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Anonimo Veneziano

by Giuseppe Berto

Non disponible

Il Salotto Della Contessa Maffei

by Raffello Barbiera

Portrait of Countess Clara Maffei, Milanese noblewoman during the Italian 'Risorgimento' and of the historical figures who surrounded her remarkable life. (Text in Italian)

The Italian's Token Wife

by Julia James

Italian millionaire Rafaello di Viscenti vows to marry the first woman he sees--who just happens to be Magda! She's been desperately trying to make ends meet by cleaning Rafaello's house. His proposal of marriage comes with a large financial reward--all she has to do is spend six months as Rafaello's wife in name only. But though Rafaello hadn't planned on sleeping with his new wife ... he can't resist her!

La Divina Commedia

by Dante Alighieri

Non disponible

La Divina Commedia, Inferno

by Dante Alighieri

Non disponible

Papa Francesco

by The Wall Street Journal

Il 13 Marzo, i cardinali della Chiesa Cattolica, riunitisi per la prima volta in 600 anni per eleggere il successore di un Papa ancora vivente, hanno annunciato un incredibile cambiamento. Nel promuovere il Cardinale argentino Jorge Mario Bergoglio a diventare Papa Francesco, il 266 Pontefice, i cardinali hanno eletto per la prima volta un Papa venuto dal Nuovo Mondo in via di sviluppo per prendere il timone della chiesa in un momento cruciale. E stato un cambiamento sorprendente in 2000 anni di istituzione che ha avuto larga influenza - con 1. 2 miliardi di fedeli in tutto il mondo - ed enormi problemi, tra cui uno scandalo di decennali abusi sessuali che ha distrutto la fede nellistituzione, una mancanza di preti e tendenze secolari che hanno svuotato la chiesa di membri e messo alla prova la sua autorita in un mondo votato al cambiamento. Dalla sconvolgente decisione di dimettersi di Papa Benedetto XVI alla nomina di Papa Francesco, dalle strade secondarie di Buenos Aires alla prima fila in Piazza San Pietro, i giornalisti di The Wall Street Journal hanno raccontato queste drammatiche settimane nella vita dellistituzione piu antica al mondo. Ora, con un nuovo e-book, gli inviati del Giornale presenteranno una dettagliata biografia originale e tempestiva del nuovo Papa Francesco, cosi come una nuova visione sulla trattativa e sul dramma che ha accompagnato la sua ascesa. Papa Francesco rappresentera a fondo lintera storia del cambiamento di direzione della chiesa e luomo incaricato di guidarla e sara da valutare come Papa Francesco potrebbe affrontare gli anni di scandalo e le carenze mentre guida i cattolici di tutto il mondo verso una fede piu profonda. The Wall Street Journal e il quotidiano piu importante dAmerica con una tiratura totale media di circa 2. 3 milioni di abbonati e 36 milioni al mondo di lettori digitali ogni mese. Negli ultimi anni il Journal ha ampliato i suoi argomenti di base dando spazio alle arti, alla cultura, ai costumi, allo sport e alla salute, aggiungendoli al suo patrimonio di fonte principale di notizie finanziarie ed economiche. In quanto uno dei piu grandi giornali mondiali che raggruppa lattivita di 2000 giornalisti in oltre 50 paesi, e arrivato ora ad otto edizioni in 11 lingue, coinvolgendo i lettori tramite i quotidiani, i siti web, le riviste, i social media e i video. Il Journal ha ottenuto 34 Premi Pulitzer per leccezionale attivita giornalistica.

Simulation and Learning

by Franco Landriscina

The main idea of this book is that to comprehend the instructional potential of simulation and to design effective simulation-based learning environments, one has to consider both what happens inside the computer and inside the students' minds. The framework adopted to do this is model-centered learning, in which simulation is seen as particularly effective when learning requires a restructuring of the individual mental models of the students, as in conceptual change. Mental models are by themeselves simulations, and thus simulation models can extend our biological capacity to carry out simulative reasoning. For this reason, recent approaches in cognitive science like embodied cognition and the extended mind hypothesis are also considered in the book.. A conceptual model called the "epistemic simulation cycle" is proposed as a blueprint for the comprehension of the cognitive activies involved in simulation-based learning and for instructional design.

Statistical Thermodynamics and Stochastic Kinetics

by Yiannis N. Kaznessis

Presenting the key principles of thermodynamics from a microscopic point of view, this book provides engineers with the knowledge they need to apply thermodynamics and solve engineering challenges at the molecular level. It clearly explains the concepts of entropy and free energy, emphasizing key ideas used in equilibrium applications, whilst stochastic processes, such as stochastic reaction kinetics, are also covered. It provides a classical microscopic interpretation of thermodynamic properties, which is key for engineers, rather than focusing on more esoteric concepts of statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics. Coverage of molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations as natural extensions of the theoretical treatment of statistical thermodynamics is also included, teaching readers how to use computer simulations and thus enabling them to understand and engineer the microcosm. Featuring many worked examples and over 100 end-of-chapter exercises, it is ideal for use in the classroom as well as for self-study.

A Student's Guide to Vectors and Tensors

by Daniel A. Fleisch

Vectors and tensors are among the most powerful problem-solving tools available, with applications ranging from mechanics and electromagnetics to general relativity. Understanding the nature and application of vectors and tensors is critically important to students of physics and engineering. Adopting the same approach used in his highly popular A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations, Fleisch explains vectors and tensors in plain language. Written for undergraduate and beginning graduate students, the book provides a thorough grounding in vectors and vector calculus before transitioning through contra and covariant components to tensors and their applications. Matrices and their algebra are reviewed on the book's supporting website, which also features interactive solutions to every problem in the text where students can work through a series of hints or choose to see the entire solution at once. Audio podcasts give students the opportunity to hear important concepts in the book explained by the author.

Take Control of ADHD

by Ruth Spodak Kenneth Stefano

Take Control of ADHD: The Ultimate Guide for Teens With ADHD is the ultimate handbook for teens with ADHD to help them take control of their disorder and find success in school and in life. By creating the "ADHD Action Plan" discussed in the book, readers will recognize how ADHD affects them, discover coping strategies and technology tools to improve their focus, and develop a self-advocacy plan they can use immediatelyThe book presents the latest research and information on ADHD in a conversational style that teens can understand easily, allowing them to develop a better understanding of their disorder. By including suggestions from teens with ADHD, the authors offer tons of advice, information, and ideas for students, from students just like them. This handy guidebook is sure to help teens with ADHD learn to refocus their attention and find success in school and beyond!

Teacher Training Essentials

by Craig Thaine

This book of ready-to-use teacher training workshops is designed to provide a bank of perfectly planned and structured sessions with accompanying photocopiable worksheets. The sessions develop trainees' and teachers' knowledge of three key areas: methodology, language and theory, and encourage them to actively reflect on their own prior learning and experience. These workshops are ideal for in-house and in-service teacher training as well as preparation for awards such as CELTA, DELTA, Trinity CertTESOL and Trinity LTCL Diploma TESOL. They are also suitable for those taking B. Ed and PGCE courses. Each teacher training workshop consists of 2-3 photocopiable worksheets accompanied by comprehensive trainer's notes. Workshops are suitable for a range of teaching experience: pre-service, new in-service or experienced teachers. Trainees will benefit from learning about teaching methodology in training sessions which are models of good teaching practice.

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