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Advances in Swarm Intelligence: 12th International Conference, ICSI 2021, Qingdao, China, July 17–21, 2021, Proceedings, Part I (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #12689)

by Ying Tan Yuhui Shi

his two-volume set LNCS 12689-12690 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Advances in Swarm Intelligence, ICSI 2021, held in Qingdao, China, in July 2021. The 104 full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 177 submissions. They cover topics such as: Swarm Intelligence and Nature-Inspired Computing; Swarm-based Computing Algorithms for Optimization; Particle Swarm Optimization; Ant Colony Optimization; Differential Evolution; Genetic Algorithm and Evolutionary Computation; Fireworks Algorithms; Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm; Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm; DNA Computing Methods; Multi-Objective Optimization; Swarm Robotics and Multi-Agent System; UAV Cooperation and Control; Machine Learning; Data Mining; and Other Applications.

Gamma Knife Neurosurgery in the Management of Intracranial Disorders II (Acta Neurochirurgica Supplement #128)

by Motohiro Hayashi Mikhail F. Chernov Clark C. Chen Ian E. McCutcheon

The articles in this volume cover the various radiosurgical techniques used to treat benign and malignant intracranial tumors, cavernous malformations, and functional disorders, as well as a wide array of specific details on medical physics, neuroimaging, and anesthetic support. Particular emphasis is put on the optimal combination of microneurosurgery and radiosurgery for attaining the best functional results in patients with vestibular schwannomas, craniopharyngiomas, and pituitary adenomas, and on the most effective methods of treatment planning and radiation dosimetry in cases of metastatic brain tumors. The highlighted clinical aspects include indications for radiosurgery and the prediction of patients’ prognosis, along with analysis of outcomes in comparison with results achieved by other modalities in the context of multifaceted therapeutic strategies. In addition, possible options for applying advanced treatment using such modern devices as Leksell Gamma Knife PerfexionTM and IconTM are presented in depth. This information will interest both radiosurgical practitioners and neurosurgeons, and help them to provide optimal care and to achieve the greatest benefit of their patients. This book will serve as an excellent companion for the previous publication “Gamma Knife Neurosurgery in the Management of Intracranial Disorders” (Acta Neurochirurgica Supplement, Volume 116, Springer, 2013).

Chemically Deposited Nanocrystalline Metal Oxide Thin Films: Synthesis, Characterizations, and Applications

by Fabian I. Ezema Chandrakant D. Lokhande Rajan Jose

This book guides beginners in the areas of thin film preparation, characterization, and device making, while providing insight into these areas for experts. As chemically deposited metal oxides are currently gaining attention in development of devices such as solar cells, supercapacitors, batteries, sensors, etc., the book illustrates how the chemical deposition route is emerging as a relatively inexpensive, simple, and convenient solution for large area deposition. The advancement in the nanostructured materials for the development of devices is fully discussed.

Advances in Mechanical Engineering: Select Proceedings of CAMSE 2020 (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering)

by Susheel Kalia Tarun K. Sharma Om Prakash Verma Gaurav Manik Sushanta Kumar Sahoo

This book presents the select proceedings of Congress on Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (CAMSE 2020). It focuses on the state-of-the-art research, development, and commercial prospective of recent advances in mechanical engineering. The book covers various synthesis and fabrication routes of functional and smart materials for applications in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, physics, chemical and biological sciences, metrology, optimization and artificial intelligence among others. This book will be a useful resource for researchers, academicians as well as professionals interested in the highly interdisciplinary field of materials science and mechanical engineering.

Maritime Regelungs- und Sensorsysteme: Automatisierte Schiffsführung – mit MATLAB® und Simulink®

by Jürgen Majohr Martin Kurowski

Das Buch beschreibt die erforderlichen Grundlagen für den Entwurf und die Anwendung maritimer Regelungssysteme. Unter Verwendung moderner Methoden der Modellbildung und der Regelungstheorie erfolgt die Behandlung von Navigationssystemen und Sensoren, Regelungsstrukturen und Assistenzsystemen bis hin zu einem neuentwickelten Manöverregelungssystem. Der methodisch dargestellte Stoff wird durch eine Vielzahl von mit MATLAB® und Simulink® erstellten Rechenbeispielen und Simulationen auf der Basis von Borddaten anschaulich interpretiert.

Geschlecht als Zäsur: Zum Alltagserleben von Eltern intergeschlechtlicher Kinder (Wissen, Kommunikation und Gesellschaft)

by Anike Krämer

Eine Inter*-Diagnose stellt für die meisten Eltern eine Zäsur im Leben dar. Die gesellschaftliche und körperliche Bedeutung ist nicht in ihrem Erfahrungswissen verankert. Dieses Buch geht dem Erleben der Eltern von intergeschlechtlichen Kindern nach und zeichnet deren Prozess der Auseinandersetzung, Wissensaneignung und Handlungsermächtigung nach. Überlegungen zur Naturalisierung von Geschlecht und zur Wirklichkeitskrise sind dabei zentral. Die Autorin verknüpft zudem das Erleben mit den aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Verhältnissen und bietet so Erkenntnisse zur Krisenbewältigung an.

Class Actions in Europe: Holy Grail or a Wrong Trail? (Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice #89)

by Alan Uzelac Stefaan Voet

Not so long ago, class actions were considered to be a textbook example of American exceptionalism; many of their main features were assumed to be incompatible with the culture of the civil law world. However, the tide is changing; while there are now trends in the USA toward limiting or excluding class actions, notorious cases like Dieselgate are moving more and more European jurisdictions to extend the reach of their judicial collective redress mechanisms. For many new fans of class actions, collective redress has become a Holy Grail of sorts, a miraculous tool that will rejuvenate national systems of civil justice and grant them unprecedented power. Still, while the introduction of various forms of representative action has virtually become a fashion, it is anything but certain that attempting to transplant American-style class action will be successful. European judicial structures and legal culture(s) are fundamentally different, which poses a considerable challenge. This book investigates whether class actions in Europe are indeed a Holy Grail or just another wrong turn in the continuing pursuit of just and effective means of protecting the rights of citizens and businesses. It presents both positive and critical perspectives, supplemented by case studies on the latest collectivization trends in Europe’s national civil justice systems. The book also shares the experiences of some non-European jurisdictions that have developed promising hybrid forms of collective redress, such as Canada, Brazil, China, and South Africa. In closing, a selection of topical international cases that raise interesting issues regarding the effectiveness of class actions in an international context are studied and discussed.

Panic Buying: Perspectives and Prevention (SpringerBriefs in Psychology)

by S. M. Yasir Arafat Sujita Kumar Kar Russell Kabir

This brief provides a thorough overview of the history and underlying motivations for consumer panic buying, evaluating psychological perspectives on this behavior on both an individual and societal level. The first volume of its kind to focus specifically on the topic of panic buying, the book situates its analysis within the context of the modern COVID-19 pandemic as well as in a broader psychology context. Chapters encompass a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, incorporating insights from consumer psychology, marketing, sociology, and public health. Finally, contributors discuss the long-term implications of panic buying and potential prevention strategies. Panic Buying: Perspectives and Prevention will be a useful reference for researchers and students in consumer psychology, as well as those interested emergency preparedness, and supply chain management. First volume of its kind to focus specifically on the consumer behavior of panic buyingAnalyzes panic buying behavior in the context of the modern COVID-19 pandemic as well as within a broader psychology contextProvides a multidisciplinary analysis of panic buying, including perspectives from consumer psychology, social psychology, marketing, emergency preparedness, and public health.

Russian Exceptionalism between East and West: The Ambiguous Empire

by Kevork Oskanian

This monograph provides a novel long-term approach to the role of Russia’s imperial legacies in its interactions with the former Soviet space. It develops ‘Hybrid Exceptionalism’ as a critical conceptual tool aimed at uncovering the great power’s self-positioning between ‘East’ and ‘West’, and its hierarchical claims over subalterns situated in both civilizational imaginaries. It explores how, in the Tsarist, Soviet, and contemporary eras, distinct civilizational spaces were created, and maintained, through narratives and practices emanating from Russia’s ambiguous relationship with Western modernity, and its part-identification with a subordinated ‘Orient’. The Romanov Empire’s struggles with ‘Russianness’, the USSR’s Marxism-Leninism, and contemporary Russia’s combination of feigned liberal and civilizational discourses are explored as the basis of a series of successive civilising missions, through an interdisciplinary engagement with official discourses, scholarship, and the arts. The book concludes with an exploration of contemporary policy implications for the West, and the former Soviet states themselves.

Britain and Terrorism: A Sociological Investigation (Palgrave Studies on Norbert Elias)

by Michael Dunning

Challenging the standard paradigm of terrorism research through the use of Norbert Elias’s figurational sociology, Michael Dunning explores the development of terrorism in Britain over the past two centuries, focusing on long-term processes and shifting power dynamics. In so doing, he demonstrates that terrorism as a concept and designation is entwined with its antithesis, civilization. A range of process sociological concepts are deployed to tease out the sociogenesis of terrorism as part of Britain’s relationships with France, Ireland, Germany, the Soviet Union, the industrial working classes, its colonies, and, most recently, jihadism. In keeping with the figurational tradition, Dunning examines the relationships between broad, macro-level processes and processes at the level of individual psyches, showing that terrorism is not merely a ‘thing’ done to a group, but part of a complex web of interdependent relations.

Implementation and Application of Automata: 25th International Conference, CIAA 2021, Virtual Event, July 19-22, 2021, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science #12803)

by Sebastian Maneth

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata, CIAA 2021, held in July 2021. Due to Covid-19 pandemic the conference was held virtually. The 13 regular papers presented in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 20 submissions. The topics of the papers cover various fields in the application, implementation, and theory of automata and related structures.

Soft Computing for Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of ICSCIS 2020 (Algorithms for Intelligent Systems)

by Shruti Jain Nikhil Marriwala C. C Tripathi Shivakumar Mathapathi

This book presents high-quality research papers presented at the International Conference on Soft Computing for Intelligent Systems (SCIS 2020), held during 18–20 December 2020 at University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. The book encompasses all branches of artificial intelligence, computational sciences and machine learning which is based on computation at some level such as AI-based Internet of things, sensor networks, robotics, intelligent diabetic retinopathy, intelligent cancer genes analysis using computer vision, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy systems, medical automatic identification intelligence system and applications in agriculture, health care, smart grid and instrumentation systems. The book is helpful for educators, researchers and developers working in the area of recent advances and upcoming technologies utilizing computational sciences in signal processing, imaging, computing, instrumentation, artificial intelligence and their applications.

Interdisciplinary Foundations for the Science of Emotion: Unification without Consilience

by Cecilea Mun

In this book, Cecilea Mun introduces an innovative meta-framework for conducting interdisciplinary research in the science of emotion, broadly construed, as well as a framework for a particular kind of theory of emotion. She provides new solutions and arguments in support of an embodied cognitive approach to resolving a wide range of problems, including those concerning skepticism, the place of ordinary intuitions for the science of emotion, intentionality, the rationality of emotions, naturalizing knowledge, and the debate between philosophical cognitive and noncognitive theories of emotion. Her solutions include a revolutionary, unifying, interdisciplinary taxonomy of theories of emotion, which allows one to understand the discourse in the science of emotion as a debate between four fundamental types of theories: realism, instrumentalism, eliminativism, and eliminative-realism. Her original proposal for a conception of intentionality that makes sense of our ordinary intuitions is also combined with her comprehensive account of rationality to articulate a groundbreaking understanding of the structure of human rationality. All of the contributions made herein, together, provide the foundations for a profound understanding of emotions, including as a kind of embodied language.

Community Prevention of Child Labor: Evidence-based Practices to Promote the Psychological Well-being of Minors (Human Well-Being Research and Policy Making)

by Isidro Maya Jariego

This book discusses preventive actions that have led to reduction in the prevalence of child labor across the world over the 21st century. It identifies exemplary programs in the area of community prevention that have had exceptional results; for example, the involvement of children in hazardous work globally being reduced by half. It documents a wide range of contexts where concerted action has counteracted social permissiveness towards child labor, including psycho-educational interventions in preventing early school leaving and conditional cash benefits which counteract family poverty. The book presents a set of evidence-based practices that are particularly useful for psychologists, educators, and social workers. More broadly, this book is also of interest to policymakers, professionals, and activists involved in child protection policy or in implementing programs to promote the psychological well-being of children.

Ethics in Finance: Case Studies from a Woman’s Life on Wall Street

by Kara Tan Bhala

This book comprises multiple finance and ethics case studies. The purpose of the book is twofold. First, the case studies teach readers how to evaluate and determine resolutions to ethical issues in finance. Second, the reader will enjoy a journey with the author, a woman, over her years working in finance, through the use of case studies.These studies focus on ethical issues in finance which the author encountered over nearly a 30-year career in the industry. There are 10 case studies extracted from different sectors of finance. This broad range is a consequence of the author’s experience from almost all sides of the business: the buy side, the sell side, equity research in Asia, equity sales, mutual funds, hedge funds, the finance academy, and consulting.Each case study has an engaging narrative describing the background, transactions, players, and ethical issues. The ethical issue is analyzed and resolved using the appropriate theories of moral philosophy. Descriptions and analyses are rigorous yet comprehensible, approachable, and entertaining.Apart from ethics determinations, the material in the book covers and explains a variety of specific, and even complex, financial transactions. In every transaction there is an explanation of the roles of various players involved. In this way, readers will learn about the work of people in different positions in finance from investment bankers and equity traders to portfolio managers and equity analysts. Through these case studies, readers also will get an understanding of major financial transactions and activities such as IPOs, secondary offerings, equity trading, and equity valuations.The book will appeal to practitioners, college and high school students, and lecturers who can use it to supplement courses in finance or business ethics.

Let's Talk...: A Pocket Rhetoric

by Andrea Lunsford

A New Little Rhetoric, by Andrea Lunsford Students like little books. They want affordable course materials. They need to read and write and do research. And now they need more help than ever before listening, engaging respectfully with others, and distinguishing between facts and fiction. We’ve got the book for all that. It’s called Let’s Talk, and it’s by Andrea Lunsford. This purchase offers access to the digital ebook only.

Advances in Innovative Geotechnical Engineering: Proceedings of the 6th GeoChina International Conference on Civil & Transportation Infrastructures: From Engineering to Smart & Green Life Cycle Solutions -- Nanchang, China, 2021 (Sustainable Civil Infrastructures)

by Yong Liu Junsheng Yang Sabatino Cuomo

With the development of social and science, new requirements are put forward for geotechnical engineering. Advanced geotechnical techniques were proposed to solve the new challenges in geotechnical engineering. The articles presented in this volume aim to the new development of geotechnical engineering such as characterization of geomaterials, slope stability, application of environmental protection materials and some other geotechnical issues that are becoming quite relevant in today's world.

Soft Computing and Signal Processing: Proceedings of 3rd ICSCSP 2020, Volume 2 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing #1340)

by V. Kamakshi Prasad Jiacun Wang V. Sivakumar Reddy K. T. V. Reddy

This book presents selected research papers on current developments in the fields of soft computing and signal processing from the Third International Conference on Soft Computing and Signal Processing (ICSCSP 2020). The book covers topics such as soft sets, rough sets, fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms and machine learning and discusses various aspects of these topics, e.g., technological considerations, product implementation and application issues.

Storytelling in Radio and Podcasts: A Practical Guide

by Sven Preger

This textbook offers a practical guide to creating narratives in audio media. It is one of the most beautiful and complex tasks in radio and podcasting: how do you tell a compelling story and keep your listeners tuned in? In Storytelling in Radio and Podcasts, Preger offers practical answers to crucial questions: What material is suitable for long stories? How can I bind listeners to a real story for 15, 30 or 60 minutes? Or even get them excited about a whole series? How do I maintain suspense from beginning to end? How do I find my narrative voice? And, how do I develop a sound design for complex narratives? Richly illustrated using practical examples, the book guides the reader through various stages of developing a non-fiction narrative and examines structure, character development, suspense, narration, sound-design and ethics.

Climate Change, Human Impact and Green Energy Transformation (GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences)

by Jan Kiciński Patryk Chaja

This book indicates the most optimal solutions for the growing civilization problem related to climate change that takes place more and more rapidly on our planet. It is divided into two parts: In the first part, the authors - based on the available analyses and reports on climate change taking place on Earth - present their own point of view in relation to the above issue, while trying to find answers to the following questions: · Why is it so difficult to admit that humans are responsible for the ongoing climate change? · Will climate change destroy life on Earth? · Can science and modern technologies stop this process? In the second part of the book, the authors propose a solution for the advancing climate change, regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions coming mainly from the energy sector. On the basis of scientific achievements and implementations of research institutions in Poland, especially the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk, the book proposes directions of development of the energy transformation in Poland and other countries for which fossil fuels currently make a large contribution to the energy production process and are the main emitter of CO2 to the atmosphere. The book is addressed to citizens, ecologists, climatologists as well as politicians and experts responsible for shaping the climate and energy policy of the country level and also the world.

Sentencing: Re-thinking Research and Policy (Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies)

by Cyrus Tata

This book asks how we should make sense of sentencing when, despite huge efforts world-wide to analyse, critique and reform it, it remains an enigma.Sentencing: A Social Process reveals how both research and policy-thinking about sentencing are confined by a paradigm that presumes autonomous individualism, projecting an artificial image of sentencing practices and policy potential. By conceiving of sentencing instead as a social process, the book advances new policy and research agendas. Sentencing: A Social Process proposes innovative solutions to classic conundrums, including: rules versus discretion; aggravating versus mitigating factors; individualisation versus consistency; punishment versus rehabilitation; efficient technologies versus the quality of justice; and ways of reducing imprisonment.

Demokratie im Sachunterricht – Sachunterricht in der Demokratie: Beiträge zum Verhältnis von Demokratie(lernen) und Sachunterricht(sdidaktik) (Edition Fachdidaktiken)

by Toni Simon

Mit den einzelnen Beiträgen wird das Verhältnis von Demokratie(lernen) und Sachunterricht(sdidaktik) näher bestimmt. Es werden vielfältige Anregungen für ein Nach- und Weiterdenken über Fragen des Lernens über und durch Demokratie im Sachunterricht sowie die Konstitution des Sachunterrichts und seiner Didaktik in unserer demokratischen Gesellschaft gegeben. Mit dem Band wird ein Beitrag zur (primar)schulpädagogischen Forschung zu Demokratie(bildung) und Demokratisierung geleistet und zur (Re)Aktivierung fach- und disziplinübergreifender Diskurse angeregt. Der Schwerpunkt des Bandes liegt gleichwohl auf fachbezogenen theoretischen und empirischen Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Verhältnis von Demokratie(lernen) und Sachunterricht(sdidaktik).

Extended Reality Training: Ein Framework für die virtuelle Lernkultur in Organisationen (essentials)

by Peter F.-J. Niermann Fabrizio Palmas

Der technologische Fortschritt hat bereits unsere Art zu kommunizieren, zu lernen, zu arbeiten und uns zu informieren radikal verändert. Lernen ist der Motor einer wettbewerbsfähigen Gesellschaft und sichert langfristig den Erfolg. Alle Stakeholder sollten daher bereit sein, in Corporate Training zu investieren. Dieses Essential entwickelt eine Gesamtkonzeption für ein innovatives xR-Training und bietet notwendige interdisziplinäre Kenntnisse und den richtigen Mix aus Theorie sowie praktischen Guidelines, um die Vorteile von Extended Reality-Technologien nutzen zu können.

Basiswissen Medizin des Alterns und des alten Menschen (Springer-Lehrbuch)

by Andrej Zeyfang Michael Denkinger Ulrich Hagg-Grün

#65533;bersichtlich und kompakt bietet Ihnen dieses Lehrbuch einen vollst#65533;ndigen #65533;berblick #65533;ber alle pr#65533;fungsrelevanten Inhalte des Querschnittsbereichs Medizin des Alterns und des alten Menschen. Es leitet Sie leicht verst#65533;ndlich und GK-orientiert durch das gesamte Basiswissen von den Grundlagen bis hin zu den wichtigsten Krankheitsbildern. Die symptomorientierte Aufbereitung des Inhalts erm#65533;glicht eine effiziente Erschlie#65533;ung des Themas nicht nur f#65533;r Studenten und erleichtert die Verkn#65533;pfung der Theorie mit der klinischen Praxis. Profitieren Sie von der langj#65533;hrigen Erfahrung der Dozenten, die sorgf#65533;ltig das Wesentliche f#65533;r Sie ausgew#65533;hlt und aufbereitet haben.

Television in Turkey: Local Production, Transnational Expansion and Political Aspirations

by Yeşim Kaptan Ece Algan

This edited collection takes a timely and comprehensive approach to understanding Turkey’s television, which has become a global growth industry in the last decade, by reconsidering its geopolitics within both national and transnational contexts. The Turkish television industry along with audiences and content are contextualised within the socio-cultural and historical developments of global neoliberalism, transnational flows, the rise of authoritarianism, nationalism, and Islamism. Moving away from Anglo-American perspectives, the book analyzes both local and global processes of television production and consumption while taking into consideration the dynamics distinctive to Turkey, such as ethnic and gender identity politics, media policies and regulations, and rising nationalistic sentiments.

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