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The Order of Purple Thorn: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Xin BanHongShuangXi

There was righteousness in the heaven and earth, and it was all in the shape of a hodgepodge. The bottom part was a river, while the top part was a sun. In the human world, one could live freely.With a righteous heart, there was no difference between a region, a gender, or a status.His name was Nan Feng, and he had crawled out from the pile of dead to be reborn.Uninhibited, but not losing the truth, with action to open up a different path for themselves, with the ability to walk out of a colorful life.The story began with the Redbud Token …Book Collection: Redbud Order (195782611)

Path to the God: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Ping FanLaoWoNiu

Liu Xing, the abandoned son of the number one family in Yan Jing. He was born weak and sickly, as thin as a stick.After being expelled from the Liu family, Liu Xing had no one to rely on. His addiction flared up and he fainted on the street. Luckily, Liu Xing still had a fiancee. Not only was she the prettiest in Yan Jing, but she was also kind-hearted. She gave Liu Xing a place to settle down and even let Liu Xing enter Yan University!Maybe it was fated by the heavens that on the first day of Liu Xing's training at Yan University, a thunderbolt struck Liu Xing, causing him to fall into a coma and become a vegetable!Misfortune and good fortune went hand in hand. Two months later, Liu Xing actually woke up and began a new life …

Refining Heaven and Earth: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Yuan Jing

When the heaven and earth first opened, a great divine wind began to refine stones to nourish the heavens, leaving the Heavenly Cauldron in the mortal world. After hundreds of thousands of years, Fang Bai had no intention of obtaining the Heavenly Refining Cauldron. He was ambushed by his fellow brothers, blessed by the Heavenly Refining Cauldron, and reincarnated.In this lifetime, Fang Bai had unraveled the secrets of the Heavenly Refining Cauldron and continued onward, discovering the cruelest secret in the world!And to see how Fang Bai would go against the heavens!

Qianyuan Sword: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Xuan YuanShouHu

An unknown sword with an unknown cultivation technique had achieved a breakthrough to the next realm. It was a useless weapon that could not be cultivated. He had unraveled the secrets of each continent and walked towards the Endless Planes. What kind of innate mission did he have? And how was he going to walk to the pinnacle step by step?

Ultimate Wife of Prince: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Ye Yiluo

"You said that Third Prince wants to marry her.""Yes, Young Master, that Third Prince wants to marry you.""Do you think that Third Prince has something wrong with his head?! Even if there were very few women, as the prince, he should be able to marry her! "Could it be that he is extremely lousy at it, or that he doesn't want to do anything, so he can only marry a man?""Third Prince is handsome and elegant, with a dignified appearance, a martial arts talent, and a strong body.""Oh, he's good at everything, why did he marry me!""He's good at everything, but he has a tough life. Three fiancées have died, and we don't have many women in the Empire!""Three have died!" "Then if I marry him, he will also kill me.""Young master, don't worry, that's impossible!""Why?""Because your life is tougher than Third Prince's.""Is my life that tough?""Of course, whose life is stronger than yours!"

Rebirth of Glory: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Huai Ruogu

The marriage annulment book became the last piece of rock that crushed Tan Yang's Ling family. Ling Zhang watched as his close family members died under the scorching sun while his legs were broken and he was thrown into the deep pit of the unmarked cemetery, tortured to death.Once again, he wanted to save the family, crush the evildoers, and end the engagement first!Wasn't Yuwen Clan far away in the capital?Can't he, Ling Zhang, climb higher?Did they really think that Yuwen Clan was so popular that anyone would want to take a bite out of them?Pui, he still thinks it's a teeth strike!… ….However, Yuwen Tong, who was loathed for kowtowing, gave him a lifetime of honor.

Arrogant Evil God: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Sheng RenWuMing

A good-for-nothing young master who had received an unintentional awakening from the ancient bloodline, fighting against strong enemies, controlling divine beasts, and stirring up the winds and clouds in the Three Realms. If the heavens block me, the heavens will pierce through the heavens, and if the earth obstructs me, the earth will shatter the earth. I am the ruler of all gods.

Asura Martial System: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Eggplant FromGod'Srealm

"My name is Zhao Xin. You can call me Xin Master."In terms of bloodlines, the Azure Dragon Bloodline is number one in the world. In terms of talent, the Dantian is broken, and has the strongest divine spark in the world. In terms of cultivation technique, the products produced by the system are definitely the best. "

Peerless King of Medicine: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Frozen Worlds

It's been a long time.In this life, slaying a Heaven's Chosen and sleeping beauties … Sweeping the world.He was once weak and had lost too many things. But now? No one would be able to take away this beautiful scene. Otherwise, a single sword strike would cause the sky to go dark and the earth to go dark. If they got angry, they would have to shout and the sun to go dark.

Peerless Thunder King: Volume 6 (Volume 6 #6)

by Zuo Ye

The heaven and earth gave birth to all living things. I saw that the heavens and the earth gave birth to all living things, and I could pick any ancient Emperor's treasure; the ancient Emperor's treasure would definitely be given to me and the Emperor's treasure would be given to me; divine weapons were destined to be given to me after the birth of a peerless weapon. If I were to follow brother, I would definitely be promoted to an Imperial Armament in the future. I can't, I remember now, it's the fate of the previous life is not over, in this life we will continue the fate.

Evil God Asura: Volume 7 (Volume 7 #7)

by Chen Mo

This young man, Luo Xiu, accidentally obtained an ancient broken divine artifact. From then on, he embarked on the road to the peak of martial arts!Body Refinement Asura, Eight Desolations, Fighting the Heavens, Devil Slaughter the Immortal, heaven-shaking and earth-shattering!

Vicious Imperial Queen: Volume 4 (Volume 4 #4)

by Na LanJingYu

During the war, she had fallen into a strange valley. A portrait that was neither male nor female brought the secret that had been hidden for more than twenty years into the martial arts world. Poison Gu's evil intentions, Phoenix's bloodbath, an earth-shattering coup, and hidden secrets. Facing the man she once deeply loved, where would she go from here on in this bloody storm …

Cuisinons le burger: Les Meilleures Recettes de Burger de tous les temps

by Glen A Broad

Il n’y a rien de mieux qu’un excellent burger. Il y a des jours où j’ai des rages de burgers et c’est super de mettre du piquant! Le livre de recette qui suit vous donner de nouvelles idées et votre BBQ fera du temps supplémentaire! Certaines sont d’excellentes recettes que même les enfants peuvent essayer. Des amoureux de la viande aux végétariens, il y a un burger dans ce livre de recettes pour vous! Découvrez une variété de plats excitants avec un guide en profondeur des meilleures recettes de burger du gourou de la cuisine. Alors, allumez le grill ou sortez le poêlon et dans la cuisine!

Author Masterminds: Collection from a Clutch of Creative, Canny, and Compelling Authors

by Author Masterminds

Author Masterminds, a refreshing eclectic collection of the musings and insights of a group of superb published authors, gives the reader a kaleidoscopic look into the thinking of very bright, insightful, and sometimes whacky writers. Within these covers you'll find deeply perplexing ideas, creative and zany inspirations, arguments, and different ways of viewing the world from what you might think apparent. Author Masterminds' authors think, react, and create; catch a glimpse of what goes on in their dynamic minds. Author Masterminds is a potpourri of everything from Christian horror to impossible crime; forensics to murder mystery; and sled dogs to political thrillers. From The Tale of Grady Dellaneaux to A Feather in Your Heart there is something for every reader's taste. And then there's: Dad Was A Democrat, Do You Think I'm Crazy?, It's Best To Park Your Car Above The High Tide Mark, Mrs. Zucherberg, The Matter of Timber Trickery, The Time Travel App, and much more.

IMF Departmental paper

by International Monetary Fund

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

Regional Economic Outlook: Middle East And Central Asia (Regional Economic Outlook Ser.)

by International Monetary Fund

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

Debt and Entanglements Between the Wars

by International Monetary Fund

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

The Bird House

by Cynthia Rylant

A young girl, alone without a home or family, comes across an amazing sight as she wanders through the woods. Cardinals, orioles, swallows, and wrens fill the sky above a bright blue house by the river. Sparrows sit on the windowsills. And a great barred owl is roosting above the front door. The girl is fascinated. And cautiously, secretly, she returns to the bird house day after day And then one day, without warning, the birds take flight--and find a way to change the girl's life forever. Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant and National Book Award-winning painter Barry Moser have woven magic into this modern-day fairy tale about loss, discovery, and the healing power of the natural world. Pictures in this tender book to read aloud with children are described. Check the Bookshare collection for well over sixty more books by Cynthia Rylant.

Mechanically Responsive Materials for Soft Robotics

by Hideko Koshima

Offers a comprehensive review of the research and development of mechanically responsive materials and their applications in soft robots Mechanically Responsive Materials for Soft Robotics offers an authoritative guide to the current state of mechanically responsive materials for the development of soft robotics. With contributions from an international panel of experts, the book examines existing mechanically responsive materials such as crystals, polymers, gels, and composites that are stimulated by light and heat. The book also explores the application of mechanical materials to soft robotics. The authors describe the many excellent mechanical crystals developed in recent years that show the ability to bend, twist, rotate, jump, self-heal, and shape memory. Mechanical polymer materials are described for evolution into artificial muscles, photomobile materials, bioinspired soft actuators, inorganic-organic hybrid materials, multi-responsive composite materials, and strain sensor materials. The application of mechanical materials to soft robots is just the beginning. This book reviews the many challenging and versatile applications, such as soft microrobots made from photoresponsive elastomers, four-dimensional printing for assembling soft robots, self-growing of soft robots like plants, and biohybrid robots using muscle tissue. This important book: -Explores recent developments in the use of soft smart materials in robotic systems -Covers the full scope of mechanically responsive materials: polymers, crystals, gels, and nanocomposites -Deals with an interdisciplinary topic of advanced smart materials research -Contains extensive descriptions of current and future applications in soft robotics Written for materials scientists, polymer chemists, photochemists, physical chemists, solid state chemists, inorganic chemists, and robotics engineers, Mechanically Responsive Materials for Soft Robotics offers a comprehensive and timely review of the most recent research on mechanically responsive materials and the manufacture of soft robotics.

Common Contact Allergens: A Practical Guide to Detecting Contact Dermatitis

by John McFadden Pailin Puangpet Korbkarn Pongpairoj Supitchaya Thaiwat Lee Shan Xian

How to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis, perform and interpret patch tests, and select the best treatment options Written for a broad range of dermatologic professionals, Common Contact Allergens is a straightforward and useful guide that bridges the gap between detailed reference texts and basic handbooks on contact allergy, making it an ideal addition to general dermatology practices for practical use in the office. The first section of the book leads practitioners through the steps necessary to effectively and accurately perform patch testing. This covers basic immunological knowledge, various ways in which contact allergy can present, patch test techniques, and how to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis. Giving attention to all standard allergens, the second section offers an overview of the current literature on each, with detailed analysis on determining the clinical relevance of a positive patch test reaction. This convenient companion: Offers universally applicable guidance on when and how to perform patch testing, as well as how to interpret test reactions and arrive at accurate diagnoses Characterizes allergens from the Standard ‘Baseline’ Series, the International Series, and the T.R.U.E. Test Series Profiles allergens such as metals, fragrances, medicaments, rubber chemicals, plant chemicals, hair and clothing dyes, excipients, and resins Contains case reports, clinical images, patch test tips, and more Features color-coded exposure templates for easy consultation Provides key pointers on how to take patient histories and handle challenging cases Introduces new concepts such as ‘microhistory’ and ‘microexamination’ Allows access to online supplementary material featuring CAS numbers, toxicology, immunology, prevalence rates, chemical structures, additional case reports, and more Common Contact Allergens is a valuable reference tool for trainee and practicing general dermatologists, dermatology nurses, occupational health physicians, allergists, and other medical professionals with an interest in dermatology.

Machine Learning and Big Data with kdb+/q (Wiley Finance)

by Jan Novotny Paul A. Bilokon Aris Galiotos Frederic Deleze

Upgrade your programming language to more effectively handle high-frequency data Machine Learning and Big Data with KDB+/Q offers quants, programmers and algorithmic traders a practical entry into the powerful but non-intuitive kdb+ database and q programming language. Ideally designed to handle the speed and volume of high-frequency financial data at sell- and buy-side institutions, these tools have become the de facto standard; this book provides the foundational knowledge practitioners need to work effectively with this rapidly-evolving approach to analytical trading. The discussion follows the natural progression of working strategy development to allow hands-on learning in a familiar sphere, illustrating the contrast of efficiency and capability between the q language and other programming approaches. Rather than an all-encompassing “bible”-type reference, this book is designed with a focus on real-world practicality ­to help you quickly get up to speed and become productive with the language. Understand why kdb+/q is the ideal solution for high-frequency data Delve into “meat” of q programming to solve practical economic problems Perform everyday operations including basic regressions, cointegration, volatility estimation, modelling and more Learn advanced techniques from market impact and microstructure analyses to machine learning techniques including neural networks The kdb+ database and its underlying programming language q offer unprecedented speed and capability. As trading algorithms and financial models grow ever more complex against the markets they seek to predict, they encompass an ever-larger swath of data ­– more variables, more metrics, more responsiveness and altogether more “moving parts.” Traditional programming languages are increasingly failing to accommodate the growing speed and volume of data, and lack the necessary flexibility that cutting-edge financial modelling demands. Machine Learning and Big Data with KDB+/Q opens up the technology and flattens the learning curve to help you quickly adopt a more effective set of tools.

Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics: For MRCPCH Candidates and Other Practitioners (How to Perform)

by A. Mark Dalzell Ian Sinha

Examining children presents unique challenges for trainees and new doctors in paediatrics. Paediatric patients vary greatly in age and development, often find it difficult to describe their symptoms, and can behave unpredictably in clinical settings. Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics helps MRCPCH candidates and other practitioners learn effective history taking and fundamental examination techniques. Clear and concise chapters–with contributions from a team of paediatric specialists–demonstrate the clinical examination and questioning techniques used in daily practice. Emphasis on the intellectual processes involved in decision making assists both trainees preparing for a formal examination as well as new clinicians faced with a difficult diagnostic problem. Topics include cardiovascular and respiratory examination, examining a child with a neuromuscular disorder, musculoskeletal examination, and taking history from a child with diabetes and a rheumatological condition. Includes access to a companion website containing high-quality videos that demonstrate techniques, procedures and approaches Features commentary by experienced practitioners which offer observations and deductions at each stage of the examination process Offers tips for communicating effectively with the patients using appropriate lay terms Helps translate the symptoms and signs experienced by patients into medical-speak Covers all the skills tested in the MRCPCH Clinical exam Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics is the perfect study and reference guide for paediatrics trainees, MRCPCH candidates, foundation doctors, allied healthcare professionals, and anyone looking to improve their clinical and communication skills in paediatrics.

Women in African Cinema: Beyond the Body Politic

by Lizelle Bisschoff Stefanie Van de Peer

Women in African Cinema: Beyond the Body Politic showcases the very prolific but often marginalised presence of women in African cinema, both on the screen and behind the camera. This study provides the first in-depth and sustained study of women in African cinema. Films by women from different geographical regions are discussed in case studies that are framed by feminist theoretical and historical themes, and seen through an anti-colonial, philosophical, political and socio-cultural cinematic lens. A historical and theoretical introduction provides the context for thematic chapters exploring topics ranging from female identities, female friendships, women in revolutionary cinema, motherhood and daughterhood, women’s bodies, sexuality, and spirituality. Each chapter serves up a theoretical-historical discussion of the chosen theme, followed by two in-depth case studies that provide contextual and transnational readings of the films as well as outlining production, distribution and exhibition contexts. This book contributes to the feminist anti-racist revision of the canon by placing African women filmmakers squarely at the centre of African film culture. Demonstrating the depth and diversity of the feminine or female aesthetic in African cinema, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars of African cinema, media studies and African studies.

The Architecture of Natural Cooling

by Brian Ford Rosa Schiano-Phan Juan A. Vallejo

Overheating in buildings is commonplace. This book describes how we can keep cool without conventional air-conditioning: improving comfort and productivity while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. It provides architects, engineers and policy makers with a ‘how-to’ guide to the application of natural cooling in new and existing buildings. It demonstrates, through reference to numerous examples, that natural cooling is viable in most climates around the world. This completely revised and expanded second edition includes: An overview of natural cooling past and present. Guidance on the principles and strategies that can be adopted. A review of the applicability of different strategies. Explanation of simplified tools for performance assessment. A review of components and controls. A detailed evaluation of case studies from the USA, Europe, India and China. This book is not just for the technical specialist, as it also provides a general grounding in how to avoid or minimise air-conditioning. Importantly, it demonstrates that understanding our environment, rather than fighting it, will help us to live sustainably in our rapidly warming world.

How to Talk to a Narcissist

by Joan Jutta Lachkar

Bringing to light new developments in the treatment of marital conflict, this second edition of How to Talk to a Narcissist addresses the ever-changing faces and phases of narcissism within the context of marital therapy. This is a practical guide that focuses on specific communication styles in addressing patients with severe narcissistic personality pathology, as well as those with borderline personality disorder. The book starts with an overview of the different kinds of narcissists and borderlines. Dr. Lachkar analyzes these high-conflict personality disorders from a clinical, psychodynamic, and psychoanalytic perspective and delves into the various defenses that a narcissist or borderline might use. Updated treatment approaches and techniques are included along with an examination of the historical and theoretical perspectives that ground these approaches. Also included are detailed case illustrations. This book is useful for both beginning and seasoned practitioners and is recommended for all clinicians treating individuals, couples, and groups within the scope of various narcissistic personality disorders.

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