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Vizhichaval November 2017

by Ramani

Article contributors by visually challenged and related to visually challanged

Wa. Woo. Cee. (Va. Woo. Chidhambaranar)

by Ma. Ra. Arasu

Vallinayagam Olaganthan Chidambaram Pillai, (1872-1936) popularly known by his initials, V.O.C. (spelt Wa.Woo.Cee in Tamil), was a Tamil political leader who actively took part in the freedom movement in India. He is known as Kappalottiya Tamilan (The Tamil Helmsman). In this Monograph in Tamil the author Ma. Ra. Arasu, gives an account of the life sketches of Wa. Woo. Cee., his articles and essays, translations, lectures, speeches and discourses, literary contributions, etc.

Washingtonil Thirumanam

by Saavi

“Washingtonil Thirumanam” (Marriage in Washington) by Saavi ( S. Viswanathan) is a humorous fiction. A hilarious hit widely read by the Tamil readers of the 1960s, the fiction was serialized in the popular Tamil magazine, “Ananda Vikatan”. In this fiction, the author stretches his imagination, visualizing a marriage of a typical Brahmin family being held in Washington, U.S., with the patronage of Mrs. and Mr. Rockefeller. All things essential for marriage are taken from India to Washington and all arrangements are carried over there. Though the story displays how the Americans wonder and evince interest to know the marriage rituals, traditions and customs of Tamil Brahmins, it actually vividly brings out the rationale of those customs in a lighter vein.

Works of Auvaiyar:Atichuti, Konrai Vendan, Muturai and Nalvazhi

by Auvaiyar

i) AticuTi: contains 109 morals in one line with few words ii)Konrai Vendhan: 91 one line moral verses the first letter of each starts with alphabetical and consonants order. iii) Muturai: contains 40 verses of four lines each preaching morals and ethics. iv) Nalvazhi: contains 40 verses of advises of good deeds that will lead to a good life.

Yapparunkalakarigai: Moolamum Uraiyum

by S. Thirugyanasambhandham

This book is one of the most referred ones for Tamizh Grammar and the explanation is given by the author in a very simple language that makes it very useful to students.

Yavarum Sodara (All Men are Brothers)

by Krishyna Kripalani R. Venkatarajulu

Mahatma Gandhi, father of nation of India sacrificed his life for his country. This book is a selection from Gandhiji’s Writings.

Yazhpana Pugaiyelai

by Nirmalya Kakkanadan

This book is translation in Tamil by Nirmalya of Sahitya Akademi Award Winning Malayalam Novel Jaffna Pugaiyelai by Kakkanadan.

Yer Ezhupathu and Tirukkai Vazakkam of Kambar

by Kambar

In Yer Ezhupathu: (Plough Seventy) Poet Kambar is all praising the profession of agriculture right from ploughing the land till harvesting in seventy verses. In Tirukkai Vazhakkam, he praises the qualities of benovalence of Velalar community in sixty verses.

Yesu Kaviyam

by Kannadasan

The veteran poet in this book talks about the history of Jesus Christ in the form of poetry.

Yugattin Mudivil

by Vivekanandagopal Iravati Karve

This book is a Tamil Translation of Iravati Karve’s Marati Classic Yuganta. Yugattin Mudivil studies the humanity of the Mahabharata’s great figures, with all their virtues and their equally numerous faults.

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