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Arson Plus and Other Stories: Collected Case Files of the Continental Op: The Early Years, Volume 1

by Dashiell Hammett Richard Layman Julie M. Rivett

Introducing the Continental Op--legendary hardboiled sleuth--in the first of seven short-story collections featuring Dashiell Hammett's infamous detective The house is soaked with gasoline, and it takes only a spark for it to be engulfed in flames. As the ruins smolder, the case-hardened operative from the Continental Detective Agency is the one person determined to untangle the tough questions: Who tossed the match and why? Was it an angry neighbor, a disgruntled servant, or the old man in the window who was seen giving one last look at the world before the fire consumed him? In the wreckage of the ruined house, the Continental Op will find that nothing burns hotter than greed. "Arson Plus" is the story that introduced the world to the Continental Op, the nameless detective whom Dashiell Hammett described as "a little man going forward day after day through mud and blood and death and deceit--as callous and brutal and cynical as necessary" (William F. Nolan, Dashiell Hammett: A Casebook). Born in the pages of Black Mask in 1923, the Continental Op is ageless, a hardworking hero as much for our time as he is for his own. Rediscover the early stories of the original hardboiled detective in the first volume of the Collected Case Files of the Continental Op, featuring "Arson Plus," "Slippery Fingers," and "Crooked Souls."

Thirteen Confessions: Stories

by David Corbett

Thirteen beautifully wrought tales of crime, passion, and people on the brink of disaster Marybeth met Jamie at the Horn & Whistle, a neighborhood pub warm enough to keep out the chill on a bleak January day. Over a pint of stout, he won her heart with bad jokes and cynical Irish charm. Two years later, she loves him more than ever, but she can see that he's bracing for a fall. When everything collapses, when Jamie's job disappears and the house is foreclosed on and Marybeth feels death creeping into her bones, it's up to her to save them both--even if it means doing something that will tear them apart forever. "Stray," along with the twelve additional short stories in this exquisite collection, showcases author David Corbett's unparalleled ability to build a life in just a few pages, and then shatter it in a single sentence. From the first confession to the thirteenth, these stories cut deep--and show no mercy.

Secret Music

by Odie Hawkins

Odie Hawkins utilizes the same thrust, power, and creativity that made Ghetto Sketches his first bestseller. He has moved the focus from Chicago to Los Angeles; and once again, he has populated his stories with unforgettable characters--the telephone freak, the tenants of Mrs. Solomon's apartment building, and a few surrealistic types. The Secret Music we all hear is echoed within these stories . . .

Scars and Memories: The Story of a Life

by Odie Hawkins

The deeply personal story of Odie Hawkins's journey, from "the poorest of the poor" childhood in Chicago to Hollywood screenwriter--and the people who deeply mattered. A tough, touching autobiography.

Portrait of Simone

by Odie Hawkins

Portrait of Simone is the poignant story of a young soldier stationed in the Deep South, in the recent past, and his romance with a woman nearly twice his age. Simone is mysterious, alluring, charming, complex. The author brings us the story of true love, love that grows deeper with the passage of time, and pays tribute to the woman known as Simone.


by Odie Hawkins

Midnight offers us a sensitive view inside the soul of a young African American gangster who is influenced by an older man, a convict, to look into his African side. "You may not be what they've told you that you are, over here. When you check out where we came from."


by Odie Hawkins

An enchanting intro to a collection of unforgettable characters. Bobo, Burks, Leo (sometimes, when into imaginative self-hatred, alias Tony De Medrow), Billy Woods, Herb Cross, Bruce, Mooney, Johnny Fox, Bernard Kelly, and a few others who lived in the same neighborhood and hung out on the same corners. Some of the less informed thought we were a "gang" because we spent a lot of time together, but that was the result of them being unable to penetrate the esoteric haze surrounding our relationships. There were times, to be honest, when we didn't know what was happening either.

Lost Angeles: The Conflict Between Korean-American and African Americans Cultures in Los Angeles

by Odie Hawkins

In the post-Watts Rebellion 1970s, Chester L. Simmons takes up the study of martial arts--Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do. Author Odie Hawkins, using his special blend of wry humor, incisiveness, and sensitivity, takes alter ego Simmons through that experience, as well as a series of misadventures writing movie and television scripts for Hollyweird studios.

The Life and Times of Chester L. Simmons

by Odie Hawkins

Let Chester take you on a journey through Spain in his search to find himself--and write about it. He hooks up with "El Encanto", a star-crossed matador. Then back to the States, where he meets and marries the love of his life. A honeymoon in West Africa leaves them yearning for a place they've never known, but feel is their home . . .

Chester L. Simmons: (The Great Lawd Buddha)

by Odie Hawkins

Chester L. Simmons, nicknamed "The Great Lawd Buddha" by his hip constituents because of his almond shaped eyes and his generous tummy, is one of those delightfully free spirits that life gives the world now and then. With his storytelling he sometimes fuses reality and creativity into a seamless possibility; or seamless possibilities. He has been known to bend the truth, if the truth was not creating the right kind of life-vibe for him.


by Odie Hawkins

Henrik Malan was the South African secret agent who devised the plan to have the Black American ghettos destroy themselves by supplying them with a cheap but highly addictive drug known on the streets as "Ghetto Blaster."

Chicago Hustle

by Odie Hawkins

There was no sharper con man on the streets of Chicago than Elijah Brookes. Women were his preferred prey--but no mark and no bankroll was safe when Elijah was on the prowl. Cool, beautiful Toni warned him, "Elijah, brothers be playin' games so hard sometimes they don't know when to stop. You know what I'm sayin'?" Elijah Brookes had to learn the ultimate lesson the hard way. So many games to be played, so little time.

The Busting Out of an Ordinary Man

by Odie Hawkins

Monday evening comn' down--the dreariest day of the week anywhere, but especially in the ghettos (yea, y'all, they still there) where people have taken their hangovers and other symptoms of a fast weekend to their individual plantations around town (if they're lucky enough to have one) return to their shacks for four/five more days of clock punching and locksteppin' before the Eagle flies. Then was then and now is now. What's the difference?

Brazilian Nights: A Journey of Fulfillment

by Odie Hawkins

Valonga Price takes a three-year sabbatical from the grime of owning her own company to try to discover her true self. Armed with questions that have been whirling around in her head, she travels to places like Brazil, San Salvador, Bahia, Nigeria, Cuba, and Japan.

Black Chicago: A Black History of America's Heartland

by Odie Hawkins

Chicago, the center of America's heartland, from its founding in the late 1700s by Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a French-educated black man, to the modern day Gypsies who live on Maxwell Street. It's a city steeped in Black History. This is the story of a city where a unique African American history has grown, a center for the emergence of jazz, blues, dance, art, and the DuSable Museum of African American History.

Amazing Grace: And Other States of Mind

by Odie Hawkins

An enchanting intro to a collection of unforgettable characters--Elizabeth, "Queen of the Projects"; the girl "Billie" who sings like Lady Day; young Randolph who, to his family's embarrassment, grows a second head for a while; Dean Dale Jackson, talented writer, sculptor, auto mechanic, and dedicated to the underbelly of a bottle; the Vernon family upwardly mobile but required by a will to grow cotton in their suburban backyard; and Marlene and James, who find happiness in an unexpected way, in marriage.

The Kaminsky Cure

by Christopher New

New York Times-bestselling author Christopher New's harrowing portrait of a half-Aryan/half-Jewish family trying to survive the Nazi regime in wartime Austria The Kaminsky Cure is a poignant yet comedic novel of a Jewish/Christian family caught up in the machinery of Hitler's final solution. The matriarch, Gabi, was born Jewish but converted to Christianity in her teens. The patriarch, Willibald, is a Lutheran minister who is an admirer of Hitler on one hand but the conflicted father of children who are half-Jewish on the other. Mindful and resentful of her husband's ambivalence, Gabi is determined to make sure her children are educated, devising schemes to keep them in school even after learning that any child less than one hundred percent Aryan will eventually be kept from completing education. She even hires tutors who are willing to teach half-Jewish children eventually hiring Fraulein Kaminsky, who shows Gabi how to cure her frustration and rage: by keeping her mouth filled with water until the urge to scream or rant has passed. Terrifying yet darkly humorous, The Kaminsky Cure is the story of Gabi Brinkmann's fight to keep her family alive in a world determined to destroy them.

Bones and Roses

by Eileen Goudge

An amateur sleuth attracts the right clients, the wrong boyfriends--and a kinky killer--in this cozy mystery by New York Times-bestselling author Eileen Goudge. After wrecking her real estate career in a booze-fueled blowout, Cypress Bay property manager and recovering alcoholic Tish Ballard thought she had put her past behind her. But when she opens an old trunk, a bequest from an anonymous benefactor, she finds it filled with bones and roses. Suddenly Tish is plunged into a murder case that dates back to her childhood. Pitted against her high school crush, homicide detective Spence Breedlove, she finds herself in jeopardy--in more ways than one. Can Tish unmask a killer before the man who broke her heart puts her behind bars or, worse, she becomes a corpse herself? Author Nora Roberts raves that Eileen Goudge "writes like a house on fire"--and with Bones and Roses, the first book in the Cypress Bay Mysteries, the New York Times-bestselling author of Garden of Lies delivers a suspenseful plot, memorable characters, and delectable touches of romance. Bones and Rosesis the 1st book in the Cypress Bay Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Philo Gubb, Correspondence School Detective

by Ellis Butler

The humorous case files of a not-so-super sleuth Anyone can be a detective--as long as he has postage and a little bit of gumption. That's all it takes to make it at the Rising Sun Detective Agency Correspondence School, and it's a good thing because Philo Gubb never met a mystery he could solve on purpose. Whether puzzling over the nature of a hard-boiled egg or trying to grasp the true value of a two-cent stamp, Philo Gubb never fails to underwhelm. His disguises may be dismal and his speech may be uncouth, but there is no denying his persistence and his good-natured disposition. Somehow or another, he always cracks the case--just don't ask him to explain how he did it. Combining laugh-out-laud satire and scintillating suspense, Philo Gubb, Correspondence School Detective is an early masterpiece of the mystery genre. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

The Land of Little Rain

by Mary Austin

A stirring tribute to the unique beauty of theAmerican Southwest In the region stretching from the High Sierras south of Yosemite to the Mojave Desert, water is scarce and empty riverbeds hint at a lush landscape that has long since vanished. But the desert is far from lifeless. For those who know where to look, the "land of little rain" is awash in wonders. In this exquisite meditation on the people, flora, and fauna of the American desert, Mary Austin introduces readers to the secret treasures of the landscape she loved above all others. Her lyrical essays profoundly influenced the work of nature writers and conservationists, among them Edward Abbey and Terry Tempest Williams, and have inspired generations of readers to visit some of the country's most stunning national parks, including Death Valley and Joshua Tree. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

A Discourse on Inequality

by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A fascinating examination of the relationship between civilization and inequality from one of history's greatest minds The first man to erect a fence around a piece of land and declare it his own founded civil society--and doomed mankind to millennia of war and famine. The dawn of modern civilization, argues Jean-Jacques Rousseau in this essential treatise on human nature, was also the beginning of inequality. One of the great thinkers of the Enlightenment, Rousseau based his work in compassion for his fellow man. The great crime of despotism, he believed, was the raising of the cruel above the weak. In this landmark text, he spells out the antidote for man's ills: a compassionate revolution to pull up the fences and restore the balance of mankind. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

The Social Contract

by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The landmark political treatise that refuted the so-called divine right of kings and established the principles of representative government "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains." With these stirring words, Jean-Jacques Rousseau begins The Social Contract--the first shot in a battle of ideas that would set the stage for the American War of Independence and the French Revolution. In the feverish days of the Enlightenment, Rousseau took aim squarely at the all-powerful French monarchy, proclaiming that no despot, no matter how powerful, had the right to terrorize his people. He laid out a plan for a new kind of government--an idea that was radical then, and remains so now. The Social Contract is a landmark document from a fascinating period in world history and an invaluable guide to the foundations of modern democracy. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Greyfriars Bobby

by Eleanor Atkinson

The classic true story of a lovable Scottish dog whose loyalty knew no bounds Each day, the cannon of Edinburgh Castle blasts a shot across town. It never fails to surprise Bobby, the silver-haired Skye terrier of Greyfriars Kirkyard, who fires back with a flurry of indignant yips. He always quiets down, though, because he knows it means it's one o'clock--and one o'clock is when it's time to eat. Bobby's master, the shepherd Auld Jock, feeds the dog well, and Bobby repays him with limitless devotion. Everyone in Edinburgh knows that Bobby is a fine dog, but they have no idea just how loyal he really is. When Jock dies, Bobby refuses to abandon his master, standing guard over his grave through wind and sleet and snow. No matter what obstacles stand in his way, Bobby remains steadfast--inspiring a city, a country, and the world. A timeless tale of the special relationship between a man and his dog, Greyfriars Bobby has inspired generations of readers and was adapted into the Disney film of the same name. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

The Overcoat: And Other Stories

by Nikolai Gogol

Five tragicomic tales from the visionary writer heralded by Vladimir Nabokov as "the greatest artist that Russia has yet produced" A midlevel bureaucrat in the czar's administration, Poprishchin is hurrying to work when he sees a woman step out of a carriage. Her beauty astounds him, and as she passes by, he hears something impossible: Her dog opens its mouth, and begins to speak. It is Poprishchin's first step on the road to insanity, a journey that will take him into the depths of hell--and raise him up to the heights of emperors and kings. "Memoirs of a Madman" is one of Nikolai Gogol's definitive short works, a satire of the excesses of czarist bureaucracy told with wit, empathy, and his signature blend of the real and surreal. Other highlights in this indispensable volume include the haunting title story and "The Nose," an absurdist masterpiece. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Dead Souls

by Nikolai Gogol

The classic satire of greed, corruption, and paranoia in czarist Russia In a small Russian town, the rich wield the power of the gods over their serfs, who remain enslaved even in death. Life is turned upside down with the arrival of Chichikov, a mysterious gentleman who wants to buy the rights to these useless "dead souls." What is this strange traveler up to? Is he mad, or does he know something the townspeople don't? As Chichikov visits local landowners, rumors swirl; some even claim he might be Napoleon in disguise. But avarice is an even more powerful instinct than suspicion in this depraved society, and soon Chichikov owns more than four hundred deceased serfs--what he plans to do with them, no one can guess. A laugh-out-loud satire and an incisive indictment of the corruption at the heart of Russian society, Dead Souls is a masterpiece of nineteenth-century literature. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

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