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Marriage Matters: Perspectives on the Private and Public Importance of Marriage 3110746 Janice Crouse 9781351506762 2012
Multilateral Banks and the Development Process: Vital Links in the Results Chain 3110721 Vinod Thomas 9781351504300 2012 Contains images
Nation and State in Latin America: Political Language During Independence 3110720 Jose Carlos Chiaramonte 9781351503792 2012
National Identities in France 3110719 Brian Sudlow 9781351503709 2012
Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan: The Hollow Diplomatic Alliance 3110691 Ian A. McLaren 9781351503372 2012
Negotiating Normality: Everyday Lives in Socialist Institutions (Memory And Narrative Ser.) 3110690 Daniela Koleva 9781351503280 2012 Contains images
New Ways of Ontology 3110689 Predrag Cicovacki Nicolai Hartmann 9781351503105 2012
One Country, Two Systems: Cross-Border Crime Between Hong Kong and China 3110688 Kam C. Wong 9781351501699 2012 Contains images
Organizational Cultures and the Management of Nuclear Technology: Political and Military Sociology (Political And Military Sociology Ser.) 3110674 Karthika SasiKumar 9781351501156 2012 Contains images
Organizational Pathology: Life and Death of Organizations 3110673 Nicos P. Mouzelis 9781351501125 2012 Contains images
Pareto on Policy 3110672 Warren Samuels 9781351500821 2012 Contains images
Pastoral Misconduct: The American Black Church Examined 3110655 Janelle M. Eliasson-Nannini 9781351500647 2012
Perspectives by Incongruity: First of the Year 3110654 Benj DeMott 9781351500135 2012 Contains images
Planning Theory: A Search for Future Directions 3110653 Robert W. Burchell 9781351499538 2012 Contains images
Political and Military Sociology: Volume 38: An Annual Review 3110652 Neovi M. Karakatsanis Jonathan Swarts 9781351499200 2012 Contains images
Politics in Theology: Religion And Public Life 3110638 Gabriel R. Ricci 9781351498272 2012
Politics, Law and Ritual in Tribal Society 3110637 Max Gluckman 9781351498159 2012 Contains images
Post-Liberalism: The Death of a Dream 3110635 Melvyn L. Fein 9781351497701 2012
Pragmatism: The Restoration of Its Scientific Roots 3110613 Nicholas Rescher 9781351497251 2012 Contains images
Praxiphanes of Mytilene and Chamaeleon of Heraclea: Text, Translation, and Discussion (Rutgers University Studies In Classical Humanities Ser.) 3110612 David Mirhady Andrea Martano Elisabetta Matelli 9781351497138 2012 Contains images
Psychotherapy: Lives Intersecting 3110611 Louis Breger 9781351495813 2012
Remaking Urban Citizenship: Organizations, Institutions, and the Right to the City (Comparative Urban And Community Research Ser.) 3110610 Andrew M. Greeley 9781351493598 2012 Contains images
Risk and Uncertainty: Understanding and Dialogue in the 21st Century (Peace And Policy Ser. #Vol. 16) 3110595 Olivier Urbain Kevin P. Clements EDITORS 9781351492874 2012
Science and Ideology in Soviet Society: 1917-1967 3110594 George Fischer 9781351491976 2012 Contains images
Shopping Centers: U.S.A. 3110593 Peter Viereck 9781351490894 2012 Contains images

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Showing 3,226 through 3,250 of 18,143 results