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City Bees

by Danny Resner

When a young boy visits his friend, Mary, he finds out it’s honey harvest day! Even though Mary’s family lives in the big city of Chicago, they have honeybees in their backyard. Follow along to learn about beekeeping and lots of cool stuff about the honeybee!

Veterans of the First World War: Ex-Servicemen and Ex-Servicewomen in Post-War Britain and Ireland (Routledge Studies in First World War History)

by Oliver Wilkinson David Swift

This volume synthesises the latest scholarship on First World War veterans in post-war Britain and Ireland, investigating the topic through its political, social and cultural dynamics. It examines the post-war experiences of those men and women who served and illuminates the nature of the post-war society for which service had been given. Complicating the homogenising tendency in existing scholarship it offers comparison of the experiences of veterans in different regions of Britain, including perspectives drawn from Ireland. Further nuance is offered by the assessment of the experiences of ex-servicewomen alongside those of ex-servicemen, such focus deeping understanding into the gendered specificities of post-war veteran activities and experiences. Moreover, case studies of specific cohorts of veterans are offered, including focus on disabled veterans and ex-prisoners of war. In these regards the collection offers vital updates to existing scholarship while bringing important new departures and challenges to the current interpretive frameworks of veteran experiences in post-war Britain and Ireland.

Moral Cupidity and Lettres de cachet in Diderot’s Writing (Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature)

by Jennifer Vanderheyden

This volume explores the influence of the lettre de cachet on both Diderot’s personal life and his works, beginning with an examination of Diderot’s experience as recipient of two such arrest warrants, followed by an analysis of his references to these warrants in three of his fictional works, Le Père de famille, Jacques le fataliste and Est-il bon? Est-il méchant?. A scrutiny of Diderot’s mémoire/lettre novel La Religieuse proposes that, on the basis of moral cupidity, or self-gain, Madame Simonin sends her daughter Suzanne two veiled lettres de cachet that demand her confinement to a convent. The exploration of a fascinating real-life case of Henriette-Émilie de Bautru, a young comtesse whose mother confined her to a convent as a result of a lettre de cachet also based on motives of greed, leads to an examination of the similarities between Suzanne and the Comtesse in terms of their illegitimacy, questioning of authority and subsequent rebellion. A consideration of writing and communication in La Religieuse as they relate to this rebellion leads to an investigation of Diderot’s admiration of the mystery of female genius and artistic creativity as discussed in his essay Sur les femmes. The works of Julia Kristeva, especially her Post-Scriptum addressed to Diderot at the end of her work Thérèse mon amour: Thérèse d’Avila, serve as a theoretical basis for an interpretation of Suzanne’s experience as victim of a lettre de cachet and her search for a psychological rebirth of her être caché.

Corpus Linguistics for Online Communication: A Guide for Research (Routledge Corpus Linguistics Guides)

by Luke Curtis Collins

Corpus Linguistics for Online Communication provides an instructive and practical guide to conducting research using methods in corpus linguistics in studies of various forms of online communication. Offering practical exercises and drawing on original data taken from online interactions, this book: introduces the basics of corpus linguistics, including what is involved in designing and building a corpus; reviews cutting-edge studies of online communication using corpus linguistics, foregrounding different analytical components to facilitate studies in professional discourse, online learning, public understanding of health issues and dating apps; showcases both freely-available corpora and the innovative tools that students and researchers can access to carry out their own research. Corpus Linguistics for Online Communication supports researchers and students in generating high quality, applied research and is essential reading for those studying and researching in this area.

Single-Session ‘One-at-a-Time’ Therapy: A Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Approach (Routledge Focus on Mental Health)

by Windy Dryden

Single-Session ‘One-at-a-Time’ Therapy: A Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Approach details a specific approach to Single-Session Therapy (SST) known as ‘One-At-A-Time’ (OAAT) Therapy and shows how this can be implemented from a Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) perspective. Windy Dryden argues that OAAT Therapy is a time-efficient, cost-effective means of providing help according to need. Single-Session ‘One-at-a-Time’ Therapy outlines an innovative and experimental approach to improving mental health and will appeal to psychotherapists and counsellors looking for an accessible and authoritative guide to brief therapeutic work.

Artists in the Family

by Susan Yoder Ackerman

Aunt Tonya is coming to visit! Viv wants to surprise her with a drawing, but she doesn’t think she is very good at art. Together with her brother, Emmett, they plot to create a map of memories and take Aunt Tonya on an adventure! Along the way, Viv discovers that perhaps she is an artist, after all!

How Smart Are Humans

by Kay Nine

How smart can humans really be? According to a panel of expert canines, we're awfully confusing! We ignore the fact that we have a big water bowl in the bathroom, and don't even re-eat our vomit! Follow along and see why our pets might think we're a little silly.


by Melissa Shaw-Smith

Ryan’s father is on a tour of duty with the National Guard. Everyone else in his family seems to have found ways to cope with his absence, but Ryan hasn’t! When his dad’s deployment is extended, Ryan has to find a way to stay in touch with him. A trip to the library may be just what he needs—both for communication with his dad, and finding his way to cope!

Chicken Licken Rides the Bus

by Karilynn Benjamin

Emma is afraid to ride the bus on her first day of school. She thinks of the perfect solution to help her feel better—she’ll bring her pet chicken with her! Chicken Licken isn’t partial to riding the bus, though. What happens when something scares her?

Talking Baseball

by Christine Venzon

Adrian does not like sports—especially baseball! He’s eager to impress his new friends, though, so he goes to a baseball game with them. When they start speaking in baseball lingo, it almost sounds like a secret code! Will they figure out that he isn’t really a fan of the game? Maybe baseball isn’t really as bad as Adrian thinks!

The Urban Fix: Resilient Cities in the War Against Climate Change, Heat Islands and Overpopulation

by Douglas Kelbaugh

Cities are one of the most significant contributors to global climate change. The rapid speed at which urban centers use large amounts of resources adds to the global crisis and can lead to extreme local heat. The Urban Fix addresses how urban design, planning and policies can counter the threats of climate change, urban heat islands and overpopulation, helping cities take full advantage of their inherent advantages and new technologies to catalyze social, cultural and physical solutions to combat the epic, unprecedented challenges humanity faces. The book fills a conspicuous void in the international dialogue on climate change and heat islands by examining both the environmental benefits in developed countries and the population benefit in developing countries. Urban heat islands can be addressed in incremental, manageable steps, such as planting trees and painting roofs white, which provide a more concrete and proactive sense of progress for policymakers and practitioners. This book is invaluable to anyone searching for a better understanding of the impact of resilient cities in the monumental and urgent fight against climate change, and provides the tools to do so.

Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects, Fifth Edition

by Atte Von Wright Seppo Salminen Arthur Ouwehand Gabriel Vinderola

Through four editions, Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects, has provided readers with information on the how’s and why’s lactic acid-producing fermentation improves the storability, palatability, and nutritive value of perishable foods. Thoroughly updated and fully revised, with 12 new chapters, the Fifth Edition covers regulatory aspects globally, new findings on health effects, properties and stability of LAB as well as production of target specific LAB. The new edition also addresses the technological use of LAB in various fermentations of food, feed and beverage, and their safety considerations. It features the detailed description of the main genera of LAB as well as such novel bacteria as fructophilic LAB and novel probiotics and discusses such new targets as cognitive function, metabolic health, respiratory health and probiotics. Key Features: In 12 new chapters, findings are presented on health effects, properties and stability of LAB as well as production of target specific LAB Covers such novel bacteria as fructophilic LAB and novel probiotics Presents new discoveries related to the mechanisms of lactic acid bacterial metabolism and function Covers the benefits of LAB, both in fermentation of dairy, cereal, meat, vegetable and silage, and their health benefits on humans and animals Discusses the less-known role of LAB as food spoilers Covers the global regulatory framework related to safety and efficacy

Dragons in the Garden

by Melanie Leavey

Lionel doesn’t want to take a bath. Getting dirty and playing in the garden with his friends is a lot more fun, and the bear, garden elephant, and dragon he meets all agree! He doesn’t want to get in trouble, though. Maybe he can figure out a different way to get clean!

Shelby the Shy

by Erin Beth Liles

Shelby has always been a shy little girl. No matter what she does, she is scared when she has to interact with new people. With the help of her brother and her superhero costume, will Shelby be able to be brave and have fun at the party?

Big Bear and Skinny Rabbit

by Kathleen Stevens

It’s Big Bear’s birthday! His best friend, Skinny Rabbit, helps him celebrate and even gives him a present—a new hammock! Big Bear makes a lot of requests, though. Will Skinny Rabbit be able to enjoy the day, too?

The Wasp's Picnic

by Kay Haugaard

Stevie loves bugs—or insects, as he would say. He has lots of books about them and is always looking to see more! When the family has a picnic, a yellow jacket decides to join them, which scares their mom! Can Stevie convince his family that even though wasps are scary, they aren’t all bad?

Baby Blue

by Eileen Spinelli

Did you know the Blue whale is the biggest creature in the world? Baby Blue is still a baby and she is already the length of five bathtubs! That's a really big baby. Learn all about Baby Blue has she explores the ocean with her mother!

Managing Cyber Risk

by Ariel Evans

Cyber risk is the second highest perceived business risk according to U.S. risk managers and corporate insurance experts. Digital assets now represent over 85% of an organization’s value. In a survey of Fortune 1000 organizations, 83% surveyed described cyber risk as an organizationally complex topic, with most using only qualitative metrics that provide little, if any insight into an effective cyber strategy. Written by one of the foremost cyber risk experts in the world and with contributions from other senior professionals in the field, Managing Cyber Risk provides corporate cyber stakeholders – managers, executives, and directors – with context and tools to accomplish several strategic objectives. These include enabling managers to understand and have proper governance oversight of this crucial area and ensuring improved cyber resilience. Managing Cyber Risk helps businesses to understand cyber risk quantification in business terms that lead risk owners to determine how much cyber insurance they should buy based on the size and the scope of policy, the cyber budget required, and how to prioritize risk remediation based on reputational, operational, legal, and financial impacts. Directors are held to standards of fiduciary duty, loyalty, and care. These insights provide the ability to demonstrate that directors have appropriately discharged their duties, which often dictates the ability to successfully rebut claims made against such individuals. Cyber is a strategic business issue that requires quantitative metrics to ensure cyber resiliency. This handbook acts as a roadmap for executives to understand how to increase cyber resiliency and is unique since it quantifies exposures at the digital asset level.

Mapping Place Names of India

by Anu Kapur

This book is the first of its kind to chart the terrain of contemporary India’s many place names. It explores different ‘place connections’, investigates how places are named and renamed, and looks at the forces that are remaking the future place name map of India. Lucid and accessible, this book explores the bonds between names, places and people through a unique amalgamation of toponomy, history, mythology and political studies within a geographical expression. This volume addresses questions on the status and value of place names, their interpretation and classification. It brings to the fore the connections between place names and the cultural, geographical and historical significations they are associated with. This will be an essential read for scholars and researchers of geography, law, politics, history and sociology, and will also be of interest to policy-makers, administrators and the common reader interested in India.

Strategic Renewal: Core Concepts, Antecedents, and Micro Foundations (Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology)

by Frans van den Bosch Henk Volberda Adam Lindgreen Aybars Tuncdogan

Strategic Renewal is an original research anthology offering insight into a subject area which, although critical for the sustained success of organizations, has received relatively little attention as distinct from the more general phenomenon of strategic change. Firstly, by providing a summary of the literature, this research anthology helps graduate students and new researchers grasp the current state of affairs in the field. Secondly, this research anthology will help update the knowledge base of the existing researchers in the field. By bringing together various studies, the research anthology determines the core concepts of the field and elucidates the key gaps and future research areas. Through contributions building on the knowledge bases of other disciplines, this research anthology develops an interdisciplinary research agenda, giving the reader an in-depth understanding of the mediating, moderating, and antecedent variables concerning strategic renewal. Strategic Renewal aims to provide a state-of-understanding to the subject, as well as a clear picture of the cross-disciplinary landscape that informs the subject. Thus, this research anthology is essential reading for managers, consultants, and other practitioners, as well as students and scholars of business.


by Karen Klozenbucher

While Lydia and Ryan play hide-and-seek, they find animals that seem to disappear before their eyes! Learn about camouflage and the cool way it helps animals—and people, too!—blend into their surroundings. Will Ryan be able to find Lydia after she camouflages herself?

Treasure Hunt

by Mark Roughsedge

Tide pools are filled with such amazing creatures! Young children will love looking at beautiful art as they learn about all the different animals that live in these treasure troves.

Tiger Tabby's Family Photos

by Meg Moss

Meet Tiger, the tabby cat! Meet his family by learning about all the different kinds of cat breeds in the world. See how they are similar and how they differ from one another, but in the end—they are all part of the same family!

Giants on a Journey

by Rachel Young

Have you ever seen a gray whale? They are very special animals. Some can grow up to 50 feet long—that’s longer than a school bus! Every year, they migrate 10,000 miles from Alaska to Mexico to have their babies, and then travel all the way back again. Learn all about the special qualities of the gray whale and why they are such magnificent creatures!

Constructions of Agency in American Literature on the War of Independence: War as Action, 1775-1860 (Routledge Studies in Nineteenth Century Literature)

by Martin Holtz

This book argues that the negotiation of agency is central not only to the experience of war but also to its representation in cultural expressions, ranging from a notion of disablement, expressed in victimization, immobilization, traumatization, and death, to enablement, expressed in the perpetration of heroic, courageous, skillful, and powerful actions of assertion and dominance. In order to illustrate this thesis, it provides a comprehensive analysis of literary representations of the American War of Independence from 1775, the beginning of the war, up until roughly 1860, when the Civil War marked a decisive historical turning point. As the first national war, it has an unquestionably exemplary status for the development of American conceptions of war. The in-depth study of exemplary texts from a variety of genres and by authors like Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, James Fenimore Cooper, Catharine Sedgwick, William Gilmore Simms, and Herman Melville, demonstrates that the overall character of Revolutionary War literature presents the war as a forum in which collective and individual agency is expressed, defended, and cultivated. It uses the military environment in order to teach the values of discipline and self-subordination to a communal good, which are perceived as basic principles of a Republican virtue to guide the actions of the autonomous individual in a popular democracy.

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