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Reform, Revolution and Crisis in Europe: Landmarks in History, Memory and Thought (Routledge Studies in Cultural History #80)

by Bronwyn Winter Cat Moir

Today Europe stands at a crossroads unlike any it has faced since 1945. Since the 2008 financial crash, Europe has weathered the Greek debt crisis, the 2015 refugee crisis, and the identity crisis brought about by Brexit in 2016. The future of the European project is in doubt. How will Europe respond? Reform and revolution have been two forms of response to crisis that have shaped Europe’s history. To understand Europe’s present, we must understand that past. This interdisciplinary book considers, through the prism of several landmark moments, how the dynamics of reformation and revolution, and the crises they either addressed or created, have shaped European history, memory, and thought.

Delivering Fantastic Customer Experience: How to Turn Customer Satisfaction Into Customer Relationships

by Daniel Lafrenière

If you don’t offer great customer experience, your main competitors will take away 50% of your business. Period. Gone are the days in which businesses could simply offer an "OK" experience and get away with it. In today’s hypercompetitive environment, companies can no longer be just B2C or B2B. They must become B2Me – more personal, more relevant. With customers having higher expectations and access to more information than ever before, companies must create stellar, frictionless, personalized, and memorable customer experiences, if they plan to stay in the game. In this book, you will learn: • What customer experience truly is. • How emotions can increase customer loyalty…or make customers ditch a brand. • Which behaviors and attitudes lose customers. • Ten easy, practical, and proven ways to immediately improve your customer experience. • What renowned companies do to offer the best customer experience. This book is for anyone who works serving customers in a B2C company or other businesses in a B2B environment. Everyone has an important role to play in creating a good customer experience, whether it be managers, associates, sales reps, marketing professionals, web strategists, accountants, customer service reps, delivery people, or installers. No matter what role you play, this book offers easy tips, recommendations, and examples to help improve customer experience, realistically, sustainably, and affordably.

The Recollections of Rifleman Harris: A British Soldier in the Napoleonic Wars (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor)

by Benjamin Harris

Diaries, memoirs, and letters by officers of the Napoleonic era abound, but there are few reminiscences by common foot soldiers. This extraordinarily vivid and entirely authentic report by British rifleman Benjamin Harris offers rare glimpses of life among the enlisted men. Harris's personal anecdotes, brimming with ready wit and memorable descriptions, tell of military life from the bottom up: the soldiers' camaraderie amid physical hardships and inadequate supplies and equipment, their endemic drunkenness and frequent hunger, the terrible punishments meted out for even small infractions, and the narrow margin between death and survival.In the mid-1830s, Harris was working as a London cobbler when he met a former British Army officer who asked him to recount his wartime experiences. A natural storyteller with a remarkable tale to tell, Harris recalled his years of active service, which began in 1803 when he joined the 95th Regiment of Foot in Ireland and were followed by campaigns from 1808 to 1809 in Portugal and Spain. First published in 1848, this memoir was neither popular nor well received during Harris's lifetime, but since its rediscovery in the early twentieth century, it has become one of the most valuable documents of the Peninsular War.

The Probability Pad: The Greenwich Village Trilogy Book Three

by T.A. Waters

After a trip to San Francisco that led to an odyssey in search of a lost unicorn, time-traveling hippie heroes Chester, Michael, and T.A. return to New York City where they're confronted with duplicates of themselves — and everyone else! To once again save the planet from an evil scheme by invaders from space, they'll have to take on the Hallucitron, a mind-blowing invention that produces illusions more powerful than those created by any drug.Originally published in 1970 as “a freaked-out science-fiction fantasy — blasting the outer limits of your mind!” The Probability Pad is the third book in the Greenwich Village Trilogy, a shared-world scenario written by three different authors, all of whom appear in the books as characters. Dover Publications returns this psychedelic adventure to print for the first time in nearly 40 years, along with its predecessors, The Butterfly Kid and The Unicorn Girl. This edition features a new Foreword by Barbara Hambly, former president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Painting Watercolors on Location

by Tom Hill

A comprehensive workshop approach presented by a master watercolorist, this guide features 11 step-by-step demonstrations filled with valuable methods and techniques for achieving striking on-site watercolor compositions. Beautiful examples and locations — including the Greek island of Santorini, a desert oasis, and a Midwest farmhouse — provide a wealth of inspiration as author and artist Tom Hill demonstrates how to paint intelligently, selectively edit a scene, and more.Painting Watercolors on Location shows developing artists not only how to acquire better understanding and techniques for painting on location but also how to incorporate these helpful practices into their everyday routines. Suitable for art students and artists at the intermediate level and up, these pointers include suggestions for choosing the correct on-site equipment, rendering accurate drawings, selecting and mixing colors, forming textures, and other methods for creating exciting and expressive watercolor paintings.

Final Notice: A DKA File Novel

by Joe Gores

"First-class private eye fiction." — Chicago TribuneAn aging beauty's red Cadillac is repossessed by the bank but quickly returned, thanks to a comic book on its front seat stuffed with $500 in new bills. The repo agency, Dan Kearny Associates, has accidentally interfered with a mob payoff. When one of their agents suffers a savage beatdown by a pair of underworld goons, the DKA team is plunged into a dark mystery involving a former porn star, a blackmail scheme, and a series of murders.Author Joe Gores was hailed by critic Anthony Boucher as "one of the very few authentic private eyes to enter the field of fiction since Dashiell Hammett." The three-time Edgar Award winner's firsthand experience as a detective adds a tough realism to Final Notice, the second book in his DKA File series. This new edition includes a bonus DKA short story by Gores, "File #10: The Maimed and the Halt.""Tight, tense, beautifully plotted." — The New York Times"Gores writes some of the hardest, smoothest, most lucid prose in the field." — The New York Times Book Review

Edwardian Fashions: A Snapshot in Time from Harper's Bazar 1906

by Kristina Seleshanko

Although Edwardian-era clothing remains popular among fashion enthusiasts, there are very few books focusing on styles of the early 1900s. This compilation bridges that gap with dozens of authentic images from the period, selected from 1906 editions of Harper's Bazar. Since its first publication in 1867, the magazine has reflected contemporary styles and trends, and these illustrations — from spring hats and fancy aprons to French evening gowns and bridal attire — offer an intriguing reflection of American values at the turn of the twentieth century.The four-part collection begins with everyday fashions, including sweeping gowns for home, travel, and outdoors. A section of seasonal fashions features spring and summer ensembles, followed by an assortment of styles for weddings, the theater, and other special occasions. The final section, For the Young and Old, includes simple gowns for both ends of the age spectrum as well as graduation gowns. Costumers, fashion designers, and anyone interested in the history of style and couture will welcome this choice assembly of genuine Edwardian

Carlucci's Heart: The Carlucci Trilogy Book Three

by Richard Paul Russo

"One of the best blends of SF and mystery yet written." — Science Fiction Chronicle "Russo's San Francisco is very Bladerunner, though clearly written by somebody who knows that city well … The characters in this book are strong, the writing is solid." — SF Site In the San Francisco of the not-too-distant future, detective Frank Carlucci agrees to look into the disappearance of his daughter's friend. His investigations reveal layer upon layer of corruption and decay, culminating in the discovery of "Cancer Cell," a mysterious renegade medical group. Operating out of the city's anarchistic free-zone, these terrorists possess a bioengineered form of hemorrhagic fever — a modern-day plague with the potential to kill millions — that they're ready to turn loose on the world. Author Richard Paul Russo twice received the Philip K. Dick Award: in 1989, for his second novel, Subterranean Gallery, and in 2001 for Ship of Fools. This hard-boiled thriller is the third volume of the critically acclaimed Carlucci Trilogy, consisting of Destroying Angel, Carlucci's Edge, and Carlucci's Heart. All three works offer a gripping combination of classic noir mystery and futuristic cyberpunk fiction.

The Butterfly Kid: The Greenwich Village Trilogy Book One

by Chester Anderson

"One of the more trippy, but very interesting novels among New Wave sci-fi books." — Futurism.comThere's always a fresh new face in Greenwich Village, but this one belongs to someone special — a dude who can create living butterflies out of nothing. The Butterfly Kid shows up at exactly the same time as a powerful new drug: Reality Pills, which transform fantasies into physical reality. Chester Anderson and his circle of pot-smoking poets and musicians are eager to investigate this mind-bending narcotic until they realize it's being distributed by lobster-shaped giants from outer space. Now Chester and a gaggle of heads and hipsters are all that stand between the planet's freedom and its enslavement by aliens.Nominated for a 1968 Hugo Award, The Butterfly Kid is a prime example of science fiction's New Wave Movement, a stylistically experimental trend of the 1960s and 1970s. This comically surrealistic tale is the first installment of the Greenwich Village Trilogy, a shared-world scenario written by three different authors, all of whom appear in the books as characters. Dover Publications returns this volume to print for the first time in nearly 40 years, along with its sequels, The Unicorn Girl and The Probability Pad. This edition features a new Foreword by Peter S. Beagle, author of the fantasy classic The Last Unicorn.

Creating Great Places: Evidence-based Urban Design for Health and Wellbeing

by Debra Flanders Cushing Evonne Miller

This book provides a bold vision and roadmap for creating great places. Imagining and designing urban environments where all people thrive is an extraordinary task, and in this compelling narrative, Cushing and Miller remind us that theory is a powerful starting point. Drawing on international research, illustrated case studies, personal experiences, as well as fascinating examples from history and pop culture, this practical book provides the reader with inspiration, guidance and tools. The first section outlines six critical theories for contemporary urban design - affordance, prospect-refuge, personal space, sense of place/genius loci, place attachment, and biophilic design. The second section, using their innovative ‘theory-storming’ process, demonstrates how designers can create great places that are inclusive, sustainable, and salutogenic. Creating Great Places is an insightful, compelling, and evidence-based resource for readers who want to design urban environments that inspire, excite, and positively transform people’s lives.

Rural Development in the Digital Age: Exploring Neo-Productivist EU Rural Policy (Regions and Cities)

by Edward Kasabov Martin Pělucha

Rural Development in the Digital Age explores current theoretical and policy developments in EU rural policy during the 4.0 period. The book offers an analysis of the contradictory and complex drivers and multiple impacts of Period 4.0 policy within the specific territorial context of its implementation. It is commonly agreed within academic and policy circles that the contexts, trends, drivers and impacts which are currently morphing have the potential to determine the nature and boundaries of rural areas in the longer-term. The authors examine inconsistencies in the design and implementation of EU rural development policy driven largely by intensifying neo-productivist pressures. The importance and novelty of the book lie in defining and critically examining the territorial impacts of neo-productivism as an ideology, a practice and a set of policy imperatives during the EU’s 2014-2020 programming period. The authors argue that such a paradigm shift in EU rural policy may reduce its effectiveness and ability to meet its goals of balanced territorial development and cohesion. This book will be of interest to advanced students, researchers and policymakers in rural policy, regional studies, economic geography and EU policy.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (Methods in Signal Transduction Series)

by Yong Yu Jinghua Hu

This volume focuses on the investigatory methods applied to autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), one of the most common human genetic diseases. ADPKD is caused by mutations in PKD1 and TRPP2, two integral membrane proteins that function as receptor/ion channels in primary cilia of tubular epithelial cells. Thus, ADPKD belongs to ciliopathies, a group of disorders caused by abnormal cilia formation or function. This proposed book will cover the state-of-the-art methods ranging from molecular biology, biochemistry, electrophysiology, to tools in model animal studies. Key Features Explores the role of cilia in polycystic kidney disease Focuses on myriad state-of-the-art methods and techniques Reviews specific mutations integral to this autosomal genetic disease Includes discussions of model systems

Rape in the Nordic Countries: Continuity and Change (Routledge Research in Gender and Society)

by Kari Stefansen May-Len Skilbrei Marie Bruvik-Heinskou

While the Nordic countries are listed at the top in most international rankings of gender equality and citizens’ feelings of security, studies on the prevalence of sexual victimisation present a different picture, suggesting that the very countries that have invested much in establishing gender equality actually see a high prevalence of sexual violence. This book sheds light on the phenomenon and construction of rape and other forms of sexual violence within the Nordic region, exploring the ways in which rape and sexual violence are dealt with through criminal law and considering governmental policies aimed at combatting it, with a special focus on legal regulations and developments. Thematically organised, it offers new research on perpetrators, victimhood, criminal justice and prevention. Multi-disciplinary in approach, it brings together the latest work from a range of scholars to offer insights into the situation in the five Nordic countries, asking how and why rape and other forms of sexual violence occur, whilst also addressing the timely issues of online sexual cultures, BDSM and the grey areas of sexual offences. As such, it will appeal to scholars of sociology, criminology and law with interests in gender and sexual violence.

On Insignificance: The Loss of Meaning in the Post-Material Age

by Massimo Leone

Focusing on the anthropological consequences of the disappearing of materiality and sensory embodiment, On Insignificance highlights some of the most perturbing patterns of insignificance that have seeped into our everyday lives. Seeking to explain the semiotic causes of feelings of meaninglessness, Leone posits that caring for the singularities of the world is the most viable way to resist the alienating effects of the digital bureaucratization of meaning. The book will be of interest to scholars of anthropology, cultural studies, semiotics, aesthetics, communication studies, and social theory.

Watershed Hydrology, Management and Modeling

by Abrar Yousuf Manmohanjit Singh

The book provides a comprehensive insight into watersheds and modeling of the hydrological processes in the watersheds. It covers the concepts of watershed hydrology and watershed management in depth. The basic types, of soil erosion and its measurement and estimation of runoff and soil loss from the small and large watersheds are discussed. Recent advances in the watershed management like the application of remote sensing and GIS and hydrological models are a part of the book. The book serve as a guide for professional and competitive examinations for undergraduate students of Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering and graduate students of Soil Science, Soil and Water Engineering, Agricultural Physics, Hydrology and Watershed Management.

Legacies of Christian Languaging and Literacies in American Education: Perspectives on English Language Arts Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (Routledge Research in Education)

by Kevin J. Burke Mary M. Juzwik Jennifer C. Stone Denise Dávila

Because spiritual life and religious participation are widespread human and cultural phenomena, these experiences unsurprisingly find their way into English language arts curriculum, learning, teaching, and teacher education work. Yet many public school literacy teachers and secondary teacher educators feel unsure how to engage religious and spiritual topics and responses in their classrooms. This volume responds to this challenge with an in-depth exploration of diverse experiences and perspectives on Christianity within American education. Authors not only examine how Christianity – the historically dominant religion in American society – shapes languaging and literacies in schooling and other educational spaces, but they also imagine how these relations might be reconfigured. From curricula to classroom practice, from narratives of teacher education to youth coming-to-faith, chapters vivify how spiritual lives, beliefs, practices, communities, and religious traditions interact with linguistic and literate practices and pedagogies. In relating legacies of Christian languaging and literacies to urgent issues including White supremacy, sexism and homophobia, and the politics of exclusion, the volume enacts and invites inclusive relational configurations within and across the myriad American Christian sub-cultures coming to bear on English language arts curriculum, teaching, and learning. This courageous collection contributes to an emerging scholarly literature at the intersection of language and literacy teaching and learning, religious literacy, curriculum studies, teacher education, and youth studies. It will speak to teacher educators, scholars, secondary school teachers, and graduate and postgraduate students, among others.

Operations Management for Business Excellence: Building Sustainable Supply Chains

by David Gardiner Hendrik Reefke

All businesses strive for excellence in today’s technology-based environment in which customers want solutions at the touch of a button. This highly regarded textbook provides in-depth coverage of the principles of operations and supply chain management and explains how to design, implement, and maintain processes for sustainable competitive advantage. This text offers a unique combination of theory and practice with a strategic, results-driven approach. Now in its fourth edition, Operations Management for Business Excellence has been updated to reflect major advances and future trends in supply chain management. A new chapter on advanced supply chain concepts covers novel logistics technology, information systems, customer proximity, sustainability, and the use of multiple sales channels. As a platform for discussion, the exploration of future trends includes self-driving vehicles, automation and robotics, and omnichannel retailing. Features include: A host of international case studies and examples to demonstrate how theory translates to practice, including Airbus, Hewlett Packard, Puma, and Toyota. A consistent structure to aid learning and retention: Each chapter begins with a detailed set of learning objectives and finishes with a chapter summary, a set of discussion questions and a list of key terms. Fully comprehensive with an emphasis on the practical, this textbook should be core reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of operations management and supply chain management. It would also appeal to executives who desire an understanding of how to achieve and maintain ‘excellence’ in business. Online resources include lecture slides, a glossary, test questions, downloadable figures, and a bonus chapter on project management.

America's Allies and the Decline of US Hegemony (Routledge Studies in Foreign Policy Analysis)

by Jonathan Paquin Justin Massie

How do America’s democratic allies perceive and respond to a relative decline in US power and influence and the simultaneous rise of China? Using the case-studies of Europe, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and South East Asian countries, this book offers a broad assessment of the perceptions of threat and the strategies used by these allies to cope with the relative decline of America’s hegemonic power, the rise of China and the transforming world order. In answering these central questions, contributors focus on two complementary analytical approaches. The first examines the perceptions of systemic changes by America’s allies: how are US allies framing this issue and what kind of political discourse is emerging with regards to it? The second approach focuses on the concrete foreign policy and defence strategies put forward by these allies. The book explores the extent to which US allies are willing to support US hegemony and considers the democratic allies’ understanding of the international structure, their relations to the United States, and their own aspirations in this changing world order. This book will be of interest to general readers as well as scholars and students of US foreign policy, foreign policy analysis and International Relations.

Ukraine: Contested Nationhood in a European Context (Europa Country Perspectives)

by Ulrich Schmid

Ukraine: Contested Nationhood in a European Context challenges the common view that Ukraine is a country split between a pro-European West and a pro-Russian East. The volume navigates the complicated cultural history of Ukraine and highlights the importance of regional traditions for an understanding of the current political situation. A key feature is the different politics of memory that prevail in each region, such as the Soviet past being presented as either a foreign occupation or a benign socialist project. The pluralistic culture of Ukraine (in terms of languages, national legacies and religions) forms a nation that faces both internal and external challenges. In order to address this fully, rather than following a merely chronological order, this book examines different interpretations of Ukrainian nationhood that have been especially influential, such as the Russian tradition, the Habsburg past and the Polish connections. Finally, the book analyses Ukraine’s political and economic options for the future. Can the desired integration into EU structures overcome the concentration of investment of power in the hands of a few oligarchs and a continuing widespread culture of corruption? Will proposals to join NATO, which garnered robust support among the populace in the aftermath of the Russian aggression, materialise under the current circumstances? Is the political culture in Ukraine sufficiently functional to guarantee democratic procedures and the rule of law?

The Quiet Girls: An absolutely addictive mystery thriller

by J.M. Hewitt

&‘Hattie!&’ Carrie called, an edge to her voice. &‘Hattie, this isn&’t funny, come out now.&’ Carrie moved through the woods on shaking legs. She tried calling, shouting, screaming, but everything was quiet. Her little sister was gone. Detective Carrie Flynn&’s sister Hattie was kidnapped when they were both little girls. After the police failed to find the culprit, Carrie swore she would become a detective and solve the case herself. But the face of the man who snatched Hattie is a blank in her memory... Twenty years later, eleven-year-old Melanie Wilson is reported missing, a quiet child who longs to fit in, just like Hattie… Carrie has to fight off memories of her lost sister to concentrate on the case, but she soon finds grainy black-and-white footage of Melanie boarding a boat and vanishing. She discovers Melanie has been taken to Pomona, a deserted island, almost inaccessible from the city. But who took little Melanie, and why? Then the police receive a desperate cry for help from another young girl: I gave you his name, told you where to find him, but you did nothing. My blood is on your hands. Carrie traces the call to the same docks where Melanie was last seen. Now she has a second missing child to save. But the sound of the broken voice has unlocked something in Carrie. The blurred face of her sister&’s kidnapper is starting to become clearer… Carrie is sure the lost girls are in terrible danger – and that there&’s a link between her sister&’s disappearance and this case. To find Melanie, Carrie must unleash the memories she&’s buried for years. And if she uses her own demons to bring Melanie home, can she finally find out what happened to her sister? This absolutely unputdownable thriller will keep you up all night until you reach the final heart-stopping page! Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Val McDermid and Lisa Regan. Readers are utterly gripped by The Quiet Girls!&‘Wow!!... Full of surprises and twists galore… Totally addictive. Well recommended for lovers of a good mystery and looking forward to the next in the series.&’ Goodreads Reviewer &‘A solid 5 stars. This book will stay with me for a long time… The pages fly by. Twists and turns you won't see coming. I can't wait for book 3 in the series. I will be first in line to buy it.&’ Goodreads Reviewer ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? &‘Shivers down the spine… A great read.&’ Goodreads Reviewer &‘Drama, suspense, excitement, twists and turns and a gripping conclusion… I&’ve enjoyed this thriller, reading it in twenty-four hours, and am happy to recommend it.&rsq…

Music in the Present Tense: Rossini’s Italian Operas in Their Time (Opera Lab: Explorations in History, Technology, and Performance)

by Emanuele Senici

In the early 1800s, Rossini’s operas permeated Italy, from the opera house to myriad arrangements heard in public and private. But after Rossini stopped composing, a sharp decline in popularity drove most of his works out of the repertory. In the past half century, they have made a spectacular return to operatic stages worldwide, but this recent fame has not been accompanied by a comparable critical reevaluation. Emanuele Senici’s new book provides a fresh look at the motives behind the Rossinian furore and its aftermath by examining the composer’s works in the historical context in which they were conceived, performed, seen, heard, and discussed. Situating the operas firmly within the social practices, cultural formations, ideological currents, and political events of early nineteenth-century Italy, Senici reveals Rossini’s dramaturgy as a radically new and specifically Italian reaction to the epoch-making changes witnessed in Europe at the time. The first book-length study of Rossini’s Italian operas to appear in English, Music in the Present Tense exposes new ways to explore nineteenth-century music and addresses crucial issues in the history of modernity, such as trauma, repetition, and the healing power of theatricality.

Cartographic Humanism: The Making of Early Modern Europe

by Katharina N. Piechocki

What is “Europe,” and when did it come to be? In the Renaissance, the term “Europe” circulated widely. But as Katharina N. Piechocki argues in this compelling book, the continent itself was only in the making in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Cartographic Humanism sheds new light on how humanists negotiated and defined Europe’s boundaries at a momentous shift in the continent’s formation: when a new imagining of Europe was driven by the rise of cartography. As Piechocki shows, this tool of geography, philosophy, and philology was used not only to represent but, more importantly, also to shape and promote an image of Europe quite unparalleled in previous centuries. Engaging with poets, historians, and mapmakers, Piechocki resists an easy categorization of the continent, scrutinizing Europe as an unexamined category that demands a much more careful and nuanced investigation than scholars of early modernity have hitherto undertaken. Unprecedented in its geographic scope, Cartographic Humanism is the first book to chart new itineraries across Europe as it brings France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Portugal into a lively, interdisciplinary dialogue.

Agricultural Productivity and Producer Behavior (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report)

by Wolfram Schlenker

Agricultural yields have increased steadily in the last half century, particularly since the Green Revolution. At the same time, inflation-adjusted agricultural commodity prices have been trending downward as increases in supply outpace the growth of demand. Recent severe weather events, biofuel mandates, and a switch toward a more meat-heavy diet in emerging economies have nevertheless boosted commodity prices. Whether this is a temporary jump or the beginning of a longer-term trend is an open question. Agricultural Productivity and Producer Behavior examines the factors contributing to the remarkably steady increase in global yields and assesses whether yield growth can continue. This research also considers whether agricultural productivity growth has been, and will be, associated with significant environmental externalities. Among the topics studied are genetically modified crops; changing climatic factors; farm production responses to government regulations including crop insurance, transport subsidies, and electricity subsidies for groundwater extraction; and the role of specific farm practices such as crop diversification, disease management, and water-saving methods. This research provides new evidence that technological as well as policy choices influence agricultural productivity.


by Brian L. Strom Sean Hennessy Stephen E. Kimmel

This classic, field-defining textbook, now in its sixth edition, provides the most comprehensive guidance available for anyone needing up-to-date information in pharmacoepidemiology. This edition has been fully revised and updated throughout and continues to provide a rounded view on all perspectives from academia, industry and regulatory bodies, addressing data sources, applications and methodologies with great clarity.

Holding Accountants Accountable: How Professional Standards Can Lead to Personal Liability

by Jeffrey G. Matthews

An essential guide for practitioners on avoiding unethical situations in a fraud investigation—provides tips, techniques, and real-life examples Credentialed accountants, auditors, and fraud examiners who fail to identify fraud and misconduct may be in violation of their professional standards. Among these standards are requirements to exercise professional and moral judgment, act in the best interest of the public, maintain integrity, objectivity, and independence, render opinions based on evidence and documentation, and exercise due care in planning and discharging professional activities. Failing to adhere to professional standards and ethical codes have serious consequences for CPAs, CFEs, and CIAs engaged in fraud investigations. Fraud helps readers avoid unethical situations in fraud investigations and stay within the boundaries of professional guidelines and standards. Author Jeffrey Matthews combines real-world techniques and practical advice with personal insights from his experience as a forensic accountant. Detailing how he faced death threats, retaliation, and family hardships during actual fraud investigations, the author shares how despite serious challenges, he never deviated from professional standards. The author demonstrates how accountants can avoid being caught in unethical practices and examines the common tendencies that hinder the ability to detect, deter, and prevent fraud and misconduct. This fascinating, highly-relevant book will help practitioners: Recognize current and emerging trends to identify new areas of weakness Address time and budget constraints with effective delegation and supervision of lower-level staff Maintain a healthy dose of skepticism by ‘testing not accepting’ Understand the effort and expertise required to perform an investigation before accepting engagements Avoid establishing biases and pre-determining outcomes before accepting assignments A full-featured resource, complete with PowerPoint slides and a test bank, Fraud is invaluable for auditors, accountants, and other certified fraud examiners.

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