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A Practical Guide to Palliative Care in Paediatrics: Paediatric Palliative Care for Health Professionals

by No-surname Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service – Paediatric Palliative Care Service No-surname Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Palliative Care Reference Group No-surname Queensland Government

This ebook is a practical guide to all of the issues relating to the care of a child or young person with a life limiting condition. It aims to empower clinicians to care for children at home or as close to home as possible. It is a national resource and a major contribution towards supporting dying children and their families to have the best quality of life. Sections include psychosocial considerations, symptom management, the dying process, bereavement and ethics. New sections for this edition include perinatal palliative care and quality improvement in paediatric palliative care. The booklet includes a number of appendices including commonly used drugs and doses. The booklet where possible tries to be evidence based, and reflects best practice guidelines for the Australian and New Zealand context.

A Theatre in my Mind

by James Aitchison Reg James

Radio drama is often called the "theatre of the mind", wherein a listener's imagination is stimulated by voices, sounds, and music to create mental imagery as real as any bricks-and-mortar theatre. Reg James spent a lifetime in the thick of Australian radio drama. Rising through the ranks at Grace Gibson Radio Productions -- from despatch boy to general manager -- he takes us behind the scenes into the fascinating world of broadcasting from the 1930s to the present day. The great shows, the magic voices, the pure drama of putting shows to air -- Reg shares his secrets and stories in this amazing journey back in time to a lost era. With co-author James Aitchison, Reg invites you to join him in this unique theatre. Essential reading for anyone who enjoyed listening to radio serials, and for those fascinated by Australian radio. Authors of Yes, Miss Gibson, the biography of Grace Gibson.

Trench Art: the stories behind the talismans

by Judy Waugh

This unique collection of trench art evokes emotion. Each piece was created in turmoil but all are beautiful - intuitive works of art about music, faith, love and honour. 56 pieces are from WWI. All are signed with name and service number. Most are small and tactile, often worn as a fob. Many are made from coins and brass from the battlefield; some are carved in bone and wood. Most belonged to young soldiers who were killed in action or died of their wounds - at Gallipoli, France and Flanders, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Twelve belonged to Anzacs. This book tells their stories - of men from England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand, bound by adventure and loyalty to their common ancestry. . . . . . The engraved ID holds the key to the story. The heart of each story is different. There are stories of courage under fire and desertions at Colombo; of death from sunstroke and survival through three theatres of war; of medals awarded and fines for misadventures; of men from the Outback in Queensland and young lads from Boys Homes in Kent. There are insights into social history - the ostracism and disgrace of venereal disease, the generational poverty in industrial cities, the imperative to secure oil lines in Iraq. And there are heartbroken letters from those left behind. . . . . . This book will appeal to collectors of artefacts, coins and militaria. It will also appeal to those interested in family history, social history, military history and art therapy in trauma. So much can be found from so little. The range of artefacts may also interest researchers. There are over 64 artefacts in all, including two from the Boer War, one from Crimea, and seven from the convict era - all bearing testament to the primal need to carve a name.

WorkAware - Peak Performance NOW!

by Vincent Fong

Whether you are finishing high school, an undergraduate student, a jobseeker or already in employment this handbook is for you. Why? It's written with you in mind because work is no longer just work. It's a business problem to be solved. Employers expect it. Customers expect it. More importantly you expect it of others who work for and with you. It's widely accepted that businesses and employers want new hires to be work-ready from day-1. Employees must not only be qualified but work aware - able to solve business problems with Confidence, demonstrate their Capability and be in Control of complex and multi-disciplinary work streams and projects. Being technically savvy is just the start. The new expectation is in the execution - Work as a Business Problem to be Solved, Competently and Completely. This handbook will fast forward you into the business reality of work, outline the key drivers and enable you to prosecute the "Right Work Done Right First Time, Every Time & On Time" to enhance both personal and workplace "Peak Performance".

Evidence for Creation

by Fiona Smith

This book focuses on specific design features of many Australian, and other, animals as well as other evidence for intentional creation by a Creator.It is intended as an aid when visiting east-Australian zoos, as well as a study manual for biology students, at a level of academic rigour expected in high school (or above) science.With its clear apologetic for creation, it is meant as a counter to the plethora of academic biology books and documentaries that extol evolution by random chance and time. In the book, the reader will be introduced to many standard biological terms used at the middle and upper high school level. These have all been well defined. There is also a Glossary at the back to help revise any new terms. The book is sectioned by animals (in alphabetical order) and apologetics. At the end of each section there are Review Questions to re-enforce learning for the student or enquiring adult. Answers to these appear at the back. The book also contains many colour photographs of the animals described.

When you stop laughing - go home!

by Paul Coghlan

In 2010 to assist his recovery from too many years as a Victorian Public Servant - the land where good ideas go to die - the author took up two consecutive volunteering assignments - over two and a half years in what was then the world's youngest country and youngest democracy - Timor Leste. When you stop laughing go home is a book of personal impressions of modern day Timor Leste told through the prism of the authors daily life in a small township in the hills of Timor Leste. This is a series of stories telling of how an ageing Australian in a transitional time in his life met a young nation in a transitional time in their life and how over two and a half years they worked together, laughed together, came to understand each other and helped rebuild each other. The impressions while sometimes critical of the Government, some foreign consultants and some foreign aid programs tell of the respect gained by the author for the people of Timor Leste and his hope that at last they may experience the freedom to be themselves, govern themselves and build their own future in their own image and likeness.

The resilience of the lotus

by Eugen Fischer

This story tells the sad truth about a young, displaced woman from Manchuria, her life during the Japanese invasion 1931-1945 and some years thereafter. Told to the author in Singapore in the late seventies, it is a harrowing tale of humanity's cruelty and the horrors of war, but also a testament that life always finds a way to survive. Her strength and courage in the horrendous circumstances of war and occupation are inspirational. Like the lotus flower, the human spirit has the potential to grow in the worst environment, and emerge from the muck to bloom again as a beautiful flower. There are so many victims in a war, and once the war is over, one doesn't know their names nor find their graves. The stench of war wilts all flowers. The stench of peace lets them bloom again.

Daintree Reflections

by Anthony W. Buirchell

Suddenly there was an explosion in the centre of the billabong and a gigantic crocodile launched itself into the path of the incoming geese. The crocodile opened its massive jaws and seemed to hover in the air. The boys sat transfixed. Several magpie geese saw the danger and tried to swerve. The crocodile had selected one that was on a direct course to where its jaws would clamp shut around it. Black and white feathers flew in all directions and the crocodile's massive body whacked back into the water. Wave after wave rippled across the water and then all was still as if nothing had happened. "Jesus Christ," said Keith. "Did you see that?" Not only crocodiles but the ever present dangers of floods, wild pigs, cyclones, pythons, cassowaries, flash floods and taipans confronted the family daily. Did they all survive the years 1926 - 1936 as a family in the Daintree? Not only read about their quest for survival but also the fun and mischief they got up to.

Challenge the Status Quo

by Lilianna Kovacevic

Do you ever feel like you're suffocating at work? Or find it hard to speak up or stand up for what you believe in? That your colleagues are operating without a vision and at cross-purposes? That you are not projecting the right image, the real you, the person you want to be? Then you need to learn how to live and breathe your values amid organisational chaos in order to: &#8226 Boost your confidence, speak up and embrace challenging the status quo. &#8226 Develop a confident attitude and increase your awareness between theory and practice in organisations. &#8226 Capitalise on your unique value proposition "you". &#8226 Step outside your comfort zone and reap the success you deserve. &#8226Build successful professional and social relationships. This is a practical, easy to follow book with credible tips in order for the reader to grasp and adapt to the varying dynamics amid organisations. At its core, is the premise that the freedom to be oneself within the corporate world is not only beneficial to individuals but positively impacts the bottom line. Rather than focusing on one specific role, this book holistically addresses an organisation and the construct between people, systems and products whether you are an employee, front line manager or leader. By encouraging organisations to embrace a workplace culture that allows people to challenge received wisdom, this book teaches each and every one of us how to shine with confidence and live by the unique values that make us who we are.

A Practical Guide to Palliative Care in Paediatrics

by Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service – Paediatric Palliative Care Service Queensland Government Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Palliative Care Reference Group

This ebook is a practical guide to all of the issues relating to the care of a child or young person with a life limiting condition. It aims to empower clinicians to care for children at home or as close to home as possible. It is a national resource and a major contribution towards supporting dying children and their families to have the best quality of life. Sections include psychosocial considerations, symptom management, the dying process, bereavement and ethics. New sections for this edition include perinatal palliative care and quality improvement in paediatric palliative care. The booklet includes a number of appendices including commonly used drugs and doses. The booklet where possible tries to be evidence based, and reflects best practice guidelines for the Australian and New Zealand context.

Warm and Sunny etc. etc.

by Frankie Exeter

Was it smart to leave an interesting job at the radio and television station and work as a casual in the pizza parlour and attempt to write a bestselling comedy with just an occasional touch of romance? Will the outcome be the author becoming a highly regarded best-selling wordsmith extraordinaire or else a mediocre word-mangler routinely rejected by the book publishing industry? Rejection letters are part of the trade-off in the world of creativity, so endure! Deal with it sunshine! Will our intrepid story-teller be forever trapped behind the counter of the local pizza parlour or will he make a headlong rush into the soft seductive arms of wealth, acclaim and fame? What fate awaits? Who knows? On the positive side we must accept that reality cannot ever compete with imagination. So never give up. Never lose sight of the dream. Remember the Japanese proverb "Baka Mo Ichi-gei" - Even a fool has one talent. Now read on...!

Imaginary Foe

by Shannon Leahy

Shannon grew up in Waroona, Western Australia, a small town nestled against the Darling Scarp. Her debut novel, Imaginary Foe, was inspired by the town's landscapes and remoteness. Although gainfully employed, Shannon's passion lies in writing fiction and making music. She has played in several bands, including The Spinsters, The Dead Trees and her latest venture, Soon ( Shannon lives in Mount Lawley with her partner, Scott, and their two cats Milly and Juju.

So you wanna be a Real Estate Super Star?

by Daniel Hayes

In the year 2010 Daniel Hayes earned a personal income of more than $900,000 after only 5 years working in Real Estate. He had never worked in sales anywhere before. He has a year 10 education, lived in a Caravan as a kid, no business degrees and no formal training. He is also a staunch member of Alcoholics Anonymous and got clean and sober on the streets of Sydney at the tender age of 19! This is the story of his journey in Real Estate, the ups and downs the trials and tribulations and there have been plenty of them, from the Number 1 Agent in the State, to various law suites he became entangled in, messy divorce and trying to be a good Father to his two beautiful kids Harry and Daisy, he holds nothing back. Compelling, authentic no bull shit reading.

Songs the People Love

by Kurt Liffman Patricia Liffman

At the start of World War II, Eric Liffman, a refugee from Nazi Germany, is imprisoned and transported from London to Australia on the infamous troop ship HMT Dunera. After imprisonment in Hay and Tatura, he, in a strange twist of fate, is invited to join the Australian Army, whereupon he restarts his musical career as a gifted tenor and becomes a celebrity performing to packed concert halls and raising large sums of money for the war effort. After the war, he returns to Germany to search for surviving members of his family. A unique account of wartime London, Melbourne, pre and post war Germany from a refugee/prisoner, who became the most celebrated tenor in Australia during the Second World War.

The Hour of Evidence: Deceived

by Terri Sedmak

All eyes are on the Magic City! The shocking evidence no one saw coming... A lost family secret... Two hearts at destiny's crossroads... 'There will come a time when the truth will rise up through the mire of lies and murky wrong-doing to reach the surface and show its sad yet radiant light. And I believe that hour is coming.' - Emmaline Roberts Early in the spring of 1885, the murder trial of tycoon Loren Bodecker and the cruel maverick Donnelly commences in Cheyenne. With so much at stake, all eyes are upon this famed Magic City of the Plains, where the scales of frontier justice are poised to weigh the compelling and often bruising evidence. Drawn ever deeper into the labyrinth shaping their pursuit of justice, challenged in both heart and mind, the gallant Alliance & its friends are about to discover truth long withheld. THE HOUR OF EVIDENCE is the fourth volume in The Liberty & Property Legends saga, beginning where Volume Three FIRST COUNTRY Tinged with Rose left off. As the quest continues, as the twists keep coming both inside and outside the courtroom, the next installment in the saga begs the question: what price a well-kept secret?

Personal Change through Self-Hypnosis

by Pamela Young

Get help with:&#8226 Confidence and communication&#8226 Assertiveness&#8226 Smoking&#8226 Eating disorders&#8226 Study issues and exam nerves&#8226 Pregnancy and childbirth&#8226 Insomnia&#8226 Breast enlargement&#8226 Sporting enhancement&#8226 Anxiety, panic attacks&#8226 Job interviews&#8226 Fear of flying&#8226 Depression&#8226 Broken heart&#8226 Skin problems&#8226 Headaches&#8226 Nailbiting&#8226 Pain control&#8226 Drug and alcohol problems&#8226 Tumours&#8226 Seasickness&#8226 Anger Management


by Nicole Poiana

A woman haunted by her past... A killer with a thirst for vengeance... Three years ago, Madeline Allridge had it all - a beautiful house, successful farm and ruggedly handsome fiancée in Jack Quade. Then, he betrayed her. Resulting in a series of events that still torment her. Determined to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and ignore her lingering feelings for Jack. Madeline begins a passionate affair with Austin Devery. But the past has a way of catching up with you... As her relationship with Austin heats up, Madeline finds herself in the crosshairs of a madman out for revenge. Can they stop him before it's too late?

The Waifs

by Rena Briand

A fascinating story for anyone interested in the adoption of vulnerable mixed-race children abandoned in the aftermath of war. When Rena Briand adopted Tuyen, a Vietnamese orphan, and successfully brought her to Australia, dozens of families aspired to do the same. Rena Briand's "The Waifs" is a compelling story about battling officialdom with resilience and determination. A tale on how a handful of compassionate women fought to get a few Vietnamese waifs to Australia. Their opponents were formidable - conniving politicians hypocritical church leaders racist social workers and the phony "charitables" of Toorak. A moving and courageous story.


by Jennifer S. Smith

"BUT I'M NOT TIRED!" is the book for the thousands of parents whose children and teenagers don't sleep well enough, or for long enough. Dr. Jennifer Smith draws on scientific research and her vast experience as a leading child and adolescent psychologist to describe how good sleep hygiene recharges young people's brains to the max. She also shows how sleep can enhance their lives in every imaginable way. Better still, she guides parents through the most effective ways to nurture sleep in their young people. "Dream on!" you groan? "My kids just say: But I'm not tired!" Jennifer understands these difficulties, because she hears about them in her practice on a daily basis. Not only does she discuss these issues in her book, she also offers the most successful, practical strategies to resolve a variety of sleep problems in children and teenagers. Written in a simple, entertaining style, BUT I'M NOT TIRED! distills the information into an easy read for tired parents, who just want their young people to flourish, through sleep.

Freedom from Fred: Living with Friedreich's Ataxia

by Anna Magdalene Handley

On the night of a debutante ball, events set in motion an emotive and intimate portrayal of the revelation of a life changing condition. Anna Magdalene plunges deep into a personal maelstrom that is both tender and hard-hitting as it explores the hidden recesses of social understanding of her condition, Friedreich's Ataxia. On the quest for healing, Anna embarks on brave and sometimes strange journeys of enlightenment to free herself from the bonds of her condition. In one of these adventures she stumbles on an unexpected answer that brings a true light in the most disarming way, changing her whole view of what freedom is. Simultaneously, she discovers a mutual hope to join life again and a way to live with her condition, 'Fred', while she must. (Blurb by Anna's Carers, Pierre and Lee Figueira)

You Gotta Be Alive To Whinge

by John Cutty Cutmore

Growing up on a dairy farm honed John Cutty Cutmore's tenacity and wry humour. Here is a tale of tough times and good times in the Obi Obi farming community deep in the beautiful hinterland of Queensland's Sunshine Coast, interspersed with photographs and humorous anecdotes of unlikely characters and stories tall and true. When a horrific farm accident causes Cutty injuries that no-one in the world is known to have survived, the community rallies to his support. Cutty tells of his fight for life and an amazing recovery, aided by a loving family and friends and the determination of skilled doctors and nurses.

Semillon Haze

by Graeme Arnold

Austinn Baeder arrived in the Port of Geelong in 1845 with his two adult sons to start a new life. The Swiss winemaker planned to open a new vineyard and winery on the banks of the Barwon River. The retired soldier came looking for new opportunities, but to also leave a troubled past behind. Mitchell Baeder, a modern-day descendant of Austinn continues the winemaking tradition on the original property Austinn and his sons established, Cressier. Mitchell is a bit old-fashioned and slow to embrace modern techniques. His son, Adam is a wayward adolescent, and causes Mitchell and his wife Fiona much grief. Adam's on and off relationship with Jenny, a girl from the adjacent winery, has the potential to bring the family together. A series of unfortunate events unwittingly brings the modern day Baeder family far closer to their ancestors than they could ever imagine. It could even expose a dreadful family secret that lay dormant for over 100 years: the true reason behind Austinn's emigration.

Wanderings of a Ten Pound Pom

by Bob Horsman

Wanderings of a Ten Pound Pom is about an English emigrant to Australia beginning almost 50 years ago in 1966, until his marriage in 1977. The stories revolve around his work as an electrician in this new country and his travels throughout the world during that time. Those travels include visits to 32 countries with over a hundred locations. There are some funny moments, some are adventurous and some are more than a little embarrassing. Some are serious and some are light-hearted. An entertaining read, for the bus or the train, over a coffee or at bedtime. Bob Horsman's writing of those times has been almost as enjoyable for him as living them. It is his hope that the reading of these anecdotes will do the same for you.

Life Interrupted

by Teisha Rose

Teisha Rose was just twenty-two and on a fast track to corporate success when her life was interrupted by a huge and unexpected hurdle. For the next four years she grieved for her lost dreams, caught in an avalanche of endless hospital ordeals and gruelling rehabilitation. Her devastating physical condition came to dominate her identity ... until she decided to turn her hurdle into hope. Teisha committed herself to finding joy where it seemed impossible. Turning an existence of debilitating lows into a life of exhilarating highs, she left her homeland to travel the world. She left creature comforts to help orphans overseas. She left corporate life to become a social worker among the homeless and lonely. She found new gifts, new perspectives, new homes, new friends and in an amazing set of circumstances she found love. Teisha's extraordinary story will break your heart, inspire you, enthral you and thrill you. Yet Life Interrupted is more than a life story. In the second part of her book, Teisha uses her unique discoveries to help you find your way through whatever might have interrupted your own dreams. Your challenges need not be as tragic as Teisha Rose- few people's are - but like her, you can find your way past your hurdle to a new life full of hope.


by Michael Winkler

Murder. Mayhem. Misdeeds. In the nineteenth century, Brunswick was a satellite suburb of Melbourne. While the big city boomed, Brunswick was a place of "bricks and pottery, mud and poverty" with the unruliness of a frontier town. This collection of contemporary newspaper stories provides a vivid picture of the seamy side of life in 1800s Brunswick. It includes famous outrages such as the trial and execution of 'baby farmer' Frances Knorr; Mary Ryckman attacking her neighbour with dynamite; and the outbreak of Irish sectarian violence in Sydney Road. It also captures lesser-known incidents that, together, portray a much harder time: street larrikins, pub brawls, industrial deaths, poisoning both accidental and deliberate. Grungewick provides an unusual window into Australian life in the 1800s and shows that, even when times are toughest, the dignity and resilience of everyday people can shine through.

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