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Competitiveness of CEE Economies and Businesses

by Piotr Trąpczyński Łukasz Puślecki Mirosław Jarosiński

This book presents peer-reviewed, state-of-the-art conceptual and empirical papers devoted to changes in the international competitive position of the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, its countries and businesses. While the unprecedented scale of transformation in the CEE region has provided a distinct research setting for international business and economics scholars for more than two decades, there have also been recent discussions about the extent to which the region continues to have a unique business environment. The region's economies have reached different levels of market development and modern business practice adoption, with some of them now frequently classified as advanced economies. Consequently, the same level of heterogeneity among CEE countries can also be observed at the sector and business level. The contributions in this book highlight possible sources of competitive advantage for CEE countries and firms, in light of recent intensive debates about the danger of the middle-income trap and the potential solutions to it.

The Himalayan Border Region

by Christoph Bergmann

Drawing fromextensive archival work and long-term ethnographic research, this book focuseson the so-called Bhotiyas, former trans-Himalayan traders and a Scheduled Tribeof India who reside in several high valleys of the Kumaon Himalaya. The area islocated in the border triangle between India, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR,People's Republic of China), and Nepal, where contestations over politicalboundaries have created multiple challenges as well as opportunities for localmountain communities. Basedon an analytical framework that is grounded in and contributes to recentadvances in the field of border studies, the author explores how theBhotiyas have used their agency to developa flourishing trans-Himalayan trade under British colonial influence; to assertan identity and win legal recognition as a tribal community in the politicalsetup of independent India; and to innovate their pastoral mobility in thecontext of ongoing state and market reforms. By examining theBhotiyas' trade, identity and mobility thisbook shows how and why the Himalayan border region has evolved as an agentive siteof political action for a variety of different actors.

Nudging - Possibilities, Limitations and Applications in European Law and Economics

by Klaus Mathis Avishalom Tor

This anthology provides an in-depth analysis and discusses the issues surrounding nudging and its use in legislation, regulation, and policy making more generally. The 17 essays in this anthology provide startling insights into the multifaceted debate surrounding the use of nudges in European Law and Economics. Nudging is a tool aimed at altering people's behaviour in a predictable way without forbidding any option or significantly changing economic incentives. It can be used to help people make better decisions to influence human behaviour without forcing them because they can opt out. Its use has sparked lively debates in academia as well as in the public sphere. This book explores who decides which behaviour is desired. It looks at whether or not the state has sufficient information for debiasing, and if there are clear-cut boundaries between paternalism, manipulation and indoctrination. The first part of this anthology discusses the foundations of nudging theory and the problems associated, as well as outlining possible solutions to the problems raised. The second part is devoted to the wide scope of applications of nudges from contract law, tax law and health claim regulations, among others. This volume is a result of the flourishing annual Law and Economics Conference held at the law faculty of the University of Lucerne. The conferences have been instrumental in establishing a strong and ever-growing Law and Economics movement in Europe, providing unique insights in the challenges faced by Law and Economics when applied in European legal traditions.

Mental Health and Older People

by Carolyn A. Chew-Graham Mo Ray

This case-based book offers primary care practitioners support in managing older people with difficulties due to mental health problems, emphasising the importance of integrating health and social care. The full range of disorders is covered, including anxiety and depression, delirium, psychosis and the dementias. The discussion of anxiety and depression encompasses diagnosis and management, assessment of risk, evidence for both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions, and models of care. Clear guidance is provided on the identification and management of symptoms of delirium and different forms of psychosis in older people. The coverage of the dementias includes presentation, initial management, risks to self and others, referral to specialist care and care of older people in residential and nursing homes. Each chapter is co-written by authors from different professional backgrounds and draws on up-to-date national and international research and guidelines. The book will assist greatly in the commissioning and delivery of evidence-based practice.

Parabolic Trough Collector Prototypes for Low-Temperature Process Heat

by Gianluca Coccia Giovanni Nicola Alejandro Hidalgo

This book provides a technical overview of low-costparabolic trough collector (PTCs) prototypes for low-temperature heat demand. It begins with a comprehensive but concise summary of the state-of-the-art inPTCs, and presents a detailed mathematical model of such systems. Subsequentchapters describe the construction and materials used in the manufacture of PTCprototypes, and offers technical solutions to overcome design problems. Finally, it provides an accessible guide to the standards used to test andevaluate the performance of PTCs. Offering a valuable resource to engineeringresearchers and practitioners, it is also suitable for students of solarthermal systems, renewable energy and applied physics.

Agent-Based Modelling of Social Networks in Labour-Education Market System

by Alexander Tarvid

This book covers the modelling of human behaviour in the education and labour markets, which due to their interdependency are viewed as one system. Important factors influencing the decision-making of individuals and firms in this system are discussed. The role of social environment and networks is stressed. The approach of agent-based modelling is presented and compared with standard economic modelling and other simulation techniques in the context of modelling complex adaptive systems. Practical questions in building agent-based models of labour-education market system with social networks are discussed. These questions include modelling the structure of education system and agent behaviour there; modelling and calibrating the labour market without and with firms; generating the social network, defining its behaviour and calibrating it; and embedding the resulting system into a larger model.

Strengthening Information and Control Systems

by Daniela Mancini Renata Paola Dameri Elisa Bonollo

This book presents a collection of original research papers focused on the relationship between information technology and accounting and control models. The book discusses the importance of establishing a synergetic relationship between new information technologies (ERP, BI, web-based technology, data mining, XBRL, etc. ) and new or renewed accounting models and tools (performance indicators, prevision and simulation models, accounting models for public administration, etc. ) in order to enhance an organization's capability to manage information and make valuable decisions. The search for these synergies takes place at all organizational levels: at a strategic level, in order to simulate and forecast behaviors and financial results at a management level, in order to innovate performance measurement and improve value creation at the operational level, in order to improve information quality and the efficiency of the information process. This book is particularly useful for IS and CFO managers and scholars, as it is based on a selection of the best papers - original, double blind reviewed contributions - presented to the Annual Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS under the category "Accounting Information Systems".

Applications of the 'Fair Hearing' Norm in ECHR Article 6(1) to Civil Proceedings

by Ola Johan Settem

This book focuses on the most important implications of the "fair hearing" right for conducting civil proceedings. It provides a thorough and critical analysis of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (the Strasbourg Court) regarding Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. It puts forward a generally applicable framework for the analysis of the various procedural issues to which the "fair hearing" right may give rise, then applies that framework to discuss a selection of specific procedural issues. The book investigates several important questions of general scope in the context of ECHR Article 6, such as: What is the relevance of case law regarding criminal proceedings when the "fair hearing" right is applied to civil proceedings? How does the Strasbourg Court actually proceed when evaluating whether specific court proceedings have been "fair"? What are the roles of fundamental concepts such as the "margin of appreciation" and proportionality in this regard? In the subsequent discussion of specific procedural issues, the focus is on the balance that must be struck between procedural safeguards and the objectives of efficiency and economy. The book considers specific procedural issues such as: When must an oral hearing be held in order for civil proceedings to be "fair"? When will a refusal of specific evidence render civil proceedings unfair? When is a civil litigant entitled to le gal aid? As such, the book not only presents current case law; it also compares various strands of the case law regarding the "fair hearing" right, and argues that the Strasbourg Court's approach to various pertinent issues needs to become more consistent. Offering an in-depth examination of the Strasbourg Court's case law regarding ECHR Article 6, this book should be consulted by anyone interested in fundamental fair trial rights.

Recent Advances on Mycorrhizal Fungi

by Marcela C. Pagano

Recent Advances on Mycorrhizal Fungi integrates work done by pre-eminent scientists, academics, and researchers dedicated to the study of mycorrhizas in laboratories around the world. The main aim of this book is to compile the information related to mycorrhizas advancement and their applications. First, an overview of the recent advances in mycorrhizal fungi is fully examined. Then, researchers from different countries address issues related to semiarid, xeric, and agro-ecosystems. A greater understanding of the ecology of this type of fungi will underpin efforts to provide new strategies for agriculture production systems and environmental solutions. Finally, relevant topics such as plant stress and ecological succession with regard to mycorrhizal symbioses are discussed. This book will be useful to those who work with mycorrhizas and important for academic and research teams, as well as to teachers, students, professionals and farmers. This information will be a key foundation to decision-makers worldwide and also for conservationists and ecologists.

Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparison

by Thibauld Moulaert Suzanne Garon

The supportiverole of urban spaces in active aging is explored on a world scale in thisunique resource, using the WHO's Age-Friendly Cities and Community model. Casestudies from the U. S. , Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and elsewhere demonstratehow the model translates to fit diverse social, political, and economic realitiesacross cultures and continents, ways age-friendly programs promote seniorempowerment, and how their value can be effectively assessed. Age-friendlycriteria for communities are defined and critiqued while extensive empiricaldata describe challenges as they affect elders globally and how environmentalsupport can help meet them. These chapters offer age-friendly cities as acorrective to the overemphasis on the medical aspects of elders' lives, and shouldinspire new research, practice, and public policy. Included in thecoverage: A critical review of the WHO Age-Friendly Cities Methodology and its implementation. Seniors' perspectives on age-friendly communities. The implementation of age-friendly cities in three districts of Argentina. Age-friendly New York City: a case study. Toward an age-friendly European Union. Age-friendliness, childhood, and dementia: toward generationally intelligent environments. With its balanceof attention to universal and culture-specific concerns, Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparisonwill be of particular interest to sociologists, gerontologists, and policymakers. "Given the rapid adoption ofthe age-friendly perspective, following its development by the World HealthOrganization, the critical assessment offered in this volume is especiallywelcome". Professor ChrisPhillipson, University of Manchester

Race, Equity, and Education

by Pedro A. Noguera Jill C. Pierce Roey Ahram

This powerful and timely analysis takes stock of race and education sixty years after the historic Brown vs. Board of Education decision. This volume examines education as one of the most visible markers for racial disparities in the US as well as one of its most visible frontiers for racial justice. Featuring original research, educators' insights, and perspectives from communities of color, it documents the complex impact of social/educational policy on social progress. Chapters on charter schools, curriculum content, performance measurement, and disproportionalities in special education referrals shed light on entrenched inequities that must be confronted. The book also makes it clear that leveling the playing field calls for not only better schools, but also addressing pervasive social problems such as poverty and housing segregation. Included in the coverage: School Policy is Housing Policy: Deconcentrating Disadvantage to Address the Achievement Gap. Charter Schooling, Race Politics, and an Appeal to History. The Data Quality Movement for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community: an unresolved civil rights issue. Critical Ethnic Studies in High School Classrooms: Academic Achievement via Social Action. Mexican American Educational Stagnation: The Role of Generational Status, Parental Narratives and Educator Mes sages. Pinpointing crucial issues and opportunities for solutions, Race, Equity, and Education has immediate salience for educators and researchers studying the intersection of race and education.


by Mohammad U.H. Joardder Azharul Karim Chandan Kumar Richard J. Brown

This Brief provides a comprehensive overview of porosity's effects on dried food quality. The factors influencing porosity during the various drying methods are explored in depth, as well as porosity's overall effect on food properties. The chemical reaction and stability of porosity are also covered, including sensory and mechanical properties. The work looks closely at the relationship between drying conditions, pore characteristics, and dried food quality. Porosity: Establishing the relationship between drying parameters and dried food quality looks at food from a material point of view, outlining water binding characteristics and structure homogenity. The Brief presents a comprehensive view of the factors affecting porosity in dried foods, from pressure and drying rate to temperature and coating treatment, and relates these to porosity effects during the five major drying processes. Moreover, this book discusses the effect of porosity on transfer mechanisms and quality attributes of food stuff. In conclusion, this work aims to establish the relationship between drying process, quality, and porosity in dried foods.

Cosmological and Psychological Time

by Yuval Dolev Michael Roubach

This book examines the many faces of philosophy of time, including the metaphysical aspects, natural science issues, and the consciousness of time. It brings together the different methodologies of investigating the philosophy of time. It does so to counter the growing fragmentation of the field with regard to discussions, and the existing cleavage between analytic and continental traditions in philosophy. The book's multidirectional approach to the notion of time contributes to a better understanding of time's metaphysical, physical and phenomenological aspects. It helps clarify the presuppositions underpinning the analytic and continental traditions in the philosophy of time and offers ways in which the differences between them can be bridged.

The Economics of Professional Road Cycling

by Daam Van Reeth Daniel Joseph Larson

Over the past decade, a growing body of academic literature on the economics of road cycling has been amassed. This book is the first volume to bring together a majority of the academic research and knowledge on the economics and management of professional road cycling. Each chapter treats a particular economic aspect of the sport, from organizational structure to marketing, labor, game theory, and competitive balance. By discussing the existing research and complementing it with the newest concepts, ideas and data on professional road cycling, this book sets an agenda for further academic research while providing insights for all stakeholders in cycling: governments, cycling's governing bodies, team managers, race organizers, sponsors, media. Furthermore, the unique characteristics of the sport of cycling explored within this text inform broader management and industrial organization research, as they extend analyses of team labor, broadcast revenue generation, and sponsorship financing models. This book is equally of interest to academic researchers, students studying sports economics, and policy makers, such as race organizers, team managers, and sponsors.

Applied Jewish Values in Social Sciences and Psychology

by Yossi Ives Michael Ben-Avie Kate Loewenthal

This volume interweaves concepts and methods from psychology and other social sciences with Jewish ideas and practices in order to address contemporary social issues. This volume brings together pioneering research from scholars in such fields as psychology, education, and religious studies. The authors integrate insights from Jewish texts and practices with the methods and concepts of the social sciences to create interventions that promote the well-being of children, adults, families, communities, and society. Divided into three sections - Education, Psychological Well-Being, Society and Beyond- this book shows how this integrationist approach can deepen our understanding and generate new insights around pressing social challenges to impact positive change in the lives of people and communities.

Low and Lower Fertility

by Ronald R. Rindfuss Minja Kim Choe

This volume examines two distinct low fertility scenarios that have emerged in economically advanced countries since the turn of the 20th century: one in which fertility is at or near replacement-level and the other where fertility is well below replacement. It explores the way various institutions, histories and cultures influence fertility in a diverse range of countries in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. The book features invited papers from the Conference on Low Fertility, Population Aging and Population Policy, held December 2013 and co-sponsored by the East-West Center and the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA). It first presents an overview of the demographic and policy implications of the two low fertility scenarios. Next, the book explores five countries currently experiencing low fertility rates: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. It then examines three countries that have close to replacement-level fertility: Australia, the Netherlands and the United States. Each country is featured in a separate chapter written by a demographer with expert knowledge in the area. Very low fertility is linked to a number of conditions countries face, including a declining population size. At the same time, low fertility and its effect on the age structure, threatens social welfare policies. This book goes beyond the technical to examine the core institutional, policy and cultural factors behind this increasingly important issue. It helps readers to make cross-country comparisons and gain insight into how diverse institutions, policies and culture shape fertility levels and patterns.

Evolution of the Exchange Industry

by Manuela Geranio

This book describes the dramatic changes that have occurred in the exchange industry during the past two decades. The strategies adopted by major world exchanges during this period are explained and the roles of multilateral trading systems and over-the-counter (OTC) players are clearly described, highlighting their economics and their interconnections with traditional exchanges. Up-to-date, comprehensive comparisons are made of the performances of the main exchanges, and important governance issues are considered. In addition, threats and opportunities for major types of trading venue, deriving either from new regulatory approaches or from the surge in new markets, are presented and discussed with a view to forecasting future developments in the secondary market industry. The background to the book is the strong erosion in traditional profit drivers for exchanges produced by the progress in communications and trading technology. In many countries, regulation has reduced barriers to entry in the equity field, facilitating a surge in new players and a shift of liquidity toward alternative trading platforms and dark pools.

Smart TV Security

by Benjamin Michéle

This book discusses the emerging topic of Smart TV security, including its implications on consumer privacy. The author presents chapters on the architecture and functionality of Smart TVs, various attacks and defenses, and associated risks for consumers. This includes the latest attacks on broadcast-related digital services and built-in media playback, as well as access to integrated cameras and microphones. This book is a useful resource for professionals, researchers and students engaged with the field of Smart TV security.

Pioneers in Plastic Surgery

by David Tolhurst

This book is a collection of short accounts of the lives and works of surgeons who began to use techniques in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that were to form the basis of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and give rise to the specialty of plastic surgery. Descriptions of the intricate and novel surgical operations undertaken by these pioneers are included, but the emphasis is above all on stories of widely varying and fascinating characters, from the strange or eccentric, such as Hippolyte Morestin, to the serious or ambitious and a few, such as the Dutchman Johannes Esser and the legendary Sir Howard Gillies, who were accomplished in other fields, including business, sport and art. It is related how the two World Wars played a key role in the development of new techniques and how the endeavors of the pioneers were sometimes rejected by obstructive or abusive colleagues, impacting on careers and reputations. Pioneers in Plastic Surgery will appeal to all with an interest in the history of the discipline and the figures who shaped its birth and growth.

The Male Role in Pregnancy Loss and Embryo Implantation Failure

by Richard Bronson

Novel topics compiled in this one-of-a-kind volume provide tantalizing hints for clinical application through future translational research. Only recently have we come to ask what role the male might play in pregnancy loss and embryo implantation failure, beyond contributing an abnormal set of paternal chromosomes at fertilization. This volume explores the recent evidence that these conditions might also be related to the transmission of previously unrecognized chromosomal micro-deletions and duplications, or via the epigenetic dysregulation of early embryonic gene function by spermatozoal microRNAs or alterations in sperm DNA methylation patterning, or by DNA damage secondary to either reactive oxygen species or environmental toxicants. In addition, the composition of seminal plasma has been found to be highly complex, containing many factors that play important roles in altering the uterine environment and the female immune system permissive of embryo implantation and trophectoderm outgrowth leading to successful pregnancy. Coverage includes an examination of both spermatozoa and seminal fluid component factors.

Practical Issues Updates in Anesthesia and Intensive Care

by Davide Chiumello

This book describes the state of the art concerning some of the most hotly debated topics in anesthesia and intensive care and is at the same time intended to serve as a useful practical guide that will assist in improving outcomes. The topics covered are wide ranging and include, for example, use of the prone position in ARDS, the role of therapeutic hypothermia in the critically ill, the value of immunoglobulins in the treatment of severe sepsis, drug management of septic shock, new strategies for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia, non-invasive ventilation outside of the ICU, management of postoperative bleeding and prognostic factors in cardiac arrest. Written by recognized experts in the field, the book will offer a comprehensive and easy to understand update for specialists and students of anesthesia and intensive care.

Social Media and Local Governments

by Mehmet Zahid Sobaci

Today, social media have attracted the attention of political actors and administrative institutions to inform citizens as a prerequisite of open and transparent administration, deliver public services, contact stakeholders, revitalize democracy, encourage the cross-agency cooperation, and contribute to knowledge management. In this context, the social media tools can contribute to the emergence of citizen-oriented, open, transparent and participatory public administration. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by social media is not limited to central government. Local governments deploy internet-based innovative technologies that complement traditional methods in implementing different functions. This book focuses on the relationship between the local governments and social media, deals with the change that social media have caused in the organization, understanding of service provision, performance of local governments and in the relationships between local governments and their partners, and aims to advance our theoretical and empirical understanding of the growing use of social media by local governments. This book will be of interest to researchers and students in e-government, public administration, political science, communication, information science, and social media. Government officials and public managers will also find practical use recommendations for social media in several aspects of local governance

Pharmacological Treatment of Chronic Stable Angina Pectoris

by Juan Carlos Kaski Pablo Avanzas

This book is intended for general cardiologists and other physicians involved in the care of patients with chronic stable angina (CSA). The goal of this book is to update clinicians on recent data on the medical management of patients with CSA. Ischemic heart disease remains a major public health problem. Chronic stable angina is the initial manifestation of ischemic heart disease in approximately one half of patients. Stable coronary artery disease is generally characterized by episodes of reversible myocardial demand/supply mismatch, related to ischaemia or hypoxia, which are usually inducible by exercise, emotion or other stress and reproducible--but, which may also be occurring spontaneously. Such episodes of ischaemia/hypoxia are commonly associated with transient chest discomfort (angina pectoris). The aim of the management of CSA is to reduce symptoms and improve prognosis. The management of these patients encompasses lifestyle modification, control of coronary artery disease risk factors, evidence-based pharmacological therapy and patient education. All patients with stable angina should be offered optimal medical treatment, defined as one or two anti-anginal drugs as necessary, plus drugs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Regarding the role of revascularization, randomised trials provide compelling evidence that myocardial revascularisation by coronary artery bypass grafting or by percutaneous coronary intervention improves symptoms of angina relative to continued medical treatment.

Language Identification Using Spectral and Prosodic Features

by K. Sreenivasa Rao V. Ramu Reddy Sudhamay Maity

This book discusses the impact of spectral features extracted from frame level, glottal closure regions, and pitch-synchronous analysis on the performance of language identification systems. In addition to spectral features, the authors explore prosodic features such as intonation, rhythm, and stress features for discriminating the languages. They present how the proposed spectral and prosodic features capture the language specific information from two complementary aspects, showing how the development of language identification (LID) system using the combination of spectral and prosodic features will enhance the accuracy of identification as well as improve the robustness of the system. This book provides the methods to extract the spectral and prosodic features at various levels, and also suggests the appropriate models for developing robust LID systems according to specific spectral and prosodic features. Finally, the book discuss about various combinations of spectral and prosodic features, and the desired models to enhance the performance of LID systems.

Systemic Corticosteroids for Inflammatory Disorders in Pediatrics

by Rolando Cimaz

This comprehensive volume provides current state of the art of the use of corticosteroids in the pediatric patient. It consists of 14 chapters written by leading authors from different countries. The first chapters cover historical notes, general concepts on treatment with corticosteroids with regard to indications and side effects, and basic pharmacologic properties of these compounds. The rest of the book is devoted to the specific use of steroids in the different pediatric subspecialties. Despite advances with newer effective immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids still remain the mainstay of therapy for many disorders. Leading authors in their field have summarized these concepts to provide an authoritative, comprehensive guide to help clinicians safely and effectively use corticosteroids in their pediatric patients.

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