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Rise of the Phoenix

by Kenneth J. Whetstone

Coach TJ Stonewall established the Lady Phoenix Basketball Program as a way to help young female student athletes with their pursuit to reach their athletic goals and higher education. He had no idea that there were coaches out there who want to win at all costs, and who will try to draw the most talented players away from other programs with material things and promises of fame. While TJ struggles to put an end to illegal recruiting and misuse of funds by other ball clubs, he must contend with troubles of his own, including a player who runs away from home when her mother finds sexually explicit pictures of her, another wayward player with a bad attitude, and a highly skilled player who has lost focus on her academic responsibilities. On top of all that, TJ is a newlywed and must learn how to take care of his wife, who he has waited all his life for.Rise of the Phoenix goes behind the scenes of New York's summer leagues and into the lives of some of the city's most well known players and coaches.

Love in High Gear

by Charlotte Roy

Born with looks, class and enough money to move mountains, Tallulah Quincy Pettifore is the kind of woman all others are born to envy. Wife of a political and social powerhouse and mother of a wonderful son, she seems to have everything... that is, until her husband becomes abusive. Then Tallulah and her child flee. When she meets hardworking Cassius Coleman, it would seem that they have nothing in common. He is as blue-collar as they come, but they are still drawn to each other. However, Tallulah's past is racing to catch up with her, and it seems that her feelings for him may be extinguished before they've truly gotten started.

No Ordinary Love

by Angela Weaver

Alex Thompson believes that she has finally found the peace she's been searching for. Having left the US Special Forces and settled in San Francisco, she has a job she loves: teaching. Surrounded by children, she planned to start anew. However, when she meets Chinese businessman Xian Liu, she quickly finds herself drawn into a web of murder and industrial espionage that threatens to destroy her fragile new life before it's even begun.

Love Me Carefully

by A. C. Arthur

Lean Graham has long since stopped believing in fairy tales. To her, "Happily Ever After: is her job. Leah has no problem planning the perfect wedding for her clients, but when it comes to her own nuptials, her feet aren't' just cold - they're frozen.Terrell Pierce is on the prowl for his perfect bride, but when he finds his girlfriend in bed with another man, his search comes to a screeching halt. Then, as if he needed more drama in his life, his mother announces her intention to remarry, and her groom-to-be is a wanted criminal. Finding a wife suddenly takes a back seat to proving this low-life is no good for his mama!Terrell and Leah are at instant odds - their positions clashing, their attitudes getting in the way. Still, the passion between them simmers as they travel the streets of Baltimore in search of a drug lord, then cruise the seas to Negril with the FBI hot on their trail. Love-at-fist-sight simply isn't enough to get this couple down the aisle. But murder and mayhem might be!


by Barbara Keaton

Cupid's arrow has just got to hit her, muses Morgan Paige's cousin, Yavette. Yet, she insists on setting her favorite cousin up on three blind dates. Unfortunately, each date turns out more disastrous than the last. Yet, as Morgan goes through with them, she also meets the handsome Jarrod, a brother who smiles a wicked smile and acts as her waiter/bartender each time she steps into Nick's Sports Bar & Grille. What Morgan doesn't know, is that Jarrod actually owns the bar.With the insistent help and interference of a cast of meddlers -- including Nick's brothers and Morgan's cousin -- constantly shooting Cupid's arrows, will this pair ever find their way to each other and a promise of true love?

Havana Sunrise

by Kymberly Hunt

Reserved, inhibited Nicole Evans desperately wants to escape a past that took the life of her detective husband, left her guilt-ridden, and has caused her young son to become an emotionally scarred mute. She has accepted an uninspired life as a nurse in Miami, where she encounters famous Cuban musician Julian Marquez. Impressed by her quiet beauty and unassuming strength, Julian is drawn to Nicole, but his family stands in the way. Can the romance between the two opposites ignite and survive cultural differences and intolerant family members, or will Julian and Nicole be driven apart?

The Crickets' Serenade

by Carolita Blythe

Souci Alexander, a poor young woman from the mountainous interior of Jamaica, agrees to a platonic marriage in order to further an ambitious politician's career. He is running for prime minister and believes that his mixed-race background is becoming an issue with his predominantly black constituency. The Crickets' Serenade follows Souci from her initial days of joy as she becomes a member of Caribbean society, to the hopelessness she experiences when the love she develops for the man she has married is not reciprocated. In desperation, she tries to learn more about her husband, by delving into his past. What she discovers is a man whose controlled and politic exterior contrasts sharply with a stormy, passionate inner being that is capable of unspeakable horror.


by Pamela Leigh Starr

Teresa Lewis is living in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains while taking time off to write. Her life takes an unexpected turn when a plane crashes near her cabin and she becomes rescuer and nurse for a man she thinks is a bigot. Trapped inside by the howling wind and swirling snow, Teresa finds that her patient is not what she thinks. After weeks spent in his company, Teresa is intrigued by his soft-spoken strength and humor, and soon finds herself doing something she's never done before: fall in love.Trey awoke to intense pain, discovering that he didn't remember who he was and how he had gotten here. Trey discovers many other things in the next few weeks of his life: strength, patience, endurance and, most importantly, love. He may not know who he was, but he knew he was falling in love and planned on making Teresa his; until, that is, his memories begin to return...

Misty Blue

by Dyanne Davis

Mia Black got what she wanted. All her life she's been saving herself for a handsome husband, and now she's about to get one. He's so hot, she only has to look at him and she melts. Mia can hardly wait to love.Damien Terrell doesn't like to brag, but he's proud of his prowess. He can't wait to make love to his beautiful bride.With both of them ready, willing, and able, what could possibly turn their marriage bed cold?

Unearthing Passions

by Elaine Sims

Perfectly coiffed and carefully controlled Atlanta architect Kai Ellis' career, like her life, is just the way she wants it - focused and serious. When sexy archaeologist Asa Matthews slips ever so smoothly into her well-structured world, she can't deny the explosive chemistry that is ignited each time he looks her way. Asa is an expert at uncovering buried treasure, and Kai knows he has the tools to unearth passions she buried long ago.

Between Tears

by Pamela Ridley

Two murders intertwine. Andrea is bereaved by one, accused of the other. In the meantime, she's engaged to the man with motive for both.Benjamin's a likely suspect in her sister's murder, but Andrea's heart says no. She searches for her sister's killer and at the same time, she falls in love with Benjamin. On top of this, her ex-boyfriend decides he made a mistake in letting her go and has the sex tape to prove it. He comes up murdered.Will Andrea's faith be strong enough to allow her to face the truth and find happiness between tears?

Notes When Summer Ends

by Beverly Lauderdale

Notes When Summer Ends examines friendship and questions what is a "best friend". Can one be a "best friend" despite secrets? Betrayals? Over one August weekend four women, gathered to remember their deceased friend Emily, seek answers as they attempt to understand her and as they confront myriad problems in their lives.

Through the Fire

by Seressia Glass

In this sequel to Three Wishes, Brandt Hughes, brother of Maya Hughes, is consumed by guilt from the deaths of this wife and young son four years ago. Every day is a battle for survival, a battle that he's not sure he wants to win. When his former commanding officer calls for a favor, Brandt readily accepts, not realizing this choice is about to change his life forever. His journey to the South Florida town of Serena Bay is about something more than helping to renovate and old mansion: It's about meeting the one woman whose love can save him.

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

by Gwyneth Bolton

Alicia Taylor is a smart and attractive college senior who believes that willful and determined are more than just personality descriptions; they are a way of life. She has goals that do not include giving in to her intense feelings for her childhood nemesis, Darren Whitman. Determined to protect her heart from the player no matter how reformed he claims to be, she sets out to prove that he is not as interested as he claims and ends up proving that she is not as over him as she believed. When their attraction leaves them with more than themselves to consider, they find that true love cannot be forced.

Caught Up

by Deatri King Bey

Ernesto Bolivar is a money launderer and CEO of an up-and-coming technology firm. The DEA alleges that Ernesto is the number two man in the largest drug cartel in the world, but his daughter, Rosa Bolivar, doesn't believe it. Ernesto won't protect himself, so she sets out to prove his innocence. She enlists the help of DEA agent Samson Quartermaine, and soon finds herself falling for him. Torn between loyalty and love, Rosa must weave through a tangled web to discover the truth... a truth that could lead to her murder.

Enchanted Desire

by Wanda Thomas

Manette Walker is pregnant when, on the day of their wedding, the father of her unborn child leaves her stranded at the altar. Alone, she carries her daughter to term, but the baby is delivered still born. Now, 17 years later, Manny has managed to pull her life together and move forward.Detective Christopher Coltrane Mills is only ten when he sees his father shot down and killed in the street. Two years later, Christopher's mother commits suicide, leaving him an orphan. Putting dating and relationships on hold, he has spent his entire adult life hunting the man responsible for his father's murder. Then he meets Manny and, somehow, she is able to break through the barriers he has built up to keep women from getting too close.Christopher is honing in on his prey, and the danger to everyone involved in escalating. In addition, Manny is pregnant again, and the man she loves may not make it to the wedding. Is this the past repeating itself? If so, will she be able to survive one final time?

A Lover's Legacy

by Veronica Parker

Single, but successful interior designer Marcia Watkins is shocked to hear the news of her sister Anna's sudden engagement to a wealthy New Orleans businessman, Justin St. Jean. Skeptical, Marcia agrees to help with the wedding plans. But while staying at one of Justin's mansions, she meets Walter Dufrane, a widower. While passion flares between the two, Walter is unwilling to let go of the past and refuses to commit to anything more that a casual relationship. However, love has other plans when Walter and Marcia work together to solve a dark mystery that's been "haunting" the mansion for over 150 years.

Love Lasts Forever

by Dominiqua Douglas

What do you do when your dreams are shattered?Thor Magnusen is clueless. The first time he touched pigskin, he knew football was his life. He never expected a tackle to end his dream. Yet the answer comes when a special family heirloom takes him away from the comforts of 1985 back to the turbulent pre-Civil War days of 1860 and he discovers something more important than a Super Bowl ring.Willow Elkridge, a freedwoman of color, yearns to be on the frontlines in the growing battle against slavery. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 puts many in danger. Having lost her biological parents at the hands of slave patrollers, she hates the thought of any child suffering the same. So when her abolitionist surrogate parents forbid her from following her dream to be a conductor on the Underground Railroad, Willow has no choice but to take matters into her own hands. Then Thor, a man from the future, arrives?What do you do when two worlds collide and love catches you by surprise?Neither Thor nor Willow knows the answer, but it makes them wonder if love can last forever.

Under the Cherry Moon

by Christal Jordan-Mims

At age twenty-six, Paris Renee Jackson has been an exotic dancer for eight years, and has climbed the horizontal ladder leading to the elite club Under the Cherry Moon and its affluent clientele. Her no-nonsense, aggressive personality landed her the title lead dancer, along with perks, including a penthouse with no mortgage and a brand new Porsche Boxter.However, Paris can't get her childhood out of her mind. Watching her mother nurse a broken heart after being abandoned by her father and the rejection she feels from his lack of involvement in her own life has wreaked havoc on Paris ' ability to relate to the opposite sex. Now those feelings are affecting her job. Every married customer putting money in her g-string becomes her long-lost father, and their wives, abandoned at home while the men visit a strip joint, become her heartbroken mother. Taking money from clients and making them want her is Paris ' way of getting revenge on her father, until her actions catch up with her.When a stalker begins terrorizing Paris at the club, her world crumbles around her and she is forced to deal with her past.

Rehoboth Road

by Anita Ballard-Jones

Rehoboth Road by Anita Ballard-Jones


by Crystal Hubbard

Cinder Wyatt wants only one thing--a chance to start over. A new life seems pos- sible when she moves across the country to the quiet town of Webster Groves, Missouri. Cinder finds an ally in Giancarlo Piassanti, an ex-Marine turned martial arts instructor whose private lessons teach Cinder more than simply how to defend herself. But just when Cinder thinks she no longer has to look over her shoulder, her past nightmare returns and threatens her new life...her very life.

Reye's Gold

by Ruthie Robinson

Reye and Stephen are in their last year of college when coincidence pushes them together. A magnetic attraction develops, drawing them into an impetuous love affair. They part with graduation, but realize too late that they were better together than they ever will be apart.

A Good Dude

by Lynn Lafleur Keith Thomas Walker

Candace should've listened to her father. He warned her about gangster rappers and forbade her to go to Rilla's concert, but his strong guidance only fueled her defiance. Candace sneaked to the show anyway, and, at seventeen, she got the thrill of her life when Rilla invited her onstage for a special serenade. Candace gave herself to him that night and turned her back on everyone she knew when Rilla asked her to run away with him. Six months later Candace finds herself in Overbrook Meadows, Texas; a world away from the beautiful home and family she left behind in New York. Rilla has been dropped from his record label, and he's a fulltime dope man now. Candace's stomach is getting bigger, and she can't say for sure who the baby's father is. She thinks things are as bad as they can get, but she's wrong about that. Candace has not yet experienced the real pain her new life has in store.

Unclear and Present Danger

by Michele Cameron

Solange Montgomery, a successful African American corporate employee, loves Ali Marks, a New York City policeman. They are torn apart because of the difficulty of a long-distance relationship. Reunited at the perfect time, they plan to marry. However, they hadn't counted on the damaging forces racism and intolerance, especially when they are coming from those they hold dear. Ali is caught between love for his mother and relatives that he feels no connection to and Solange, a woman who doesn't care what anyone feels about their relationship and resents her lover's need to placate others. Can Solange and Ali save themselves and make it work?

Love Out of Order

by Nicole Green

When Denise Rich shares her evidence book with John Archer, she makes her first in a long series of mis- takes that might lead to the destruction of her carefully created life. She doesn't want confusion or a relation- ship or her silly high school crush on John. All of those things are too complicated for a second year law stu- dent just trying to live a successful life free of the pain love brings. John isn't looking to fall in love, either. He's already got the girlfriend he's supposed to have and everybody wants him to have - everybody but him- self, that is. Both of them are living unfulfilled lives glossed over with a veneer of fake smiles and forced happiness. But once they realize they can no longer deny their attraction to each other, the smiles and hap- piness become sincere. Until John's vengeful now ex- girlfriend starts her campaign to ruin Denise's life.

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