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Adventures in Shondaland: Identity Politics and the Power of Representation 2896703 Stephanie Young Vincent Pham Tina Harris Melissa Ames Mark P Orbe Michaela D.E. Meyer Rachel Alicia Griffin Richard G Jones Emily Vajjala Joan Faber McAlister Jessica L Furgerson Jennifer Billinson Jade Petermon Shadee Abdi Bernadette Calafell Myra Washington Mary Ingram-Waters Leslie Balderas Sean Swenson 9780813596334 2018 Contains images
Digital Cinema: The Seduction Of Reality (Quick Takes: Movies and Popular Culture) 2896702 Stephen Prince 9780813596280 2019
The Remembered and Forgotten Jewish World: Jewish Heritage in Europe and the United States 2896701 Daniel J. Walkowitz 9780813596082 2018 Contains images
Ethics and Law for Neurosciences Clinicians: Foundations and Evolving Challenges (Clinical Neurology Best Practices) 2896700 James E Szalados 9780813595993 2019
Pathogenic Policing: Immigration Enforcement and Health in the U.S. South (Medical Anthropology) 2896659 Nolan Kline 9780813595344 2019 Contains images
Parcels: Memories of Salvadoran Migration (Latinidad: Transnational Cultures in the) 2896658 Mike Anastario 9780813595245 2019 Contains images
Black New Jersey: 1664 to the Present Day 2896657 Graham Russell Hodges 9780813595191 2019 Contains images
Science by the People: Participation, Power, and the Politics of Environmental Knowledge (Nature, Society, and Culture) 2896656 Aya H. Kimura Abby Kinchy 9780813595092 2019 Contains images
Living When Everything Changed: My Life in Academia 2896613 Mary Kay Tetreault 9780813594927 2019 Contains images
Psychiatric Encounters: Madness and Modernity in Yucatan, Mexico (Medical Anthropology) 2896612 Beatriz M. Reyes-Foster 9780813594873 2019 Contains images
Beyond Representation in Contemporary Caribbean Art: Space, Politics, and the Public Sphere (Critical Caribbean Studies) 2896611 Carlos Garrido Castellano 9780813594828 2019 Contains images
Reformed American Dreams: Welfare Mothers, Higher Education, and Activism 2896610 Sheila M. Katz 9780813594361 2019 Contains images
The Indecent Screen: Regulating Television in the Twenty-First Century 2896556 Cynthia Chris 9780813594088 2019 Contains images
Baltimore Revisited: Stories of Inequality and Resistance in a U.S. City 2896555 Nicole Fabricant Louise Parker Kelley Sam Collins Michelle L. Stefano Lawrence Brown Daniel L. Buccino Michael Casiano Shannon Darrow Matthew Durington Aiden Faust Jennifer A. Ferretti Leif Fredrickson Robert Gamble Marisela Gomez April K. Householder Jodi Kelber-Kaye Emily Lieb Jacob R. Levin Teresa Méndez Ashley Minner Elizabeth M. Nix Richard E. Otten Eli Pousson Mary Rizzo Fred Scharmen Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin Linda Shopes Joe Tropea Amy Zanoni Denise Meringolo Robert Headley Shawntay Stocks 9780813594033 2019 Contains images
Others' Milk: The Potential of Exceptional Breastfeeding 2896554 Kristin J. Wilson 9780813593852 2018
You're Doing it Wrong!: Mothering, Media, and Medical Expertise 2896496 Bethany L. Johnson Margaret M. Quinlan 9780813593807 2019 Contains images
Undead Ends: Stories of Apocalypse 2896495 S. Trimble 9780813593661 2019 Contains images
The Movies as a World Force: American Silent Cinema and the Utopian Imagination 2896494 Ryan Jay Friedman 9780813593616 2019 Contains images
Watching Our Weights: The Contradictions of Televising Fatness in the “Obesity Epidemic” 2896493 Melissa Zimdars 9780813593562 2019 Contains images
Potential on the Periphery: College Access from the Ground Up 2896420 Omari Scott Simmons 9780813592893 2019 Contains images
TV Family Values: Gender, Domestic Labor, and 1980s Sitcoms 2896419 Alice Leppert 9780813592695 2019 Contains images
Ischemic Stroke: Diagnosis and Treatment (Current Clinical Cardiology) 2896418 Liliana Cohen Michael G Fara Christopher Favilla Rahul Garg Toby Ira Gropen Nneka Ifejika Koto Ishida Lester Y Leung Ava L Liberman Kira Long James S. McKinney Deviyani Mehta Steven R Messe Michael T Mullen Vikas G Patel Christopher J Renner Igor Rybinnik Amardeep Saluja Albert D Sam Rajbeer S Sangha Steven M Schonfeld Christina Mijalski Sells James E Siegler Magdy Selim Joseph Tarsia Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez Linda Wendell Ashlie White Frank Wilklow 9780813592589 2018 Contains images
Incorrigibles and Innocents: Constructing Childhood and Citizenship in Progressive Era Comics 2896349 Lara Saguisag 9780813591780 2019 Contains images
Lost: Miscarriage in Nineteenth-Century America (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine) 2896348 Shannon Withycombe 9780813591551 2019 Contains images
Romancing the Sperm: Shifting Biopolitics and the Making of Modern Families 2896347 Diane Tober 9780813590806 2019 Contains images

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