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Frommer's Caribbean Ports of Call

by Christina Paulette Colón

Completely updated every other year, Frommer's Caribbean Ports of Call takes a fresh look at the most classic cruise destination. Our author, who has lived in Bonaire and Belize, and, hits all the highlights, from Cape Canaveral to Martinique. She's experienced all of the cruise lines inperson, and offers authoritative, candid reviews that will help you find the line and the itinerary that suit your tastes and budget. You'll also get up-to-the-minute coverage of shopping and nightlife in ports of embarkation as well as ports of call and in-depth coverage of local dining and excursions in various caribbean destinations. Frommer's Caribbean Ports of call offers advice on planning a successful cruise; and gives you the tools you need to experience the best of each destination you'll visit.

A Tale of Two Biddies

by Kylie Logan

[From the back cover:] "When it comes to solving mysteries, these ladies are in a league of their own... Summer can be the best of times or the worst of times for the resort town of Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie. For Bea Cartwright, business is booming as guests storm her B and B for the Bastille Day celebration. In honor of the holiday, the League of Literary Ladies is reading the Charles Dickens classic A Tale of Two Cities. It would be hard to make a more appropriate selection--especially when they have their very own Defarge sisters, elderly twins Margaret and Alice, who run the local knitting shop. On Bastille Day, the head-banging rock band Guillotine shows their chops for the tourists--but the celebration is soon cut short. With something needling the Defarge dowagers and secrets that lead to murder, solving this mystery will be a far, far better thing than the Literary Ladies have done before. They'll just have to make sure to keep their heads while they try to stop a killer's reign of terror..." Enjoy the other books in this series from the Bookshare collection including #1 Mayhem at the Orient Express and #3 The Legend of Sleepy Harlow.

Enemies with Benefits

by Louisa George

The last man on earth she should hook up with! Poppy Spencer has discovered that there's one thing worse than Christmas alone in her flat, and that's spending it with Isaac Blair-her sworn-enemy-turned-reluctant-flatmate! And that's not just because he knows all her secrets...but because his sexy-as-sin smile and taut physique are making her all hot and flustered-despite the icy cold outside! Unless a casual hookup is just the thing she needs...? It'll certainly break the simmering tension between them. The trouble is, with their history, this is going to be anything but casual!

Your Bed or Mine?

by Joss Wood

Breaking her man-ban! Tori Phillips has spent years looking for The One. Unfortunately she's never been able to find the right one-and when she catches her latest Mr. Wrong in flagrante with another woman she imposes a man-ban. But Tori suddenly finds herself regretting her promise when a slight misjudgment finds her in the wrong bed with her new roommate, irresistibly sexy Matt. Matt knows from experience how much trouble love can cause, so he's steering clear of forever. But one night with sex-bomb Tori can't hurt. After all, it's only a fling-the hardest decision they have to make is her bed or his. Right...?

Sleeping with the Soldier

by Charlotte Phillips

A sleepless night too many! All Lara Connor knows about the hot-as-sin guy who lives above her is that his nocturnal activities are keeping her awake. A lot. Fed up-and not at all jealous!-she decides to confront the man head-on. Big mistake! Because, face-to-face, Lara sees just why so many women fall into Alex's bed! Nights have been sheer torture for ex-soldier Alex ever since he returned from active duty, but he's not about to share that with Lara. But when she becomes his unexpected flatmate, temptation personified is sleeping in the room next door, and keeping his distance is going to be difficult. Impossible. In's the perfect opportunity to show her just why sleep is so overrated...

The Morning After the Night Before

by Nikki Logan

The ultimate walk of shame! After a party to celebrate her career freedom-aka telling her arrogant boss exactly where he can stick his job-Izzy should be waking up with just a hangover. Instead she finds herself in bed with said boss: Harry Mitchell. Just. Great. Harry doesn't sleep with employees, and waking up with Izzy is not the start to the day he imagined. But having her sprawled beneath him feels like heaven. Even better is the fact that, since Izzy's resigned, Harry can break his own rule-over and over again!

Dating Dr. Delicious

by Laura Iding

Jake Holt - Chicago Care Hospital's Hottest Doc! <P> It's Hannah Stewart's first day as a surgical intern at Chicago's busiest hospital and she couldn't be more excited - those long, hard years of study are about to pay off. Then she meets Dr Jake Holt - her new boss...and her reckless, completely out-of-character one-night stand! <P> Jake is suspicious. Did Hannah know who he was when she slept with him? Past experience has led to his strict 'no relationships at work' rule. But his new intern is proving to be a distraction impossible to ignore...!

Their Marriage Miracle

by Sue Mackay

A marriage in a million Dr Fiona Fraser's heart skips a beat the moment she lands in Hanmer Springs; she's about to face Dr Tom Saville, her new boss - and the husband she hasn't seen for years. They were separated by the heartbreak of losing their baby, and Fiona has found no amount of running away can dull the pain. She longs to build bridges, although her head tells her to keep it strictly professional. But Tom's incredible smile and sexy charisma might be enough for Fiona to find the courage to take this second chance at happiness...

Partners By Contract

by Kim Lawrence

The unforgettable Dr Carlyle... <P> Dr Phoebe Miller was settling in well to her new practice - until senior partner Dr Connor Carlyle returned from his holiday and sparks began to fly between them! The tension wasn't just professional: it was definitely personal... <P> Conno was Phoebe's first love, but years ago she'd been forced to accept he was bound to another woman. Her sister. Connor was now free, though, and he wasn't letting Phoebe disappear from his life again. He was determined to keep her as his partner at the practice - and for life!

Father in Secret

by Fiona Mcarthur

He had to trust her with his secret<P> For once, Dr. Theo McWilliams had more on his mind than Bendbrook Hospital's Emergency Department. He was involved in a custody battle with his ex-wife for his four-year-old son, Sam. Life was complicated enough -- and then Sister Savannah Laine arrived.<P> Despite Theo's reluctance, a growing attraction developed between them, but he couldn't bring himself to tell Savannah about Sam. Only Savannah had already been hurt by another man's secrets, and Theo had to find a way to tell Savannah about this before he lost the trust of the woman he loved....

Delivering Love

by Fiona Mcarthur

A pregnant pause!<P> Jake Sheppard made no secret of his disapproval of midwife, Poppy McCrae's use of complementary therapies. Poppy was furious and accused the handsome pediatrician of being a stubborn stuffed shirt.<P> Professional disagreement didn't stand in the way of an emerging passion and soon Poppy became pregnant. At first she couldn't contemplate marriage to a man so adverse to her principles. But pregnancy seemed to galvanize her priorities, and when Poppy discovered the reason behind Jake's mistrust of her methods, she found herself hoping it wasn't too late to change her mind.

The Doctor's Mistress

by Lilian Darcy

Paramedic with a passion<P> A&E doctor Byron Black hoped to make a new life for himself and his daughter. Maybe even date a little. As a single parent, it had been too long. He knew he would cope with the pace of the emergency department, but was unprepared for the overwhelming passion that hit him when he met paramedic Hayley Kennett. Drawn into an intense and secret affair, Hayley realized, too late, Byron could offer nothing more. He lost his heart when he lost Tori's mother. Having reawakened his ardor, Hayley now had to rescue his emotions.

Their Very Special Marriage

by Kate Hardy

Rachel Bedingfield, GP:<P> With two beautiful children, a successful job and a husband whom she loves beyond anything, Rachel should have a life to envy. She just wishes she had more time on ther hands, for herself and for Oliver.<P> Oliver Bedingfield, GP:<P> A full-time doctor and senior partner, Oliver can't help the fact that he seems more married to his work than to his family at the moment. He loves Rachel and his children so much, but they just don't seem able to communicate any more.<P> However, their relationship is very special - and it's only a matter of time before they realize that theirs is very much a marriage worth keeping...

His Emergency Fiancée

by Kate Hardy

From fake fiancee... to wife for real? <P> Playboy A&E doctor Ben Robertson has an emergency, he needs a fiancee quick! He'd invented a fiancee to keep a certain person happy who is now demanding to meet his bride-to-be. Ben has no choice but to beg his housemate, surgeon Kirsty Brown to play the part. <P> Kirsty reluctantly agrees, but regrets her decision as soon as she discovers what's involved: she's expected to wear Ben's ring, attend engagement parties as his blushing bride and share his bed! Ben is her friend not her lover - so why is she suddenly wishing she was his real fiancee after all?

Doctor's Mile-High Fling

by Tina Beckett

Three things occur to medical pilot Blake Taylor as Dr Molly McKinna boards his plane:<P> 1) Why would someone petrified of flying take a job in remotest Alaska?<P> 2) His new colleague is a city girl through and through - this should be interesting!<P> 3) His resolve to be all work and no play is slipping by the minute...!

A Bond Between Strangers

by Scarlet Wilson

Yesterday John Carter and Lily Grayson were strangers. Now, following an IVF mix-up, their genes are bound together for ever - only someone else is carrying their child! John's only thought is to get his baby back...until he realises that Lily is the person he truly needs to complete his life...The Most Precious Bundle of All Tears, triumphs and a tiny miracle

The Desert Surgeon's Secret Son

by Olivia Gates

The Sheikh's new-found son<P> Seven years ago sheikh and surgeon Ghaleb Aal Omraan chose duty over love and left Viv LaSalle with a broken heart and -unknowingly - a baby. Now their little boy Sam is desperate to meet his father, but is Ghaleb ready to be a dad?<P> Stunned that his new Director of Surgery is Viv, Ghaleb finds his passion for her is as strong as ever. But his impending marriage of state convinces Viv that she must escape with Sam before Ghaleb discovers he is the boy's father. Except now Ghaleb knows he wants Viv and Sam more than anything. More even, then his throne.

Desert Prince, Expectant Mother

by Olivia Gates

Crown Prince Faress Aal Rasheed, a talented surgeon, is fiercely attracted to Larissa McPherson. From the first moment she saw him Larissa was overwhelmed. A volunteer surgical trainer for the Global Aid Organization Larissa has come to Faress' country looking for answers for her unborn child...never expecting to fall in love...

Airborne Emergency

by Olivia Gates

Fasten your seatbelts ... turbulence ahead!<P> Surgeon Cassandra St. James can't wait to join the Global Aid Organization's new flying Jet Hospital. Nothing could be more thrilling and challenging ... until she encounters mission leader Vidal Santiago.<P> What is this millionaire plastic surgeon, the man she loves and loathes, doing on a humanitarian mission? Has Cassandra misjudged him? And can the jet-setting surgeons control the unwanted passion that flares between them?

Emergency Marriage

by Olivia Gates

A marriage made in crisis!<P> Dr. Laura Burnside is pregnant, single and alone. Her dream job as head of Global Aid Organization in Argentina has been snatched out of her hands by the arrogant Dr. Armando Salazar. She has nowhere to go.<P> And then Armando makes a proposal that turns her world upside down. Marry him. Give her child a father. Continue her vital emergency work in this beautiful country, And give in to the passion that has raged between her and the devastating Argentinian since their first meeting...

Earthquake Baby

by Amy Andrews

Their lives were changed in an instant....<P> Trapped under a collapsed building, Laura Scott thought she would never survive. As the choking dust enveloped her, one man kept her alive and lifted her to safety - Dr. Jack Riley.<P> That life-saving moment led to a night of unforgettable intimacy. It was as if they'd been together for ever. Yet in the morning Laura left without a trace.<P> It's ten years before they meet again, and Jack discovers not only how real their connection was, but also that Laura is the mother of a ten-year-old child...

A Mother For His Family

by Alison Roberts

A trip to Paradise...<P> Short-term, Nurse Sarah Mitchell wants to relax on her Fijian holiday. Long-term, she'd love to foster a child. The last things she wants in a fling with a playboy doctor on a Pacific island. Until she discovers she's got Dr. Ben Dawson all wrong...<P> After a cyclone hits the tropics, Sarah sees the true Ben -- nd incredibly talented surgeon with a big heart, a past, and a daughter in need of Sarah's special TLC. But Ben's attempts at love have hurt his daughter before -- how can he trust his own instincts again? Can this beautiful woman really be the right mother for his child?

Doctor At Risk

by Alison Roberts

An injured doctor ... and his determined nurse!<P> Dr. Ross Turnball and Nurse Wendy Watson fell in love on an Urban Search and Rescue course. It ending explosively, with a dramatic mission to rescue people from a bombed shopping mall - and an accident that nearly claimed Ross's life. Now Ross struggles to regain her health - and he's terrified he'll lose Wendy's love. Wendy knows that as long as she's with Ross nothing else matters. But can she persuade him of that?

Emergency: Christmas

by Alison Roberts

When a tragic event bonds Dr. Mark Wallace to Penelope Baker, he proposes. But when Mark finds out that Penelope originally began dating him to make another man jealous, will it take another life-or-death crisis for Penelope to prove the true depth of her love?

The Playboy Doctor

by Sarah Morgan

He wasn't her type!<P> Hard-working and dedicated Dr. Joanna Weston was everything she believed a frivolous playboy like her new locum, Seb Macaulay, wasn't. Every woman he met adored him, and Joanna was frostily determined to be the exception.<P> How wrong could she have been?<P> Little by little, Seb's warmth broke down Joanna's protective barriers and she began to fall in love with the man and the doctor she never truly knew. But Joanna was intensely vulnerable, and someone as devastatingly gorgeous as Seb could easily break her heart...

Showing 3,026 through 3,050 of 9,603 results


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