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Tumor Microenvironment: Signaling Pathways – Part A (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology #1223)

by Alexander Birbrair

Revealing essential roles of the tumor microenvironment in cancer progression, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research on how different signaling pathways are important in the tumor microenvironment. Multiple signaling pathways are covered, including S1P, neuregulin, Notch, erythropoietin, Rho-ROCK, mTOR, and more.Taken alongside its companion volumes, these books update us on what we know about various aspects of the tumor microenvironment as well as future directions. Tumor Microenvironment: Signaling Pathways – Part A is essential reading for advanced cell biology and cancer biology students as well as researchers seeking an update on research in the tumor microenvironment.

MATHEMATICS 6th Standard GSTB: ધોરણ ૬ ગણિત પાઠ્યપુસ્તક

by Shri Bhaktibhai P. Patel Shri Megharajbhai J. Bhatt Dr Sanjaybhai S. Patel

પ્રસ્તુત પાઠ્યપુસ્તક નવી દિલ્લી દ્વારા પ્રકાશિત ધોરણ VIના ગણિત વિષયના પાઠ્યપુસ્તકનો ગુજરાતીમાં અનુવાદ કરાવીને વિદ્યાર્થીઓ સમક્ષ મુકવામાં આવ્યું છે. જેમાં ૧૪ પ્રકરણ આપેલ છે.

MASO 102 Samajshastriy Siddhant - IGNOU: MASO 102 समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्त - इग्नू

by Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Mukta Vishvavidyalaya

MASO 102 समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्त – इग्नू यह किताब इंदिरा गांधी राष्ट्रीय मुक्त विश्वविद्यालय ने हिंदी भाषा में प्रकाशित किया है । इस किताब में सत्ताईस परस्पर संबद्ध इकाइयाँ हैं, इन इकाइयों में समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्त की अवधारणा को समझाने का प्रयास किया गया है। इसके साथ ही इसकी प्रकृति, निर्माण, प्रमुख प्रकारों तथा महत्त्व को स्पष्ट करना भी इस इकाई का उद्देश्य है। आशा है कि इस किताब में समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्त की अवधारणा को समझ पाएँगे; समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्त की प्रकृति अथवा इसकी विशेषताओं की व्याख्या कर पाएँगे; समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्तों का निर्माण समझ पाएँगे; समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्तों के प्रकारों की व्याख्या कर पाएँगे; तथा समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्तों के महत्त्व को स्पष्टतया समझ पाएँगे।

Disruptive Procurement: Winning in a Digital World

by Michael F. Strohmer Stephen Easton Robert Kromoser Martin Eisenhut Elouise Epstein Erik R. Peterson Enrico Rizzon

Disruptive Procurement is a radical new approach to creating value and innovation by challenging the status quo in the entire product and service line. It requires going far beyond conventional desktop procurement to understand the value the company brings to its customers as well as the value that suppliers bring to the company. By combining knowledge of these two dimensions, companies become far more flexible and they move closer to disrupting the environment in ways that create value. To move toward Disruptive Procurement, companies need a holistic view and a complete new set of capabilities for staff in marketing, sales, R&D, manufacturing, innovation, and, of course, procurement. This will only happen if procurement is fully backed by the Chief Executive Officer and companies embrace digital tools that will help make procurement slimmer and smarter.

Strategy and Strategic Discourse in Turkish Foreign Policy

by Hasan Yükselen

This book provides a critical realist analysis of Turkish foreign policy (TFP), covering various periods from the Turkish National Struggle to the contemporary Justice and Development Party Government. It discusses TFP within the critical realist framework, employing the concept of differences in continuity to demonstrate how agency and structure interacted, and how some discourses arose and others failed in the history of the Turkish Republic. The book also applies the concepts of strategy and strategic discourse to reveal how real-world strategic preferences correspond to the narration. Lastly, the author argues that the underlying structural forces have endured, despite Turkey’s persistence in enhancing the agency’s role, ultimately leading to differentiation between “what is spoken” and “what is actualized”.

Advances in Noncommutative Geometry: On the Occasion of Alain Connes' 70th Birthday

by Guoliang Yu Ali Chamseddine Caterina Consani Nigel Higson Masoud Khalkhali Henri Moscovici

This authoritative volume in honor of Alain Connes, the foremost architect of Noncommutative Geometry, presents the state-of-the art in the subject. The book features an amalgam of invited survey and research papers that will no doubt be accessed, read, and referred to, for several decades to come. The pertinence and potency of new concepts and methods are concretely illustrated in each contribution. Much of the content is a direct outgrowth of the Noncommutative Geometry conference, held March 23–April 7, 2017, in Shanghai, China. The conference covered the latest research and future areas of potential exploration surrounding topology and physics, number theory, as well as index theory and its ramifications in geometry.

On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: Confederated International Workshops: EI2N, FBM, ICSP, Meta4eS and SIAnA 2019, Rhodes, Greece, October 21–25, 2019, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #11878)

by Wided Guédria George Karabatis Christophe Debruyne Hervé Panetto Robert Meersman Ioana Ciuciu Peter Bollen

This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Confederated International International Workshop on Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking (EI2N ), Fact Based Modeling ( FBM), Industry Case Studies Program ( ICSP ), International Workshop on Methods, Evaluation, Tools and Applications for the Creation and Consumption of Structured Data for the e-Society (Meta4eS) and, 1st International Workshop on Security via Information Analytics and Applications (SIAnA 2019) held as part of OTM 2018 in October 2019 in Rhodes, Greece.As the three main conferences and the associated workshops all share the distributed aspects of modern computing systems, they experience the application pull created by the Internet and by the so-called Semantic Web, in particular developments of Big Data, increased importance of security issues, and the globalization of mobile-based technologies.

Polarization Correlometry of Scattering Biological Tissues and Fluids (SpringerBriefs in Physics)

by V. T. Bachinskyi O. Ya. Wanchulyak A. G. Ushenko Yu. A. Ushenko A. V. Dubolazov Igor Meglinski

This book presents a new diagnostic approach that utilizes complex statistical, correlation, fractal, and singular analysis of spatial distribution of the Stokes vector of scattered polarized light in different diffraction zones. The technique is able to identify changes in the distribution of optical axes and the birefringent indices of multi-layered fibrillar networks of biological tissues. The book also presents various scenarios for the formation of polarization singularities in laser speckle images of phase-inhomogeneous, multi-layered biological tissues in terms of the characteristic values of Mueller-matrix images. Moreover, in the context of potential diagnostic applications, it discusses the states of polarization singularities and their changes associated with the pathological abnormalities of the extracellular matrix of human tissues, its spatial peculiarities and structural orientation.

Aging and Human Nature: Perspectives from Philosophical, Theological, and Historical Anthropology (International Perspectives on Aging #25)

by Mark Schweda Michael Coors Claudia Bozzaro

This book focuses on ageing as a topic of philosophical, theological, and historical anthropology. It provides a systematic inventory of fundamental theoretical questions and assumptions involved in the discussion of ageing and old age. What does it mean for human beings to grow old and become more vulnerable and dependent? How can we understand the manifestations of ageing and old age in the human body? How should we interpret the processes of change in the temporal course of a human life? What impact does old age have on the social dimensions of human existence? In order to tackle these questions, the volume brings together internationally distinguished scholars from the fields of philosophy, theology, cultural studies, social gerontology, and ageing studies. The collection of their original articles makes a twofold contribution to contemporary academic discourse. On one hand, it helps to clarify and deepen our understanding of ageing and old age by examining it from the fundamental point of view of philosophical, theological, and historical anthropology. At the same time, it also enhances and expands the discourses of philosophical, theological, and historical anthro­pology by systematically taking into account that human beings are essentially ageing creatures.

Professionelle Ausbildung in Gesundheitsberufen: Gewinnung, Schulung und Betreuung von Auszubildenden

by Andreas Frodl

​Bereits jetzt ist die Gesundheitsbranche der größte volkswirtschaftliche Sektor und sie wächst weiter. Entsprechend groß ist der Personalbedarf in den nächsten Jahren. Eine gute Ausbildung im Gesundheitsbetrieb und damit die Gewinnung, Schulung und Betreuung junger Menschen in Gesundheitsfachberufen wird damit für die Akteure der Branche wichtiger denn je. Es gilt nicht nur ihr Interesse zu wecken, sondern sie auch durch eine qualitativ hochwertige und moderne Ausbildung für steigende berufliche Anforderungen zu befähigen und durch attraktive Perspektiven möglichst langfristig an die Gesundheitseinrichtungen zu binden.Das Buch gibt einen strukturierten Überblick über die notwendigen rechtlichen, inhaltlichen und organisatorischen Ausbildungsgrundlagen in Gesundheitsbetrieben. Für den Schnellzugriff enthält ein Glossar am Ende des Buches Kurzbeschreibungen der wichtigsten Ausbildungsfachbegriffe. Konkrete Ausbildungspläne und Handlungsempfehlungen erleichtern Ausbildungsverantwortlichen die Umsetzung in der Praxis.

Database and Expert Systems Applications: 30th International Conference, DEXA 2019, Linz, Austria, August 26–29, 2019, Proceedings, Part II (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #11707)

by Josef Küng Ismail Khalil A Min Tjoa Sven Hartmann Sharma Chakravarthy Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis

This two volume set of LNCS 11706 and LNCS 11707 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA 2019, held in Linz, Austria, in August 2019.The 32 full papers presented together with 34 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 157 submissions. The papers are organized in the following topical sections: Part I: Big data management and analytics; data structures and data management; management and processing of knowledge; authenticity, privacy, security and trust; consistency, integrity, quality of data; decision support systems; data mining and warehousing. Part II: Distributed, parallel, P2P, grid and cloud databases; information retrieval; Semantic Web and ontologies; information processing; temporal, spatial, and high dimensional databases; knowledge discovery; web services.

More-than-Human Sociology: A New Sociological Imagination

by O. Pyyhtinen

More-than-Human Sociology is a call for a bolder, more creative sociology. Olli Pyyhtinen argues that to make sociology responsive to life in the 21st century we need a new sociological imagination, one that addresses connectivity, understands the world in which we live as both a human and non-human world, and is sensitive to the multiple scales on which things exist. A fresh and innovative take on the promise of sociology, this book will appeal to scholars and students both within sociology and the social sciences more broadly.

Genetics of Male Infertility: A Case-Based Guide for Clinicians

by Ashok Agarwal Ahmad Majzoub Mohamed Arafa Haitham Elbardisi

This unique, case-based guide provides a thoughtful and comprehensive overview of the genetic basis of male infertility for the practicing clinician. In addition to discussing the molecular foundations of sperm production and the consequences of genetic abnormalities on various stages of sperm development, it examines the clinical aspects of acknowledged genetic disorders and their implications on male fertility. In so doing, it offers the necessary tools required by the clinician for the diagnosis and treatment of infertile men with genetic abnormalities. Moreover, it provides essential algorithms that may aid in counseling patients in the clinic.The text is arranged in four thematic sections for easy reference. The genetic foundation of male reproduction is presented in part 1, including regulation of sperm production, the structure of sperm chromatin, and spermatogenesis. The impact of genetic abnormalities on male infertility is the subject of part 2, covering sperm defects, mitochondrial function and DNA fragmentation. The clinical case material in part 3 illustrates real-world examples of genetic etiologies and the current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for conditions such as vas asplasia, cryptorchidism, immotile cilia syndrome, sperm aneuploidy and other challenging scenarios. Casting forward, the fourth and final section presents an overview of future possibilities for management of genetic causes of male infertility, including gene editing.Fully exploring the clinical context of these genetic conditions in a practical manner that appeals to the practicing clinician, Genetics of Male Infertility is an exciting and essential text for reproductive medicine specialists, andrologists, urologists, researchers and all other clinicians treating infertile patients.

Non-conventional Unit Operations: Solving Practical Issues (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology)

by Flavio Manenti Alessandro Di Pretoro

This volume presents both methodologies and numerical applications for the design of non-conventional unit operations in chemical processes and plants, which are rarely studied in depth at an academic level but have wide applications in the industrial sector. The first part discusses the design, comparison and optimization of heating and cooling operations that are different from simple heat exchange. The second and larger part offers a brief but effective overview of non-conventional separation processes, mainly focusing on the heterogeneous phases. Based on sample case studies, it extrapolates the process model equations and includes the numerical solution in order to provide a straightforward application example. The end of each chapter features a C++ code implementation to solve the ODE or nonlinear equations system using the BzzMath library.

Americans Abroad: A Comparative Study of Emigrants from the United States

by Arnold Dashefsky Karen A. Woodrow-Lafield

This book takes a new look at the study of emigration since publication of Americans Abroad in 1992. The US receives a high volume of immigrants, but its emigrant population is less frequently studied. International migration continues to increase, with now over 200 million people worldwide living as emigrants from their birth country for the purposes of work, family integration, improved living situations, or human rights. Utilizing the same social psychological approach that made the first edition so successful, the authors examine the motivation, adjustment issues and return migration of American emigrants. The analysis of these comparative experiences reveals core elements of American culture. With a new introductory chapter, a Foreword, and two Postscripts on US emigrants in Australia and Israel, the second edition builds on the strengths of the first edition to provide an important resource for the current state of US emigration. New topics covered include: what groups are emigrating from the US and why; rising departures and emigration of unauthorized immigrants; perceptions of US population about living abroad; US laws, dual citizenship, taxation, and transnationalism; famous US emigrants; and trends/projections for the future.

Bioresource Utilization and Bioprocess

by Sadhan Kumar Ghosh Agamuthu Pariatamby Ramakrishna Sen H. N. Chanakya

This book focuses on the utilization of bio-resources and their conversion pathways for a sustainable future. Tapping into bio-resources by means of thermochemical and biochemical processes has attracted researchers from all over the world; it is a broad area that has given birth to concepts like the biorefinery, as well as a new stream known as biotechnology. Its scope includes biochemical and microbiological engineering, biocatalysis and biotransformation, biosynthesis and metabolic engineering, bioprocess and biosystem engineering, bioenergy and biorefineries, cell culture and biomedical engineering, food, agricultural and marine biotechnology, bioseparation and biopurification engineering, bioremediation and environmental biotechnology, etc. The book discusses a host of new technologies now being used to tap these resources with innovative bioprocesses. All chapters are based on outstanding research papers selected for and presented at the IconSWM 2018 conference.

Statistical Methods for Experimental Research in Education and Psychology (Springer Texts in Education)

by Jimmie Leppink

This book focuses on experimental research in two disciplines that have a lot of common ground in terms of theory, experimental designs used, and methods for the analysis of experimental research data: education and psychology. Although the methods covered in this book are also frequently used in many other disciplines, including sociology and medicine, the examples in this book come from contemporary research topics in education and psychology. Various statistical packages, commercial and zero-cost Open Source ones, are used.The goal of this book is neither to cover all possible statistical methods out there nor to focus on a particular statistical software package. There are many excellent statistics textbooks on the market that present both basic and advanced concepts at an introductory level and/or provide a very detailed overview of options in a particular statistical software programme. This is not yet another book in that genre. Core theme of this book is a heuristic called the question-design-analysis bridge: there is a bridge connecting research questions and hypotheses, experimental design and sampling procedures, and common statistical methods in that context. Each statistical method is discussed in a concrete context of a set of research question with directed (one-sided) or undirected (two-sided) hypotheses and an experimental setup in line with these questions and hypotheses. Therefore, the titles of the chapters in this book do not include any names of statistical methods such as ‘analysis of variance’ or ‘analysis of covariance’. In a total of seventeen chapters, this book covers a wide range of topics of research questions that call for experimental designs and statistical methods, fairly basic or more advanced.

Algebra, Codes and Cryptology: First International Conference, A2C 2019 in honor of Prof. Mamadou Sanghare, Dakar, Senegal, December 5–7, 2019, Proceedings (Communications in Computer and Information Science #1133)

by Johannes Buchmann Edoardo Persichetti Cheikh Thiecoumba Gueye Pierre-Louis Cayrel

This book presents refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Algebra, Codes and Cryptology, A2C 2019, held in Dakar, Senegal, in December 2019.The 14 full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 35 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on non-associative and non-commutative algebra; code, cryptology and information security.

Agile Marketing: Marketing in dynamischen Zeiten: Mindset – Methoden – Tools

by Jens Kröger Stefanie Marx

​Dieses Buch vermittelt einen umfassenden Überblick zu relevanten Basics, Methoden und Tools, wie Sie Ihre Marketingarbeit und -teams durch Agilität erfolgreich und effizient aufstellen können.Agilität – hinter diesem Begriff verbirgt sich mehr als nur Spontaneität und Flexibilität. Es geht vor allem um ein Mindset, radikal kundenzentrierte Kommunikation, eine bewegliche Aufbauorganisation, um crossfunktionales Arbeiten über Abteilungsgrenzen hinweg sowie um permanente Erfolgsmessung und Anpassung. Bei erfolgreicher Umsetzung kann damit eine wegweisende und starke Rolle der Marketingabteilung im Gesamtunternehmen erreicht werden.Die Autoren geben Ihnen konkrete Ansätze, wie Sie sich im Marketingalltag agil aufstellen können. Am Ende des Buches werden Sie wissen, was Agile Marketing ist, welche agilen Methoden Sie dabei unterstützen können, wie sich die Team-Organisation und die Zusammenarbeit ändern wird und wie Sie durch Customer Centricity den zentralen Erfolgs- und Anerkennungsfaktor für Ihr Marketingteam schaffen.Aus dem Inhalt Wieso Agile Marketing eine geeignete Antwort auf dynamische Zeiten istWas verbirgt sich hinter dem Begriff „Agile Marketing“ Was ist ein Agile Mindset und wie kann es entwickelt werdenWerte und Prinzipien für erfolgreiches Agile MarketingMit diesen Methoden und Tools können Sie Ihr Marketing agil aufstellenEine pragmatische Starthilfe für Ihren Weg zum Agile MarketingVerankerung der Fachabteilung in der OrganisationDie „neue“ Rolle des CMOs und des Fachbereichs

Transportation Soil Engineering in Cold Regions, Volume 2: Proceedings of TRANSOILCOLD 2019 (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering #50)

by Andrei Petriaev Anastasia Konon

This volume comprises select papers presented during TRANSOILCOLD 2019. It covers the challenges and problems faced by engineers, designers, contractors, and infrastructure owners during planning and building of transport infrastructure in Arctic and cold regions. The contents of this book will be of use to researchers and professional engineers alike.

Advances in Data and Information Sciences: Proceedings of ICDIS 2019 (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems #94)

by Krishn K. Mishra Shailesh Tiwari Munesh C. Trivedi Mohan L. Kolhe

This book gathers a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed research papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Data and Information Sciences (ICDIS 2019), held at Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus, Agra, India, on March 29–30, 2019. In chapters written by leading researchers, developers, and practitioner from academia and industry, it covers virtually all aspects of computational sciences and information security, including central topics like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data. Highlighting the latest developments and technical solutions, it will show readers from the computer industry how to capitalize on key advances in next-generation computer and communication technology.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Digitalisierung und Automatisierung von Prozessen: Voraussetzungen, Funktionsweise und Implementierung am Beispiel des Controllings und Rechnungswesens

by Christian Langmann Daniel Turi

Das vorliegende Buch gibt einen praxisorientierten Überblick über die notwendigen Voraussetzungen, die Funktionsweise sowie die einzelnen Schritte für die erfolgreiche Einführung von Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Neben theoretischen Grundlagen verdeutlichen Umsetzungsbeispiele aus der Praxis aus Controlling und Rechnungswesen das enorme Potenzial dieser Technologie.

Moderecht: Rechtsgrundlagen für Designer, Hersteller und Händler (essentials)

by Christopher Hahn

Christopher Hahn vermittelt einen Einblick in die Grundzüge des Moderechts. Die Kreation von Modekollektionen ist ein zeitaufwendiger und kostspieliger Prozess für Designer und Produzenten. Alle Akteure der Modeindustrie sehen sich im Rahmen ihrer Geschäftstätigkeit mit Rechtsfragen aus unterschiedlichen Gebieten konfrontiert. Der bestmögliche und nachhaltige Schutz von Modeerzeugnissen ist nur ein wichtiges Element für den langfristigen Erfolg. Neben den grundsätzlichen rechtlichen Fragestellungen zur Herstellung und zum Vertrieb von Modeerzeugnissen werden in diesem essential die rechtlichen Querschnittsmaterien mit Bezug zu Modeprodukten dargestellt. Der Autor erläutert die rechtlichen Besonderheiten des marken- und designrechtlichen Gestaltungsschutzes ebenso wie Fragen der rechtlichen Ausgestaltung von Kooperationen mit den Akteuren der kreativen Wertschöpfungskette (Designer, Models, Influencer).Der Autor:Dr. Christopher Hahn ist als Wirtschaftsanwalt in Berlin und München vor allem im Bereich Unternehmensrecht aktiv. Zu seinen Mandanten gehören neben Designern auch namhafte Unternehmen der Modeindustrie. Daneben ist er selbst als Business Angel an Modeunternehmen beteiligt.

Perinatal Inflammation and Adult Psychopathology: From Preclinical Models to Humans (Progress in Inflammation Research #84)

by Bernhard T. Baune Antonio L. Teixeira Danielle Macedo

Perinatal psychiatry is an emerging field that investigates the role of perinatal events – for example pregnancy complications and infections – in the development of neuropsychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia and mood disorders. Among the implicated pathological mechanisms, perinatal-induced inflammation seems to play a major role and is being considered as a potential target for therapeutic intervention. Bringing together various approaches in the field (preclinical and clinical, epidemiological, immunological and genetic methods), the book discusses the available evidence, the putative mechanisms and the challenges ahead.

How to Teach a Course in Research Methods for Psychology Students

by Ross A. Seligman

This book is a step-by-step guide for instructors on how to teach a psychology research methods course at the undergraduate or graduate level. It provides various approaches for teaching the course including lecture topics, difficult concepts for students, sample labs, test questions, syllabus guides and policies, as well as a detailed description of the requirements for the final experimental paper. This book is also supplemented with anecdotes from the author’s years of experience teaching research methods classes. Chapters in this book include information on how to deliver more effective lectures, issues you may encounter with students, examples of weekly labs, tips for teaching research methods online, and much more. This book is targeted towards the undergraduate or graduate professor who has either not yet taught research methods or who wants to improve his or her course. Using step by step directions, any teacher will be able to follow the guidelines found in this book that will help them succeed.How to Teach a Course in Research Methods for Psychology Students is a valuable resource for anyone teaching a quantitative research methods course at the college or university level.

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