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Off the Street

by Christopher Baughman

I couldn't put it down, and neither will you.--John Lescoart, New York Times best-selling author of the Dismas Hardy Novels and The Hunt Club Off the Street is detective Christopher Baughman's true life story of fighting to protect a class of women who are too easily forgotten and readily dismissed. Chris and the Las Vegas Pandering Investigation Team (PIT) wage war against the pimps who kidnap, trick, and beat women into submission and into a life of prostitution. What begins with an attempt to apprehend, arrest, and convict a pimp responsible for beating a woman with a baseball bat over a two-day period quickly spirals into something far more sinister. Chris shares the emotions of the victims, parents, and family members who are involved in this investigation and offers parents guidance on how to protect their daughters from these predators. Chris ventures back to his own youth, to a memory that served as the momentum for his passion for saving the people and the city he has sworn to protect.

KTLA's News At 10: Sixty Years with Stan Chambers

by Tom Brokaw Stan Chambers Hal Fishman

Over sixty years at KTLA News and twenty-two thousand stories, Stan Chambers, the godfather of Los Angeles newsies, has the unique distinction of being the first to break many nation-rocking stories. Stan steps out from behind the microphone to tell his side of the story and chronicles the evolution of the televised news world.

Body Trauma

by David W. Page

Body Trauma explains what happens to body organs and bones maimed by accident or intent and the small window of opportunity for emergency treatment. Research what happens in a hospital operating room and the personnel who initiate treatment. Use these facts to bring added realism to your stories and novels.

Fancy Feet

by Heidi Cave

A team of firefighters fought to save Heidi's life after a horrific accident that killed her best friend, burned over 53 percent of Heidi's body, and claimed both her legs. The following year followed countless surgeries, surviving, pain management, fighting, and loss. Until she finally faces the driver who changed her life, Heidi realizes she has one last hurdle: forgiveness.Heidi Cave is a well-respected advocate for burn survivors and amputees, and serves on a board of advisors for the BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Fund's efforts to build a research laboratory and treatment center in Vancouver.

Off the Street: Redemption

by Christopher Baughman

Sometimes justice takes a different path.For a hard-charging detective in the Pandering Investigative Team (PIT), deliverance comes in the manner of long prison sentences, humiliation, and bankruptcy for the animals who subjugate, beat, and torture women into selling their bodies, while reaping all the financial rewards. With that single-minded goal, Las Vegas detective Chris Baughman finds frustration and dead ends as he and his team work countless hours hunting down someone from his past - Mario Davis, a promising athlete whose bright future takes a sadistic U-turn. Helping Chris are two young women from Davis' stable of ten, who reach out to Chris for rescue after Mario severely beats them. Chris picks up the chase to find and finish Mario off for good, gratis of the Las Vegas penal system.But justice is complicated, and Chris fears the case is slipping through his fingers when the two women fear testifying against Mario. After being brutalized numerous times, there is still a shred of loyalty. No matter how frustrated Chris is, he knows he can't ask them to put their lives at further risk. Through countless hours and too many sleepless nights, he fears Mario will go free and there will be no justice for the victims. The tough lesson Chris must face is that his job offers a different kind of deliverance and rescue that is far more powerful and encouraging.As head of the Pandering Investigation Team and Human Trafficking Task Force, Christopher Baughman has changed the culture and scope of the crimes they investigate. He has arrested several of the wealthiest and most violent criminals in Las Vegas. This success caught the attention of investigative reporter Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator. Chris teaches the anatomy of pandering investigations to other departments across the nation, including members of the FBI and IRS, as well as federal parole and probation officers.

Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job

by Robert L. Leahy

Dr. Leahy's successful techniques draw upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and practices to help you boost your self-esteem and confidence, decrease anxiety and feelings of helplessness, and develop resilience and strength during your unemployment. By keeping your head and learning how to deal with this time, you can learn how to live your life more effectively once you get a job.

Donovan's Paradigm

by Lynn Price

New surgeon Kim Donovan runs afoul of lead surgeon Erik Behler when she tries to institute an innovative program that challenges the traditional foundations of medicine. The resulting fallout alters the terrain of their lives and the future of medicine within the hospital.

A Different Shade of Blue

by Ann Rule Adam Eisenberg

What's it like to be a female cop? Stripped of the television stereotypes and politically correct whitewashing, this is the on-the-record in their own names accounting from three generations of female officers. Black, white, lesbian, straight, feminist, married, single. The only thing they have in common is the badge and gun.

Back to the Mack

by Chris Wood

Back to the Mack is an ebook by award-winning journalist and author Chris Wood. It contains his seminal story about the Mackenzie River, "The Last Great Water Fight," first featured in the October 2010 issue of The Walrus. The ebook also includes "Back to the Mack," in which Wood returns to the Mackenzie four years after his original story and chronicles the development of natural resources affecting both the river and the extensive ecosystems and communities it supports. These two articles also serve as companion content to the brand-new original documentary, produced by the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation. Cold Amazon will be available to view for free as of March 17 at

I Was There the Night He Died

by Ray Robertson

"Ray Robertson is an irrepressible voice, with brass balls, and a heart of gold. I Was There the Night He Died is a hilarious, moving, insightful, and timely piece of modern realism, delightfully void of literary pretension. Here, at last, is a novel that rocks and rolls."-Jonathan Evison, author of The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving"So," she says. "Who died tonight?"Sam Samson, meet Samantha. Sam's a novelist: his dad has Alzheimer's, his mother died of stroke, his wife was killed seventeen months ago in a car crash. Samantha, eighteen, is a cutter. She lives across the street from Sam's parents' house. Marijuana and loneliness spark an unlikely friendship, which Sam finds hard to navigate, especially as his dad's condition worsens and the money for his care suddenly vanishes. Yet somehow, between a record player and a park bench, through late-night conversations about the deaths of Sam's musical heroes, and ultimately through each other, Sam and Samantha learn to endure the things they fear most.Starring a 40-something writer who stumbles through the small town he thought he'd left behind forever, and a marooned teenager who wishes she were anywhere else, I Was There The Night He Died is a saucy, swaggering look at loss, love, and the redeeming power of music in the twenty-first century.Praise for Ray Robertson,A Women's National Book Association Great Group Reads Author, 2013Shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Prize, 2011and the Trillium Prize, 2008 "Ray Robertson is the Jerry Lee Lewis of North American Letters."-Chuck Kinder, author of Honeymooners "Both playful and profound, laced with insight from music to history, politics to literature, high to low culture."-National Post "Robertson's art is as character-driven as Mordecai Richler's ... he wants us all to behave better and doesn't care who he angers along the way."-Globe and Mail

Paradise and Elsewhere

by Kathy Page

"Moody, shape-shifting, provocative and always as compelling as a strong light at the end of a road you hesitate to walk down...but will."-Amy BloomThe rubble of an ancient civilization. A village in a valley from which no one comes or goes. A forest of mother-trees, whispering to each other through their roots; a lakeside lighthouse where a girl slips into human skin as lightly as an otter into water; a desert settlement where there was no conflict, before she came; or the town of Wantwick, ruled by a soothsayer, where tourists lose everything they have. These are the places where things begin. New from the author of The Story of My Face, Paradise & Elsewhere is a collection of dark fables at once familiar and entirely strange: join the Orange Prize-nominated Kathy Page as she notches a new path through the wild, lush, half-fantastic and half-real terrain of fairy tale and myth. Praise for Paradise & Elsewhere"This vibrant, startlingly imaginative collection reminded me-as few collections have done in recent years-of both where stories come from, and why we need to tell them. Kathy Page is a massive talent: wise, smart, very funny and very humane."-Barbara Gowdy

Here Come the Moonbathers

by Patricia Young

Here Come the Moonbathers, is more dark, difficult and tragic than Patricia Young's earlier work. The poems in this collection have wild freedom, exploring the themes of love, longing and loss with grace, playfulness, and occasionally anger. There's a surreal edge to these poems, a personal, political and ecological vision, an incantatory vernacular and rhythm that makes these poems unforgettable.

The Properties of Things

by David Solway

The Properties of Things continues David Solway's explorations in the realm of fictive translation, this time that of the obscure thirteenth century scholar Bartolomaeus Anglicus. The result is a poetic alphabetary, ranging from the bawdy to the sublime.David Solway has been called "an internationalist of the imagination." He remains one of the country's most brilliant and inventive poets.

A Thaw Foretold

by Mike Barnes

Written between one January and the next, A Thaw Foretold is a passionate exploration of themes that are as timeless and recurrent as the seasons. In language that is both precisely vivid and particular, embracing both colloquial directness and formal elegance, the poems confront the elementals of love and loss, mortality and remembrance.

Lost Luggage

by Salvatore Ala

Journeys and interrupted journeys are a well established theme in literature. Gustave Von Aschenback's fateful journey back to Venice and his death began with lost luggage. So also with Salvatore Ala's new collection of poems -- his third. Lost luggage and the efforts to find the things of this world retrieved and redeemed are central to Ala's poems.

Straight Razor and Other Poems

by Salvatore Ala

Straight Razor and Other Poems brings together Salvatore Ala's new poems and selections from his privately published broadsides. It is a beautiful and original collection. Both formal and lyrical, it is the work of a determined and committed craftsman.

Zero Kelvin

by Richard Norman

Present-day astronomy, vast, complex, is looking through darkness to distant objects and times. Yet its discoveries aren't exclusively scientific: from the moons of Pluto to the Doppler effect, the night sky screens a place where math meets myth. Now, in Zero Kelvin, in scenes that shift from the mountains of Goma to the mountains of the moon, from galaxies that feast upon their neighbours to a solar sail unfurling above Earth's orbit, Richard Norman's poetry probes both newly glimpsed corners of the universe, and the myths which bring them into focus.ExperimentIt is a human urge-to orbit backwards at great speed.Experimentally, you do itand then the crack of lightning,the open-ended snowflake, splits the sky.Just as the sculptor cut the fat off space,you going backwards renders time.Seconds drop like filingswhen a magnet is turned off.Praise for Zero Kelvin"All at once the elements collapse and expand, become inseparable and remote, beautiful and terrifying - this is what Richard Norman's poems do to us. We feel stars, those tiny suns, as words blazing through the page; like dust or sand they leave a residue in our thoughts, worlds deep, so we might inadvertently carry them to work, or to the bed of a lover. Here is where language consumes us, absolute and intangible, between reality and myth." -Leigh Kotsildis, author of Hypotheticals

Red Girl Rat Boy

by Cynthia Flood

A Quill & Quire Best Book of the YearA Globe & Mail Best Short Fiction TitleA National Post Best Short Fiction TitleA January Magazine Best Book of the YearShortlisted for the 2014 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize"Complicated, passionate, genuine."-ChatelaineWomen. Young women, old women. The hair-obsessed, the politically driven, the sure-footed, the bony-butted, the awkward and compulsive and alone. Sleep-deprived and testy. Exhausted and accepting. Among the innumerable wives, husbands, sisters, and in-laws vexed by short temper and insecurity throughout this short story collection, Cynthia Flood's protagonists stand out as citizens of a reality that the rest of the world will only partially understand. New from the Journey Prize-winning author, Red Girl Rat Boy is a collection of astonishing range and assured technique, whose voices-gothic, peculiar, domestic, and strange-remain as passionate and complex as ever.Praise for Red Girl Rat Boy"Revenge and politics season this potent and passionate collection of stories. Flood excavates indelible histories that haunt even those who've shaken the dust of the past." -Aritha van Herk, author of Judith"Flood's eye is unflinching, her language energetic and precise, her vision bracing, passionate and entirely lacking in sentimentality."-Nancy Richler, author of The Imposter Bride"The notary in 'Dirty Work' has 'retired from witnessing how rough human existence is.' Fortunately for us, Cynthia Flood has not ... these stories prove her to be among our great North American fiction writers."-Betsy Warland, author of Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing"Raw energy is Cynthia Flood's territory. This is a superb collection."-Laurie Lewis, author of Little Comrades"Cynthia Flood is full of surprises. If there's one thing that characterizes her elegant, crystal-sharp short stories, it's that element of surprise ... they reward the attentive reader with surprise and delight"-Dave Margoshes, author of A Book of Great WorthIn each story we observe and feel the impact of this fact: the seemingly mundane things we say determine how we perceive (and don't perceive) everything. In every respect, Cynthia Flood's narrative acuity confirms that she is among our great North American fiction writers."-Betsy Warland, author of Breathing the Page-Reading the Act of Writing"Cynthia Flood's stories in Red Girl Rat Boy whirl though a sometimes bewildering kaleidoscopic world. Her quirky characters-strangers and neighbours, kids and comrades-dart and duck through fragments of memory, needy and demanding. Raw energy is their territory. There is mystery and mayhem in the family, in the party, in the house across the street, and in a few characters you hope you will never meet in a dark alley. This is a superb collection."-Laurie Lewis, author of Little Comrades

The Strength of Bone

by Lucie Wilk

An Best Book of 2013: Top 100/Editors' Pick"A gorgeous debut."-JOSEPH BOYDEN, author of Through Black Spruce and The OrendaAt the hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, Bryce is learning to predict the worst. Racing heart: infection, probably malaria. He'll send Iris for saline. Shortness of breath? TB. Another patient rolled to the ward. And the round swellings, the rashes with dimpled centres, the small rough patches on a boy's foot? HIV. Iris will make him comfortable. They'll move on.Then there will be sleeplessness, rationed energy, a censuring of hope: the doctor's disease. Iris sees that one all the time.Henry Bryce has come to Blantyre to work off the grief he feels for his old life, but he can't adjust to the hopelessness that surrounds him. He relies increasingly upon Sister Iris's steady presence. Yet it's not until an accident brings them both to a village outpost that Bryce realizes the personal sacrifices Iris has made for her medical training, or that Iris in turn comes to fathom the depth of Henry's loss.The Strength of Bone is the story of a Western doctor, a Malawian nurse, and the crises that push both of them to the brink of collapse. With biting emotion and a pathological eye for detail, novelist and medical doctor Lucie Wilk demonstrates how, in a place where knowledge can frustrate as often as it heals, true strength requires the flexibility to let go.Advance Praise for The Strength of Bone"In supple, beautiful prose, Lucie Wilk recounts a doctor's struggle with technology and faith, and with the mysteries of death and love ... The Strength of Bone is an extraordinary look at the clash of worlds."-ANNABEL LYON, author of The Golden Mean and The Sweet GirlLucie Wilk grew up in Toronto and completed her medical training in Vancouver. Her short fiction has been nominated for the McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize Anthology, longlisted for a CBC Canada Writes literary prize, and has appeared in Descant, Prairie Fire and Shortfire Press. She is working toward an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. She practices medicine and lives with her husband and two children in London, UK.


by Donald Winkler Mauricio Segura

An Best Book of 2013: Top 100/Editors' Pick"Captivating . . . a story of blood, hatred, vengeance, and politics."-Radio-CanadaAlberto Ventura has travelled to Chile to attend the funeral of his father, Roberto. A man hated and loved both by his family and the local people, Roberto was known in the village as an enigma, a rake, a controversial boss, and a quick-tempered thug. It's said that he has destroyed the family land by mass-farming eucalyptus trees, and he's known to have killed a local boy in a fit of rage. Yet as Alberto delves into the rumours that obscure his father's death-was it natural causes, vengeance, murder, or self-sacrifice?-he finds the reputation at stake is his own.In a breath-catching story of race and identity, rife with Chile's centuries-old tension between natives and local landowners, Mauricio Segura's Eucalyptus investigates the flashpoint of one village community in an expanding world."Well-executed, with a cinematic quality and keen visual sense ... Segura locates the political through the personal in a way that is uncommon."-Stephen Sparks, Green Apple Books"A solid novelist of infallible instincts."-L'Actualité

Career-Limiting Moves

by Zachariah Wells

By turns celebratory and sceptical, Career Limiting Moves is a selection of essays and reviews drawn from a decade of immersion in Canadian poetry. Inhabiting a milieu in which unfriendly remarks are typically spoken sotto voce-if at all-Wells has consistently said what he thinks aloud. The pieces in this collection comprise revisionist assessments of some big names in Canadian Poetry (Margaret Atwood, Lorna Crozier, Don McKay and Patrick Lane, among others); satirical ripostes parrying others' critical views (Andre Alexis, Erin Moure, Jan Zwicky); substantial appraisals of underrated or near-forgotten poets (Charles Bruce, Kenneth Leslie, Peter Sanger, John Smith, Peter Trower, Peter Van Toorn); assessments of promising debuts (Suzanne Buffam, Pino Coluccio, Thomas Heise, Peter Norman) and much else besides-including a few surprises for anyone who thinks they have Wells's taste figured out.Zachariah Wells is the editor of Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets and the author of two collections of poetry.

This Great Escape

by Andrew Steinmetz

SHORTLISTED FOR THE $60,000 HILARY WESTON WRITERS TRUST PRIZE FOR NONFICTION"What the hell kind of great escape is this? No one escapes!"-L.B. Mayer, on the 1963 filmHe had fifty-seven seconds of screen time in the most lavish POW film Hollywood ever produced. He was blond. A Gestapo agent. Sauntering down the aisles of a speeding train, he speaks in terse German to Richard Attenborough, Gordon Jackson, David McCallum. The film is The Great Escape (by John Sturges, starring Steve McQueen); the actor, though uncredited, is Michael Paryla. He was part Jewish. Shortly after filming he died.In This Great Escape, Andrew Steinmetz tenderly reconstructs the life of a man seen by millions yet recognized by no one, whose history-from childhood flight from Nazism to suspicious death twenty years later-intersects bitterly, ironically, and often movingly with the plot of Sturges's great war film. Splicing together documentary materials with correspondence, diary entries, and Steinmetz's own travel journal, This Great Escape does more than reconstruct the making of a cinema classic: it is a poignant and moving testament to the complexity of human experience, a portrait of a family for whom acting was a matter of survival, and proof that our most anonymous, uncredited, and undocumented moments can brush against the zeitgeist of world history.

The Pangborn Defence

by Norm Sibum

The Pangborn Defence, a departure from Sibum's previous verse, will be something of a surprise for those who have followed his career. Poems written as letters to personages both real and imagined, there are political undertones to many rarely seen in Sibum's ouevre. But there is still the same attention to detail, the same craftsmanship, humour, love and originality.

The Traymore Rooms

by Norm Sibum

A MILLIONS.COM MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF 2013A HYPOALLERGIC FALL LITERARY RELEASE TO KNOW ABOUT"Norm Sibum is not everyone's cup of tea ... instead of breathing air he inhales the exhaust of apocalyptic times."-Books in CanadaA place: the Traymore Rooms, downtown Montreal, an old walk-up. Those who live there and drink at the nearby café form the heart of Traymorean society. Their number includes: Eggy, red-faced, West Virginian, a veteran of Korea; Eleanor R (not Eleanor Roosevelt); Dubois, French Canadian, optimist; Moonface, waitress-cum-Latin-scholar and sexpot inexpert; and, most recently, our hero Calhoun. A draft dodger and poetical type.For a time all is life-as-usual: Calhoun argues with Eggy and Dubois, eats Eleanor's cobblers, gossips of Moonface, muses on Virgil and the current President. With the arrival of a newcomer to Traymore, however, Calhoun's thoughts grow fixated and dark. He comes to believe in the reality of evil. This woman breaks no laws and she inflicts no physical harm-yet for the citizens of Traymore, ex-pats and philosophers all, her presence becomes a vortex that draws them closer to the America they dread.Intelligent and frighteningly absurd, with a voice as nimble as Gass's and satire that pierces like Wallace's, The Traymore Roomsis a sustained howl against libertarianism under George W. Bush.Norm Sibum has been writing and publishing poetry for over thirty years. Born in Oberammergau in 1947, he grew up in Germany, Alaska, Utah, and Washington before moving to Vancouver in 1968. The Traymore Rooms is his first novel.

Circus Maximus

by David Starkey

What would the Son-of-Man get up to in present-day Rome? Would he wander the Galleria Borghese, loiter outside nightclubs, ride trams, tip accordionists? How would Keats feel about the neon Dior sign that flashes away above the Spanish Steps? Are there ways to avoid Vespas on the sidewalks? Rules for carving a Pietà? And exactly which painter is responsible for the ugliest Jesus in the history of Western Art?A tour of Rome like no other, the poems of Circus Maximus ask these questions and more. Join David Starkey as he shines a torch on the sights, sounds, mysteries and metaphors of the Eternal City.David Starkey is the former Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara, a senior Fulbright scholar, and a six-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize. His latest volume of poetry is A Few Things You Should Know About the Weasel (Biblioasis, 2010).

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