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Title Author ISBN Copyright Features Action
Ethnicity and Racism in Cyprus 2569828 Ian Cawood Contains images
(En)Countering Native-speakerism 2570280 Adrian Holliday Anne Swan Pamela Aboshiha 2015 Contains images
Environment, Modernization and Development in East Asia 2571822 Ts’ui-Jung Liu Contains images
Blind Man's Bluff (Duncan Maclain Mystery #4) 2624782 Baynard Kendrick 1943
You Die Today (Duncan Maclain Mystery #7) 2631362 Baynard Kendrick 1943
The Coconut Killings (Inspector Henry Tibbett Mystery #13) 2648042 Patricia Moyes 1977
Mubadala and EBX: To X or to X It? 2816334 Ricardo Andrade Nori Lietz 2019 Contains images
Analytical Tools in Private Equity: Return Bridge 2816361 Victoria Ivashina 2019 Contains images
Subscription Lines Dilemma 2816362 Victoria Ivashina Terrence Shu 2019 Contains images
Developing Yourself as a Leader: A Framework for Millennial High Potentials & Emerging Leaders 2816390 Ethan Bernstein Kirstin Lynde 2019
GHN and AhaMove: Last-Mile Delivery in Vietnam 2816421 Dawn Lau Joel Goh Kris Ferreira Tuan Phan 2019 Contains images
Amazon’s HQ2 (B): Utah 2816429 Manjari Raman Karen Mills Jan Rivkin 2018
MoviePass: The “Get Big Fast” Strategy 2816451 Daniel Fisher Benjamin Esty 2019 Contains images
Valuing Employee Equity at Early Stage Ventures 2816456 Shikhar Ghosh Christopher Stanton Sanchali Pal 2019 Contains images
Forta Furniture: International Expansion 2816457 John Quelch Karthik Easwar 2018
Oscar Health Insurance: What Lies Ahead for a Unicorn Insurance Entrant? 2837647 Victoria Marone Leemore Dafny 2019
LIXIL Group Corporation: Building a New Company in an Old Industry 2837649 Boris Groysberg Akiko Kanno 2018 Contains images
Idle Hands Craft Ales 2837671 John Gourville 2019 Contains images
Darling Ingredients International 2837673 David Bell Natalie Kindred 2019 Contains images
Context, Contingency, Agency 2837701 Laura Sawyer 2018
The First Fundamental Theorem of Welfare Economics and Market Failures 2837702 Matthew Weinzierl Robert Scherf 2018
Efficiency vs. Equality 2837704 Matthew Weinzierl 2018
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply 2837706 Alberto Cavallo 2018 Contains images
Colonialism and Imperialism 2837708 Grace Liu Reshmaan Hussam 2018 Contains images
Fangda Partners: A Step Ahead 2837728 Ashish Nanda Lisa Rohrer 2019 Contains images

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Showing 1 through 25 of 14,542 results