Forensics within the organisation can be used to identify possible insider misuse of systems or information. In addition, this pocket guide looks at how you can optimise your IT infrastructure so as to enhance the efficiency of incident analysis. This will also minimise the operational impact on your computer systems in the event that a forensic analysis is required. * Be proactive Being proactive does not just mean making sure your organisation's IT infrastructure is one that can support forensic analysis of incidents. Forensics is now no longer merely a tool to identify what has gone wrong: it can also be used as a mechanism for alerting you to the fact that something has gone wrong. Being proactive therefore implies stepping up your organisation's ability to detect attacks. Detection of attacks is an extremely useful attribute for your organisation to have: the sooner you know about the problem, the sooner you can begin to deal with it. * Secure evidence that will stand up in court Undertaking forensics is not a simple task. It is not always possible to understand the true consequences of insider misuse until after completion of the investigation. Once the extent of the damage becomes clear, you may want to exercise the option of taking legal action against the perpetrator. This means that it is essential for you to follow correct procedure, so as to safeguard any evidence gathered. This book explains the key steps you need to take to maintain the integrity of the investigation and preserve the evidence. * Counter encryption Encryption is a double-edged sword. Encryption has a legitimate purpose as a tool deployed by information security professionals. However, the opportunity to conceal data has obvious attractions for the criminal, meaning that encryption is also a technique widely used by hackers. This book looks at how encryption is used to impede a forensic investigation, and examines ways of solving the problem. The most effective tactic for countering encryption is to locate the key material and crack the password that protects it, using a password cracker such as Cain & Abel. Tools, techniques and proceduresThe underground economy makes millions of pounds a year from cybercrime. Because no system or network can be completely secure, any sensible organisation will have mechanisms in place in advance to deal with the consequences of a cyber attack. Digital forensics assists companies and public sector organisations to identify how and where their computer systems have been abused. The purpose of this pocket guide is to provide an introduction to the tools, techniques and procedures utilised within computer forensics. It is an easy to understand, introductory text, which gives an overview of the digital forensics domain, discussing procedural, technical and human-related aspects, without confiusing readers with technical jargon.

Fundamentals of Digital Manufacturing Science

by Dejun Chen Shane Shengquan Xie Zude Zhou

The manufacturing industry will reap significant benefits from encouraging the development of digital manufacturing science and technology. Digital Manufacturing Science uses theorems, illustrations and tables to introduce the definition, theory architecture, main content, and key technologies of digital manufacturing science. Readers will be able to develop an in-depth understanding of the emergence and the development, the theoretical background, and the techniques and methods of digital manufacturing science. Furthermore, they will also be able to use the basic theories and key technologies described in Digital Manufacturing Science to solve practical engineering problems in modern manufacturing processes. Digital Manufacturing Science is aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic researchers and researchers in the manufacturing industry. It allows readers to integrate the theories and technologies described with their own research works, and to propose new ideas and new methods to improve the theory and application of digital manufacturing science.

PCI DSS A Pocket Guide

by Alan Calder Nicki Carter

All businesses that accept payment cards are prey for hackers. When an attack is exposed - perhaps through a victim disputing fraudulent credit card charges - the target company will be exposed to a harsh and expensive set of repercussions. PCI DSS is designed to ensure that merchants are effectively protecting cardholder data. It recognises that not all merchants may have the technical understanding to identify for themselves the necessary steps and short-circuits to avoid danger. All merchants, and their service providers, should therefore ensure that they comply with PCI DSS, and that they stay compliant.

Pci Dss: A Practical Guide To Implementing And Maintaining Compliance

by Steve Wright

If you're looking for a concise, easy to follow reference to PCI DSS compliance - you've just found it!This newly revised, practical guide, gives you a step by step guide to achieving Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance - showing you how to create, design and build a PCI compliance framework. The objective of this revised practical guide is to give entities advice and tips on the entire PCI implementation process. It provides a roadmap, helping entities to navigate the broad, and sometimes confusing, PCI DSS v2, and shows them how to build and maintain a sustainable PCI compliance programme. This latest revision also includes increased guidance on how to ensure your compliance programme is ‘sustainable' and has been based on real-life scenarios, which should help to ensure your PCI compliance programme remains compliant. Benefits to business include: Save time and money with an easy to follow route-map to achieving PCI DSS compliance Understand the fundamental ins and outs of PCI DSS compliance Build your business case for PCI DSS compliance by providing the key information neededThere is a huge amount of information on the PCI DSS freely available, but it doesn't always answer your fundamental questions. Whether you're a manager, executive or director involved in the PCI compliance process as part of your day to day activities, then this book also functions as a key support reference.

Rapture's Rendezvous

by Cassie Edwards

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassie Edwards comes a classic tale of unexpected romance, thrilling adventure, and a love worth fighting for. . . Maria Lazzaro yearns to escape Italy for the land of riches and gold she's heard so much about. When she embarks on a ship setting sail for America, she knows her world will never be the same. But she has no idea she is about to meet the only man she will ever desire. . . ever love. Under a false identity, Michael Hockett is aboard to uncover the unjust treatment of immigrant coal miners by a cruel opportunist. But he finds so much more when he sees the beautiful, exotic Maria. Soon the two are swept up in a rapturous passion, though they must part once they reach America. But destiny will reunite them. For Maria will become the next pawn in a ruthless game-and together, she and Michael will fight for their dreams-and the freedom to love. . . Praise For Cassie Edwards. . . "Cassie Edwards captivates with white hot adventure and romance. " --Karen Harper"Fans always get what they want from Cassie Edwards. " --Romantic Times"Edwards consistently gives the reader a strong love story. . . filled with passion and memorable characters. "-Romantic Times"Edwards moves readers with love and compassion. " -Bell, Book & Candle

Software Life Cycle Management Standards

by David Wright

The advent of ISO/IEC 19770 is a leap forward for all who have an interest in the software life cycle, from designer to consumer. In five parts, three of which are still under development, the Standard defines best practice for all aspects of software asset management and introduces SWID (software identification) tags and SWEID (software licensing entitlement) tags. Software Publishers - your route to financial rewards This book will guide you along the implementation path by: defining each part of ISO/IEC 19770 and what each one means for your business discussing the software life cycle from the perception of all parties involved showing you how the SWID and SWEID tagging systems will help you obtain vital information about your customers software needs and usage helping you meet those needs and, consequently, enjoy increased customer loyalty, leading to more sales! showing you how the Standard can help you fine-tune your processes helping you realize financial savings.

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