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Christmas Cracker

by Catrin Collier Jenny Kane

A page-turner... a terrific read' Susan Sallis "A powerful tale of survival and hardship, very well crafted and with strong characters" - Publishing News Such Sweet Sorrow - Book Five of the Hearts of Gold series by Catrin Collier In Pontypridd, in 1939, blackouts and conscription are beginning to strain the community. And three women are separated - perhaps for ever - from the men they love. Jenny Powell's husband, Eddie, abandoned her on her wedding night, and she must struggle to cope alone. Italian Tina Ronconi's sweetheart enlists, and she and her sister face internment as enemy aliens. And Bethan's doctor husband is called up, leaving her, along with all the women, with endless worry and fear. Forced to adjust to a world at war, all they can do is wait. Then comes news of the Allies' retreat at Dunkirk and, for many, life will never be the same again...

Romancing Robin Hood

by Jenny Kane

A page-turner... a terrific read' Susan Sallis "A powerful tale of survival and hardship, very well crafted and with strong characters" - Publishing News All that Glitters- Book Four in the Hearts of Gold series by Catrin Collier In 1939, Haydn Powell returns to his native Pontypridd as a star for the summer season. It is his dream come true, but is soon soured when he finds his family divided. Haydn seeks consolation with the theatre crowd, but is also drawn to Jane, a young waif lodging with his family. But Jane is haunted by poverty and burdened by bitter secrets. Then there is Haydn's childhood sweetheart, Jenny, who is determined to win him back. She tries to make him jealous by flirting with his brother, the hot-headed boxer Eddie. But it is Jenny's reckless pursuit of her own ends that creates a dangerous tension in a town already braced for war...

Christmas in the Cotswolds

by Jenny Kane

In strictly chapel Pontypridd in 1938, tongues are quick to wag when Alma Moore, abandoned by her lover, is rushed to hospital with stomach pains. The doctor may call it appendicitis, but the scandal-mongers think they know better. And then Bethan John, who's too good for the rest of them since she married a doctor, comes back to her mining family's house with her new baby - but without her husband, or any word of explanation. Ostracised by most - even their own mothers - Alma and Bethan face a lonely struggle to survive. Then taciturn Russian Charlie, an outsider haunted by his own past, reaches out the hand of friendship to them both, and in so doing begins to thaw his own heart...

Another Cup Of Coffee

by Jenny Kane

Maud Powell and her cousin Diana had always dreamed of becoming nurses, but their hopes are shattered when Maud contracts TB - a death sentence in 1930s' Pontypridd. With pits closing, Haydn abandoning a steady job for a stage career, and their cousin Diana's secret burden, the Powell family are facing hard times. Meanwhile Ronnie Ronconi, eldest of the large, cafe-owning family, has two simple beliefs: his sisters must marry good Italian Catholics, and determination and hard work will get him anything he wants. But his dreams are shattered when he realises that what he wants is Welsh, chapel-going, consumptive Maud. For once, high-handed, ruthless Ronnie seems to be facing the impossible...

Another Cup of Christmas

by Jenny Kane

Trainee midwife Bethan Powell lives in the shadow of the workhouse during the Depression. It's difficult to say which is harder for her and fellow nurse Laura Ronconi - their gruelling work in the hospital, or the frictions and financial hardships at home. Bethan's Communist miner father, rigidly Chapel mother, unruly brothers and delightful but dubiously honest aunt, and Laura's vast Italian cafe-running family, cause the girls as much worry as any difficult case or strict ward sister. But working-class Pontypridd agrees on one thing - the 'crache', or gentry, who live in the big houses on the Common, may be just the other side of town, but they inhabit a different world. So when Bethan and Laura are smitten by two young doctors, can love really bridge the divide? Or is the pull of family too strong, the gulf too wide?

Sand in My Shoes

by Jenny Harper

A trip to France awakens the past in this heartwarming short summer read from the author of People We Love. Headteacher Nicola Arnott prides herself on her independence. She has successfully juggled motherhood and career, coping with early widowhood by burying her emotions somewhere deep inside herself. When a cancer scare shakes her out of her careful approach to life, she finds herself thinking wistfully of her first love, a young French medical student. She decides to revisit the sleepy French town she remembers from her teenage years - and is astonished to meet up with Luc again. The old chemistry is still there - but so is something far more precious: a deep and enduring friendship. Can it turn into true love?

People We Love

by Jenny Harper

For readers of Jojo Moyes, Jodi Picoult, David Nicholls Her life is on hold - until an unlikely visitor climbs in through the kitchen window A year after her brother's fatal accident, Lexie's life seems to have reached a dead end. She is back home in small-town Hailesbank with her shell-shocked parents, treading softly around their fragile emotions. As the family business drifts into decline, Lexie's passion for painting and for her one-time mentor Patrick have been buried as deep as her unexpressed grief, until the day her lunch is interrupted by a strange visitor in a bobble hat, dressing gown and bedroom slippers, who climbs through the window. Elderly Edith's batty appearance conceals a secret and starts Lexie on a journey that gives her an inspirational artistic idea and rekindles her appetite for life. With friends in support and ex-lover Cameron seemingly ready to settle down, do love and laughter beckon after all?

Brothers of the Badge: Alaska State Troopers, FBI Agents, and U.S. Marshals, Probe an Informant's Death

by Ron Walden

Bill Gant and Alan Pulis, both retired Alaska State Troopers are halibut fishing when they find a body floating in the rip at the center of Cook Inlet. They discover the victim, wearing a life preserver, has been shot in the back. Captain Rollin Caswell of the Alaska State Troopers recruits the retired men to investigate the case on a contract basis. They find the victim is a local banker and suspect the killing was a mob hit. A local waitress had been dating the banker and is found to be on the list of hit men. The investigation leads the investigators to New Jersey and to an organized crime boss, causing them to rely on the FBI and U.S. Marshals to assist in the investigation. From local intrigue to international banking the story winds leaving death and fear in its wake.

I Will Go With You Into The Dark: Short Stories of the Alaska State Trooper Chaplaincy

by Debra Waltman

The Waltmans are both tireless advocates for the chaplaincy program, and I thank them for the open communication and supporting efforts they have continuously demonstrated over the years. Major D. Casanovas, Deputy Director, Alaska State Troopers, Anchorage, Alaska *** The example set by Chaplains Boyd and Debra Waltman brings great credit to themselves and the Alaska State Troopers. Investigator Sherry Ferno, Alaska Bureau of Investigation, Alaska State Troopers, Anchorage, Alaska *** Chaplains Boyd and Debra Waltman demonstrated compassion and unwavering dedication and are true testaments of service to others before self. Casandra Byrne, former Executive Secretary to the Commissioner of Public Safety, Anchorage, Alaska *** In Alaska's cache of treasures, AST Chaplains Boyd and Debra Waltman and the AST Chaplaincy Program are shining gems, lifting up Alaska's finest law enforcement officers, their families, partner agencies, and the communities they serve. Jennifer Burkmire, Executive Director, The Children's Place CAC, Retired, Wasilla, Alaska *** Anyone desiring to serve as a law enforcement chaplains should read this book. Chaplain Boyd Waltman, Advisor Alaska State Trooper Chaplaincy

Alaska's Children's House: Building Essential Skills, Independent Thinking, and Character

by Verna Euwer

Preschool is a time in a child's life when adults can stimulate a child's brain to grow as they pass through the various stages of childhood. These changes should involve their motor and sensory functions through experiences in their environment. The purpose of a preschool should be to lay the groundwork to build on for the future. Certainly, it should not be to make little academic wizards of the children. Instead, there should be devices to help children refine the needed essential skills in life, opportunity to improve their motor skills, be introduced to some of the basics of the academic world, learn about the community in which they live, and yet remain a young child in heart and soul. Alaska's Children's House gives you ideas for all these.

Cinch Knot: Pigs, Politics, and Petroleum. The Multinational Plot to Nuke the Trans Alaska Pipeline

by Ron Walden

Pipeline security guard, Dan Webster, and pump station technician, Gwen Stevens, discover a nuclear device inside an ultrasonic inspection pig, and are convinced it is a part of a sinister conspiracy involving the pipeline. They discover a multinational plot, Cinch Knot, masterminded by influential oil and shipping leaders to restrict the flow of oil by nuking the pipeline and driving the price of oil upward. Thus, the fate of the Alaska oil pipeline, Valdez, pristine, Prince William sound, and economic stability of the world, as well as the lives of thousands of people are threatened unless the bomb is disarmed and the schemers are stopped. Fast moving -- Cinch Knot's 200 pages takes the reader on an intriguing international chase to stop the scheme, and to the story's surprise ending.

Where in the Hell is Sourdough: Tales of Mischief, Males, and Mayhem

by Josef Chmielowski

Ever eat a rabbit turd? Ever urinate on your brother's head? Ever use an outhouse at fifty below? Josef Chmielowski has. Not only that, but this sourdough from Sourdough has survived countless other entertaining situations, many of which are retold in this vivacious volume. Josef's collection of humorous short stories successfully captures the essence of daily routine on an Alaskan homestead, and investigates the undeniable link between mischief, males, and mayhem.

Northern Verses: Poems of Alaska and the Yukon

by Dennis Lattery

The idea for this book evolved out of what he saw as a need for a new Christmas poem for children. His poem was titled The Christmas Girl. Nothing of much significance in that genre has been produced since How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Efforts to sell the poems idea for a children's book fell on deaf ears in the publishing world but other work gradually spun off its writing. He found he liked writing rhyming prose, especially in poems about the North country where he lives. So here is Northern Verses, including The Christmas Girl.

Fishes of the Last Frontier: Life Histories, Biology, Ecology, and Management of Alaska's Fishes

by Bill Hauser

Fishes of the Last Frontier answers many of your fish questions and others you haven't even thought of yet in a nontechnical, plain talk voice. Learn about the fishes that are of value or special interest to Alaskans: how fish are able to survive and grow, how they get along with each other--or not--and what they eat, where and how our Alaska fishes spawn, the difference between a red and a redd, and the difference between anadromous and catadromous and why that is important. The author, a fishery scientist with nearly 50 years of experience and training, including more than 30 years in Alaska, describes the life history characteristics of 43 species of fishes valuable or important in some way to Alaskans. He delves into various aspects of biology and ecology of fish and provides insight into how humans and fish interact. The processes of fishery management in Alaska are described. Fishes of the Last Frontier includes fishes from throughout Alaska in fresh, brackish, and marine waters and sport, commercial, and subsistence fisheries. Learn not just how anadromous fish find their way home but also how scientists were able to learn the details. Nontechnical readers have reported the presentations as enjoyable, understandable, and informative.

Tuksook’s Story, 35,000 BC: Book Four of Winds of Change, a Prehistoric Fiction Series on the Peopling of the Americas

by Bonnye Matthews

The Winds of Change novel series examines a few issues: * When people came to the Americas, * Who came to the Americas, and * From where did they come? The Winds of Change novel series views the peopling of the Americas primarily from research over the last 15 years. The series takes the what if" perspective. What might it have been like if the Americas abounded in human life long before 12,000 years ago?

Maximum Exposure

by Jenny Harper

She's a professional photographer - but is she ready to expose her heart? Adorable but scatterbrained newspaper photographer Daisy Irvine becomes the key to the survival of The Hailesbank Herald when her boss drops dead right in front of her. And while big egos and petty jealousies hinder the struggle to save the paper, Daisy starts another campaign - to win back her ex, Jack Hedderwick. Ben Gillies, returning after a long absence, sees childhood friend Daisy in a whole new light. He'd like to win her love, but discovers that she's a whole lot better at taking photographs than making decisions, particularly when she's blinded by the past. When tragedy strikes Daisy's family, loyalty drives her home. But it's time to grow up and Daisy must choose between independence and love.

Loving Susie

by Jenny Harper

She thought she knew her husband, but he's been keeping a secret ... about her. Scottish politician Susie Wallace is under pressure. She risks censure from her Party for her passionate and outspoken views on arts funding. A charity she's involved with runs into difficulties. And a certain journalist seems to have it in for her. Susie stumbles across some information that rocks her world but not, apparently, her husband's - Archie has been in on this particular secret for thirty years. Now Susie wonders if she can trust him at all. Soon, unemployed son Jonathan and successful daughter Mannie begin to feel the fallout too, fracturing the family and leaving Susie increasingly isolated. Troubled by mounting pressure from her family, her Party and the Press, Susie goes into hiding. The Party needs her back for a crucial vote, but more importantly, Archie knows he needs to find his wife quickly if they are to rebuild their relationship and reunite the family.

Face the Wind and Fly

by Jenny Harper

She builds wind farms, he detests them. Can they ever generate love? After fifteen happy years of marriage, Kate Courtenay discovers that her charismatic novelist husband is spending more and more of his time with a young fan. She throws herself into her work, a controversial wind farm that's stirring up tempers in the local community. Sparks fly when she goes head to head against its most outspoken opponent, local gardener Ibsen Brown - a man with a past of his own. But a scheme for a local community garden brings the sparring-partners together, producing the sort of electricity that threatens to short-circuit the whole system.

The Lord of Summer: Cariad Singles

by Jenna Bright

Cariad means love... discover the new Cariad Singles collection of spicy romances. Banished to the back of beyond, in the middle of a long, hot summer, Gem and Dan Parker find their marriage filling up with secrets. As they work to reopen the Green Man pub, tensions and unacknowledged desires come between them. From their first night, when Gem sees someone watching them make love from the edge of the woods, her fantasies of having two men at once start to grow and consume her. As the temperature rises, she becomes fixated by her imaginings of an impossible, gorgeous, otherworldly man in the forest. A man who could make her dreams come true - and maybe save her marriage.

Ellie's Game: Cariad Singles

by Jeff Cott

Cariad means love... discover the new Cariad Singles collection of spicy romances. Ellie's Game is the story of Ellie's bid to change from sexy, biddable housewife to sexy dominant goddess. Ellie and Jake are a happily married couple who play a bedroom game. Having lost the last Game Ellie must start the new one where she left off - bound and gagged on the bed. As she figures out how to tie herself up before Jake's return from work, Ellie remembers the last Game and has ideas for the new one. Jake is immensely strong and loving and has seemingly endless sexual stamina so the chances of Ellie truly gaining control look slim. Although she has won the Game on occasions, she suspects he lets her win just so he can overwhelm her in the next. She has to find a way to break this pattern. But does she succeed?

Successful Novel Plotting

by Jean Saunders

What is it about a good book that hooks the reader and makes them want more? A good plot. Every best-selling author from Agatha Christie to Terry Pratchett knows the importance of a strong story. But for the budding author it can be daunting and even confusing.How do you turn that seed of an idea into a great epic? This authoritative guide will help steer new writers through the minefield of the writing process. Using examples from her own work, and that of other top authors, Jean explains how to create memorable characters, generate cliffhangers and keep up a pace that will hook readers. And when you've done that, she even gives advice on how to work with publishers and editors to make your novel a best seller. About the Author Jean Saunders is an award-winning author of more than 600 short stories and 100 novels from contemporary fiction and historical romance to crime and erotica. She's best-known worldwide as Rowena Summers, the writer of many novels based in the West Country, and Rachel Moore, author of wartime sagas set in Cornwall.Her WW1 saga Bannister Girls was short-listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year award. A former chairman of the Romantic Novelists Association, Jean now lectures on writing and writes a monthly column for Writing Magazine. Successful Novel Plotting is the most recent in her series of how to guide books for writers.

Wicked Words: A Honey Driver Murder Mystery

by Jean G. Goodhind

A sense of justice is felt amongst Bath hoteliers when an unpopular hotel reviewer is found dead stuffed inside a giant teddy at the bottom of an open grave. As the Hotels' Association police liaison officer, Honey Driver is expected to help solve his murder - even though she's something of a suspect herself. On top of that, she's lumbered with a distant friend's incontinent dog - and when it gets kidnapped, she hopes it doesn't come back . . .

Walking with Ghosts: A Honey Driver Murder Mystery

by Jean G. Goodhind

Hotel owner and police liaison officer Honey Driver is about to find out that the living are more terrifying than the dead. Bath's answer to Miss Marple; though younger and fuller of figure - accompanies professor of the paranormal, Mary Jane, on a ghost walk. The ghosts fail to appear, but one of the walkers is later found hanging from the rafters of an old shop.The supernatural has nothing to do with the murder, but it is connected to the past and the international demand for old artefacts. Honey has two other big problems; the first is that she's being stalked by a man in wellies riding a motorbike. The second is that her mother is threatening to move closer to her hotel. No guesses as to which concerns her the most. But does Honey have a ghost of a chance of solving her latest case...?

The Ghost of Christmas Past: A Honey Driver Murder Mystery

by Jean G. Goodhind

It's a Dickensian Christmas in Bath; frost lies thick on the ground and a white mist drifts through the narrow alleys. The Green River Hotel is hosting the very last office Christmas party of the season. The employees of the firm arrive and seem shell shocked that their miserly employer, frequently referred to as Scrooge, has paid for everything. How come the change of heart? They never get the chance to ask because old 'Scrooge' doesn't turn up for the party. A deadly deed has been done, and it's up to Honey Driver and her darling DCI Doherty to solve the Christmas caper.

Something in the Blood: A Honey Driver Murder Mystery

by Jean G. Goodhind

Honey Driver runs a hotel in Bath. She also collects antique underwear. As boss, she's in charge one day and washing dishes the next, resisting her mother's match-making attempts and managing multiple responsibilities - mundane, safe, and unexciting. Then one day things change. Honey lands the job of liaising with the police on behalf of Bath Hotels Association. No worries, she tells herself. Nothing will happen; then an American tourist goes missing and Honey is called in to help. Despite the on/off hostility of her police opposite number, D C I Steve Doherty, she sticks to the task. In the process Honey finds out that there's more to work than washing dishes, and more to murder than malice aforethought.

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