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Human Memory and Amnesia (Psychology Library Editions: Memory) 2704006 Laird S. Cermak 9781317695462 2014 Contains images
Ownership and Control of Oil: Explaining Policy Choices across Producing Countries 2704005 Bianca Sarbu 9781317695431 2014 Contains images
The Memory Trace: Its Formation and its Fate (Psychology Library Editions: Memory) 2704004 Erich Goldmeier 9781317695400 2014 Contains images
Person Memory: The Cognitive Basis of Social Perception (Psychology Library Editions: Memory) 2704003 Reid Hastie Jr. Robert S. Wyer Thomas M. Ostrom Ebbe B. Ebbesen David L. Hamilton Donal E. Carlston 9781317695257 2014 Contains images
Windpower Ownership in Sweden: Business models and motives 2704002 Tore Wizelius 9781317695103 2014 Contains images
Learning Apache OpenWhisk: Developing Open Serverless Solutions 2704001 Michele Sciabarrà 9781492046127 2019 Contains images
Strengthening Deep Neural Networks: Making AI Less Susceptible to Adversarial Trickery 2704000 Katy Warr 9781492044901 2019 Contains images
Generative Deep Learning: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose, and Play 2703999 David Foster 9781492041894 2019 Contains images
Programming Quantum Computers: Essential Algorithms and Code Samples 2703998 Eric R. Johnston Nic Harrigan Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia 9781492039631 2019 Contains images
AI for People and Business: A Framework for Better Human Experiences and Business Success 2703997 Alex Castrounis 9781492036524 2019 Contains images
Qualitative Research Topics in Language Teacher Education 2645152 Gary Barkhuizen 9780429866425 2019
Casino and Gaming Resort Investigations 2644334 Derk J. Boss Alan W. Zajic 9781351645010 2020 Contains images
Inquiry-Based Enumerative Combinatorics: One, Two, Skip a Few... Ninety-Nine, One Hundred (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) 2644317 T. Kyle Petersen 9783030183080 2019 Contains images
Platonism and Christian Thought in Late Antiquity (Studies in Philosophy and Theology in Late Antiquity) 2642731 Panagiotis G. Pavlos Lars Fredrik Janby Eyjólfur Kjalar Emilsson Torstein Theodor Tollefsen 9780429803093 2002
Operation Jihadi Bride: My Covert Mission to Rescue Young Women from ISIS - The Incredible True Story 2642617 Clifford Thurlow John Carney 9781913183080 2019
Creating an Effective Management System: Integrating Policy Deployment, TWI, and Kata 2641691 Patrick Graupp Skip Steward Brad Parsons 9780429949067 2020 Contains images
Deconstructing Placemaking: Needs, Opportunities, and Assets 2703987 Mahyar Arefi 9781317694922 2014 Contains images
The Politics of Abolition Revisited 2703986 Thomas Mathiesen 9781317694861 2014 Contains images
The Transformation of the International Order of Asia: Decolonization, the Cold War, and the Colombo Plan (Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia) 2703985 Shigeru Akita Gerold Krozewski Shoichi Watanabe 9781317694830 2014 Contains images
Strategic Relations Between the US and Turkey 1979-2000: Sleeping with a Tiger (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics) 2703984 Ekavi Athanassopoulou 9781317694533 2014 Contains images
Indian Arranged Marriages: A Social Psychological Perspective (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series) 2703983 Tulika Jaiswal 9781317694083 2014 Contains images
Introducing Freire: A guide for students, teachers and practitioners (Introducing Early Years Thinkers) 2703973 Sandra Smidt 9781317694052 2014
Democratic Transformation and the Vernacular Public Arena in India (Routledge New Horizons in South Asian Studies) 2703972 Akio Tanabe Taberez Ahmed Neyazi Shinya Ishizaka 9781317694021 2014 Contains images
Attention: Philosophical And Psychological Essays (New Problems of Philosophy) 2703971 Wayne Wu 9781317693963 2014 Contains images
Doing Disability Differently: An alternative handbook on architecture, dis/ability and designing for everyday life 2703970 Jos Boys 9781317693819 2014 Contains images

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