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I Saw the Light

by Colin Escott George Merritt William Macewen

The book that inspired the major motion picture I Saw the Light. Originally published as Hank William: The Biography.In his brief life, Hank Williams created one of the defining bodies of American music. Songs such as "Your Cheatin' Heart," "Hey, Good Lookin'," and "Jambalaya" sold millions of records and became the model for virtually all country music that followed. But by the time of his death at age twenty-nine, Williams had drunk and drugged and philandered his way through two messy marriages and out of his headline spot on the Grand Ole Opry. Even though he was country music's top seller, toward the end he was so famously unreliable that he was lucky to get a booking in a beer hall. Colin Escott's enthralling, definitive biograph--now the basis of the major motion picture I Saw the Light--vividly details the singer's stunning rise and his spectacular decline, revealing much that was previously unknown or hidden about the life of this country music legend.

Hunting Season

by James Harkin

Based on his groundbreaking reporting for Vanity Fair, Hunting Season is award-winning journalist James Harkin's harrowing investigation into the abduction, captivity, and execution of James Foley and the fate of more than two-dozen other ISIS hostages. On August 19, 2014, the jihadist rebel group known as ISIS uploaded a video to YouTube. Entitled "Message to America," the clip depicted the final moments of American journalist James Foley's life--and the gruesome aftermath of his beheading at the hands of a masked executioner. Foley's murder--and the choreographed killings that would follow--captured the world's attention, and the Islamic State's kidnapping campaign exploded into war. Hunting Season is a riveting account of how the world's newest and most powerful terror franchise came to target Western hostages, who was behind it, and why almost no one knew about it until it was too late.ror franchise and what it means for modern war.

School of Dreams

by Edward Humes

What is the price of an education at a top public high school?Whitney High delivers everything we ask of a school: a love of learning, a sense of mission, and SAT scores to die for. But there are unintended consequences to attending the school of our dreams, as author Edward Humes found during his year inside this world of high achievement and high pressure.Students work nearly around the clock, building futures to please parents as much as themselves. Their drug of choice? Caffeine. Their goal? Getting into a top college. Their biggest fear? Not living up to their families' stratospheric expectations. But what these kids have going for them is the extraordinary community within Whitney High-- a school with doors open seven days a week, where teachers love teaching and the students linger long after the school day ends.


by Lisa Hilton

A new portrait that casts the queen as she saw herself: not as an exceptional woman, but as an exceptional ruler Queen Elizabeth I was all too happy to play on courtly conventions of gender when it suited her "weak and feeble woman's body" to do so for political gain. But in Elizabeth, historian Lisa Hilton offers ample evidence why those famous words should not be taken at face value. With new research out of France, Italy, Russia, and Turkey, Hilton's fresh interpretation is of a queen who saw herself primarily as a Renaissance prince and used Machiavellian statecraft to secure that position. A decade since the last major biography, this Elizabeth breaks new ground and depicts a queen who was much less constrained by her femininity than most treatments claim. For readers of David Starkey and Alison Weir, it will provide a new, complex perspective on Elizabeth's emotional and sexual life. It's a fascinating journey that shows how a marginalized newly crowned queen, whose European contemporaries considered her to be the illegitimate ruler of a pariah nation, ultimately adapted to become England's first recognizably modern head of state.

I'm an Alien and I Want to Go Home

by Marty Kelley Jo Franklin

Daniel has nothing in common with his family or classmates and has only two friends. He feels so alienated that he might as well be an alien. When he learns that his mom has saved a newspaper clipping about a meteor that landed nearby on his birthday, he embraces his alien heritage and launches a mission to return to his home planet. Despite mishaps, mixups, and a crisis at every turn, Daniel and his mission team--friends Eddie and Gordon the geek--energetically pursue their goal. But when Mom and Dad are drawn into danger as a result, Daniel may have to rethink his plan. This is a fast-paced illustrated page-turner with a laugh on every page.

CliffsNotes Grade 6 Common Core Math Review

by Sandra Luna Mccune

Nearly half of adults, including parents of middle-school students, have never heard of the Common Core State Standards, let alone have a working knowledge of what exactly their children face when it comes to middle-school math. Even teachers acknowledge struggling with how best to teach their students these math standards.CliffsNotes comes to the rescue with this Grade 6 Common Core Math Review. Aligned to the state standards, this book provides essential coverage of the Grade 6 CCSS math that's challenging middle-school students, teachers, and parents alike.The material covers all of the math standards that comprise Grade 6 CCSS math: * Ratios and proportional relationships * The number system * Geometry * Expressions and equations * Statistics and probabilityTwo practice tests round out the book, plus every review chapter includes example problems.

Attempted Chemistry

by Jeff Gomez

Chemistry is what everyone hopes for when meeting somebody for the first time. Yet, too often, relationships soon evolve into a union akin to rubbing two wet sticks together and hoping for fire, then hanging on for dear life should the spark produce flames of any size. In Attempted Chemistry, Jeff Gomez, author of the cult favorite Our Noise, charts the lives and loves of a variety of Manhattan men and women who find that it's not establishing the foundation of a relationship that's difficult, it's building the whole house that's hard. In sharp prose and dead-on dialogue, these characters lead lives of restless discontent and desperation. There's Daniel and Eileen, a newly cohabiting boyfriend and girlfriend who are quickly realizing the difference between dating and living together; Josh and Kendra, a young married couple who are facing the first real challenges of their marriage; Keith and Brie, a couple who lie to themselves as much as to each other; and the singles Rick, Mike, Leslie, and Cressandra, all of whom try for love in various guises, yet just can't seem to make a connection. Sad, funny, and poignant, Attempted Chemistry is a book about trying to find communion with another soul; a process that all of us have gone through at some point in our lives, in our search for love, happiness, and, of course, chemistry.


by Alan Goldsher

Jam is a passionate tale of money-hungry musicians, sleazy record companies, over-adoring fans, the majesty of jazz, and ultimately, a creative soul who is true to himself and to his art.

Turning Japanese

by David Galef

Gou ni itte wa, gou ni shitagae, runs an old Japanese proverb: Obey the customs of the village you enter. Just don't overdo things. It may already be too late for Cricket Collins, a recent Ivy League graduate who travels to Osaka for his first real job as an English instructor. The time is late 1970s, with Japan quickly becoming the new find-yourself region that India was to the backpack set in the 1960s. From pachinko parlors to paper cranes, tea ceremonies to translation problems, everything is entrancing to Cricket, at first, as he throws himself headfirst into a two-thousand-year-old culture. But soon he gets fired from his teaching job at Kansai Gakuin for petty theft, and on a brief trip to Korea he becomes embroiled in a sexual misadventure with painful after-effects. Spinning slowly out of orbit in his free-floating expatriate existence, he starts to lose touch with family, friends, and reality. It isn't until he returns home to America that he begins to turn Japanese with a vengeance. Turning Japanese is as much about the allure of a foreign culture as it is about the divided existence of an expat and the terrors of ones own mind. Be careful of breaking down the barriers between two cultures: the breakdown you create may be your own.


by David Galef

Obsession takes over two lives: one brazenly, the other more sneakily in this witty black comedy of lust, academia, and Southern manners. When bachelor history professor, Max Finster, arrives in the university community of Oxford, Mississippi, and moves in next door to Don and Susan Shapiro, all of their lives head for dramatic change. Narrator Don, a professor of English, gradually becomes fascinated by Max, his mysterious past, polymathic mind, chameleon personality and strange sexual agenda. Max gets busy ravishing a series of obese women, each larger than the previous one, as Don theorizes and looks on, sometimes literally, via a peephole he has drilled through the apartment wall. This sordid activity is set against a panorama of outwardly wholesome college life, but Don's insider perspective digs beneath the facades both of professorial pretense and the institutionalized civility of the South. First-time novelist Galef, himself a tenured professor , writes knowingly of the academic scene, sparing no one, and sheds a whole new light on the subtleties of male bonding.

Prayerfully Sinning

by Bryan Alec Floyd

Prayerfully Sinning is a novel in verse recounting the brief love affair of a lapsed Jesuit priest and an alcoholic coed.

The Long War Dead

by Bryan Alec Floyd

"Terse, hard hitting poems that treat the Vietnam War in the style of the Spoon River Anthology: portraits (often posthumous) of 47 marines who served in Vietnam and what the war did to them." -- Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Warp & Weft

by Edward J Delaney

Set in the gloomy depths of the granite-block textile mills of the industrial Northeast, Warp & Weft illuminates the lives of three generations of men who toil together. Carey, the leader of the small crew who load and unload the endless procession of trucks at the Chace Mill, worries about his wife's illness and tries to distract himself by pouring all his hopes into the fortunes of the mill's ragtag softball team; his wife, Joyce, finds herself facing the void more and more on her own. Dominic, the new hire who quit high school and arrived at the mill on his sixteenth birthday, tries to free himself from the inexplicable disapproval of his father, who was paralyzed years before when he, too, worked in the mills, and who has extolled his life of honest work he lost. Bento, who immigrated mid-life, worries about the decline of the strength he so proudly possessed, but fends off his wife's pleadings to move back to the old country before they die--she has become determined to not be buried in a place that never stopped being foreign from her beloved islands. As the summer of 1978 wears on, each man finds himself in more untenable struggle with gathering events, and with each other. Each will see his life changed, the interlocked threads of life's fabric in a world of unrelenting work and scarce circumstance.

The Rogues

by Jane Yolen Robert J. Harris

A Highland lad joins forces with a notorious Scottish "Robin Hood" to seek revenge on the greedy laird who destroyed the boy's village Authors Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris have garnered resounding critical acclaim for their thrilling historical novels that bring Scotland's colorful past to breathtaking life. Now they return to the Highlands with an enthralling tale of a young boy's lawless coming of age during the dark days of the Clearances. The early years of the 19th century are hard times for farmers in the Scottish Highlands. Young Roddy Macallan and his family are among the villagers cruelly driven from their lands when a new laird decides it would be more profitable to lease the ground to English sheep farmers. Returning in secret to the ruins of his home to retrieve a precious family heirloom--a "blessing" once presented to a Macallan ancestor by Bonnie Prince Charlie--Roddy is discovered and savagely beaten by order of the laird's sadistic enforcer, William Rood, who then steals the treasure for his master. Were it not for the timely arrival of the notorious outlaw Alan Dunbar, the boy would surely be dead. Taken under the wing of the infamous "Rogue," young Roddy begins a new life as a renegade. Now, against all odds and with the aid and guidance of his bold criminal mentor, the determined lad will seek a righteous vengeance on the powerful villains who wronged him and his clan.

Prince Across the Water

by Jane Yolen Robert J. Harris

A Highland lad comes of age at the brutal battle of Culloden in 18th-century Scotland In the year 1745, the cry goes out across the Scottish Highlands for every able-bodied Scotsman to take up arms in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Stalwart and brave but prone to sudden seizures, young Duncan longs to join his da and the other men of clan MacDonald in the noble fight against the English. His father decrees the boy must remain behind, but the call to war is impossible to ignore, and when Duncan learns of his uncle's death in battle, he joins his cousin Ewan and sets out to fight for their country and their prince. But the reality of war is not the glorious undertaking Duncan has long heard spoken of and sung in stirring ballads and stories--and on the battlefield of Culloden he will be tested in ways he never could have imagined and leave boyhood behind forever amid the blood, fire, and death. Critically acclaimed, award-winning authors Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris merge their considerable storytelling talents in a riveting, moving tale of a young boy's rocky and perilous road to manhood. Richly atmospheric and firmly based in fact, Prince Across the Water is enthralling historical fiction--a powerful and unforgettable journey back in time and an unflinching look at the true face of war.


by Vina Jackson

The chain and the leather belt still adorned her, although in different configurations, no longer binds but an integral part of her body, jewels of passion, branches of transgression that she had earned by her wanton abandon. Nursing the end of her dancing career and first love, Giselle Denoux returns home to Paris with a broken heart to face her disapproving family. At a flower shop in the Latin Quarter, she meets a magnetic artist named William Tremblay. Desperate to know more about him, Giselle signs on as one of his models--an act that binds them together, turning Giselle into both muse and master. When a horrifying accident forces them apart, Giselle jumps at the chance to work for a decadent affair known as the Ball, an event of sexual excess and delirium--one she's sure will heal her pain. At the Ball, Giselle moves up from dancer to madame, finessing her craft until an explosive moment many years later takes both her and William completely by surprise.

Flight of the Pummeled Parakeet #6

by Simon Cooper Sam Hay

The sixth book in this hilarious series about the Protector of Undead Pets and the zombie animals he helps. Joe's latest visitor had a fly-in with a window--splat! Now Pete the parakeet is dead, and his owner is going to be robbed! Pete needs Joe--the Protector of Undead Pets--to help prevent it from happening, but will Joe succeed so Pete can fly on to his final destination? Funny and full of adventure, this series is ideal for boys and girls seeking a fast-paced and amusing chapter book.

Who Was Blackbeard?

by Nancy Harrison James Buckley

Though much of his early life remains a mystery, Blackbeard most likely began his life as Edward Teach in the sailing port of Bristol, England. He began his career as a hired British sailor during Queen Anne's War. He eventually settled in the Bahamas under Captain Benjamin Hornigold who taught the young sailor to go "a-pirating." Soon enough, Blackbeard was commanding his own fleet and stealing ships around the Caribbean and up and down the Eastern seaboard. Known for his thick, black beard and fearsome reputation, the legend of Blackbeard has influenced pirate legend and lore for over 300 years.

Welcome to the Microbiome

by Rob Desalle Patricia J. Wynne Susan L. Perkins

Suddenly, research findings require a paradigm shift in our view of the microbial world. The Human Microbiome Project at the National Institutes of Health is well under way, and unprecedented scientific technology now allows the censusing of trillions of microbes inside and on our bodies as well as in the places where we live, work, and play. This intriguing, up-to-the-minute book for scientists and nonscientists alike explains what researchers are discovering about the microbe world and what the implications are for modern science and medicine. Rob DeSalle and Susan Perkins illuminate the long, intertwined evolution of humans and microbes. They discuss how novel DNA sequencing has shed entirely new light on the complexity of microbe-human interactions, and they examine the potential benefits to human health: amazing possibilities for pinpoint treatment of infections and other illnesses without upsetting the vital balance of an individual microbiome. This book has been inspired by an exhibition, The Secret World Inside You: The Microbiome, at the American Museum of Natural History, which will open in New York in early November 2015 and run until August 2016. It will then travel to other museums in the United States and abroad.

Search The Dark

by Charles Todd

The introspective hero of Wings of Fire and A Test of Wills (Edgar Award nominee) returns in Search the Dark, a provocative new mystery by Charles Todd. Inspector Ian Rutledge, haunted by memories of World War I and the harrowing presence of Hamish, a dead soldier, is "a superb characterization of a man whose wounds have made him a stranger in his own land. " (The New York Times Book Review) A dead woman and two missing children bring Inspector Rutledge to the lovely Dorset town of Singleton Magna, where the truth lies buried with the dead. A tormented veteran whose family died in an enemy bombing is the chief suspect. Dubious, Rutledge presses on to find the real killer. And when another body is found in the rich Dorset earth, his quest reaches into the secret lives of villagers and Londoners whose privileged positions and private passions give them every reason to thwart him. Someone is protecting a murderer. And two children are out there, somewhere, in the dark....

Home Business Tax Deductions

by Stephen Fishman

Keep your hard-earned money in your home business! Completely updated for 2012 returns! Tax deductions are essential to any business, but even more so when your office is also your home. Don't spend thousands on an accountant -- turn to Home Business Tax Deductions and do it yourself! Organized into categories of commonly-used deductions, Home Business Tax Deductions will help you write off: - your home office - start-up and operating expenses - vehicles,meals, entertainment, and travel - health insurance and medical bills - inventory - equipment This edition of Home Business Tax Deductions is completely updated with all the latest tax information, eligibility requirements, and deductions for 2012 returns, including up-to-date information on how the latest laws could affect your home business.

Deduct It!

by Stephen Fishman

Business tax deductions, from start-up to success -- learn how to Deduct It! Completely updated for 2012 returns! Understanding tax deductions is one of the keys to start-up success. Learn how to make more money for your small business by paying the IRS less -- let Deduct It! show you how to quickly maximize the business deductions you're legally entitled to. Learn how to make year-round business decisions that will pay off come tax time and avoid IRS problems with this comprehensive book. All the information you need is organized into practical categories featuring common deductions for small business owners, including: - start-up expenses - operating expenses - health deductions - vehicles - travel - entertainment - meals - inventory - equipment - and many more This edition is completely updated with all the latest tax information, eligibility requirements, and tax rates for 2012 returns, including substantive updates to the law. Whether your business is just starting or well-established, Deduct It! is indispensable to your venture.

Tax Savvy for Small Business

by Frederick W. Daily Jeffrey A Quinn

Getting your tax matters on track will free up your time to do what really counts: run a profitable business. Tax Savvy for Small Business can help you create a business tax strategy that can save you time, energy and money. It shows you how to: deduct operating expenses deduct travel, vehicle and entertainment expenses take advantage of tax credits write off long-term assets compare business structures keep solid business records handle an IRS audit ThIS completely updated edition of Tax Savvy for Small Business explains the latest tax breaks and IRS rules and forms.

Patent Pending in 24 Hours

by Richard Stim David Presman

Everything you need to protect your invention now The provisional patent application (PPA) is a quick, inexpensive and legal way to claim your invention--and buy yourself time to determine whether it's worthwhile to pursue a regular patent. Learn how to: conduct a patent search online complete all the necessary forms evaluate potential hurdles prepare informal drawings file your application, and file a new PPA to reflect modifications. The book also includes important legal forms to help you preserve your rights when showing or selling your invention: nondisclosure agreement patent assignment prototype-maker agreement joint-ownership agreement The 7th edition incorporates changes from the "America Invents Act," as well as recent revisions to patent rules and regulations. Thousands of people have used Patent Pending in 24 Hours successfully. You can, too!

Every Nonprofit's Tax Guide

by Stephen Fishman

Nonprofits enjoy privileges not available to other organizations. But these privileges come at a price: Nonprofits must comply with special IRS rules and regulations. This book covers what your organization must do to maintain its tax-exempt status. Practical, comprehensive, and easy to understand, Every Nonprofitâ TMs Tax Guide explains ongoing and annual IRS compliance requirements for nonprofits, including: a detailed look at Form 990 line-by-line instructions for Form 990-EZ conflicts of interest and compensation rules charitable giving rules unrelated taxable business income rules lobbying and political activity restrictions nonprofit bookkeeping other key tax rules Whether you are just starting your nonprofit or are well established, youâ TMll find all the information you need to avoid the most common issues nonprofits run into with the IRS.

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