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The Scent of Eucalyptus: Precious Poems

by Sophie Chenoweth

This book is an ode to the fragrant, yet rough-hewn Australian bush. By delving into its pages, you will be transported to a parallel realm where flannel flowers sing, cockatoos choreograph and paperbark trees seduce. A memoir of sorts, this poignant and ethereal collection of poems celebrates the beauty, the harshness and the resilience of this ancient land and its unforgettable inhabitants. In addition, you'll be serenaded by harps and fairies, meander through time in a yellow dinghy and stand in quiet awe as a ballerina beguiles. Refreshingly honest, this waltz down memory lane is intensely emotional but has a lightness that will soothe even on the blusteriest of days. Illustrated with sensitively taken photographs, it is a keepsake you will cherish for many years to come.

The Heir Of Woodmyst

by Robert E Kreig

A small village is raided. The wives and daughters are taken. The husbands aFriends are lost and mourned as the white witch flees for her life. Her energy has been depleted and she no longer has the strength to fight back. Running to the north, she attempts to seek shelter and safety under the protection of The Sovereign. But why is she so weak? The black ship has docked and the captives unloaded. A group of seven girls are taken by a mysterious woman in green to a lavish castle. Others are kept in deplorable conditions, locked away in accordance to the will of a dark overlord. Tomas Warde, and the brave company of people who follow him, continue on their mission.They must free the captives and put an end to the evil plans of The Sovereign once and for all. With the elements of the world against them, and enemies on all sides, they press onwards confronting strange beasts, malevolent men and dark sorcery. The odds are against them. The enemy is powerful and number many. How can Tomas and his company of warriors endure? nd sons are murdered. A lone survivor reaches out to Woodmyst for help. Tomas Warde leads a small band of men. Their mission is to rescue the captured women and children. But have they taken on more than they bargained for? A dark power rises. Fear grips the coastal regions as an evil overlord, THE SOVEREIGN, establishes authority over the land. Battling the elements of the coldest season and creatures that simply cannot be, Tomas Warde and The Sons Of Woodmyst press onward, determined to see their quest through to the end. No matter what.

Mango Bridge Club: Double Dealing

by Annette Corkhill

Bridge players are a strange, obsessed bunch. So, at least, think the fruit bats that hang upside down in the mango trees outside Mango Bridge Club, observing with incredulity as the seniors stare at bits of cardboard and appear to derive from this activity their own peculiar brand of grim pleasure.No wonder. The bridge club is their life. It is the reason they get up in the morning, the reason they go to bed without despair. But the elderly members soon find their beloved club under attack from destructive forces both within and without. The warring committee is bent on achieving absolutely nothing, and the club faces an existential threat from a dodgy shire councillor and his allies - a professor of sexology with a keen interest in ostrich sexual discourses, and a misogynistic erotic robot inventor with a depressed goldfish. Add to the mix the odd explosive bridge player not too happy with partner's play, a badly behaved octogenarian, and a romance between the unpopular club president and a beautiful newcomer to the town, and the members of Mango Bridge Club find themselves with dilemmas fit only for super sleuth bridge players.

Brand Activation: Implementing the Real Drivers of Sales and Profit

by Graham Brown Neale Skalberg Alex Mckay

The days of brand activation are nearing an end. The future lies in customer activation. The concept of 'brand activation' has become an overused buzzword in the sales and marketing world. The term is becoming rapidly outdated, used to describe anything from mass media advertising and outdoor events to digital applications and in-store point of sale. Drawing on research, industry insights and real-life examples, the authors of Brand Activation: Implementing the Real Drivers of Sales and Profit argue that there is an urgent need to re-think the role and definition of activation in the modern marketplace. What is its link to actual purchases and, more importantly, how can it be measured? In an environment of unrelenting retail disruption in which the gap between brands and consumers is continually widening how do marketers identify - and measure - those factors that create the all important 'moment of sale'? This is, after all, where real value begins for both the brand and the consumer. In their previous book, Death of the Salesman, the authors argued that the sales function is ripe for reinvention. In this book they take a deeper look at the sales process and how consumers are navigating the purchase journey in the current environment.

If on this Earth there are Angels: A story of survival and renewal from the Killing Fields of Cambodia

by Seng Bouaddheka

In April 1975, Addheka was a 14-year-old Cambodian girl who had only just learned to walk after being a polio victim as an infant. She was part of the forced evacuation from Phnom Penh of the entire population of the city and trudged to an unknown future with her large extended family Her beloved father, who produced two other families, altogether looked after 24 children and three wives. The families were soon scattered far and wide and lost touch with each other. The brutal, apocalyptic reality of the Pol Pot regime soon hit home, with devastating consequences for her family. For much of the next four years Addheka was alone, surviving unusual hardship and witnessing the fanatical, irrational, murderous reality of the Khmer Rouge regime. When it all ended, Addheka eventually returned to Phnom Penh to find out which of her family members had survived. She remained in Cambodia and became part of the reconstruction effort, working in a major hospital, then becoming a language teacher and Principal. She underwent a spiritual renewal and today runs the Aid Projects of Mercy for the very poorest children in Cambodia.

A Biblical Perspective of East Australian Geology

by Fiona Smith

This book begins by outlining the scientific evidence for ages of the Earth in millennia (thousands of years) rather than the Megaanni (millions of years) often taught.It outlines features that you would expect by long-age uniformitarian geology compared to 'young Earth' catastrophic (Flood) geology, and how what we see around us satisfies the latter predictions.The second half of the book details a realistic account of the geologic formations in eastern Australian in a time-formation sequence.In the book, the reader will be introduced to many standard geologic terms and concepts that are used in middle and upper high school. These have all been well defined. There is also a glossary at the back to help revise any new terms.At the end of each section there are Review Questions to re-enforce learning for the student or enquiring adult. Answers to these appear at the back.The book also contains many photographs of eastern Australian rock formations. These look best in colour (the eBook). However, even in black and white they still give a good detail.

Freedom Home - Paying Energy Bills is Optional and may save your Life!

by P. Stephen O’leary

Imagine a World where you have NO electricity or gas bills? Nada! Zilch! Zero! Imagine a home that uses nature to heat and cool your home? At no cost! Imagine a healthy home where the air quality is pristine that toxins, dustmites, mould cannot live in and condensation or harmful VOCs are non-existent that can harm the health of your family? Imagine growing your own vegetables with water you have captured and you home also having a hot water service costing nothing to run? Imagine a home 20-21° constantly, 24/7? Imagine cooking in a kitchen with the latest technology? Imagine your contribution to a cleaner world? Imagine?

True Confessions of a Potato Queen

by Alexander O. Montgomery

Potato queens are a special breed of Asian males who will only date Caucasian men. Is it because of what we all think it is or is there more than meets the eye? This book exposes the potato queen's secrets and obsessions, the salacious love affairs and the major challenges that he faces in coming to terms with his identity in the white man's world. Certainly not for the faint hearted, this juicy exposé is the definitive textbook for any aspiring potato queen, the admirer of this exotic species or for just about anyone who would relish a fantastic bedtime read. "Guaranteed to ruffle some feathers!"

Tax Tips That Add Up: 150 Tax Saving Strategies

by Darren Gleeson

This book details 150 tax saving strategies and ideas that if implemented will save you tax. It doesn't matter whether you are an employee, investor, or business owner; there are tax strategies that may apply to your circumstances. Often taxpayers, and even many accounting professionals, are unaware of all the tax saving strategies that are available. This is understandable really as the Australian taxation system is extremely complicated and ever changing. Up to date information is the key to ensuring you are not paying more tax than necessary. The focus of this book is to educate and enlighten taxpayers and professionals alike about 150 selected tax saving strategies that are legally available. Taxpayers should only pay the exact amount of tax they are legally required too and not a dollar more. How knowledgeable and 'switched on' is your accounting professional?

Playing GOD

by Benjamin Nowland

Playing God guides us through the invisible. Benjamin Nowland moved to inner city Sydney in 2013 and soon after experienced acute symptoms of electromagnetic radiation pollution sickness. His physical, mental and spiritual health were profoundly affected. The only place he functioned was away from Wi-Fi, towers and mobile devices in a Zero EMF Sanctuary. In his search for truth, Ben questioned the suppression of scientific evidence. He asked why adverse health effects of Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and telco and NBN microwave towers are not shared with the public? What don't telcos and mobile manufacturers want us to know? In what he called the Sydney EMF Experiment he used himself as the subject to correlate effects of electromagnetic radiation. Insights were substantiated with extensive research. Tens of thousands of dollars in products and mainstream and alternative therapies were tested during his two-year journey. Playing God provides a streamlined path to discover the invisible. It introduces the new concept of 'spiritual effects' of electromagnetic radiation and inspires us to walk our own unique path to optimal physical and mental health.

The Lazy Way to Overcome Procrastination: in five easy steps (but some are hard)

by Dr Christian Heim

The lazy way to overcome procrastination: in five easy steps (but some are hard). Do you want to stop procrastinating? Don't want to put in the effort? This book's for you. I'm a psychiatrist who's worked with thousands of people. Many of those people procrastinate. So do well people. I'll share with you tips which have helped. Let's face it, overcoming procrastination isn't easy; but a lazy way will make it more fun. If it's fun it can't be too much work, right? It'll be worth it.

Out Of This World

by Brendan Lloyd

Have you ever considered spirituality but decided you couldn't make sense of all the jargon? You're not alone. Why settle for 'New Age' when you don't understand the Age-Old?In this book, you'll discover real experiences and real insight - nothing fictional, or second-hand (except maybe this book one day). If you don't think (even slightly) differently after reading this book, either you're not thinking enough, or you didn't stop and think 'Why are we here?'To quote the original Matrix film, 'Free your mind'; discover possibilities you thought were impossible, when you already knew the Mission was Impossible. But this one doesn't come with popcorn!I'm not here to tell you to 'look within', or that 'the Kingdom of God is within', I'm here to tell you - look for God, because the delusion is to believe in nothing at all!

Murder on the Island

by Brian Kavanagh

A Belinda Lawrence Mystery Belinda and Hazel find themselves on the island of Guernsey where they are invited by Sir Mark's mother, Melba, Lady Sallinger. Other house guests include her parents, a handsome interior designer, a slovenly bookseller, a Jesuit priest, and Catherine, a mysterious woman writer. Soon after, the residents of the old Tudor mansion are thrown into confusion with the discovery of human remains buried in the garden. The priest tells of the Guernsey Martyrs, burned alive in 1556 for theft, and he believes a silver cup from that theft, is hidden in the house. One murder and a second mysterious death lead to revelations of past crimes that resonate to the present day and result in an exciting resolution tinged by the island's history of Nazi occupation. 'Belinda Lawrence is a woman who is highly charged when it comes to solving a mystery. She lets nothing stand in her way right down to entering other people's home without invitation. I like her independent nature, her daring maneuvers, her determination. Mr. Kavanagh did a great job choosing characters that supported and/or worked against Belinda. A good read filled with suspense and mystery.'- ALTERNATIVE READ'Belinda is the type of heroine that will be beloved and leave readers wondering what's happening to her next. I know I will be.'- AMAZON. Yvonne Reviews. 'Brian Kavanagh has an amusing turn of phrase and his interpretation of the wonderful English mystery series of yesteryear makes for delightful entertainment.'- AMAZON. Angela S. Book Six in the Belinda Lawrence mystery series.

My System – Your System

by Kathleen Walter

This BOOK can put you on track with your finances! $$ YOUR SYSTEM $$ Not the bank's SYSTEM, not my SYSTEM, YOUR own personal SYSTEM! Do you want to remove any financial stress that you may have?&#8226 My System is set up for you to make it Your System for the future, your future. Do you want to know how to CRUNCH your hard earned $$$$.&#8226 Well this easy budgeting SYSTEM is for you. How much money do I need to put this in place?&#8226 Your OWN incoming $$$$ is all you need to set this up. How much money do I need to put this in place?&#8226 My book explains My System, designed by myself in 1977 & it's never let me down. Do I need a computer?&#8226 NO, Manual or Spreadsheet, it's your choice. What if My System - Your System does not work for me?&#8226 My System does have in place a purpose, budgeting. My System does need you to restrain from going off track, or it will not succeed, the good news is you can always start again. What is the purpose of this book?To know where any incoming $$$$ went. How it is spent? Maybe adjustments can be made to make it better? Can my system allow for a holiday, pay extra on the home loan? Allow extra spending money? So once the most important FINANCIAL AREAS are covered, one can see on paper exactly how the finances are building up and will continue to do so! It is fun, to hold the purse strings, you will feel secure, positive, and have control of what money you have, where it's going, what you need to do, and, above all, you will accomplish discipline, strength within yourself, confidence and an amazing new attitude towards spending. The purpose of putting this in print is to help others to be financially free, not to be financially stressed! You never have to worry about your financials again, as once in place, you can adjust to suit your lifestyle as it changes, also your income, whether it increases or decreases.

Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2015: The Marketing Management Book of the Year

by Darren Woolley

With over 240 pages, this year's Marketing Management Book of the Year is a must read for any marketer grappling with the fast-paced environment of today's marketing. 2015 is a third year in a row that TrinityP3 has published the Top 50 Marketing Management Posts and it continues to grow in popularity and prominence amongst the marketing, procurement and advertising industry. Covering a wide range of hot marketing topics from digital marketing to agency management, procurement, production and everything in between. All the contributors are subject matter experts with more than 10 years industry experience, giving practical insight into the complex world of marketing. But what is the marketing industry saying about Top 50 Marketing Management Posts 2015? Darren Woolley's Top 50 Marketing Management Post of the Year is a remarkable mosaic of must-read articles and expert opinions that will open your mind, offer new perspectives and challenge you in the process. Bruno Gralpois, Author of "Agency Mania" and Co-Founder and Principal, Agency Mania SolutionsI consider theft a great compliment and I admit that I've been stealing great ideas from Darren Woolley for years. Darren's unique and forthright industry perspective comes from a deep understanding of the needs of both advertisers and agencies. It is rare to get such an insightful holistic perspective on the issues and opportunities that shape today's fast paced marketing industry. Peter Levitan, Author of "Buy this Book. Win more pitches" and Boss, Peter Levitan & Co.Darren Woolley is a true industry thought leader who has inspired me on countless occasions with his insights and unique points-of-view. Trinity P3's Top 50 Marketing Management Posts is an incredibly valuable collection that will inspire you, too. A must-read for anyone in this ever-changing, increasingly difficult-to-navigate industry. Barry Wacksman, Co-Author of "Connected by Design" and EVP, Global Chief Strategy Officer, R/GADarren's 'book of blog" articles is an essential read for any marketer who wants to open their mind to what could be. His points of view often challenge our way of thinking. He provides perspectives that deviate from the status quo, which can initiate some very productive discussions. I have had the pleasure of conversation and debate with Darren over the years and I am richer for it. Susan Charles, Vice President, Association of Canadian AdvertisersDarren's strength is that he always acknowledges the elephant in the room. In so doing, he provides vibrant, provocative, action-oriented ideas, alternatives, solutions and thought leadership on the expanding remit that is marketing. If change is the constant Darren's posts are a valuable tool for currency and content for today's marketers. Sunita Gloster, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Association of National Advertisers

Della Mortika 2: The Library of Wonder

by Geraldine F. Martin Marisa Martin Paul J. Martin

Abigail and Beatrix have been adopted by the Malefics, a famous inventor family, after a short stay in the Skipping girl Home for Wayward and Homeless girls in Melbourne. Zarah sets out to be reunited with them, but when she gets to the Malefic Mansion she is disturbed to find that her sisters are nowhere to be seen. Where are Zarah's sisters? Why have other children been disappearing? And what do these happenings have to do with the Malefics' latest invention, The Library of Wonder?

A Thousand Shards of Glass: There is another America

by Michael Katakis

Once upon a time, Michael Katakis lived in a place of big dreams, bright colours and sleight of hand. That place was America. One night, travelling where those who live within illusions should never go, he stared into the darkness and glimpsed a faded flag where shadows gathered, revealing another America. It was a broken place, bred from fear and distrust - a thousand shards of glass - filled with a people who long ago had given away all that was precious; a people who had been sold, for so long, a foreign betrayal that finally came from within, and for nothing more than a handful of silver. These essays, letters and journal entries were written as a farewell to the country Michael loves still, and to the wife he knew as his 'True North'. A powerful and personal polemic, A Thousand Shards of Glass is Michael's appeal to his fellow citizens to change their course; a cautionary tale to those around the world who idealise an America that never was; and, crucially, a glimpse beyond the myth, to a country whose best days could still lie ahead.

Wild Chicory

by Kim Kelly

Wild Chicory is the story of a journey from Ireland to Australia in the early 1900s, along threads of love, family, war and peace. It's a slice of ordinary life rich in history, folklore and fairy tale, and a portrait of the precious bond between a granddaughter, Brigid, and her grandmother, Nell. From the windswept, emerald coast of County Kerry, to the slums of Sydney's Surry Hills; and from the bitter sectarian violence of Ulster, to tranquillity of rural New South Wales, Brigid weaves her grandmother's tales into a small but beautiful epic of romance and tragedy, of laughter and the cold reality of loss. It's Nell's tales, tall and true, that spur Brigid to write her own, too. Ultimately, it's a story of finding your feet in a new land - be that a new country, or a new emotional space - and the wonderful trove of narrative we carry with us wherever we might go. In many ways Brigid and Nell are Kim and her grandmother Lillian Kelly, and many snippets of story in this work belong especially to them. It is primarily a work of fiction, but while the Kennedys and the O'Halligans in Wild Chicory are not the Kellys and O'Reillys of Kim's own family history, they have sprung direct from her heart, and show readers just how it is she came to be a writer of stories herself.

Dogs of India

by Polly Mcgee

Revenge. A dish best served cold. Or if you're Sydney native Lola Wedd, with a broken heart and a life in chaos, a dish served up by heading to India to marry a total stranger as part of an international visa scam. Lola naïvely thought she would 'find herself' in India. Instead she is enmeshed in a drama worthy of Bollywood, starring an abandoned Pariah dog, a dead civil servant, a vengeful actor, a suicidal housewife, a boutique hotel owner, a blushing chauffeur, an absent groom, an ambitious girl journalist and a megalomaniac monkey. As Lola begins to understand the consequences of her choices, she ignites a series of events that lead to a Diwali Festival more explosive than anyone in New Delhi could have imagined.


by Adrian Simon

"In that moment I knew the meaning of milk-blood. Desperate addicts will decant some of their own blood while the drug is still pumping through their veins to save as 'insurance' to inject later. This opiate-laden blood is called milk-blood." Adrian Simon, 38, is the son of Warren Fellows, the infamous heroin smuggler who was imprisoned in Bangkwang Prison in Bangkok for 12 years and published the bestselling memoir "The Damage Done". But Adrian wasn't the only one affected by the experience. In his searing autobiography "Milk-Blood," Adrian tells his side of the story; growing up in suburban Australia the son of two unconventional parents, while trying to make sense of his father's terrible decisions and witnessing his mother shunned by society at every turn. "It was his decisions that led to me having a nervous breakdown as an innocent child, and like a disease that experience clung to me throughout my life. And just like my arthritic condition, I had a bandaid solution but no cure. In a small way I could never be completely free of the past, he was my damage within that I would never be able to eradicate completely." Refusing to give in to the dark shadow his father casts over his life, Adrian lives life to the full, and always on his own terms, right from the get-go. His inherent drive and thirst for adventure sees him abandoning school in favour of chasing the good times, wherever they may lie. Later, this morphs into a deeper search for meaning and purpose, which sees him travel around the globe in a non-stop whirlwind of run-ins and adventures. But it's here, on the road, where he begins to make sense of his fractured life, righting the wrongs of his past and starting the painstaking task of restoring the damage done to his family chi. "People rarely knew my story and how my emotions were like a river, a wild torrent boring through my soul. I grew to understand that we all have our own storm within, that we share the same path to find happiness and self-expression. Deep down, I knew one day I would tell this story. I just had to wait for more chapters to play out. I never thought of myself as a writer, rather as someone with a big story to tell." This raw and honest work tackles complex issues and themes, such as mental health, addiction, and coming-of-age, but ultimately it is a story of love, hope, courage and the healing power of acceptance.

The Power of Ruby's Words

by Susie Berryman Katherine May Watt

Ruby is a Shrew and Muriel is a Marsupial Mouse and they are very good friends. They caught the bus to the beach and Muriel brought her happiness. Ruby did not! Muriel knows the secret. Can Ruby find the secret too?

Not I, Said the Sparrow

by Pat Reynolds

Not I, Said the Sparrow is a deviously plotted mystery set in a fictional Perth university. In full view of the assembled masses at the annual Graduation Ceremony, an elderly Mathematics professor is shot dead by means of a poisoned dart. A young History lecturer, Lucy, joins her friend, Felicity, another lecturer, to act as a sounding board for the inexperienced detective, Felicity's cousin, who has been brought in to investigate. Lucy and Felicity were told not to become too involved, but they soon find themselves right in the midst of the action as they uncover a plethora of illegal activities and other skulduggery occurring on campus. Despite this undercurrent of wickedness and corruption, and despite the unpopular Vice Chancellor's attempts to address a financial crisis closing in on the University, lectures continue and students carry on as students usually carry on. This is a crime novel, but there is no gratuitous violence, and the emphasis is more on the characters and the mystery than the actual murder. It gives insights into work at a university and treats its material lightly, with a touch of humour. This book would appeal to a wide audience, especially those who like the challenge of a good mystery.

Attaining Ultimate Results from your Loyalty Club

by Trevor Taylor

Attaining Ultimate Results from your Loyalty Club is a book that uncovers the secrets used in casinos in driving revenue and extra visitation from members. It describes the best strategies in retaining your members and how to attract new members or activate extra visitation from your existing members. A number of strategies in the book describe how you can increase your revenue from a well-designed loyalty Club. If you looking at launching a loyalty club, then this book is a must to read, as it shows you the correct steps to follow, in creating the correct benefits needed to drive members and revenue into your business and more importantly what financial data mining you need to carry out with your members to manage your data base correctly. Marketing today is moving away from once off transactional marketing to more long term profitable relationship marketing. This book uncovers those secrets that companies should be using to gain market share.

The Prestoj

by M. J. Koster

A mysterious book is found in a deserted mansion in the Ukraine in 1919. Through this book, Feodor becomes possessed by a Daemon, a Daemon who gradually comes to control his every movement. This Daemon has but one need; to satisfy its baser needs. Fast forward to present day rural Massachusetts. A peaceful Friday night is disturbed when chaos, in the form of a girl in a white robe with silver coins sewn into her eyelids, arrives on Sam Coverdale's and Janey Walshe's doorstep. The girl dies spitting blood, the name of the local religious Retreat Center on her lips. Sheriff Mark Arthurs covers up any involvement of the Retreat Center, not for the good of the town, but for an altogether ulterior motive... Sam is joined by Sheriff's Deputy Tyler Johnson in investigating the Retreat Center, where Father Josif Racin is interested in more than just the spiritual well being of the young ladies in attendance... Katerina Kanakova is one such lady. But will she leave spiritually enlightened or will she leave in a body bag?

Arthur the Kintwonk: The Quest of the Ruby Rose

by Phillip Geronimo Davis

Arthur the Kintwonk is a story about a reluctant Kintwonk, an ancient race from outer space, who is deemed to be the next King of the Kintwonks. His quest is to take a bag of rubies to the hall of the Mountain Fring. He is weylead by skullduggers, Pirates, Pimps and a host of other Neer do wells. He is aided and abetted by a host of friends from Mother Earth and Outer Space. Failure to succeed would change the world and doom Mankind forever.

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