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by Bharadidasan

The story of Amudhavalli and her love for Udharan also has elements like Patriotism and Revolution added to it by the veteran writter.

Paavendar Bharathidasanin Ethipaaratha Muttham

by Bharathidasan

Comprises 32 chapters in two parts: The first part picturises the deep love of Ponmodi, the hero and Poongothai, the heroine which was opposed by the parents resulting in the hero’s exile to the north.Unable to bear the separation, Poongothai proceeds in search of her lover while he was on his way back home following the rift he had with a saint in the north. While both meeting surprisingly at a jungle she exchanged a kiss with her lover but unfortunately the hero was killed by a villain. She also dies. In the second part the author regrets the unending tears of the parents of the lovers.

Literary Works of Bharathidaasan: Azhagin Cirippu

by Kanakasubbaratnam Alias Bharathidasan

Poet Bharathidasan’s style captivates the reader as he describes various aspects of nature.The rich poetry yet quite understandable by one and all is what makes Bharathidassa's poems so well loved.

Tamizhachiyin katthi

by Puratchikavignar Bharathidasan

In this tragic story, the villain, attracted by the beauty of a village woman cleverly separated her from her husband. On realizing the assault on her chastity the heroine stabbed the villain with a knife.

Bhagavad Gita: Commentary in Tamil

by C. Subramaniya Bharathiyar

Bhagavad Gita is a sacred Hindu scripture and is a part of the epic Mahabharatha. It is believed to be the advice of Lord Krishna to Arjuna on Dharma on the eve of Kurushetra war. Though Bhagvad Gita requires certain intellectual skill to understand the contents and message, the author in his simple style churns out the essence of Gita in an easily understandable style.

C. Subramania Bharathiyar Padalkal - Part I

by C. Subramaniya Bharathiyar

It contains 52 patriotic songs under five chapters of Poet Bharathiar.

C. Subramania Bharathiyar Padalkal - Part II

by C. Subramaniya Bharathiyar

Bharathiar’s songs are eye openers and in the nature of awakening the spirit of the readers. This is a collection of Poems of Wisdom (25 Poems), Variety Poems (11 Poems) and Autobiography in poetic format.

C. Subramaniya Bharathiyar Songs - Part III

by C. Subramaniya Bharathiyar

Kannan pattu comprises 23 chapters each in which the poet considers God Krishna in various roles as mother, father, servant, king, disciple, guru (teacher), child, lover, master, deity and so on. Kuyil pattu (Songs of Cuckoo) praises the glory of cuckoo in 9 chapters.

Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyarin Vinayakar Naanmanimaalai

by C. Subramaniya Bharathiyar

The national poet Bharathi was believed to have composed these poems glorifying the Manakkula Vinayakar of Puducherry in forty verses.

Kannan Paatu: Thelivuraiyum Vilakkavuraiyum

by Bharathiyar C. T. Sankaranarayanan

In Kannan Paatu ,Bharathiyar writes about his favourite God Kannan and imagines Kannan in various forms like Guru,Friend,Father,King,Child,lover etc.

Panjali Sabadham

by Se. Ulaganathan Bharathiyar

‘Panjali Sabadham’ the veteran poet retells the epic with his unique touch making Panjali the main protagonist and thereby emphasizing the importance of women.


by Pattu M. Bhoopathi K. B. Prabhu Prasad

This book is a Translation in Tamil by Pattu M. Bhoopathi of K. B. Prabhu Prasad’s monograph in English on Sarvajnar, a poet in the Kannada language. He is famous for his pithy three-lined poems which are called tripadis. This book analyzes his divinity and ability to portray the true nature of human livelihood with his tripadis verses.

Swami Vivekanandar

by Nemai Sadhan Bose Ka. Chellappan

Swami Vivekanandar is a Tamil translation by Ka.Chellappan of Nemai Sadhan Bose’s Monograph in English.

Muthal Manithan

by Albert Camus V. Sriram

A Tamil translation of the French autobiographical novel Le premier homme, by Albert Camus that talks about childhood, school days, the life of the body, the power of the sun and the sea, the painful love of a son for his mother, the search for a lost father.


by S. Chandramouli

The book narrates the history of Japan, focusing how the people of Japan resurrected and developed their motherland after the devastation caused by the World War II.

Tamilaga Varalarum Panpadum

by V. T. Chellam

This book talk in detail the history of Tamil people and their rich heritage and culture right from the era of Sangam Literature and covers the eras of the great dynasties that ruled the land like Cholas and Pallavas and goes on to talk about the post independence era.

Abdul Kalam

by N. Chokkan

This book is a biography of the former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, an eminent engineer and scientist.

Ambani: Oru Vetri Kadhai

by N. Chokkan

This book tells the success story of the Indian industrialist Dhirubai Ambani.


by N. Chokkan

This book is a biography of Dhirubai Ambani who won the prestigious best industrialist of India of the 20th century award from "Business Barons" in 1999 and who started his life from a humble beginning with moderate education to achieve Himalayan victory in business world with high enterprising ability.

Amul: Oor Adhisaya Vetrikadhai (First Edition)

by N. Chokkan

This book vividly narrates the success story of ‘Amul’, a popular milk product brand in India.

Aringnar Anna

by N. Chokkan

A biography of C.N. Annadurai, popularly called "Aringnar Anna" (means scholar elder brother in Tamil). An orator and an acclaimed writer in the Tamil language, he founded Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) to become the first non-congress Chief Minister of the South Indian State of Tamilnadu in 1967.

Azim Premji

by N. Chokkan

This book is a biography of Azim Hashim Premji who is an Indian business tycoon, philanthropist and the chairman of Wipro Limited, an enterprise which emerged as one of the Indian leaders in the software industry.

Bill Gates

by N. Chokkan

This book is a biography and the success story of entrepreneur Bill Gates.

Camera Eppadi Iyangukirathu?

by N. Chokkan

This book describes the functioning of various types of cameras which would be very useful to all people interested in photography.

Charlie Chaplin

by N. Chokkan

This book is a biography of Charles Spencer Chaplin globally familiar as "Charlie" Chaplin who was an English comic actor, film director and composer during the silent film era.

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