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Rattled: Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis (Inspirational Series)

by Jen Wight

Parenthood brings sleepless nights, tears and tantrums, nappy changes from hell, and the firm belief that you’re Cameron Diaz … wait, what?!New mum, Jen Wight, definitely wasn’t expecting that. But after her son was born, her worldview shifted in strange and unexpected ways. Within weeks, Jen found herself living a very different life – working out the deeper connections underpinning existence, and discussing strategy with Barack Obama. The problem is, no one else could see what she saw. Not even her next-door neighbour, Renée Zellweger!Rattled tells the extraordinary story of how Jen overcame her manic episodes – caused by postpartum psychosis –and beat her postpartum depression to become the loving, caring, wonderful mother she is today.

Teacup in a Storm: Finding My Psychiatrist (Inspirational Series)

by Tova Feinman

A bright and brilliant academic, Tova Feinman had an enviable life. She had a job through which her intellect shone, a loving husband, and a child who adored her. But sometimes, people’s lives are far different than they appear on the outside. Wracked with trauma from childhood abuse, and dealing with her husband’s addiction to pills, Tova sought therapy to soothe her mind.But therapy is not as easy as simply finding a person to talk to. Forging such an intimate – while at the same time appropriate – bond with someone can be a difficult thing to do. Tova built a dangerous relationship with her first therapist, during which she teetered on the edge of oblivion. It was only when this came to an abrupt end that she found her current therapist Dr. Guterson and began to mend herself. Twenty years on, Tova and Dr. Guterson’s relationship remains professional, their bond strong and dependable. Teacup in a Storm tells the journey of a woman looking for the right therapist, and the pitfalls she encountered along the way.

Social Media and Mental Health: Handbook for Parents and Teachers (Pulling the Trigger)

by Claire Edwards

Social Media and Mental Health: Handbook for Parents and Teachers will help you navigate the tricky waters surrounding your child’s use of the internet. Written by Clare Edwards, a clinical psychologist experienced in the field of adolescent mental health, it will highlight the challenges of parenting in the digital age, and offer tips and advice on how to keep your children safe online. Most importantly, this quick and easy illustrated guide explores the impact of social media on children's mental health, providing tools for ensuring that your child has a healthy relationship with social media and the internet.

Depression at University (Student Wellbeing Series)

by Dominique Thompson

This illustrated pocket book offers advice, practical tips, and useful exercises for students to combat low moods and depression at university. Written by the award-winning student mental health specialist, Dr Dominique Thompson, this easy-to-read guide will ensure that students have all the tools they need to understand the sources of their depression and take steps to reclaim their life from its debilitating effects.Although plenty of people talk about depression, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. This book will clearly explore what depression is, and investigate the ways in which it can affect anyone. With extracts from students’ own accounts about their depression, and how they learned to manage it, and lots of practical, easy-to-follow examples and exercises, the book will help readers understand their depression, so they can deal with it in the right way for them.Above all, this book will help readers gain real power over their depression so that they can enjoy the full university experience on their terms.

Barber Talk: Taking Pride in Men's Mental Health (Inspirational Series)

by Tom Chapman

Up to a certain age, Tom Chapman rarely had any reason to worry about his – or anyone else’s – mental health. Aside from a bout of loneliness when his friends left town to go to university, he didn’t struggle too badly with his emotions either.But when he suddenly lost a friend to suicide, Tom knew that he wanted to do something to change the culture around men’s mental health. Through his work as a barber, he recognised how important it was to encourage men to talk to each other. He knew that if he could just help men to open up, then perhaps he could save lives. And so the 'Lions Barber Collective' was born: an international group of top barbers, all of which came together to encourage conversation and help raise awareness for the prevention of suicide.

Mastering Management Consultancy: How to Develop your Skills as a Successful Consultant

by Calvert Markham

Mastering Management Consultancy is a comprehensive guide for all consultants looking to provide a first-class service to their clients and who wish to become expert practitioners. Calvert Markham shows how consultants can develop their performance in a wide range of areas, including:Product development and marketing consultancy.Selling and managing consultancy projects.Consultancy problem solving.Running a consultancy business.Managing client relationships.

Be Cyber Secure: Tales, Tools And Threats

by Jonathan Reuvid

This important edition focuses on the human factor in training, cautionary tales of breaches that occurred through human error, while also identifying storytelling as an effective tool in cyber eduction.Topics include:Addressing management issuesApproaches to cyber defenceInnovative tools for threat responseRecruiting managementGDPR

Lost Boy Found: Overcoming My OCD (Inspirational Series)

by Andrew Puccetti

Andrew Puccetti's life seemed perfect: he grew up in a loving Catholic community, his parents were happily married, and his childhood was good. But this picture-perfect existence started to crack when Andrew began to suffer from intense hypochondria and anxiety. Through therapy, he thought he had recovered, and, as he grew, he began to discover himself. He found the strength to come out as gay to his family, and everything seemed fine for a while.However, when he opened up to his group of friends about his sexuality, not all of them were as accepting as his family had been. Abandoned by his closest friend since childhood, his negative mental thoughts began to return, and Andrew found himself unable to cope with life, and forced to drop out of school. After months of isolation, Andrew took the brave step of admitting himself to a psychiatric hospital. Diagnosed with OCD, major depressive disorder, and borderline personality disorder, Andrew could finally begin to take control of his life. In Lost Boy Found, Andrew courageously tells his story of navigating adolescence through the lens of mental illness and finding peace with his true self.

OCD, Anxiety and Related Depression: The Definitive CBT Guide to Recovery

by Adam Shaw Lauren Callaghan

"Being in control of your mental health and understanding your own mental health wellbeing just makes everything in life better – it’s that simple." From the heart and soul of Adam Shaw, who battled OCD for decades, and the expert insight of his psychologist, Lauren Callaghan, comes the definitive recovery guide for OCD, anxiety, and related depression. This unique self-help book brings you advice and recovery tools from the separate perspectives of a leading psychologist and her patient, and gives an insight into mental health recovery and CBT techniques that you can really relate to.This second edition contains a bonus chapter on how Adam has used this approach to maintain his recovery and wellness several years on.

LAC: From Lost Cause to MBE (Inspirational Series)

by Mark Edwards

Life After Care follows Mark's journey with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, and we learn about the enduring impact his childhood had on his mental health.His diary entries bring to life the thoughts and feelings of Mark, as a teenager, struggling to understand how he came to be placed in care, and how to deal with his adolescent feelings of loss and love.On the verge of breakdown, Mark tried to take his own life and he was sectioned under the mental health act. We follow his journey from local authority care to the wards of a crumbling Victorian psychiatric asylum, and beyond into life on the streets ...This is a heartfelt, true story, of how a troubled young man managed to turn his life around. From being imprisoned in the care system and mislabelled as a violent boy with no hope, we hear how Mark became a successful, happily married family man, and a prominent figure in his local community.

I'll Be Right Back: Parenting with Mental Illness

by Tova Feinman

Are we doomed to repeat the failings of our parents?After a whirlwind romance and marriage, Tova soon found herself pregnant. And she was determined to be the best mother she could be.But then she discovered uncomfortable secrets about her new husband. Tova was thrown out, and left to look after their daughter, Katie on her own.Wracked with memories of her unhappy childhood and suffering with postnatal depression, Tova struggled to be the mother she knew her daughter deserved.And then Katie lost her eyesight, and Tova had to fight the medical establishment and her own inner demons to secure a promising future for her daughter. Which would win, Tova's love for Katie or Tova's mental illness?

The Mad Traveller: Waking up from Fugue (Inspirational Series)

by Imogen Groome

How terrifying is it when you disappear from your everyday life and wake up somewhere else, without even knowing how you got there? That is the experience of someone with dissociative fugue – and that was the life Imogen Groome lived. A clever and quiet child, Imogen was marginalised and bullied at school. Sometimes she walked out of lessons, because she simply couldn’t cope; sometimes, something inside her woke up, and “The Mad Traveller” took over.Imogen was the girl who kept going missing. And as she struggled to deal with a life that just kept on getting harder, she zoned out more and more. But even when she found herself homeless in London, abused by the people she trusted, and forced to endure a life of compromise, Imogen never lost her faith in her ability to recover.The Mad Traveller is a very relatable story for anyone who has ever found themselves marginalised, alone or afraid. At its heart, this is a story for anyone who has ever dared to dream big.

Today, Just Like Yesterday: Defying Dysthymia One Challenge at a Time (Inspirational Series)

by Richard Kirby

In 2004, Richard Kirby was diagnosed with depression. It was a label he hated. A decade later, however, he found out that his underlying problem was actually dysthymia, a chronic but mild form of depression from which he had almost certainly – and unknowingly – suffered since junior school.As his 50th birthday loomed ever closer, Richard decided he wanted to do something meaningful with his experiences of depression and dysthymia. With this in mind, he set out over the next few years to undertake 100 mental, physical, and emotional challenges designed to raise awareness of the condition. Each challenge would require him to ask another person to help him – a reflection of the brave decision he made, at his lowest ebb, to seek help from a doctor.Today, Just Like Yesterday tells the breathtaking story of one man’s efforts to tackle stigma around mental illness – in the most challenging way possible.

Running with Robins: Bereaved, not Broken (Inspirational Series)

by Gemma Bell

Gemma Bell lived healthily and happily with her family until her life was thrown into turmoil. While she was still school-age, Gemma’s dad died from cancer.Losing her dad at such an early age had a profound effect on Gemma, and she became desperate to find a way of reconnecting with his memory. Inspired by her dad’s love of running, Gemma started to follow in his footsteps. But it wasn’t long until the running took over her life, she became obsessed with going further and faster. The more she ran, the closer she felt to him. Then, in December 2015, Gemma collapsed after a run, and was hospitalised for nearly a month. After losing her dad, Gemma already knew just how fragile life was, but being forced to spend her Christmas and New Year in hospital was a lightbulb moment for her. She saw how close her addiction had come to robbing her of everything that was truly important. Recovery wasn’t an easy road but now she’s stronger than ever and living a much more fulfilling life. This is Gemma’s story.

DDA: The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism (Inspirational Series)

by Fiona Thomas

Fiona was your average 80's baby. She grew up without an iPhone, used actual landlines to make calls, and didn't have the luxury (or perhaps the curse) of Facebook during her adolescent years. But though her childhood took place in an analogue world, she found herself suffering from the same problems many young people face today; the race for perfectionism, high levels of anxiety, a fear of success.After an unfulfilling university experience, a stressful beginning in a management career, and a severe case of impostor syndrome, Fiona suffered a nervous breakdown in her mid-twenties. Amongst therapy and medication, it was the online community which gave Fiona the comfort she needed to recover.In Depression in a Digital Age, Fiona traces her life dealing with anxiety and the subsequent depression, and how a digital life helped her find her community, find her voice, find herself.

Stronger. Braver. Wiser.: How My #MeToo Story Helped Me Thrive (Inspirational Series)

by Jennifer Potter

Jennifer Potter might never have said anything. She might have just let everything rest. But after seeing the progress made by the #MeToo movement, she knew she had to speak up. So she told the police about her rape.At just 17 years old, she was assaulted by a family friend, someone close to her. She told her parents but she didn’t report it. Filled with shame about what had happened, she tried to forget about it instead. But trauma leaves scars that can’t be seen, and she spent years trying to run away, only to find that she kept running into the very thing she was trying to flee.And so she chose to file a report, in the hope that she might heal. But revisiting the trauma brought everything back: the memories, the pain, the shame of being assaulted. And being questioned on the stand, 20 years after the attack, was like a living nightmare. Maybe this was all for nothing …Stronger Braver Wiser is fundamentally a story of triumph; a real-life David vs Goliath tale of a woman finding her own justice in a world that sought to rob her of it.

Sound Mind: My Bipolar Journey From Chaos to Composure (Inspirational Series)

by Erika Nielsen

Erika Nielsen knew that her real language was music - her truest voice, the cello - by the time she was three years old. She knew she would become a professional musician by the eighth grade. But she could never understand why sometimes she felt as if she was floating on sparkling clouds, enchanted by her own brilliance, while at other times she huddled in a dark, wretched place, sobbing and overcome with her inadequacy. At age 27, she finally found out: she was mentally ill.Containing wellness tips and coping strategies to live creatively, productively, and healthily with a mental illness, Sound Mind is a story of hope, healing, and transformation that reminds us that it is not only possible to function with a mental illness, it is possible to thrive. By promoting education, awareness and de-stigmatization of mental illness, Sound Mind helps write a new narrative around mental health and wellness.

This Too Will Pass: Anxiety in a Professional World (Inspirational Series)

by Richard Martin

What happens when your world falls apart? How do you start again?By all markers, Richard’s life was a success: he was happily married, a great father, and lived a fulfilling life, professionally and personally. But the pressures of a highflying legal career, his increasing social commitments, and family illness all took their toll.Richard pulls no punches in describing his breakdown and the crushing social anxiety that left him scared to even answer the front door. As his life crumbled around him, Richard fought hard to get to grips with the mental illness taking over his life.This is his inspirational story …

Sex, Suicide and Serotonin: Taking Myself Apart, Putting Myself Back Together (Inspirational Series)

by Debbie Hampton

When Debbie Hampton took the mix of wine and drugs that nearly killed her, she didn’t ever want to wake up. After years of wrong turns, and facing the end of an acrimonious marriage, she was desperate for the disappointments of life to end. But Debbie did wake up. Strapped to a hospital bed, she was critically ill, but alive. Debbie had ingested over 90 pills, including ten different prescription drugs – causing massive, lasting damage to her brain and body. Debbie had to re-learn how to eat, how to speak, and how to fit back into society. Separated from her two young children, Debbie’s problems were only just beginning. Faced with a long and arduous custody battle, she had to discover a new way of living. In this book, Debbie tells the heartbreaking story of how life wore her down, but how, through her own resolve, courage and commitment, she forged a new life for herself. The lessons she has learned in life will be an inspiration to everyone.

TRANS: Exploring Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria

by Kevan Wylie Az Hakeem Fintan B Harte Andrew Ives Rosemary Anne Jones Elizabeth Riley Melissa Vick Luka Griffin

What is gender dysphoria? How does it affect people? What do terms like intersex, cisgender, and transsexualism mean? This book, the first of its kind, presents an easy-to-read, jargon-free guide to help anyone understand the terminology and the day-to-day reality of gender dysphoria and related concepts.TRANS is a book for everyone – insightful enough for professionals, but accessible enough for all. Put simply, TRANS explains what gender dysphoria is, how it affects people, and what is available, medically and psychotherapeutically, to support people with gender dysphoria.The editor, Dr Az Hakeem, has assembled a group of contributors to give readers a truly accessible guide to the psychology and the everyday reality of gender dysphoria, transvestism, gender reassignment, and being trans. The book even addresses ‘the difficult questions’ like ‘What do we tell the children?’ and ‘What happens when you change your sex, then change your mind?’

Geek Magnifique: Finding the Logic in my OCD (Inspirational Series)

by Melissa Boyle

At her lowest point, Melissa Boyle was starving herself out of fear of vomiting, avoiding leaving the house so that she wouldn’t become contaminated. Wracked with the debilitating symptoms of emetophobia and OCD, she saw nothing to live for and believed she was beyond repair.But over the last two years she has completely turned her life around. Through therapy and other means, she found a way to become much more mentally healthy. She found a career she loved and began building a future for herself – one that she is truly excited about.Geek Magnifique is the story of how Melissa came to understand the psychology behind her emetophobia and OCD and, most importantly, how she was able to recover from them.

Within the White Lines: How the Beautiful Game Saved My Life (Inspirational Series)

by Ruth Fox

Growing up, Ruth was on track for an ideal life – she had the grades, friends, great sporting potential, and a strong bond with her sister. However, when she was 14, her perfect life began to crack. After suffering an injury, Ruth began seeking control in other areas of her life to combat growing feelings of depression. Having recovered physically, but not mentally, she eventually quit the game she loved so much.Having been let down repeatedly by the authorities – including during a stay in a mental health hospital – she sought support and understanding from authority figures and role models. And as she battled through the next few years, Ruth rediscovered football as a way to keep grounded during the most chaotic times in her life.Now an active campaigner for mental health awareness and training, especially in sport, Ruth is a proud ambassador and advisor for The Shaw Mind Foundation and Mental Health Football Association.

SHP: Finding the Sun Between Clouds of Depression (Inspirational Series)

by Terri Cox

Young, talented, intelligent, and with a thriving social life, on the surface Terri Cox had it all. But deep down in her mind a storm was brewing, and a series of life-changing events were about to unfold in quick succession that would send her spiralling into a full mental breakdown.Over the next few weeks and months, Terri was tormented by panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, bouts of insomnia, crippling headaches, severe weight loss and horrific side effects from antidepressants. Fearful of large crowds and ashamed of admitting what was happening to her, she did her best to hide away and shut herself off from society.Wracked with despair and suffering from hallucinations, Terri was taken by her family to the local A&E. When she was discharged, they desperately sought the help of a local psychotherapist. Using a highly effective and innovative form of psychotherapy, Terri was able to revisit the traumas of her past in order to understand the workings of her mind in the present. Slowly but surely, she was able to fight back and find that shiny, happy person that she'd always been before.

Another Peak: Everest is Not the Only Summit (Inspirational Series)

by Alex Staniforth

Reaching Everest was always the dream, but after an avalanche stopped Alex the first time and an earthquake the second, he had to take a step back. But even as he climbed down, he couldn't stop wondering 'What's next?'A restlessness in his bones, and a need to help make things better after the lives claimed in his two climbs, led Alex to his hardest mission yet: ClimbTheUK; to cycle to the highest points of the United Kingdom.But a history of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders rears its multiple heads once more, making this the hardest thing Alex has ever had to do. Finding himself alone too often, with only his thoughts for company, it becomes less of a fight of man and nature and more of man and mind.

Brighter Days: Learning to Manage my Bipolar Brain (Inspirational Series)

by Karen Manton

Growing up in a deprived area of North East England in the 1970’s, alcoholism and violence played a huge role in Karen’s everyday family life. But things were only to become more difficult when, at the age of seventeen, she began her battle with anxiety and depression, an illness nobody recognised. Her reality became a devastating, deteriorating state of existence, and no one seemed to understand what was happening to her.A number of harrowing, recurrent and often bizarre episodes – including a phantom pregnancy, a nightclub assault, and an unhealthy obsession with a celebrity – eventually lead to Karen being sectioned under the mental health act and taken into hospital. It then took years and many more dramatic relapses before doctors would finally give her the correct diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

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