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Imagination According to Humphrey

by Betty G. Birney

Humphrey's eleventh adventure celebrates stories, writing, and the power of the imagination! Imaginations are running wild in Mrs. Brisbane's class, but Humphrey is stumped. His friends are writing about where they would go if they could fly, but Humphrey is HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY right where he is in Room 26.It's pawsitively easy for Humphrey to picture exciting adventures with dragons and knights in the story Mrs. Brisbane is reading aloud. He has no trouble coming up with Plans to help his friends and tricks to entertain them. His imagination even goes a little too far when he wonders if Carlos's imaginary friend might be a ghost.If only his imagination wouldn't disappear when he tries to write. Luckily, Humphrey likes a challenge, and Mrs. Brisbane has lots of writing tips that do the trick.

The B Side

by Ben Yagoda

From an acclaimed cultural critic, a narrative and social history of the Great American Songwriting era. Everybody knows and loves the American Songbook. But it's a bit less widely understood that in about 1950, this stream of great songs more or less dried up. All of a sudden, what came over the radio wasn't Gershwin, Porter, and Berlin, but "Come on-a My House" and "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" Elvis and rock and roll arrived a few years later, and at that point the game was truly up. What happened, and why? In The B Side, acclaimed cultural historian Ben Yagoda answers those questions in a fascinating piece of detective work. Drawing on previously untapped archival sources and on scores of interviews--the voices include Randy Newman, Jimmy Webb, Linda Ronstadt, and Herb Alpert--the book illuminates broad musical trends through a series of intertwined stories. Among them are the battle between ASCAP and Broadcast Music, Inc.; the revolution in jazz after World War II; the impact of radio and then television; and the bitter, decades-long feud between Mitch Miller and Frank Sinatra. The B Side is about taste, and the particular economics and culture of songwriting, and the potential of popular art for greatness and beauty. It's destined to become a classic of American musical history.

Ancient Near Eastern Thought And The Old Testament

by John H. Walton

Much of the Old Testament seems strange to contemporary readers. However, as we begin to understand how ancient people viewed the world, the Old Testament becomes more clearly a book that stands within its ancient context as it also speaks against it. John Walton provides here a thoughtful introduction to the conceptual world of the ancient Near East. Walton surveys the literature of the ancient Near East and introduces the reader to a variety of beliefs about God, religion, and the world. In helpful sidebars, he provides examples of how such studies can bring insight to the interpretation of specific Old Testament passages. Students and pastors who want to deepen their understanding of the Old Testament will find this a helpful and instructive study.

Family Interaction: A Multigenerational Developmental Perspective

by Stephen A. Anderson Ronald M. Sabatelli

Examines families - their challenges and successes - as they move through the life course. Family Interaction takes a family systems and a multigenerational, developmental framework. This text looks at the major conceptual models used to understand the patterns and interactional dynamics that operate in families. It provides readers with an overview of the basic tasks that all families must execute regardless of their particular composition or living situation and, at the same time, offers readers an appreciation of the variety and uniqueness in the ways in which each family develops its patterns of interaction.

In The Presence Of Grief: Helping Family Members Resolve Death, Dying, And Bereavement Issues

by Pauline Boss Dorothy S. Becvar Dorothy Stroh Becvar

Illuminating the impact of loss and grief on our psychological and emotional lives, this book provides vital guidance to ease painful transitions and facilitate healing. The author emphasizes that dealing with the death of a loved one involves more than picking up the pieces and moving on: rather, healing is an ongoing journey on which grief is a constant companion. For those in a supportive role, the focus is on helping the bereaved to navigate the grieving process and, ultimately, to reclaim joy as well as sadness as an integral part of life. Filled with personal narratives and examples, the book demonstrates effective ways to help survivors cope with commonly experienced issues, problems, and concerns. Clinical psychologists, family therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, and counselors working with families; physicians and nurses in palliative care settings; hospice professionals. While written for professionals, the book's sensitive coverage of universal themes also makes it suitable for general readers.

Global Business 3rd Edition

by Mike W. Peng

This edition blends both an institutional-based view and resource-based view throughout every chapter for an unparalleled continuity in the learning process. The book combines an inviting, conversational style with the latest research and examples throughout every chapter. A comprehensive set of cases from Mike Peng and other respected international experts examine how companies throughout the world have expanded globally. All-new video cases, world maps, and unique global debate sections help readers view business challenges from a truly global perspective.

The Legal Environment of Business

by Sean P. Melvin Michael A. Katz

This textbook emphasizes bridging the gap between understanding legal doctrines that impact the business environment and how business owners and managers use legal insight to limit liability and manage risk. Its distinct approach focuses on using teaching features, simulations, case studies, examples, and case law that is accessible and engaging because it is specifically tailored for business students.

Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition

by Stuart Warren Jonathan Clayden Nick Greeves

Like the first, the second edition is built on three principles: An explanatory approach, through which the reader is motivated to understand the subject and not just learn the facts; A mechanistic approach, giving the reader the power to understand compounds and reactions never previously encountered; An evidence-based approach, setting out clearly how and why reactions happen as they do, giving extra depth to the reader's understanding.

The Medjugorje Messages: 1981-2013

by Steve Shawl

On June 24, 1981, a supernatural event took place that would change the world forever. At around 6pm in the evening in a small village in Bosnia & Herzegovina named Medjugorje, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to six young children. The children were astonished to see a young, indescribably beautiful woman with a long grey dress and a white veil, holding an infant in her arms. She motioned for them to come closer but they were too afraid. Our Lady returned the next day at about the same time. There was a flash of light, and the children looked up to see the same young woman. She was smiling and joyful and her beauty was again indescribable. With her hands she gestured to the children to come closer. As they approached they fell to their knees, and Our Lady said, "Dear children, be not afraid; I am the Queen of Peace." And so began the apparitions in Medjugorje. For over 31 years Our Lady has appeared every day in Medjugorje. These years she is spending with us are a time of grace granted by God. In her own words she tells us, "I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness of life, and to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return to God." Since the apparitions began in 1981, over forty million people of all faiths, from all over the world, have visited Medjugorje and have left spiritually strengthened and renewed. Countless unbelievers and physically or mentally afflicted have been converted and healed. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to investigate with an open mind and heart the events which are occurring in Medjugorje.

The Man Who Planted Trees

by Jim Robbins

THIS BOOK JUST MIGHT SAVE THE PLANET "When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today."--Chinese proverb Twenty years ago, David Milarch, a northern Michigan nurseryman with a penchant for hard living, had a vision: angels came to tell him that the earth was in trouble. Its trees were dying, and without them, human life was in jeopardy. The solution, they told him, was to clone the champion trees of the world--the largest, the hardiest, the ones that had survived millennia and were most resilient to climate change--and create a kind of Noah's ark of tree genetics. Without knowing if the message had any basis in science, or why he'd been chosen for this task, Milarch began his mission of cloning the world's great trees. Many scientists and tree experts told him it couldn't be done, but, twenty years later, his team has successfully cloned some of the world's oldest trees--among them giant redwoods and sequoias. They have also grown seedlings from the oldest tree in the world, the bristlecone pine Methuselah. When New York Times journalist Jim Robbins came upon Milarch's story, he was fascinated but had his doubts. Yet over several years, listening to Milarch and talking to scientists, he came to realize that there is so much we do not yet know about trees: how they die, how they communicate, the myriad crucial ways they filter water and air and otherwise support life on Earth. It became clear that as the planet changes, trees and forest are essential to assuring its survival. The Man Who Planted Trees is both a fascinating investigation into the world of trees and the inspiring story of one man's quest to help save the planet. This book's hopeful message of what one man can accomplish against all odds is also a lesson about how each of us has the ability to make a difference. This book was printed in the United States of America on Rolland EnviroTM 100 Book, which is manufactured using FSC-certified 100% postconsumer fiber and meets permanent paper standards.From the Hardcover edition.

Job Interviews For Dummies

by Kennedy

Job interviews are crucial meetings that seal the deal on who getshired. But, since the previous edition of Job Interviews forDummies was published, everything about the interview processhas changed in ways you need to know about and get comfortable withbeforehand. This completely revised and updated 3rd Editionbrings you fully up to speed with the latest technological changes,interview strategies, and negotiation techniques to help you give ashow-stopping performance and land the job of your dreams. Youlearn the secrets of successful Internet video interviewing andfind out how to present yourself on a global scale. And,you'll get plenty of expert advice on giving targetedresponses, pinpointing the critical parts of questions, andfollowing up on the interview. In this outstanding handbook ofcontemporary interview arts, you'll discover how to:Out-prepare the competitionOvercome your fear of interviewingAsk smart questions about the job and the employerGive the best answers to make-or-break questionsFit your qualifications to the job's requirementsDress like an insiderSurvive personality testsInterview across culturesDeliver a show-stopping interview performanceEvaluate a job offerNegotiate a better salaryWhether you're fresh from the classroom, a prime-timerover 50, or somewhere in between, Job Interviews For Dummies,3rd Edition gets you up to speed fast on the skillsand tools you need to land the job you want.

Fundamental Aspects of Operational Risk and Insurance Analytics

by Marcelo G. Cruz Pavel V. Shevchenko Gareth W. Peters

A one-stop guide for the theories, applications, andstatistical methodologies essential to operational riskProviding a complete overview of operational risk modeling andrelevant insurance analytics, Fundamental Aspects of OperationalRisk and Insurance Analytics: A Handbook of Operational Riskoffers a systematic approach that covers the wide range of topicsin this area. Written by a team of leading experts in the field,the handbook presents detailed coverage of the theories,applications, and models inherent in any discussion of thefundamentals of operational risk, with a primary focus on BaselII/III regulation, modeling dependence, estimation of risk models,and modeling the data elements.Fundamental Aspects of Operational Risk and Insurance Analytics:A Handbook of Operational Risk begins with coverage on the fourdata elements used in operational risk framework as well asprocessing risk taxonomy. The book then goes further in-depth intothe key topics in operational risk measurement and insurance, forexample diverse methods to estimate frequency and severity models.Finally, the book ends with sections on specific topics, such asscenario analysis; multifactor modeling; and dependence modeling. Aunique companion with Advances in Heavy Tailed Risk Modeling: AHandbook of Operational Risk, the handbook also features:Discussions on internal loss data and key risk indicators,which are both fundamental for developing a risk-sensitiveframeworkGuidelines for how operational risk can be inserted into afirm's strategic decisionsA model for stress tests of operational risk under the UnitedStates Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR)programA valuable reference for financial engineers, quantitativeanalysts, risk managers, and large-scale consultancy groupsadvising banks on their internal systems, the handbook is alsouseful for academics teaching postgraduate courses on themethodology of operational risk.

San Francisco

by Andrea Ponsi

San Francisco is a city designed for artists and wanderers. From North Beach, to Chinatown, to the cold, rough surf of Ocean Beach, to Marin, both visitors and lifelong residents have endless opportunities to explore new neighborhoods, buildings, environments, and cultures just by getting in the car, hopping on a cable car, or by simply walking around the block. In San Francisco: A Map of Perceptions, the architect Andrea Ponsi unravels the multifaceted beauty of one of America's favorite cities, introducing even those who have lived there for years to nuances often left unseen. Ponsi, a native of Florence who lived in San Francisco for many years, lyrically describes everyday life in the city, from a café in North Beach where he sits next to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, to the de Young Museum ("a solid mass, a rough but elegant body, faceted but compact") and the Academy of Sciences ("an ethereal, transparent building, lace made of glass and slender columns"), to Alcatraz ("an abandoned ship, a Flying Dutchman set adrift that bears the signs of a life of torment"), and even to the buffalo who reside in Golden Gate Park. As with his book on Florence, Ponsi here reveals a deeply personal look at what it's like to live in and love a city. Having the unique perspective of having been both an insider and an outsider to San Francisco, he speaks to us in the way we dream an architect would, capturing the city's diverse yet emblematic structures through delicate watercolor and line drawings, while also offering poetic descriptions of the underlying smells, sounds, and light of its many neighborhoods.A perfect balance of text and illustrations, San Francisco: A Map of Perceptions offers not only a guide for those visiting or returning to the city but also a compelling invitation for residents to revisit the utterly unique place in which they live.

Capitalism by Gaslight

by Wendy A. Woloson Brian P. Luskey

While elite merchants, financiers, shopkeepers, and customers were the most visible producers, consumers, and distributors of goods and capital in the nineteenth century, they were certainly not alone in shaping the economy. Lurking in the shadows of capitalism's past are those who made markets by navigating a range of new financial instruments, information systems, and modes of transactions: prostitutes, dealers in used goods, mock auctioneers, illegal slavers, traffickers in stolen horses, emigrant runners, pilfering dock workers, and other ordinary people who, through their transactions and lives, helped to make capitalism as much as it made them.Capitalism by Gaslight illuminates American economic history by emphasizing the significance of these markets and the cultural debates they provoked. These essays reveal that the rules of economic engagement were still being established in the nineteenth century: delineations between legal and illegal, moral and immoral, acceptable and unsuitable were far from clear. The contributors examine the fluid mobility and unstable value of people and goods, the shifting geographies and structures of commercial institutions, the blurred boundaries between legitimate and illegitimate economic activity, and the daily lives of men and women who participated creatively--and often subversively--in American commerce.With subjects ranging from women's studies and African American history to material and consumer culture, this compelling volume illustrates that when hidden forms of commerce are brought to light, they can become flashpoints revealing the tensions, fissures, and inequities inherent in capitalism itself.Contributors: Paul Erickson, Robert J. Gamble, Ellen Gruber Garvey, Corey Goettsch, Joshua R. Greenberg, Katie M. Hemphill, Craig B. Hollander, Brian P. Luskey, Will B. Mackintosh, Adam Mendelsohn, Brendan P. O'Malley, Michael D. Thompson, Wendy A. Woloson.

The Islamic State

by Ahmed Rashid Charles R. Lister

An authoritative guide to the rise of the Islamic State and its senior leadership How did the Islamic State grow from regional terrorist group to a brutal multinational bureaucratic machine? What are its goals? How can it be stopped? In 2014, the Islamic State seemingly appeared out of nowhere, routing Iraqi forces, conquering Iraq's second-largest city, boldly announcing the establishment of a caliphate, and declaring itself the Islamic State (IS). Today, IS controls thousands of square miles and is attempting to govern millions of people.In this definitive guide to the Islamic State and its senior leadership, Charles R. Lister traces its roots from the release of its notorious father figure, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, from a Jordanian prison and the group's formation in Afghanistan in the late-1990s, and finally to its stunning maturation in Iraq and Syria.The West knows IS through its unrelenting propaganda war. Behind the deft use of social media and the slick videos of despicable acts is what amounts to a proto-state. Lister shares details of IS's sophisticated revenue machine, attempts at governing, and its formidable military. With IS knocking on the doors of Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, Lister's portrait helps us understand what to expect next and recommends a course of action to defeat IS, extinguish extremism, and encourage a tolerant Islam across the Middle East. Foreword by Ahmed Rashid

Love's Uncertainty

by Teresa Kuan

Love's Uncertainty explores the hopes and anxieties of urban, middle-class parents in contemporary China. Combining long-term ethnographic research with analyses of popular child-rearing manuals, television dramas, and government documents, Teresa Kuan bears witness to the dilemmas of ordinary Chinese parents, who struggle to reconcile new definitions of good parenting with the reality of limited resources. Situating these parents' experiences in the historical context of state efforts to improve "population quality," Love's Uncertainty reveals how global transformations are expressed in the most intimate of human experiences. Ultimately, the book offers a meditation on the nature of moral agency, examining how people discern, amid the myriad contingencies of life, the boundary between what can and cannot be controlled.

Two That Came True

by Judith Moffett

Collects two stories, "Surviving" - which won the Theodore Sturgeon Award for best science-fiction story of 1986 - and "Not Without Honor."

The Ragged World

by Judith Moffett

In the early years of the twenty-first century, Earth teetered on the brink of ecological destruction. Then the alien Hefn came, determined to save the dying Earth - and to the Hefn, the ends always justified the means. Humans were given nine years to correct their mistakes - alone, with no recourse to the Hefn's advanced technology. If by then the Earth's ecology had not stabilized, the Hefn would solve the problem for good . . . by eliminating humans entirely. But slowly, against their will, some of the Hefn became deeply involved with their human counterparts. And to the handful of people who came to know them, the Hefn made a great difference: as mentors, researchers, rulers . . . and saviors. But could those few friendships sway the Hefn to help save a despoiled planet - and the human race?

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits Volume 1

by Mike Ashley

Divided into three main sections, "The Ancient World", "The Middle Ages" and "Regency and Gaslight", The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits includes: ? The Thief versus Rhampsinitus by Herodotus - probably the earliest detective story ever written. ? The Locked Tomb Mystery, set in ancient Egypt, by Elizabeth Peters. ? A new story by John Maddox Roberts featuring the young Roman detective Decius Metellus. ? Robert van Gulik's ingenious He Came With the Rain featuring Judge Dee, a real-life character who lived inseventh-century China. ? A new story by Peter Tremayne, set in seventh-century Ireland and featuring Sister Fidelma. ? Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael story The Price of Light. ? Paul Harding's The Confession of Brother Athelstan. ? A classic locked-room mystery featuring Lillian de la Torre's popular detective Sam Johnson. ? A story by Michael Harrison featuring August Dupin, the detective created by Edgar Allan Poe and the inspiration behind Sherlock Holmes. ? John Dickson Carr's acclaimed The Gentleman from Paris. ...and many more!

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits Volume 2

by Mike Ashley

An all-new collection of exciting murder-mysteries with historical settings This new volume of historical murder and mystery contains over 20 specially commissioned stories ranging in period from Ancient Rome to the reign of Good Queen Bess. It features original stories from such masters as Steven Saylor, Peter Tremayne, Philip Gooden, Susanna Gregory, Kate Ellis, Michael Jecks, Edward D. Hoch and Marilyn Todd. ? In Steven Saylor's Roman tale, Poppy and the Poisoned Cake, Gordianus the Finder feels his latest assignment is suspiciously easy to solve. ? Edward D. Hoch puts a novel twist on the locked-room mystery by setting it on a "locked ship" - Christopher Columbus's, in fact! ? In Flibbertigibbet Paul Finch unleashes a deranged serial killer on Elizabethan London. ? Falstaff 's successor Sir Johan de Mandeville turns sleuth in Keith Taylor's Bene?t of Clergy. ? Sister Fidelma must solve the mystery of a murdered Celtic monk in Death of an Icon by Peter Tremayne. ? A pig provides the key to Michael Jecks's latest Sir Baldwin mystery.- ? Cherith Baldry turns Geoffrey Chaucer into a secret agent in her version of The Pilgrim's Tale. ? Anarchy and murderous intent rule when the Romans leave the British Isles in Richard Butler's The Last Legion. . . . plus many more tales of dark age murder and mayhem!

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits Volume 3

by Mike Ashley

The third new collection of historical murder and mystery stories A brilliant new collection of thirty stories of mystery and intrigue spread over three thousand years, from Ancient Egypt to spies on the Titanic. Selected by bestselling editor Mike Ashley, the stories include brand new contributions as well as rare reprints, from writers such as Ian Rankin, Lynda Robinson, Sharan Newman, Gail Frazer, Gillian Linscott and Peter Tremayne. Among the characters featured are the Queen of Sheba, Attila the Hun, Hildegarde of Bingen, Geoffrey Chaucer, Henry the Navigator and Benjamin Franklin. And with settings as far-ranging as Botany Bay and ancient Pisa, New Amsterdam and old Edinburgh, ancient Greece and the court of Kublai Khan.


by James Scudamore

As a child Ludo is plucked out of the shantytown where he was born and transported to a world of languid, cosseted luxury. Now twenty-seven, he works high above the above the sprawling metropolis of Sao Paulo for a vacuous 'communications company'. But this is not his world, and this is not a simple rags-to-riches story: Ludo's destiny moves him around like a chess piece, showing him both extremities of opulent excess and abject poverty, taking him to the brink of madness and brutality. By the author of The Amnesia Clinic and winner of the Somerset Maugham Award.

Earthly Powers

by Anthony Burgess

In Earthly Powers Burgess created his masterpiece. At its center are two twentieth-century men who represent different kinds of power--Kenneth Toomey, a past-his-prime author of mediocre fiction, a man who has outlived his contemporaries to survive into, bitter, luxurious old age, living in self-exile on Malta; and Don Carlo Campanati, a man of God, eventually of church revolution and a candidate for sainthood beloved Pope, who rises through the Vatican as a shrewd manipulator to become the architect.Through the lives of these two modern men Burgess explores the very essence of power in a narrative that spans from Hollywood, to Dublin, Nairobi, Paris, and beyond.

Fire Flowers

by Ben Byrne

August, 1945. Japan has been defeated in the Second World War. The country lies in ruins. Satsuko Takara and her teenage brother, Hiroshi, have lost their parents, and each other, during the firestorm that devastated Tokyo five months before. Hal Lynch, a haunted U.S. reconnaissance photographer, is now a photojournalist in Japan, where he stumbles upon a shocking story and is determined to bring it to light. And Osamu Maruki, a dissolute writer and once Satsuko's beloved, has returned from the South Pacific a broken and changed man.As these characters' stories spin out and converge, the war-torn streets of Tokyo come alive in this dazzlingly observed novel. Cinematic, brutal, yet beautiful, Fireflies powerfully portrays the shock, the struggles, and the difficult choices that arise from the destruction of war.

I Regret Everything

by Seth Greenland

A modern love story, I Regret Everything confronts the oceanic uncertainty of what it means to be alive, and in love. Jeremy Best, a Manhattan-based trusts and estates lawyer, leads a second life as published poet Jinx Bell. To his boss's daughter, Spaulding Simonson, at 33 years old, Jeremy is already halfway to dead. When Spaulding, an aspiring 19-year-old writer, discovers Mr. Best's alter poetic ego, the two become bound by a devotion to poetry, and an awareness that time in this world is limited. Their budding relationship strikes at the universality of love and loss, as Jeremy and Spaulding confront their vulnerabilities, revealing themselves to one another and the world for the very first time. A skilled satirist with a talent for biting humor, Greenland creates fully realized characters that quickly reveal themselves as complex renderings of the human condition - at its very best, and utter worst. I Regret Everything explores happiness and heartache with a healthy dose of skepticism, and an understanding that the reality of love encompasses life, death, iambic pentameter, regret, trusts and estates.

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