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Statistics for Non-Statisticians

by Birger Madsen

This book was written for those who need to know how to collect, analyze and present data. It is meant to be a first course for practitioners, a book for private study or brush-up on statistics, and supplementary reading for general statistics classes. The book is untraditional, both with respect to the choice of topics and the presentation. The topics were determined by what is most useful for practical statistical work: even experienced statisticians will find new topics or new approaches to traditional topics. The presentation is as non-mathematical as possible. Mathematical formulae are presented only if they are necessary for calculations and/or add to readers' understanding. A sample survey is developed as a realistic example throughout the book, and many further examples are presented, which also use data spreadsheets from a supplementary website.

Psychosocial and Legal Perspectives of Marital Breakdown

by Margit Gaffal

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the psychosocial and legal aspects of divorce with special reference to the situation in Spain, addressing the grounds for divorce and its impact on parents and children. Theoretical approaches are applied that take into account the psychosocial conditions and the Spanish legislation. Subsequenty, an empirical analysis of preferred custody arrangements reveals some of the current problems that are associated with a joint custody regime. Lastly, the suitability of divorce mediation is examined within the framework of the Spanish legislation.

The Chemokine System in Experimental and Clinical Hematology

by Oystein Bruserud

The aim of the issue is to describe and explain the importance of the chemokine system in hematology. The chemokine system is probably important for many aspects of normal as well as malignant hematopoiesis. A major focus is the development and treatment of hematologic malignancies, including the immunobiology of stem cell transplantation. The present reviews illustrate that chemokines can be involved in leukemogenesis. The chemokine system is also important both for the crosstalk between malignant cells and their neighbouring nonmalignant stromal cells (including endothelial cells) as well as for immunoregulation in patients treated with allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Thus, chemokines are important both for the pathogenesis and treatment of hematological diseases.

Global Change: Impacts on Water and food Security

by Asit K. Biswas Sarah Cline Claudia Ringler

This volume examines the various drivers of global change, including climate change, and the use of agricultural knowledge, science, and technology, as well as the outcomes of global change processes, including impacts on water quality and human well-being. Several authors examine potential policy and institutional solutions afforded by globalization to the challenges ahead, particularly the role of trade policy. Financing water development in a more globalized world and adapting to global warming are also examined.

Nordic Contributions in IS Research

by Ulrika Lundh Snis

This book contains the refereed proceedings of the 7th Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems, SCIS 2016, as well as of the IFIP Working Group 8. 6 Conference, both held together in Ljungskile, Sweden, August 2016. The 7th SCIS conference had the theme Living in the cloud and highlighted the digitalization of society, that has proceeded and entered almost all aspects of our lives. The double-blind review process led to the acceptance of 9 out of 25 paper submitted. For the IFIP 8. 6 conference, the theme in 2016 was Diffusion of IS for Learning New Practices and addressed issues related to learning of new practices from both organizational and societal perspectives traditionally covered by the IFIP Working Group 8. 6. For this conference, 4 out of 11 manuscript were accepted for presentation. "

A Place To Belong (The Sister Circle #4)

by Nancy Moser Vonette Z. Bright

Evelyn Peerbaugh has once again taken in new boarders, but this time she has opened her doors to women who can't pay a cent for her services. As she reaches out to these sisters in need, she discovers that God has a whole new plan for the Sister Circle. But no one could have predicted the shock in store for Evelyn and Piper....

Black-body Radiative, Thermodynamic, and Chromatic Functions: Tables in Finite Spectral Ranges

by Anatoliy I. I. Fisenko Vladimir F. F. Lemberg

This book provides detailed calculated values for the thermal radiative and thermodynamic functions of black-body radiation in finite spectral ranges. The results are presented in tabular form. The areas of thermal power generation, infrared medical diagnostics, solar power and nuclear generation, and astrophysics are included. A range of the thermal radiative and thermodynamic functions are calculated by the authors in the finite frequency/wavenumber/wavelength intervals at different temperatures. This book also contains the tables of the chromaticity coordinates and RGB parameters calculated for different color spaces (Rec. 709 (HDTV), sRGB, Adobe RGB). A number of the optimization problems is formulated and solved for various thermal black-body radiative and thermodynamic functions in a finite range of frequencies.

Future and Emergent Trends in Language Technology

by José F. Quesada Francisco-Jesús Martín Mateos Teresa Lopez-Soto

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the First International Workshop on Future and Emergent Trends in Language Technology, FETLT 2015, held in Seville, Spain, in November 2015. The 10 full papers presented together with 3 position papers and 7 invited keynote abstracts were selected from numerous submissions. The structure of the Workshop will feature a significant number of experts in language technologies and convergent areas. One objective will be the organization of forum sessions in order to review some of the current-trend research projects that are already addressing new methodological approaches and proposing solutions and innovative applications. A second major objective will be brainstorming sessions where representatives of the most innovative industrial sector in this area can present and describe the challenges and socio-economic needs of the present and immediate future. All researchers are invited to submit proposals that incorporate solid research and innovation ideas in the field of language technology and in connection with other convergent areas.

Modeling the Renewable Energy Transition in Canada

by Tanveer Ahmed

The work demonstrates a techno-economic model of power generation for the cost-effective integration of renewable energy sources, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. The methodological approach outlined by the author is based on periodic simulation of price variations. The result demonstrates that a 10% transition to renewable energy generation is possible, practical and affordable when supported by an effective policy framework that does not need to introduce a feed-in tariff or loan-based financial mode.

Eradicating Terrorism from the Middle East

by Alexander R. Dawoody

This book analyzes the contributing factors responsible for the emergence of terrorism in the Middle East with specific case studies based on empirical data that anchors the analyses in real life observation and posits unbiased, bipartisan solutions. Terrorists are targeting civilian populations around the world and increasing pressure on civil liberties, public policy and democratic institutions. With the defeat of one terrorist organization several more take its place. This book includes case studies in public administration initiatives from various Middle Eastern countries, and investigates regulation, public information, monetary and financial responsibilities, security, and civic infrastructure as possible solutions to this ever-worsening problem. With terrorism emerging as a major global policy issue this book speaks to global security and public policy and administrative issues in the Middle East, and will be of interest to researchers in terrorism and security in the Middle East, public administration, international relations, political economy, and to government officials, security analysts and investors.

From Science to Startup

by Anil Sethi

This book charts the experiences, pitfalls andknowledge behind leading scientific ideas to successful startups. Written byone of Switzerland's top serial entrepreneurs, this book is a must-read forscientists and academicians who want to see their idea turn into a product andchange the market. It is also pertinent for finance and business professionalswho aspire to become technology entrepreneurs. Starting with personal qualities of an entrepreneur, AnilSethi discusses successful ideas, technology evaluation, team formation,patents and investor expectations. To guide the entrepreneur, this book alsoanalyzes deal closing, equity conversion and ideal exit strategies to follow. Ultimately Anil Sethi reveals the 'inside track' which helps understand what drives entrepreneurs and whatthey wouldn't admit.

Lions (Level 1)

by Laura Marsh

Roar with lions in this exciting Reader. Packed with beautiful and engaging photos, kids will learn all about these majestic big cats. This Level 1 reader is carefully leveled for an early independent reading or read aloud experience, perfect to encourage the scientists and explorers of tomorrow!

Market Entry in China

by Christiane Prange

This book compiles brand new case studies on the intricacies and market entry strategies of different companies in China. The sheer speed and scope of China's growth makes it unique and investment opportunities are very attractive. Despite the potential, many western companies fail in their market entry strategies. This book traces the major sources of failure and uses cases to illustrate how firms can better cope with the challenging Chinese market. With a special focus on marketing, positioning, and branding, this book presents issues and solutions of both large multinationals and small niche market players.

DITA - the Topic-Based XML Standard

by Sissi Closs

This book presents a concise, real-world description of DITA principles. Explanations are provided on the basis of simple, applicable examples. The book will be an excellent introduction for DITA novices and is ideal as a first orientation for optimizing your information environment.

Leadership in Diverse Learning Contexts

by Greer Johnson Neil Dempster

This book presents the outcomes of research and practical endeavour in some of the diverse contexts in which learning takes place: classrooms, schools, professional development settings, community projects and service sector agencies. It invites the reader to engage with two related questions of contemporary concern in the leadership field: "What can we learn about the important influence of different contexts on leadership practice and how are people brought together as collective human agents in different patterns of distributive leadership?" In doing so, this collection emphasises three of the critical concepts at play when leadership is viewed, not as position, but as activity. The three concepts are purpose, context and human agency. When this view of leadership is understood, it is always about achieving shared goals with people power, no matter the circumstances in which they are gathered together.

Growth Hormone Deficiency

by Laurie E. Cohen

Providing the most current informationon the function of human growth hormone (GH) and the consequences of itsdeficiency, this practical yet comprehensive text is divided into threesections. Part one describes the mechanisms of GH secretion and action,including the physiology of GH and its regulation by sex steroids and thyroidhormones, the effects of both under nutrition and obesity on GH secretion, andthe metabolic effects of human recombinant GH therapy. The second sectioncovers diagnostic strategies and tests for GH deficiency in both children andadults, including MRI of the pituitary. The final section describes thedifferent etiologies of GH deficiency, from molecular mechanisms and geneabnormalities to cranial radiation and traumatic brain injury, along withsyndromes related to this deficiency. Presenting underlying mechanisms andpathologies, as well as diagnostic methods, GrowthHormone Deficiency will provide the mostup-to-date essential information and evidence on this condition for theclinical endocrinologist.

Translational Toxicology

by Claude L. Hughes Michael D. Waters

Bringing together adistinguished interdisciplinary team of contributors, this volumeprovides a comprehensive exploration of translational toxicology--a systematicapproach to developing therapeutic interventions that can protect against,mitigate, or reverse the effects of exposures. In particular, the bookaddresses modes of action and biomarkers, developmental risks of exposures, andpotential translational toxicology therapeutics. The result is a compellingapplication of developmental toxicology in a new therapeutic discipline that isdestined to become part of standard medical practice. TranslationalToxicology: Defining a New Therapeutic Discipline is an essential text for regulatory authorities, scientists, andphysicians who are concerned with environmental exposures, public health, nutrition,and pharmaceutical research and development. Basic science, epidemiological,and clinical investigators will also find this book a significant resource.

Researching Entrepreneurship

by Per Davidsson

In this book, one of the most highly recognized entrepreneurship scholars shares in a personal and readable way his rich experience and ideas on how entrepreneurship can be researched. Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon of tremendous societal importance. It is also an elusive phenomenon, which makes researching it fun, fascinating--and frustrating at times. In this fully updated edition, numerous real examples accompany the treatment of problems and solutions concerning design, sampling, operationalization and analysis. Researching Entrepreneurship is targeted primarily at research students and academics who are relatively new to research or to entrepreneurship research. This said, basic knowledge of research methods is assumed, and when foundational issues are discussed they are typically approach from a non-standard angle and/or with an eye to illuminate entrepreneurship-specific problems and solutions. This makes large parts of the contents potentially valuable for entrepreneurship scholars at any level of research proficiency. The book is also of interest to sophisticated, non-academic users with a professional interest in collecting and analyzing data from emerging and young ventures, and to those who make use of published entrepreneurship research. For example, analysts in marketing research or consultancy firms, business associations, statistical agencies and other government offices may find this book to be a valuable tool. Moreover, while the examples are derived from entrepreneurship research, the book provides a unique "experienced empirical researcher" (rather than "textbook method expert") treatment of issues that are of equal relevance across the social sciences. This goes for topics like the role of theory; research design; validity assessment; statistical inference, and replication. Entrepreneurship research has developed rapidly in the decade that has passed since the first edition. Therefore, all chapters have been comprehensively updated and many have been extended; sometimes to twice the original length. Two of the original chapters have been excluded to make room for entirely new chapters on "the Dependent Variable" and "The Entrepreneurship Nexus. " While retaining a unique, personal tone, the author uses examples and references that build on contributions from a large number of top entrepreneurship researchers.

Probing the Response of Two-Dimensional Crystals by Optical Spectroscopy

by Yilei Li

This thesis focuses on the study of the optical response of new atomically thin two-dimensional crystals, principally the family of transition metal dichalcogenides like MoS2. One central theme of the thesis is the precise treatment of the linear and second-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides. In addition to their significant scientific interest as fundamental material responses, these studies provide essential knowledge and convenient characterization tools for the application of these 2D materials in opto-electronic devices. Another important theme of the thesis is the valley physics of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides. It is shown that the degeneracy in the valley degree of freedom can be lifted and a valley polarization can be created using a magnetic field, which breaks time reversal symmetry in these materials. These findings enhance our basic understanding of the valley electronic states and open up new opportunities for valleytronic applications using two-dimensional materials.

Cyber Security and Privacy

by Massimo Felici Frances Cleary

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed selected papers on the 4th Cyber Security and Privacy Innovation Forum, CSP Forum 2015, held in Brussels, Belgium, in April 2015. The 12 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from various submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections such as security and privacy in the cloud; security and privacy technologies; risk and trust; research and innovation in cyber security and privacy.

Nordic Superintendents: Agents in a Broken Chain

by Lejf Moos Jan Merok Paulsen Elisabet Nihlfors

This book analyses the superintendent position and relations and shows how the well-known policy umbrella, the New Public Management (NPM), is being adapted to national contexts. School superintendents are civil servants at the heart of the governance of municipal education. Educational governance in the Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden - is currently undergoing comprehensive restructuring and reconceptualisation at the hands of national governments influenced by transnational agencies. Our analyses of the superintendent position and relations show that the well-known policy umbrella, the New Public Management (NPM), is moving towards focusing on soft governance and social technologies as the preferred means of influences. Thus we rename it New Public Governance (NPG).

International Perspectives on Older Adult Education

by Brian Findsen Marvin Formosa

This important book builds on recent publications in lifelong learning which focus on learning and education in later life. This work breaks new ground in international understandings of what constitutes later life learning across diverse cultures in manifold countries or regions across the world. Containing 42 separate country/regional analyses of later life learning, the overall significance resides in insiders' conceptualisations and critique of this emerging sub-field of lifelong learning and adult education. International perspectives on older adult education provides new appreciation of what is happening in countries from Europe (14), Africa (10), the Americas (7), Asia (9) and Australasia (2), as authored by adult educators and/or social gerontologists in respective geographical areas. These analyses are contextualised by a thorough introduction and critical appraisal where trends and fresh insights are revealed. The outcome of this book is a never-before available critique of what it means to be an older learner in specific nations, and the accompanying opportunities and barriers for learning and education. The sub-title of research, policy and practice conveys the territory that authors traverse in which rhetoric and reality are interrogated. Coverage in chapters includes conceptual analysis, historical patterns of provision, policy developments, theoretical perspectives, research studies, challenges faced by countries and "success stories" of later life learning. The resultant effect is a vivid portrayal of a vast array of learning that occurs in later life across the globe. Brian Findsen is Professor of Education and Postgraduate Leader for Te Whiringa School of Educational Leadership and Policy, Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Marvin Formosa is Head of the Department of Gerontology, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta, and Director of the International Institute on Ageing (United Nations - Malta).

Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham

by Billy Graham

Hailed as "the world's preacher," Billy Graham has enjoyed a career that has spanned six decades and his ministry of faith has touched the hearts and souls of millions. In Just As I Am Graham reveals his life story in what the Chicago Tribune calls "a disarmingly honest autobiography." Now, in this revised and updated edition, we hear from this "lion in winter" (Time) on his role over the past ten years as America's pastor during our national crisis of the Oklahoma bombing and 9/11; his knighthood; his passing of the torch to his son, Franklin, to head the organization that bears his name; and his commitment to do the Lord's work in the years of his and his wife Ruth's physical decline.

Cyber War

by Richard A. Clarke Robert Knake

Richard A. Clarke warned America once before about the havoc terrorism would wreak on our national security-and he was right. Now he warns us of another threat, silent but equally dangerous. Cyber War is a powerful book about technology, government, and military strategy; about criminals, spies, soldiers, and hackers. It explains clearly and convincingly what cyber war is, how cyber weapons work, and how vulnerable we are as a nation and as individuals to the vast and looming web of cyber criminals. This is the first book about the war of the future-cyber war-and a convincing argument that we may already be in peril of losing it.hey recount the foreign cyber spies who hacked into the office of the Secretary of Defense, the control systems for U.S. electric power grids, and the plans to protect America's latest fighter aircraft. Economically and militarily, Clarke and Knake argue, what we've already lost in the new millennium's cyber battles is tantamount to the Soviet and Chinese theft of our nuclear bomb secrets in the 1940s and 1950s. The possibilities of what we stand to lose in an all-out cyber war -- our individual and national security among them -- are just as chilling. Powerful and convincing, Cyber War begins the critical debate about the next great threat to national security.

The First Decade of Living with the Global Crisis

by Anastasios Karasavvoglou Zoran Aranđelović Srđan Marinković Persefoni Polychronidou

This volume sheds new light on economic developments in several countries of Southeast Europe. The European Union and especially the eurozone continue to experience rhythms of fiscal crisis, as can most clearly be seen in the debt crisis in the South Periphery. Despite the fact that several measures and decisions have been taken to deal with the crisis (banking union, liquidity support from the European Central Bank), proposals to reform Europe's strategic policy in order to find a way out of the crisis have been put forward. This book explores the respective roles that specific sectors, e. g. the agricultural sector, social capital, tax policies and labour immigration, can play in this regard. The importance of international economic relations (exports, imports, FDI, exchange rates) is analysed, in order to illustrate the nature of the economic developments and the major economic difficulties these countries face.

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