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by S. Vasanthapriya

This illustrated book will ensure all cricket-lovers have a pleasurable reading. Starting from the origin of cricket it covers almost everything about cricket.


by Vasudev

A biography of Adhisankarar, a Hindu Saint, who hailed from Kalady of Kerala, a south Indian State. He was an Indian philosopher who introduced the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta, a sub-school of Vedanta and his teachings were based on the unity of the Soul and Brahman in which Brahman is viewed as without attributes.

Mann Bommai

by R. Veezhinathan Kalindicharan Panigrahi

This novel is a Translation in Tamil from Hindi of Kalindicharan Panigrahi’s Oriya Novel, Matir Manish. The story revolves round the family of Shama Pradhan, a rural farmer, and his two sons, Baraju and Chakadi and disagreements over the family home and land after his death.

Suuriyanin Kadaisik Kiranattilirundu Suuriyanin Mudal Kiranamvarai

by Surendra Verma V. Saroja

This book is a Tamil translation of a Hindi play that talks about a royal couple who face a very complicated situation in their life that challenges their relationship.

October Vizhichaval 2017

by Viji

Article contributors by visually challenged and related to visually challanged

Yugattin Mudivil

by Vivekanandagopal Iravati Karve

This book is a Tamil Translation of Iravati Karve’s Marati Classic Yuganta. Yugattin Mudivil studies the humanity of the Mahabharata’s great figures, with all their virtues and their equally numerous faults.

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Showing 401 through 406 of 406 results