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Super Great Fortune Teller: Volume 11 (Volume 11 #11)

by Gu FanYuanYing

As a Taoist disciple, Wang Qian had come to Star City to earn a living. He had set up a stall and watched the wind and water for a living. Once the iron gate was broken, one would know good fortune. Once the divination was completed, one would know the future. Since then, the city has been treated as a guest of honor by all parties.

Beautiful CEO's Super Soldier King: Volume 11 (Volume 11 #11)

by Ren XingDeShiZi

when the super soldier king returned to the city he initially wanted to find a quiet job and hide his identity to protect the families of his comrades however an accident occurred and he had an affair with the domineering beauty ceo from then on in the bustling city troubles followed one after another ye chen dealt with each and every one of them one after another legends were born in his hands all sorts of gorgeous beauties threw themselves into her arms as they begged for protection begging for shelter even for everything however he didn't enjoy it because the domineering and beautiful ceo kept him by his side no matter what the cost kneel down and sing 'conquer' in order to redeem my pride as a man i'll go all out ye chenyu

Inclusion Practices with Special Needs Students: Education, Training, and Application

by Steven I Pfeiffer Linda A Reddy

Explore the challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls of the inclusion of students with disabilities in your classroom!Exciting, complex, and challenging shifts in American education are occurring today. First, schools are moving to embrace student diversity and accommodate the classroom experience to support diverse ways of organizing students for learning. Second, teachers are moving away from a traditional didactic instructional mode and embracing a facilitator role that encourages creating innovative classroom learning opportunities. Third, there is a shift from the view of the school as providing educational and psychoeducational services for students to providing educational supports for learning.Coinciding with these changes is the growing movement in special education that enourages full inclusion of students with special needs. This is a far cry from the exclusionary and separatist movements of special education less than twenty years ago. Now American education is facing the challenging situation of working with students with disabilities in the regular classroom. Inclusion Practices with Special Needs Students provides a much needed overview of the issues faced by educators committed to understanding how to best serve children with disabilities in schools.Inclusion Practices with Special Needs Students: Theory, Research, and Application provides an overview of the origins, evolution, and recent developments regarding the inclusion of students with disabilities into general education classrooms. The book critically challenges the overriding assumptions that support the philosophy of inclusion with a balanced presentation or research and theory that both supports and raises questions about the viability of this practice. The contributors are authorities in their respective areas of inclusionary practices.Some of the issues you will explore in Inclusion Practices with Special Needs Students are: political, fiscal, and legal events that have shaped inclusion practices implications for school psychologists handling students with serious emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems remaining in regular education agenda for future research priorities for research, training, and policy reformInclusion Practices with Special Needs Students addresses practical, psychoeducational, philosophical, legal, ethical, and financial issues surrounding the inclusionary initiative in special education.

Naval Strategy in Northeast Asia: Geo-strategic Goals, Policies and Prospects (Cass Series: Naval Policy and History)

by Duk-Ki Kim

Over the past decade, Northeast Asia has been dominated by quite significant strategic change, which is ongoing and brings with it many uncertainties. naval capabilities in Northwest Asia are instrumental in promoting maritime security interests - helping to build a stable security environment through active participation in regional naval co-operation. This landmark book explores the region's maritime peace and stability, and examines in depth the strategic, military and apolitical issues that underpin any effort to develop maritime co-operation.

Content-Based College ESL Instruction

by Donna M. Brinton Loretta F. Kasper Marcia Babbitt Rebecca William Mlynarczyk Judith W. Rosenthal

This book is carefully designed to inform and train readers in the techniques of content-based ESL instruction and to assist them in developing and implementing content-based materials and programs appropriate to their educational institutions and situations. Every chapter presents a balance of theory and practice, focusing on a detailed description, with clear examples of classroom practices including information, suggestions, and instructional tools. Each chapter addresses assessment issues as they apply to the particular methodology described.

Care Work: Gender, Labor, and the Welfare State

by Madonna Harrington Meyer

Care Work is a collection of original essays on the complexities of providing care. These essays emphasize how social policies intersect with gender, race, and class to alternately compel women to perform care work and to constrain their ability to do so. Leading international scholars from a range of disciplines provide a groundbreaking analysis of the work of caring in the context of the family, the market, and the welfare state.

Errant Selves: A Casebook of Misbehavior

by Arnold Goldberg

A major addition to the psychoanalytic casebook literature, Errant Selves: A Casebook of Misbehavior is a collection of case studies dedicated to the psychoanalytic understanding and treatment of behavior disorders. The contributors to this volume explore cases of perversion, delinquency, and addiction in which the misbehavior at issue served primarily to ward off painful affects or states of dysphoria in order to achieve a basic integrity of the self. For these patients, the pathway to self-cohesion entailed the florid acting out typical of narcissistic behavior disorders. Clinical readers of all persuasions will be intrigued by treatment narratives that chronicle the special challenges of working with patients who, in Goldberg's words, "were neither unitary selves nor persons with an easy ability to bolster or reconstitute themselves in socially acceptable ways." Of special interest is the contributors' sensitivity to what they missed with these troubled and troubling patients; they recount examples of skewed focus, of strained rationalization, even of glaring clinical omission, all of which suggest that the patients' psychic splits activated parallel splits on the part of their therapists. What emerges from the contributors' efforts, then, is very much a casebook of our time. It extends the purview of psychoanalysis to the developmental history and psychodynamics of disavowal; explores the analytic management of delinquent, perverse, and addicted patients; and examines the analyst's subjective presence in these treatments, including his or her potential for self-deception and collusion. And it does so in the context of probing a theoretical issue of continuing practical import: whether or not psychoanalytic therapy is best served by viewing the patient as a unitary individual with a coherent sense of agency and an integrated set of values and goals.

Islam in Russia: The Four Seasons

by Ravil Bukharaev

A fascinating story of spiritual survival. The cultural and national reawakening that has accompanied the resurgence of Islam in Russia has contributed to the revival and renewal of Islamic thought throughout the Muslim world. The author explores how Islam vis-a-vis Russian Orthodox Christianity shaped national, political and cultural developments in the vast region of European Russia and Siberia. This volume thus presents an analysis of the history, development and future prospects for Islam in Russia based on exhaustive research of the primary and secondary sources as well as the author's own personal experience.

Tribe and Society in Rural Morocco (History and Society in the Islamic World)

by David M. Hart

An anthropological study of Berber society and particularly the Rifian tribes of Morocoo, a Muslim society. This book deals with the background of these tribes, their settlement in various areas and contemporary issues.

The Japanese and Europe: Images and Perceptions

by Bert Edstrom

Not another 'misunderstandings and misconceptions' volume, but a wide-ranging review of intellectual traditions, mutual and alternative images, and case studies of people and events that mirror the focus of this book.

Everybody Belongs: Changing Negative Attitudes Toward Classmates with Disabilities (Critical Education Practice #Vol. 14)

by Arthur Shapiro

The evil prosthesis of Captain Hook, the comical speech of Porky Pig, and the bumbling antics of Mr. Magoo are all examples of images in our culture which can become the basis of negative attitudes and subliminal prejudice towards persons with disabilities. These attitudes influence and underlie discriminatory acts, resulting in negative treatment and segregation. A teacher's ability to recognize and counter such images may well determine the success of inclusion and mainstreaming programs in our schools and society. Well-researched and well-written, this book offers practical guidance as grounded in solid research to schools that are wrestling with how to mainstream children with disabilities.

Butterflies in Bucaramanga

by Tanna Patterson-Z

Tanna Patterson-Z's fictionalized account of the 1998 kidnapping of Canadian diamond driller Edward Leonard by the leftist guerrilla forces of Colombia guides readers deep into the physical and political terrain of a beautiful but dangerous country that remains off-limits to the casual traveller. Butterflies in Bucaramanga is the story of a man caught in the collision between Western corporate imperatives and revolutionary politics – and whose unlikely obsession with the beautiful blue morpho butterfly proves the key to his survival, and his reunion with his family back home in British Columbia.

Open Pit

by Marguerite Pigeon

El Salvador, 2005: a group of Canadian human-rights activists are taken hostage by a former revolutionary fighter who demands that a new gold mine stops production. For Danielle Byrd, the situation is all too familiar, as she was there twenty years previously as an embedded journalist with a guerrilla faction during the country’s civil war. Now, her daughter Aida must herself travel to the scarred landscape and choose her allies carefully if she wants to see her mother alive once more. With character-driven action and imagery reminiscent of Georges Arnaud’s The Wages of Fear and a complex plot that recalls John Le Carré’s The Constant Gardener, Open Pit explores the legacy of violent conflict in a complex, shifting present.

The Insistent Garden

by Rosie Chard

"Edith Stoker’s father is building a wall in their backyard. A very, very high wall—a brick bulwark in his obsessive war against their hated neighbour Edward Black. It is 1969, and far away, preparations are being made for man to walk upon the moon. Meanwhile, in the Stokers’ shabby home in the East Midlands, Edith remains a virtual prisoner, with occasional visits from her grotesque and demanding Aunt Vivian serving as the only break in the routine. But when shy, sheltered Edith begins to quietly cultivate a garden in the shadow of her father’s wall, she sets in motion events that might gain her independence... and bring her face to face with the mysterious Edward Black. Rosie Chard’s followup to her award-winning debut Seal Intestine Raincoat unfolds like a grown-up take on The Secret Garden, an engrossing, often mordantly funny portrait of a young woman who miraculously finds her own pathway to freedom within the most stifling of environs."

The Orchard Keepers

by Robert Pepper-Smith

Robert Pepper-Smith’s trilogy of novels chronicling the lives of those with deep roots in the orchard lands of British Columbia comes full circle with this volume, collecting newly revised editions of The Wheel Keeper and House of Spells with Sanctuary.The Wheel Keeper introduced readers to Michael Guzzo, raised in one of the many immigrant families who flocked to the vineyards and orchards of the Kootenays. When the government plans to flood his village for a hydroelectric project, young Michael seeks escape with his rebellious cousin Maren, who is experiencing her own story of displacement.In House of Spells, Rose and Lacey are two teenagers from the region who share a vital connection to Michael. When Rose becomes pregnant, the wealthy Mr Giacomo offers to raise the child, but can this mysterious benefactor be trusted? Or is there something sinister going on behind the local entrepreneur’s offer?Finally, in the never-before-published Sanctuary, the stories of Michael, Rose and Lacey merge after Lacey goes in search of Michael in Central America.

Glycerine (Detective Lane Mystery #6)

by Garry Ryan

With the traumatic events of Foxed behind him, Detective Lane has been promoted to the head of the Calgary Major Crimes Unit, a position that brings new responsibilities, as well as a new partner in the form of headstrong rookie Nigel Li. Lane and Li’s first case, an investigation into the death of a migrant worker, points them in the direction of John A. Jones, the leader of a fractured community in northern Alberta, who has been suspected of bombing oil and gas pipelines. With the Calgary Stampede just days away, and anti-Muslim tension mounting in town in the wake of the “honour killing” of a young girl, Lane and Li must foil a potential terror attack.

To Me You Seem Giant (Nunatak First Fiction Series #47)

by Greg Rhyno

It’s 1994 and Pete Curtis can’t wait to get out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Already, he’s playing drums in a band whose songs belong on mix-tapes everywhere. Even though his new girlfriend seems underwhelmed, he knows it’s just a matter of time before he and his pals break big. Ten years later, Pete is stuck teaching high school in the hometown he longed to escape, while his former best friend and bandmate is a bona fide rock star. In his debut novel, with its compelling hook and realistically flawed characters, Greg Rhyno remembers the time signatures of mid-nineties. Told in two alternating decades, To Me You Seem Giant is a raucous and evocative story about the difficulties of living in the present when you can’t escape your past.

Herbert Has Lots For a Buck: How 12 Small Prairie Towns Reinvented Themselves for the 21st Century (Detective Lane Mystery #5)

by Elizabeth McLachlan

"Canada in the twenty-first century is a place of growth and expansion. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto have become word class destinations for business and tourism. Meanwhile, smaller, less prominent communities face changes of different sorts, as residents depart for the opportunities present in our country’s largest cities. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Canada’s prairie provinces. Despite changes in population and the loss of such essential services as schools, post offices, and grain elevators, many of Canada’s oldest prairie communities—communities like Craik and Meacham in Saskatchewan, and Vulcan in Alberta—have defied the odds, facing death only to rise again. In Herbert Has Lots for a Buck, Elizabeth McLachlan investigates how these communities have capitalized on green initiatives, the growing influence of local artists, and even an uncanny connection to one of Star Trek’s most famous icons to not only survive beyond expectations, but thrive."

Santa Rosa: A Novel (Santa Rosa Trilogy Ser. #3)

by Wendy McGrath

What is real when seen through the eyes of a child? When does the harshness of reality transform idyllic memories? The young narrator of Santa Rosa seeks the answers to these questions as she tries to make sense of the disintegration of her parents' marriage—a process echoed by the slow disintegration of their neighbourhood. In subtle poetic prose, Wendy McGrath evokes afternoons at the fair captured in overexposed photographs, and a family's disquieting day at the beach as moments that exist apart from time, in a place where every sense is heightened, and where every memory is sharpened as if in a lucid dream where understanding lies just beyond reach.

The Prison and the Factory: Origins of the Penitentiary System (Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology)

by Dario Melossi Massimo Pavarini

This new edition of The Prison and the Factory, a classic work on radical criminology, includes two new, long essays from the authors and a foreword from Professor Jonathan Simon (UC Berkeley). In the two essays, Melossi and Pavarini reflect on the origins, development and fortune of The Prison and the Factory in relation to the debates surrounding mass incarceration that have taken place since this book was first published 40 years ago. The reputation of the original work has long been established worldwide, and this updated version will be of very special interest to scholars of the criminal justice system, penology, and Marxist theory. This seminal book examines the links between the development of capitalist political economy and changing forms of social control. Melossi and Pavarini analyse the connection between the creation of penal institutions and regimes in Europe and the USA, and the problems generated by the emergence of capitalist social relations. They provide a thorough neo-Marxist view of emergent capitalism and the penal mechanisms which are constructed to deal with the problem of labour. Contemporary to but independent from the work of Michel Foucault, Melossi and Pavarini combine research on the development of penal philosophies and institutions with a rigorous account of changing forms of capital accumulation, focusing on the use, and the problem, of labour under capitalist relations.

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XLI (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology #1232)

by David K. Harrison Joseph C. LaManna Pan-Dong Ryu Sang-Suk Lee

This book presents cutting-edge papers and perspectives on the transport of oxygen to tissues by scientists in a multitude of disciplines such as biochemistry, engineering, mathematics, medicine, physics, physiology, veterinary and complementary medicine. The book is composed of the following 6 parts: Brain Oxygenation and Function, Tumor Oxygenation and Metabolism, Muscle Oxygenation and Sports Medicine, Cell Metabolism and Tissue Oxygenation, Methodology of O2 Measurements, and Special Topics. The articles in this book have been presented at the 46th annual meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT 2018) held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from July 1 to July 5, 2018. Academics, clinical and industry researchers, engineers, as well as graduate students who are interested in oxygen transport to tissue will find this book a great reference and a useful learning resource.

Evaluating Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects: An Ethnographic Approach

by Tony Kealy

This book discusses sustainable development decision-making. Focusing on decisions to invest in wind turbine technology as part of a corporation’s CO2 emission reduction strategy, it presents a new evaluation framework, based on the triple bottom line framework widely used by businesses to communicate their adherence to corporate social responsibility. This new framework allows the evaluation of strategic corporate decisions to invest in wind turbines to mitigate global warming in the context of a corporation’s social responsibility, and includes an objective measurement stage to add rigor to the evaluation process. The book describes the use of measured data from wind turbine projects to both develop and validate the methodology, and also identifies key enablers and barriers as businesses attempt to successfully integrate corporate social responsibility into their overall business strategy. Given its scope, the book appeals to postgraduate students, researchers, and business professionals interested in the environmental impact of corporations. Featuring case studies from Ireland, it is particularly relevant to audiences within Europe.

Life Engineering: Mehr Lebensqualität dank maschineller Intelligenz?

by Hubert Österle

Maschinelle Intelligenz verändert unser Leben. Der Datenverkehr im Internet, digitale Assistenten sowie Sensoren in Haushalten, Autos und Wearables liefern Daten, die von Unternehmen gesammelt und genutzt werden, um Muster des menschlichen Verhaltens zu extrahieren. Es ist an der Zeit, zu entscheiden, ob diese Entwicklung dem Wohle der Menschen zugutekommt oder nur zur Ansammlung von Kapital und Macht ohne Rücksicht auf die menschliche Lebensqualität führt.Dieses Buch integriert die Perspektiven verschiedener Disziplinen – Informatik, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften, Politikwissenschaft, Psychologie, Philosophie, Neurowissenschaften, Ethik und Religion. Hubert Österle fördert damit die Debatte über die Zukunft von Mensch und Maschine, über Glück und Evolution sowie über die großen Veränderungen, die die digitale Technologie mit sich bringt. Das Buch ist ein Manifest, das zur Gründung einer neuen –integrierten – Disziplin aufruft: Life Engineering.Der InhaltLeben mit maschineller IntelligenzLebensassistenz im Jahre 2030Maschinelle Intelligenz im Jahre 2030LebensqualitätEvolution mit LebensqualitätKonsequenzen für Individuen, Unternehmen und GesellschaftDisziplin Life EngineeringAgenda für das Life EngineeringStimmen zum BuchDie maschinelle Intelligenz ist eine Herausforderung für Menschen, Unternehmen und Politik. Das Buch liefert eine gründliche Analyse der technologischen Trends und ihrer Chancen und Gefahren für die Lebensqualität. Ausgehend von der Maxime des Glücks des Homo Digitalis formuliert Österle teilweise außerordentlich provokative Fragen wie etwa nach dem Wert der Privatheit. Gerade derartige Fragen und die vom Mainstream abweichenden Antworten auf Basis nachvollziehbarer Überlegungen machen es zur Pflichtlektüre.Thomas Hess, Professor und Direktor des Instituts für Wirtschaftsinformatik und neue Medien der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München und Sprecher des Internet Business ClustersDieses Buch ist eine äußerst realistische Aufarbeitung technologischer Trends und ihrer Konsequenzen für die Lebensqualität der Menschen. Die aufgeworfenen Fragen und die Versuche rationaler Antworten widersprechen vielen der heute breit akzeptierten Ansichten, insbesondere zur Autonomie des Menschen. Ob man zustimmt oder nicht, den Herausforderungen für das Individuum, die Unternehmen, die Politik und die Zivilgesellschaft müssen wir uns stellen.Henning Kagermann, ehemaliger CEO der SAP AG sowie Vorsitzender der Nationalen Plattform Elektromobilität, des Arbeitskreises Industrie 4.0 und des Fachforums Autonome Systeme

Geomorphologie: Proceedings Of The Walter F. Wood Memorial Symposium, 3rd International Conference On Geomorphology, Mcmaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, August 23-28, 1993 (Zeitschrift Für Geomorphologie Ser. #Vol. 101)

by Richard Dikau Katharina Eibisch Jana Eichel Karoline Meßenzehl Manuela Schlummer-Held

Dieses Lehrbuch vermittelt Ihnen Einblicke, wie Gletscher, Bergstürze, Flüsse oder Vulkanausbrüche die Reliefformen unserer Erde erschaffen, verändern und zerstören. Sie erfahren, welch außerordentliche Vielzahl der von Menschen unberührten natürlichen Prozesse an der Formung der Erdoberfläche mitwirken. Unser Buch hilft Ihnen, diese Vielfalt zu ordnen und in eine übersichtliche Systematik zu bringen. Die einzelnen Prozesse und Formen werden in Grundzügen beschrieben und mit zahlreichen fotographischen Beispielen dokumentiert. Daneben bieten wir Ihnen allgemeine Grundlagen für das Verständnis der reliefformenden Prozesse, wie die Art und Weise der Wissensgewinnung oder die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Reliefformen. Um Ihnen einen Einblick in die Praxis des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens zu geben, haben wir zwei Fallstudien in das Lehrbuch aufgenommen. Sie zeigen exemplarisch, welche Konsequenzen die menschlichen Eingriffe in die Reliefformen bewirken können und welche Folgen in Zukunft möglich sind. Wir erhoffen uns, dass dieses Lehrbuch Wissen vermittelt, Fragen beantwortet, den Blick auf unsere Erdoberfläche schärft und Leidenschaften für die natürlichen Reliefformen weckt. Als Bestandteil des Naturschönen bilden sie Erscheinungen, die es zu erhalten und zu schützen gilt.

Computer Security: ESORICS 2019 International Workshops, CyberICPS, SECPRE, SPOSE, and ADIoT, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, September 26–27, 2019 Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #11980)

by John Mylopoulos Steven Furnell Frédéric Cuppens Sokratis Katsikas Costas Lambrinoudakis Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro Nora Cuppens Christos Kalloniatis Annie Antón Stefanos Gritzalis Weizhi Meng Frank Pallas Jörg Pohle Angela Sasse

This book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Security of Industrial Control Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems, CyberICPS 2019, the Third International Workshop on Security and Privacy Requirements Engineering, SECPRE 2019, the First International Workshop on Security, Privacy, Organizations, and Systems Engineering, SPOSE 2019, and the Second International Workshop on Attacks and Defenses for Internet-of-Things, ADIoT 2019, held in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, in September 2019, in conjunction with the 24th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security, ESORICS 2019. The CyberICPS Workshop received 13 submissions from which 5 full papers and 2 short papers were selected for presentation. They cover topics related to threats, vulnerabilities and risks that cyber-physical systems and industrial control systems face; cyber attacks that may be launched against such systems; and ways of detecting and responding to such attacks. From the SECPRE Workshop 9 full papers out of 14 submissions are included. The selected papers deal with aspects of security and privacy requirements assurance and evaluation; and security requirements elicitation and modelling and to GDPR compliance. The SPOSE Workshop received 7 submissions from which 3 full papers and 1 demo paper were accepted for publication. They demonstrate the possible spectrum for fruitful research at the intersection of security, privacy, organizational science, and systems engineering.From the ADIoT Workshop 5 full papers and 2 short papers out of 16 submissions are included. The papers focus on IoT attacks and defenses and discuss either practical or theoretical solutions to identify IoT vulnerabilities and IoT security mechanisms.

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