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The Everything French Verb Book

by Laura K. Lawless

Verb recognition and conjugation is one of the most difficult aspects of learning any language - especially French. But with The Everything French Verb Book, mastering those idiomatic verbs is a cinch! You'll not only learn basic and advanced verbs and how to use them, you'll also learn the subtleties that distinguish similar verbs.Enhance your French now with:A complete conjugated glossary of more than 1,200 verbsProper pronunciation guidance for flawless speechStrategies for recognizing and using verbs with easeSpecial verbs, idiomatic expressions, and prepositionsPractical instruction on simple and compound conjugationsWith easy-to-follow instruction that explains the nuances of tense usage and etiquette-appropriate language, you'll be speaking this splendid romance language with ease and confidence in no time. Impress your friends, travel to French-speaking countries, or wander through a Parisian marketplace - all you need is The Everything French Verb Book!

The Everything Blackjack Strategy Book

by Tom Hagen Sonia Weiss

Expert player Tom Hagen and author Sonia Weiss guide you through the basic rules, and reveal the surprisingly easy tricks the casinos don't want you to know. Whether you're counting cards or doubling down, you'll master the intricate techniques you need to win-putting the odds in your favor every time!The Everything Blackjack Strategy Book includes:Complete rules for blackjack and its many variationsBasic and complex strategies including surrendering, entering early, and insurance Tips for playing onlineTricks for understanding odds and probabilityGuidelines for casino etiquetteHints for tournament playWhether you're an amateur or a pro, The Everything Blackjack Strategy Book will give you the advantage, skill, and confidence you need to beat the house every time!

The Everything Guide To Writing A Book Proposal

by Barbara Doyen Meg Elaine Schneider

Whether you're writing self-help, memoir, or the Great American novel, you'll need a professionally prepared book proposal to sell it. In The Everything Guide to Writing a Book Proposal, author Meg Schneider and literary agent Barbara Doyen team up to provide the inside scoop on getting your name in print. Schneider and Doyen fully explain how to: Create a proposal for any genre; Know what agents and publishers look for; Get out of the slush pile and onto the right editor's desk; Rework a proposal using suggestions from an agent or editor; Understand and negotiate your contract; Deal with rejection-and keep writing! The Everything Guide to Writing a Book Proposal takes you behind the closed doors of the publishing world, revealing the tried-and-true tips, techniques, and shortcuts that can help you get published sooner rather than later. Reference materials and resources for writers are also included, as well as a list of writers' organizations and clubs. Meg Schneider is coauthor of three published books and has more than ten years of experience in television, radio, and print journalism. She is the recipient of numerous writing awards, and has written several book proposals on a variety of topics, both as sole author and collaborator. Barbara Doyen is president of Doyen Literary Services, Inc., an agency representing 100-plus authors.

The Everything Parent's Guide to the Overweight Child

by Paula Ford-Martin

If your child is overweight, he's not alone. According to the American Obesity Association, more than 30 percent of children ages 6 to 19 are now overweight. And half of those children are obese. You're worried about your child's health-and don't know what to do. Is your child's weight due to overeating? Lack of exercise? Genetics? The Everything Parent's Guide to the Overweight Child provides you with valuable insight on what causes children to become overweight and how to help them to change their eating habits and become more physically active. Most important, you'll learn what you can do to break the cycle of obesity that can lead to severe medical problems in the future. Author Paula Ford-Martin helps you: Prevent emotional overeating; Increase family awareness and sensitivity; Beat fat and calories when dining out; Incorporate physical activity into everyday routines; Track progress with journal entry pages. The Everything Parent's Guide to the Overweight Child provides the professional advice you need to deal with this sensitive issue, motivating your child to eat well, get active, and stay healthy.

The Everything Father's First Year Book

by Vincent Iannelli

This all-in-one guide shows you how to prepare the house, ready the nursery, and welcome your baby home-and that's just the beginning. Change a diaper? Prepare a bottle? Soothe your crying infant? You can do it all-with a little help. Complete with baby names, safety considerations, and medical advice, The Everything Father's First Year Book is your key to raising a happy and healthy baby. Impress even your mother-in-law as you: Bond with your new baby; - Childproof your house; - Choose the right car seat; - Feed your newborn; - Interpret your baby's cries; - Respond to common medical problems. With your newly acquired superlative parenting skills, you'll never panic-even when you find yourself home alone with your new baby for the first time. With The Everything Father's First Year Book at your side, you'll become the father you always wanted to be in no time.

The Everything College Cookbook

by Rhonda Lauret Parkinson

Even college students need to eat. How else do you expect to stay energized for early-morning classes and late-night study sessions? With The Everything College Cookbook as your guide, you can jumpstart your meal plan in minutes. Whether you're cooking for one or multitudes with a hot plate, studio stove, or microwave, you'll find everything you need to create fantastic meals that won't take tons of your time. Packed with ideas for tasty snacks, easy-to-make lunches and dinners, and delicious desserts, The Everything College Cookbook will help you eat smart, from the proverbial good breakfast to midnight munchies -- but that's not nearly all. You'll also learn how to prepare: - Microwaveable meals, such as Easy Onion Soup au Gratin for One and Baked Potatoes; - Stress-free dinners, such as Simple Beef Stir-Fry and Gourmet Chili; - Easy-to-pack treats, such as Homemade Trail Mix and Low-Cal Blueberry Smoothies; - Luggable lunches, such as Greek Salad Pita Pockets and Asian Lettuce Wrap Sandwiches; - Vegetarian alternatives, such as Roasted Pepper Medley and Steamed Jasmine Rice; - Delectable desserts, such as Lemon Cranberry Sorbet and Easy Apple Crisp. With tons of convenient recipes to suit your every need and mood, The Everything College Cookbook is the one book you'll want to crack open every day of the week!

The Everything Brain Strain Book

by Jake Olefsky

If you're looking for fun ways to challenge yourself for hours, The Everything Brain Strain Book is for you! Over 400 puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, and more will test your IQ and improve your thinking and problem-solving skills. Organized by difficulty and type, this all-inclusive game book will keep you guessing. Including: Language puzzles Letter equations Logic puzzles Math and science teasers Probability puzzles Rebuses Riddles Trivia Give up? A Solution Guide in the back of the book is there for you when you've encountered the toughest puzzles of all. Indulge your penchant for puzzles as you face challenge after challenge in The Everything Brain Strain Book.

The Everything Easy Gourmet Cookbook

by Nicole Alper

You don't have to travel the world over to bring the taste of gourmet cooking home. Packed with more than 250 tantalizing recipes from continents near and far, The Everything Easy Gourmet Cookbook lets you serve and satisfy even the most cosmopolitan of cravings with inspired meals created quickly and effortlessly. Paired with simple instructions and a glossary for quick reference, The Everything Easy Gourmet Cookbook features such delectable recipes as: Crepes with Curaçao Strawberries and Oranges Fruit-Stuffed Pork Chops Pan-Roasted Swordfish with Plum Tomatoes Hot and Sour Prawn Soup Veal Medallions in Almond Stew With The Everything Easy Gourmet Cookbook, you can open your mind and treat your taste buds to the world of fine cuisine-without leaving home!

The Everything Pug Book

by Kim Campbell Thornton

Pugs have a very long and rich history, but their most enduring legacy has always been their cheerful temperament and social personality. It's no wonder the Pug is still one of the most popular breeds today. With The Everything Pug Book you'll learn all there is to know about your best friend! From adoption methods and training techniques, to specific tips on diet, exercise, and basic care, you can anticipate your Pug's every need and be prepared for any situation.The Everything Pug Book covers:Common diseases and health issuesProper grooming and handlingEffective methods for disciplining your dogHow to encourage socializationCaring for older PugsWhether you've owned a Pug for years, or you're considering adopting one, The Everything Pug Book is the authoritative text for keeping your dog healthy and happy for years to come.

The Everything Parent's Guide To Tantrums

by Joni Levine

Does your child kick and scream when he doesn't get his way? Have meal times and running errands become emotional battles? The Everything Parent's Guide to Tantrums is your authoritative handbook to understanding what causes your child to have tantrums and which measures you can take to combat their occurrence.Author Joni Levine helps you:Understand your child's temperamentIdentify external influences that trigger tantrumsAvoid responding emotionally to an outburstUse effective methods for calming your childDeal with tantrums in publicFilled with realistic advice and practical tips, The Everything Parent's Guide to Tantrums is your key to a happy, well-adjusted child and peace at home-and elsewhere.

The Everything Get Your Baby To Sleep Book

by Cynthia Macgregor

Your baby seems tired-she acts cranky and fussy-but when you put her down for a nap or bedtime, why won't she sleep? Is she hungry, is it too loud or too bright, or is she sick or uncomfortable? Which of these factors really keep her from sleeping through the night? With The Everything Get Your Baby to Sleep Book, you'll learn to read your baby's needs -- from establishing a bedtime routine and soothing your baby to sleep to finding the right crib and getting your baby used to new surroundings. You'll learn more about: How much sleep your baby really needs; Coordinating feedings with sleep schedules; External and internal factors that affect your baby's ability to fall asleep; Getting your baby to differentiate between night and day; Why massage and swaddling can promote sleep; Managing your baby and getting rest for yourself. Packed with practical tips and easy to follow advice, The Everything Get Your Baby to Sleep Book is just the tool to help you-and baby-make it through the night!

A Cup of Comfort for Military Families

by Colleen Sell

It has been said that military life is "not for the faint of heart." But neither is it without its benefits and blessings. One thing is certain: It is an experience like no other--for both the soldiers and their families. In this collection, readers will experience the pride that wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, siblings, and friends feel when a loved one chooses to put his or her needs aside for the benefit of the country. Featuring stories from the current Iraq war as well as stories of servicemen and -women who have long retired from the armed forces, this timely collection will span generations. This book is sure to inspire every reader, whether a husband whose wife is defending freedom today, or a grandchild who wants to know why her grandfather is called "hero."

A Cup of Comfort for Weddings

by Kay Polaski

A Cup of Comfort for Weddings pays tribute to the most important day of your life! Whether you're busy picking out bridesmaid dresses or approaching your golden anniversary, you'll share in both the excitement of new love and the steadfastness of long-time love as celebrated in the heartwarming stories of: Judy Ann, a preacher's daughter, who married under the loving eyes of her entire town; Elen, who married her high school sweetheart after forty years of separation; Linda, who at thirty-two was accused of being too picky and too jaded to marry-but proved them all wrong when she fell in love at first sight. A Cup of Comfort for Weddings will delight you and the one you love -- whether you're a newlywed or long since finished your walk down the aisle --with these tender tales of commitment, adoration, and intimate bonds.

A Cup of Comfort for Teachers

by Colleen Sell

Virtually everyone can recall a special teacher, coach, or mentor who opened his or her eyes to a new outlook on life. Teachers guide us to read, write, imagine, explore, and understand; they teach us to count, and they teach us what counts in life. Teachers touch millions of young lives every day with their dedication, passion, and generosity. A Cup of Comfort for Teachers offers parents, students, and anyone with a treasured mentor a way to repay our devoted educators. A Cup of Comfort for Teachers is the ideal reward for teachers, featuring such remarkable stories as: When a classroom computer goes missing, a disheartened inner-city teacher gets an unexpected gift--and boost--from her students; A sign language interpreter and music tutor helps a determined deaf woman pass a college piano course and play her first song--solo!; A dedicated and successful teacher meets her greatest challenge: Her own son refuses to learn to read; Ordinary "show and tell" unexpectedly teaches a new kindergarten teacher a valuable lesson about education; A teacher coaxes an illiterate thirteen-year-old street urchin in Africa into an adult-education classroom, opening the door to a better future. Every teacher needs a lift from time to time and a token of recognition for the powerful positive influence they have on their students. A Cup of Comfort for Teachers is the perfect gift for these dedicated professionals.

A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Sons

by Colleen Sell

He'll always be your little boy, and you'll always be the first woman who loved him unconditionally and believed in him completely. And as he grows into the wonderful man you knew he would become, he begins to realize that if he has anyone to thank for who he is, was, and will be, it's Mom. A Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Sons explores the depth and importance of the indestructible bond between mother and son. Here, ordinary mothers and sons explore all they mean to one another, and give thanks for the connection that has never failed them. A mother's love and faith sees her seven-year-old boy through a coma to a miraculous recovery. A wife discovers the depth of her husband's kindness and caring when he nurses his Alzheimer-stricken mother. A son whose mother died when he was only sixteen finds that she nonetheless provided a lifetime of mothering and love before she passed away. A teenage son and his mother make a deal: He stays on the straight and narrow, and she stops nagging him to fill the ice cube trays. This installment in the unparalleled Cup of Comfort series is a surefire winner for all the sons and mothers you cherish in your life.

A Cup Of Comfort For Devotional for Mothers

by Jeanette Gardner Littleton James Stuart Bell

In this special addition to the bestselling A Cup of Comfort series, you'll find touching, biblical-themed stories written by devoted mothers who have welcomed the Lord into their daily lives. Celebrating the God-given beauty, strength, and wisdom of mothers everywhere, these daily reflections will inspire and delight you. You'll draw comfort and renewed confidence in the moving stories of such mothers as: Jean, who looks to the Lord to ease the struggles she faces raising her children-and in the process renews her commitment to family love Sally, who finds the wisdom she needs in scripture when her adopted son asks questions about his past Nancy, who trusts in God to watch after her grown children after they've left her home and gone out on their own into the world Being a good mother is never easy. But with A Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers, you have all you need to help deepen your faith in God, family, and the power of a mother's love.

A Cup of Comfort for Divorced Women

by Colleen Sell

Divorce in the twenty-first century should come with an instruction manual, a release valve, and a support system. This book will serve as all three, in the form of comforting, insightful, and inspirational stories about surviving and thriving during and after divorce. In the bestselling tradition of the Cup of Comfort series, this volume will make divorcees laugh and cry as they commiserate about the universal issues of divorce: ex-husbands, ex-houses, alimony, child support, new holiday traditions, and much more. A shoulder to cry on and a friend to laugh with all rolled into one perfect gift book, this collection will be the best friend for every woman who picks it up.

A Cup of Comfort for Women

by Colleen Sell

Unforgettable stories by women, for women . . . Celebrate the boundless spirit of womanhood with A Cup of Comfort for Women, the third book in the bestselling A Cup of Comfort series. The fifty uplifting stories in this collection present everyday women living, loving, and accomplishing -- often against overwhelming odds. Lift your heart and enliven your spirit with real women's remarkable stories: A mother and grown daughter travel to Italy together--and find each other; A woman in her nineties inspires others with her philosophy: "You know you can't keep me down"; A young girl's reaction to a stranger's gift of a bicycle transforms a woman's life; A forty-year-old learns to pay attention to herself and the woman she's become-and finds the results exhilarating; A beloved tea cup holds the sweetness of love and friendship even when it must be mended; A fourteen-year-old sends her babysitting money to tide her grandmother over until her Army widow's benefits begin. Savor the warmth of A Cup of Comfort for Women with your daughter, your mother, your sister, your grandmother, and all of your female friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

A Cup of Comfort for Sisters

by Colleen Sell

No one knows you quite like your sister does -- though you and she may have your differences and your rivalries. You can depend on her for support, for guidance, and for a reassuring hug you can't find anywhere else. A Cup of Comfort for Sisters celebrates this unique bond with more than fifty stories of sisters. You'll delight in the joys, the laughter, and the tears in remarkable stories such as: Five sisters who join forces to help one of them defeat a formidable foe: infertility; A timid new mother who rises like a lioness in defense of her gravely ill infant, while her protective "big" sister stands by in awe and admiration; Two sisters who find that neither time nor distance can disrupt the "psychic sister's hotline"; Two best friends who become true sisters when one is adopted by the other's mother. After reading only a few pages, you'll want to share this unforgettable tribute with your own sister and all your sister-friends.

A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Daughters

by Colleen Sell

The mother-daughter relationship retains its power and poignancy throughout a woman's life. As mothers raise their daughters to womanhood, as daughters care for mothers through midlife and beyond, and as mothers watch daughters become mothers themselves, the changing and growing mother-daughter bond is--and always will be--a cornerstone for every woman. In A Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Daughters--the fourth installment in the unparalleled Cup of Comfort series--mothers and daughters exchange wisdom, advice, and intimate secrets unlike anything you will find in any other story collection. You will laugh and cry out loud as you share in the uplifting stories within these pages, such as: A daughter welcomes her mother back into her life after she has a baby; A young woman sits down for a good cry on her first night at college, and her prescient mother walks in, saying, "You forgot your pillow"; A grown daughter finally learns to value her mother's gifts for compromise, love, and empathy; A mother finally bridges the generation fashion gap with her daughter on one memorable shopping trip. Whether you are a mother, a daughter, or both, you will want to share A Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Daughters with the women you cherish the most in your life.

A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration

by Colleen Sell

Just like a cup of hot tea or coffee on a cold morning, this remarkable collection of true stories will warm your heart, lighten your mood, and rouse you to move mountains. In each one of these stories, you'll share in the blessings and triumphs of ordinary folks who have rediscovered the everyday pleasures inherent in living and loving. You will be inspired by stories such as: A woman gives her last five dollars to a homeless man, causing a ripple effect; An estranged family fills their house with joyful noise during a rare reunion; A housekeeper's love and firmness saves the lives of two motherless boys; A self-proclaimed "regular feller" works his way up from floor sweeper to company owner, and gives a whole town a lifetime of opportunity and hope. A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration offers uplifting stories of people making a difference.

A Cup of Comfort for Friends

by Colleen Sell

There are few things that should be cherished more than friendship. Lifelong friends can turn joyous occasions into priceless memories that last forever-and friends can provide much-needed comfort and support during the most troubling, difficult times. The stories in this remarkable collection celebrate the special bonds that only friends share. Written by people just like you, these true stories take you through all the wondrous experiences everyone can relate to-from powerful moments where a friend's mere appearance adds a sense of renewal-to acts of selfless generosity in which a friend comes to the rescue in the nick of time. Savor the warmth of A Cup of Comfort for Friends with the people who are nearest and dearest to you.

A Cup of Comfort Devotional

by James Bell Stephen Clark

In A Cup of Comfort Devotional 366 entries provide a daily dose of comfort, strength and inspiration. The perfect bedside companion to be read in the morning or evening, this magnificent work is the first of its kind to combine biblical passages and commentary with a dozen touching, heartfelt stories that have become the hallmark of A Cup of Comfort. Readers will cherish stories of Jesus entering into everyday life, such as: Ul>A young woman, traumatized during her first helicopter ride, says the Lord's Prayer and finds herself in awe as she looks down on God's creation; A woman finds out through a co-worker that Jesus can meet her right in the midst of her depression; A mother learns an unforgettable lesson of faith when a doll representing the baby Jesus in her outdoor nativity scene is stolen; With entries linked to the holidays and seasons, A Cup of Comfort Devotional brightens every day of the year, deepening our joys and sustaining us through the darker times.

A Cup of Comfort For Christmas

by Colleen Sell

The stories in this inspiring collection are joyous reminders of what the holidays are all about. Written by people just like you, these uplifting stories celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. You and your family will be thoroughly entertained by the celebrations, merriment, and revelations that fill these pages. You will immediately feel the holiday spirit as you share in the moving experiences featured in this volume, such as:Five poor children pool their money from months of raking leaves, shoveling snow, and babysitting to buy their hardworking father an unexpected giftWar-weary U.S. soldiers in Cambodia share holiday memories and goodie-boxes from homeIn sixty years of marriage, a husband never gets his wife the perfect gift . . . but she'll never tell, because he's the perfect husbandA mall Santa who knows American Sign Language brings joy to a deaf six-year-oldThere's no time like the holidays for the heartwarming stories found in A Cup of Comfort for Christmas!

A Cup of Comfort for Families Touched by Alzheimer's

by Colleen Sell

Having a spouse, sibling, or parent with Alzheimer's affects a family in every way possible--and can leave people feeling like they have nowhere to turn. The moving stories in this new collection help readers recognize they are not alone--and provide comfort for those who need it now more than ever. Readers will be inspired by the husbands, wives, sons, and daughters who put their own needs aside and sacrifice everything for love. This story collection shows how compassion and loyalty prevails when a loved one has Alzheimer's.

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