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Mental Health Self-Help

by Scott Wituk Louis D. Brown

Building on earlier patient-empowerment movements, consumer- and advocate-driven mental health self-help (MHSH) initiatives currently outnumber traditional mental health organizations. At the same time, this apparent success raises significant questions about their short-term efficacy and their value to lasting recovery. Mental Health Self-Help assembles the state of the evidence on the effectiveness of MHSH, beginning with the individual and larger social factors behind the expansion of consumer-directed services. Clearly organized and accessibly written, the book traces the development and evolution of MHSH as both alternative and adjunct to traditional mental health structures, offers research-based perspectives on the various forms of MHSH, and identifies potential areas for consumer initiatives to work with--and help improve--mental health systems. Contributors weigh strengths and limitations, raise research and methodology questions, and discuss funding and training issues to give readers a deeper understanding of the field and an informed look at its future impact on mental health treatment. Individual chapters cover the spectrum of contemporary self-help initiatives in mental health, including: * Online mutual aid groups. * Consumer-run drop-in centers. * Family and caregiver groups. * Certified peer support specialists. * Consumer advocacy initiatives. * Technical assistance organizations. * Professional/self-help collaborations. Mental Health Self-Help is a bedrock guide to an increasingly influential aspect of the mental health landscape. Researchers studying these initiatives from a variety of fields including community and clinical psychology, and public health--as well as clinicians, counselors, social workers, case managers, and policymakers--will find it an indispensable reference.

Innovation in Science and Organizational Renewal

by Thomas Heinze Richard Münch

This book looks at the types of new research organizations that drive scientific innovation and how ground-breaking science transforms research fields and their organization. Based on historical case studies and comparative empirical data, the book presents new and thought-provoking evidence that improves our knowledge and understanding about how new research fields are formed and how research organizations adapt to breakthroughs in science. While the book is firmly based in science history, it discusses more general sociological and policy propositions regarding scientific innovations and organizational change. The volume brings together leading scholars both from the United States and Europe.

G20 Since the Global Crisis

by Jonathan Luckhurst

This book analyzes the Group of Twenty (G20) since the 2008 financial crisis. The latter event undermined conventional wisdom and governance norms, constituting a more contested international economic regime. G20 leaders sought a cooperative response to the 2008 crisis through the forum, aware of their interdependence and the growing economic importance of key developing states. They agreed to new norms of financial governance based on macroprudential regulation, the Basel III Accords, and enhanced multilateral cooperation. They prioritized G20 cooperation for achieving international economic stability and growth. Differences exist over causes and effects of the crisis, including on the merits of economic austerity or fiscal stimulus strategies; on responsibility for and solutions to international economic imbalances; and concerns about monetary policies and "currency wars". Despite claims from skeptics that G20 cooperation is declining, this book argues its importance for international relations and as a hub of global governance networks.

Rethinking German Idealism

by S. J. Mcgrath Joseph Carew

The 'death' of German Idealism has been decriedinnumerable times since its revolutionary inception, whether it be by the 19th-centurycritique of Western metaphysics, phenomenology, contemporary French philosophy,or analytic philosophy. Yet in the face of two hundred years ofsustained, extremely rigorous attempts to leave behind its legacy, German Idealismhas resisted its philosophical death sentence. Forthis exact reason it is timely ask: What remains of GermanIdealism? In what ways does its fundamental concepts and texts still speak tous? Drawingtogether new and established voices from scholars in Kant, Fichte, Hegel,and Schelling, this volume offers a fresh look on this time-honouredtradition. It uses myriad of recently developed conceptual tools to present new and challenging theories of its now canonical figures.

Migration and Mental Health

by Marjory Harper

The relationship between migration and mental health is controversial, contested, and pertinent. In a highly mobile world, where voluntary and enforced movements of population are increasing and likely to continue to grow, that relationship needs to be better understood, yet the terminology is often vague and the issues are wide-ranging. Getting to grips with them requires tools drawn from different disciplines and professions. Such a multidisciplinary approach is central to this book. Six historical studies are integrated with chapters by a theologian, geographer, anthropologist, social worker and psychiatrist to produce an evaluation that addresses key concepts and methodologies, and reflects practical involvement as well as academic scholarship. Ranging from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, the book explores the causes of mental breakdown among migrants; the psychological changes stemming from their struggles with challenging life circumstances; and changes in medical, political and public attitudes and responses in different eras and locations.

Experience, Meaning, and Identity in Sexuality

by James Horley Jan Clarke

This book takes the head-scratching out of human sexuality. Personal construct theory provides the foundation for a psychosocial explanation of sexuality that views everyday social interaction as key to the development of sexual identity and desires. The theory developed here accounts for stability and change in sexual identity through an understanding of the importance of experience and the importance of meaning in everyday life. The potential impact of erotica and pornography on sexual desire is discussed, as is the role of social power on sexual behaviour. The variation of sexual expression among individuals--everything from asexuality and sado-masochism to sexual assault--is examined and explained. Formal techniques for changing sexual desires are also presented.

Understanding Leadership Perspectives

by Matthew R. Fairholm Gilbert W. Fairholm

There is no dearth of popular books on leadership, often extolling the virtues of charismatic, celebrity leaders or offering simplistic formulas for "inspiring the troops" to achieve "extraordinary results". However, empirical research and exploration of leadership and its many elements is in much less supply. Confronted by failures of leadership in all of our major institutions--business, government, educational, cultural, medical, and spiritual--researchers, concerned citizens, and would-be leaders alike are interested in the prospects for achieving effective leadership. This book fills a gap in the literature of Leadership Studies by presenting the Leadership Perspectives Model (LPM), which observes and analyzes leadership through five distinct orientations: scientific management, excellence management, values leadership, trust cultural leadership, and spiritual leadership. Operating from the premise that "leadership" and "management" require fundamentally different sets of tools, behaviors, and approaches, the authors unpack the distinctions and provide empirical, theoretical, and practical insights to improve our understanding of leadership dynamics in a world increasingly defined by complexity, diversity, technology-based communication, and interconnectivity. Presenting a comprehensive review of the field, including a history of the most influential schools of thought, and empirical studies of leadership in the public and private sectors, the authors dispel common myths and misconceptions about leadership and provide greater clarity to its art and science.

One Dangerous Desire

by Christy Carlyle

In a bet between two old flames . . .Rex Leighton dominates the boardroom by day and prowls the ballroom at night. Searching for the perfect bride to usher him into the aristocracy, he abandoned the idea of love the last time he saw the delicious May Sedgwick. But when he's roped into a bet, where the prize is the means to fund his greatest ambition and the stakes are a marriage he's already planning for, Rex is willing to go all in. There's just one problem--he's competing against the only woman he's ever loved.Only love can take it allMay Sedgwick could be the belle of the season . . . if she cared. She is more interested in the art studio than the marriage market and her craving to pursue her passion far outweighs her wish for a titled husband. Winning this bet will finally allow May to follow her true artistic desires. Rex losing is just a side benefit, as are his breathtaking kisses that she just can't resist.When May is forced to choose between the dream she never knew she wanted and the man she's never been able to forget, Rex must convince her desire is worth a bit of danger.An Avon Romance

The Microeconomic Growth

by Meng Liang

This book primarily discusses what could make the economy remain stable and increase the level of coordination, both on the demand and supply side, a fascinating question for economists. In this context, it systematically analyzes the theory of consumption and production growth. Most of the existing economic growth theories fail to analyze consumption growth. That oversight is remedied here, greatly enhancing the usefulness of economic growth theory. Factors influencing consumption and production at the micro scale provide the foundations of the analyzing frame. An economic system with endogenous technological progress can most likely only be rapidly coordinated under market conditions similar to those in a monopoly competition market. Over the course of the work, readers will discover that there is another way of viewing the economic world which is different from regular textbooks.

The Psychology of Human Leadership: How To Develop Charisma and Authority

by Erich Dihsmaier Michael Paschen

The book seamlessly links fundamental insights and practical approaches to address the most important leadership problems and challenges. Each of the 11 chapters takes a close look at a specific leadership aspect and explains how to develop personal leadership qualities, such as charisma, the ability to motivate others, assertiveness, and how to overcome crises and conflicts to create new structures. Ethical questions and possible negative developments in connection with leadership and power are also examined. Unlike conventional leadership manuals, this book on leadership goes beyond the standard 'recipes' and models by providing clear trains of thought as well as a psychological and philosophical basis, and by focusing on major achievements in terms of leadership, it creates a more profound understanding and holistic view of the subject of leadership, while promoting a genuine fascination for it.

The Duty of Medical Practitioners and CAM/TCM Practitioners to Inform Competent Adult Patients about Alternatives

by Xiju Zhao

The book pays interest to a small and almost untouched topic: a health practitioner' s duty to inform about alternatives. It covers both orthodox medicine practitioners and CAM practitioners. The topic is explored in a co mparative way, examining the laws of not only common law jurisdictions, such as the USA, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, but also two East Asia jurisdictions ( China and Japan ) . It uses the collective wisdom of several common law jurisdictions, but also differentiates them. It places the issue of "disclosure of alternatives" in a clear and wider context, making a cogent distinction between diagnosis/treatment and information disclosure.

Transient Heat Transfer

by Donatello Annaratone

This book presents a new and direct computational method for transient heat transfer. The approach uses the well-known dimensionless Biot number and a second dimensionless number introduced by the author. The methodology allows for a transient heat transfer calculations without using finite difference programs. The book presents many examples and various tables demonstrating the potential of this new methodology. Many diagrams illustrate the physical phenomena.

CPT 2016 Professional Edition

by American Medical Association

CPT 2016 Professional Edition is the definitive AMA-authored resource to help health care professionals correctly report and bill medical procedures and services.

Science Fusion Grade 6 Hudson County

by Donna M. Ogle Marjorie Frank Michael R. Heithaus Michael A. Dispezio

Many people think of science as simply a collection of facts. Science is the systematic study of natural events and conditions. Scientific subjects can be anything in the living or nonliving world. In general, all scientific subjects can be broken down into three areas--life science, Earth science, and physical science. Life science, or biology, is the study of living things. Life scientists may study anything from how plants produce food to how animals interact in the wild. Earth science, or geology, is the study of the surface and interior of Earth. An Earth scientist may study how rocks form or what past events produced the volcano you see in the photo. Physical science includes the subjects of physics and chemistry. Physicists and chemists study nonliving matter and energy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

by Samuel O. Idowu Stephen Vertigans

This work collects the most important results presented at the Congress on Differential Equations and Applications/Congress on Applied Mathematics (CEDYA/CMA) in Cádiz (Spain) in 2015. It supports further research in differential equations, numerical analysis, mechanics, control and optimization. In particular, it helps readers gain an overview of specific problems of interest in the current mathematical research related to different branches of applied mathematics. This includes the analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, exact solutions techniques for ordinary differential equations, numerical analysis and numerical simulation of some models arising in experimental sciences and engineering, control and optimization, and also trending topics on numerical linear Algebra, dynamical systems, and applied mathematics for Industry. This volume is mainly addressed to any researcher interested in the applications of mathematics, especially in any subject mentioned above. It may be also useful to PhD students in applied mathematics, engineering or experimental sciences.

Treating Vulnerable Populations of Cancer Survivors: A Biopsychosocial Approach

by Tanya R. Fitzpatrick

This competence-building resource synthesizes a rich trove of conceptual and practical information on treating cancer survivors at risk of being underserved. Spotlighting a diverse group of ethnic and other demographic populations surviving diverse forms of cancer, the book models the assessing of needs and the developing of strategies to meet them. The multiple burden of cancer--medical and psychosocial problems, discrimination and stigma, quality of life issues--is described in depth as it affects different cultural and age populations. Contributors also present interventions that effectively and meaningfully address these complex intersections of physical, emotional, interpersonal, and layered social concerns. Included among the topics: Providing psychosocial distress screening, coping resources and self-care to newly diagnosed cancer survivors. Latino cancer survivors: the old and the young. An exploration of Latvian immigrants' cancer experience and implications for supportive interventions. Survivorship issues among Muslim women with cancer. How art therapy can benefit the quality of life of young breast cancer survivors. The family caregiver as cancer survivor: supporting and promoting positive bereavement outcomes. Unique among the survivor literature, Treating Vulnerable Populations of Cancer Survivors ably assists health psychologists, social workers, and nurses in providing services to patients facing special challenges during recovery.

The Truth about Fania Fénelon and the Women's Orchestra of Auschwitz-Birkenau

by Susan Eischeid

This book explores how the women's orchestra at Auschwitz-Birkenau has been remembered in both media and popular culture since the end of the Second World War. In particular it focuses on Fania Fenelon's memoir, Playing for Time (1976), which was subsequently adapted into a film. Since then the publication has become a cornerstone of Holocaust remembrance and scholarship. Susan Eischeid therefore investigates whether it deserves such status, and whether such material can ever be considered reliable source material for historians. Using divergent source material gathered by the author, such as interviews with the other surviving members of the orchestra, this Pivot seeks to shed light on this period of women's history, and questions how we remember the Holocaust today.

Adherence in Dermatology

by Scott A. Davis

An essential, comprehensive, and practical guide to understanding, measuring, and modifying patients' adherence behavior to optimize treatment outcomes, this book covers all major aspects of adherence in dermatology. The first section describes current knowledge on the magnitude and impact of nonadherence; the second outlines measuring adherence in the context of databases, trials and practice. The third section addresses adherence in key skin diseases and the fourth covers numerous strategies to improve adherence by mitigating specific patient barriers. All sections emphasize ways to optimize communication with patients: the foundation for producing successful health behavior change. Low adherence helps explain why, despite effective treatments existing for all major dermatologic conditions, many patients still fail to improve. When clinicians endeavour to maximize adherence, with the aid of evidence-based strategies, these drugs will often realise their potential. This book devotes special attention to understanding why individuals may be nonadherent, so that each patient can receive a suitable treatment regimen, with a personalized plan of action. This book is designed for clinicians at all levels, serving as both introductory training for medical students and residents, and an update on the field for experienced practitioners. Researchers and policymakers will also benefit from its coverage of research methods and the impact of nonadherence in specific diseases. Adherence in Dermatology bridges the gap between outcomes researchers and clinicians by explaining the latest findings in plain language, with examples from everyday dermatologic practice.

Iran Revisited

by Ali Pirzadeh

This book examines Modern Iran through an interdisciplinary analysis of its cultural norms, history and institutional environment. The goal is to underline strengths and weaknesses of Iranian society as a whole, and to illustrate less prescriptive explanations for the way Iran is seen through a lens of persistent collective conduct rather than erratic historical occurrences. Throughout its history, Iran has been subject to many studies, all of which have diagnosed the country's problem and prescribed solutions based on certain theoretical grounds. This book intends to look inward, seeking cultural explanations for Iran's perpetual inability to improve its society. The theme in this book is based on the eloquent words of Nasir Khusrau, a great Iranian poet: "az mast ki bar mast". The words are from a poem describing a self-adoring eagle that sees its life abruptly ended by an arrow winged with its own feathers--the bird is doomed by its own vanity. The closest interpretation of this idiom in Western Christian culture is "you reap what you sow", which conveys a similar message that underlines one's responsibility in the sense that, sooner or later, we must face the choices we make. This would enable us to confront - and live up to - what Iran's history and culture have taught us.

Illinois Math Connects: Concepts, Skills, And Problems Solving, Course 2

by Mcgraw-Hill Staff

Math Connects: Concepts, Skills, and Problem Solving was written by the authorship team with the end results in mind. They looked at the content needed to be successful in Geometry and Algebra and backmapped the development of mathematical content, concepts, and procedures to PreK to ensure a solid foundation and seamless transition from grade level to grade level. The series is organized around the new NCTM Focal Points and is designed to meet most state standards. Math Connects focuses on three key areas of vocabulary to build mathematical literacy, intervention options aligned to RtI, and a comprehensive assessment system of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments.

Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, 3rd Edition

by Nivaldo J. Tro

Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, Third Edition is an innovative, pedagogically driven text that explains challenging concepts in a student-oriented manner. Nivaldo Tro creates a rigorous and accessible treatment of general chemistry in the context of relevance and the big picture. Chemistry is presented visually through multi-level images-macroscopic, molecular, and symbolic representations-helping students see the connections between the world they see around them (macroscopic), the atoms and molecules that compose the world (molecular), and the formulas they write down on paper (symbolic). The hallmarks of Dr. Tro's problem-solving approach are reinforced through interactive media that provide students with an office-hour type of environment built around worked examples and expanded coverage on the latest developments in chemistry. Pioneering features allow students to sketch their ideas through new problems, and much more.

Fear of Muslims?

by Douglas Pratt Rachel Woodlock

This book takes a sober, evidenced-based look at the contemporary phenomenon of Islamophobia in both 'old-world' Europe, and the 'new-world' of America and Australia, and Southeast Asia. It includes theoretical and conceptual discussions about what Islamophobia is, how it manifests, and how it can be addressed, together with historical analysis, applied research and case-study chapters, considering the reality that manifests as a fear of Muslims. Anxiety about the world's second largest religion manifests as prejudice, discrimination and vilification and, in extreme cases, violence and murder. The real and perceived problems of the relationship between Islam and the West contribute to the phenomenon of Islamophobia. This is a unique, multi-disciplinary work, with authors approaching the topic from a number of academic disciplines and from different religious and national backgrounds, providing for a greater appreciation of the complexity and diversity of Islamophobia. This multicultural and multi-religious approach undergirds the valuable insights the volume provides. This book will be of interest to all concerned with the phenomenon of Islamophobia, and especially researchers and students in the social sciences, as well as scholars with a specific interest in Muslims living as minorities in the West. Also, those working in political science, international relations, sociology, religious studies and other fields will all find it of value.

The Changing Dynamics of Bisexual Men's Lives

by Mark Mccormack Eric Anderson

This important book provides unique new knowledge on thelived experience of openly bisexual men without medicalizing or pathologizingthem. Presenting research from sexology, sociology, and psychology, it featuresextensive findings on the sexual, social, romantic, and emotional behaviors ofthe 90 men interviewed in the U. S. and U. K. Issues and challenges are examinedin such areas as identity and self-concept, along with the burden of socialerasure and the paradox of stigma from both the gay and straight communities. However, the research reveals evidence of a recent cultural transition towardacceptance of bisexual identity and behavior, with younger bisexual menexperiencing better social lives and increased recognition of the legitimacy ofbisexuality. Among the topics covered: Examining the components of sexuality. Measuring and surveying bisexuality. Bisexual burden Demonstrating a generational cohort effect Expansion of gendered boundaries. Erosion of the one-time rule of homosexuality. Coming out in the 21st century. Bringing clarity and focus beyond the gender binary--andcompelling insights into why society and science have trouble shedding thatparadigm--The Changing Dynamics ofBisexual Men's Lives will interest sexuality scholars, sexologists, andsocial scientists studying the social aspects of sexuality.

Angiogenesis in Health, Disease and Malignancy

by Ali Salajegheh

This book is about "Angiogenesis". A process in which new vasculature is formed from pre-existing capillaries. Angiogenesis process is associated with the proliferation and growth of both physiologically normal and neoplastic tissues, through the formation of vascular supply, essential for delivering growth requirements such as oxygen and nutrients. The book describes more than 100 genes and their key regulatory functions in the context of normal healthy condition, disease and malignancy, cancer proliferation and progression. New insights into the role of angiogenesis and the therapeutic inhibition of its regulators are investigated, due to the great potential for exploitation in the development of a novel treatment for cancer. New scientists, junior researchers and biomedical science students will find this book an invaluable introductory reference to their insight about angiogenesis and angiogenic role of more than 100 angiogenes and their role in healthy, disease and malignant conditions.

Advances in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health

by Gianfranco Donelli

The Series will provide microbiologists, hygienists, epidemiologists and infectious diseases specialists with well-chosen contributed volumes containing updated information in the areas of basic and applied microbiology involving relevant issues for public health, including bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, zoonosis and anthropozoonosis, environmental and food microbiology. The increasing threat of the multidrug-resistant microorganisms and the related host immune response, the new strategies for the treatment of biofilm-based, acute and chronic microbial infections, as well as the development of new vaccines and more efficacious antimicrobial drugs to prevent and treat human and animal infections will be also reviewed in this series in the light of the most recent achievements in these fields. Special attention will be devoted to the fast diffusion worldwide of the new findings of the most advanced translational researches carried out in the different fields of microbiological sciences, with the aim to promote a prompt validation and transfer at clinical level of the most promising experimental results.

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