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Gnabagam Varuthae! Gnabagam Varuthae!

by G.S.S.

In this book the author shares his knowledge of increasing the memory power.

Idhayamae Idhayamae

by G.S.S.

This book deals with an important human organ, ‘Heart’. Heart diseases, historical details of heart ailments, data, fear, baseless stories about heart are some of the topics the book speaks on.

Mael Maadi

by G.S.S.

This book presents, in a lucid and simple style, the fundamental details of human brain, the recent research on it and also clarification of some doubts and misgivings about human brain.


by G.S.S.

This health guide on Kidney is an interesting narrative explaining all that everyone should know about an important human organ. The contents include Kidney failure, Clinical Tests, Transplantation, Precautions, Enemies of Kidney, Cancer on Kidney, Infections, Dialysis, Alert for younger generations, Swelling of Prostate glands and Questions and Answers.

Thailam Parapara! Thalaye Parapara!

by G.S.S.

This health guide centers on the most common physical ailment of a human being viz., Head-ache. Various types of head aches-Cluster, Migraine, Sinus, etc., head aches among children, head aches that forewarn other internal problems, the role of Aspirin as a remedy and the new researches on head aches-are some of the valuable aspects dealt in this book.

Udanae Sei!

by G.S.S.

This book is a guide enlightening on the first aid techniques to be applied for a host of physical ailments like head injury, epilepsy, tooth ache, bleeding from nose, heart attack, poisonous bites, drowning, fire accidents, vomiting, hypothermia, hypothermia, etc.

Therindhu Kollungal!

by G.S.S. Aniruddha Malpani Anjali Malpani

This book is a guide on human health, attempting to enlighten on medical treatment, Clinical Tests, Surgery, Medicines from birth till the last breathe. The book emphasizes the need for the basic knowledge of one’s own human body so that it would help deciding such alternative courses of medical treatment as suggested by the physician.

Irulargal: Orr Arimugam

by K. Gunasekaran

A vivid narration of the lifestyle of one of the tribal communities called 'irulars' of south India.

Vittu Viduthalaiyagi

by Rama Gurunathan Neetha Banerji Shanti Bharadwaj

This book is Shanti Bharadwaj ‘Rakesh’‘s Sahitya Akademi Award winning Rajasthani Novel “Ud Ja Re Sua” translated into Tamil by Rama Gurunathan from English version entitled “Dare to be Free” translated by Neetha Banerji. In this novel, Chemeli is sired by a Thakur but borne by a concubine. This girl takes on the rulers and the society singlehandedly. How she breaks all the shackles and comes out into the open sky to fly higher, is the theme of this bold but sensitive story.

Idhazhiyal Kalai

by Ma. Po. Gurusami

The author describes Journalism ,it's scope,limitations,freedom of press,Journalism as a career etc.


by Ilangovadigal Na.Mu.Venkatasamy Nattar

Silappathikaram is one of the The Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature according to later Tamil literary tradition.The nature of the book is non-religious, narrative and has a moralistic undertone. It contains three chapters.


by Imaiyam

Through this novel the author in his own way effectively emphasizes that there is only a thin line between life and death,imagination and reality,a man and the animal within him.

Koveru Kazhuthaigal

by Imaiyam

This novel is considered as one of the classics of modern Tamil literature and gives an effective portrayal of the delicate caste structure in India.


by Imaiyam

This book talks about the life of a woman whose fate is to lead a life of a dancer who performs in temples and streets, as a result of rigid customs, and the experiences she has to go through in the Tamil society as the result of the same.

Video Mariamman- a collection of short stories in Tamil

by Imaiyam

This is a collection of short stories by Imaiyam that talk about how the modern day advancements have impacted the lives of common men.

Puraporul Venba Malai

by Iyyanaarithanaar

This lesson offers a brief introduction to Pura Porul Ilakkanam. Tamil grammar is broadly classified into 5 major divisions - ie the letter (sol), the word or ezhuthu , content or porul, prosody or yappu and figures of speech or ani. “Porul” is the content or the subject of any literary work. The ethics and codes governing the social and domestic life of the Tamils is largely the subject underlying ancient Tamil literature. Tamil grammarians devised the Porul Ilakkanam to codify the content of poetry. Similar to the way in which the inner universe is divided into 7 ‘tinais’ or modes, Tholkappiar, the ancient Tamil grammarian, also codified the behaviour pertaining to the external world into 7 ‘tinais’- viz. ‘vetchi’, vanji’, ‘uzhinjai’, ‘ thumbai’, ‘vaagai’, ‘kanchi’ and ‘paadaan’. ‘Pannirupadalam’ was the first grammar text to explain the various pura tinais. It was composed by the 12 disciples of Agathiyar, including Tholkappiar.Only a few verses of this text are extant today. ‘Puraporul Venba Malai’ is another grammar text on‘puram’ written later by Iyyanaarithanaar.

ti. jaanakiraaman kuRunaavalkaL

by Ti. Jaanakiraaman

This is the complete novel collections of ti. Jaanakiraaman. It leads the reader to the different world while reading and takes into different location by the narration of the author.

Oru Saan Ulagam

by S. Jenny J. S. Rajkumar

This book is a health guide providing information on Digestive System, its organs, the health problems relating to it and their prevention.

Short Story Collections of Jeyakantan - 1

by Jeyakantan

A collection of 10 short stories with logical dialogues, focusing on the paradoxes of society.

Short Story Collections of Jeyakantan - 2

by Jeyakantan

Collection10 short stories on social themes, most of which contains the dialect of the community or the locality in a style as if the author is talking to the reader. Written during 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century.

Short Story Collections of Jeyakantan - 3

by Jeyakantan

Contains 11 short stories sharply bringing out the paradoxes of society with a philosophical touch written during 60s and 70s of the last century.

Holy Bible - New Testament - Part IIA, The Gospel According to John

by John

The Gospel of John, ascribed to the Apostle John. This gospel begins with a philosophical prologue and ends with appearances of the resurrected Jesus. It is the fourth book of the New Testament and contains eleven chapters.

Holy Bible - New Testament - Part VI Jacob, Peter 1-2, John 1-3, Jude & Revelation

by John Jacob Peter Jude

Jacob: Twentieth book contains five chapters Peter 1. Twenty first book contains five chapters Peter 2. Twenty second book contains three chapters John 1. Twenty third book contains five chapters John 2. Twenty fourth book contains one chapter John 3. Twenty fifth book contains one chapter Jude: Twenty sixth book contains one chapter Revelation: The Twenty seventh book of the ‘Revelation of John’ is the last in the collection of documents which constitute the New Testament which contains twenty two chapters.

Tamizh Naval Ilakkiyam

by K. Kailasapathi

This book talks about the history and growth of Tamizh novels and it’s importance as a genre in Tamizh Literature

Adiyum Mudiyum

by K. Kailasapathy

Adiyum Mudiyum is a fine philosophical/sociological analysis of certain Tamil religious texts and practices. The story of the search for head and root, whether it is fully believed or not, functions as a symbol in our society’s belief system.

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