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1 Nambarachi Bhutataki

by Rajiv Tambe

This is a story of Raina and the loving ghost. Raina wanted to win the prize for the musical chair and the ghost was helping her to win but Raina denied the help of the ghost. She wanted to win the game by herself. She wins in the musical chair game. Next, they were supposed to light the candles and whoever light more candles would be the winner. Raina wins both the games.

10 Advanced Short Stories from Pratham Books for ACR Project

by Pratham Books

The Advance level book of short stories from Pratham books, used in the ACR project, Pune.

10 Basic short stories from Pratham Books for ACR Project

by Pratham Books

10 Basic level short stories in Full text with Human Narration, selected from Pratham books for the ACR project in Pune.

10 Intermediate short stories from Pratham Books for ACR Project

by Pratham Books

This is the 2nd part of selected stories in Full text with Human narrated audio, from Pratham books, which are used for the ACR project in Pune.

Aadhunik Bank Vyavsay Book S.Y.B.A. Pune University

by Prof.Dr.R.K.Datira

Aadhunik Bank Vyavsay text book for Second year from The Pune Universtity in Marathi.

Aaela sutti devuya

by Meenakshi Sardesai

One day children decide to give rest to their mother from all house work. She goes to her cousin’s house. Father and children plan to do their jobs. Cooking was the most difficult part. Everybody helps. The cooked food is not like normal food. Chapati is different shape potatoes are burnt and so on. The cat drinks all the milk. The kitchen is in chaos. Suddenly mummy comes and the children become happy. All of them understand how difficult it is to manage the house.

Aag Gaditil Sahal

by Surekha Panandikar

Chintu was invited to Delhi for accepting an award for essay writing competition. The Prime minister himself was going to handover the award to him. He was traveling by a train. In the train Chintu managed to catch some thieves who were robbing a trunk of another passenger. The police alarmed the people and the police caught hold of those fugitives. Instead of one Chintu received two awards. One for essay writing and one for bravery.


by Uddhav J. Shelake

Aai in a story . a woman working at farm. A day when the mother becomes angry on her son when he disobeys her and later she takes him near.

Aai Viruddha Baai

by Shrikant Vishnu Bhosale

Life of a woman who lost her husband. she had a son, she fell in love with a man. the total family did not get along but this woman played the role of a mother of a son as well as a role of a woman to a man in marathi.

Aaich Aaikav

by Bha. M. Vaidya

This a story of mice. One old woman was lived in the hut. mice and four baby mice were lived near the hut. The old woman was upset with mice. One day she keeps a cage inside the hut. mice were stuck in the cage. read story what happens next.

Aaichi Shaletli Gammat

by Nandini Nayar

एक दिवस मीराची आई तिच्या शाळेत गेली पण तिथे तर कुणीच नव्हतं. मीरा, वर्गातली मुलं, शिक्षक सगळे कुठे गायब झाले होते?


by Madhuri Purandare

A story of a small girl Radha. Her childhood memories describe in the story. Radha mentioned as the little grandmother.

Aaji Cha Chashma

by Rohini Nilekani

आजीचा चष्मा सारखा हरवतो. मग कधीतरी तिला चष्मा शोधण्यासाठी हुशार गुप्तहेराची मदत घ्यावी लागते!

Aantararastriya Arthashastra T.Y.B.A. Savitribai Phule Pune University

by Prof. G. J. Lomate R. K. Datir D. G. Ushir

Aantararastriya Arthashastra text book for T.Y.B.A. from Savitribai Phule, Pune University in Marathi.

Aantararastriya Arthashastra TY BA Pune University

by G. J. Lomate DR D. G. Ushir R. K. Datir

Aantararastriya Arthashastra Marathi text book for Third year from The Pune Universtity in Marathi.

Aaplyala Kaajwyansarkhe Chamchamtaa Kaa Yet Naahi?

by Nabanita Deshmukh

तुम्हाला माहीत आहे का, काजवे का चमकतात? गंमत म्हणजे काजव्यांची बाळं आपल्या प्रकाशाचा उपयोग शत्रूला दूर पळवण्यासाठी करतात. या पुस्तकात बुडी मारलीत तर चमचम करत, अंधार उजळून टाकणाऱ्या काजव्याविषयी आणखीही बऱ्याच गमती कळतील.


by Meenakshi Sardesai

This is a story of Prince Pavan. He was about twenty-two years and everybody was looking for good match for him. The condition was that the girl image should look spotless in the magical mirror. Pavan Kumar was humble, kind and tolerant. Sagar Gupta secretariat gave him the knowledge of the state. It is a matter of selflessness, how to handle the welfare of the people, how to keep peace in the state, and also how to give justice. So they wanted a wife with a similar character. Chaiti was a poor girl from a village and she fulfilled all the requirement and married Prince Pawan.

Achal Shraddha

by D. V. Joshi

Acharya Arjun thought, he is the only best archer in the world. Eklavya had stopped the barking of a dog with an arrow without hurting the jaws." Surely this is an unusual archery job. "Who is better than me?" Arjun said with ego. "It's true, it's the best way." So he goes and finds Eklavya. He saw that he was talking to a statue. "What are you talking to the statue?" Arjun said, "Can you learn so many things only through imagination? Eklavya had made a statue of Arjun and through immense faith, he became the best archer. Such unshakable faith can turn the entire world down.


by Shankararav Kharat

Adani a story of illiterate man. he received a letter then he went to the school teacher . read story to find out what happens next.

Adhi Dyave Mag Magave

by Shankar Karhade

This is a story of a village where people did not beg. Everybody in the village was prosperous and happy. One day a devotee of God comes to this village and starts begging for food and but nobody gives him anything. He goes to the main authority’s house and begs. He gets nothing so he calls them atheist. He is told that if he cannot give anything to anybody he should not ask anything from anybody. Since then, he stops begging.

Adhunika Bharat: 1857 To 1950 SY BA Pune University

by N. S. Tamboli

Adhunika Bharat : 1857 To 1950 Marathi text book for Second year from The Pune Universtity in Marathi.

Adnyanache Phal

by Mukesh Nadan

A long time ago there was a king named Bhuwanesh. He was pious and did everything for God. One day he declared that nobody will worship God with musical instruments and sing. Anybody violating the law will be punished. One day he punished Harimitra for it. Gods were very angry with the king and punished him. Harimitra was a generous man he forgives the king and because of that, the king is spared from death.


by Mukesh Nadan

This is the story of Sandipni. He was an obedient disciple. One day at the order of his master he throws a child into a well and the other disciples accuse him. His master was happy with him for he did everything he was told. One day his master dies and blesses him to become a teacher of other great gods. Later Shri Krishna becomes his disciple.

Aelisachi Adbhut Katha

by Sau. Leela Shinde

This is a story of a girl named Olice. Olice sees a dream and in the dream, she enters into a room. She drinks juice from a bottle and she becomes small. She eats sweet and she becomes very tall. She eats biscuits she becomes normal. She meets a rabbit and he helps her come out of that place.

Ag Ag Mhashi

by Mebal

This a Story of a man named Balkoba who was very lazy. He never used to work, but later he realized his mistake. He starts earning and brings happiness back to his family life.

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