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The Lover

by Robin Schone

"Schone tests the boundaries of romance fiction. " --The Literary TimesEven Desire Has Its Price. . . Thirty-six year old Anne Aimes is a spinster whose only attraction is her wealth. But her plain looks mask a passionate woman who yearns to know a man's intimate caresses. Michel des Anges--Michael of the Angels--is renowned for his ability to bring women to pleasure. All it will cost her is ten thousand pounds. . . Driven by vengeance, ravaged by tragedy, Michael seeks to lose himself in a woman who will demand only physical pleasure. A woman who won't suspect his own aching needs--or his true motive for accepting her terms. Unable to resist the lure of Anne's guileless desire, he plunges her into a deadly web of deception and revenge where the price of carnal ecstasy is life itself. . . Praise for Robin Schone's The Lady's Tutor"Takes the reader on a sweeping adventure into the very heart of sensuality and the nature of passion. " --RT Book Reviews "Be prepared for romantic erotica the way it should be written. . . truly captivating. " --theromancereader. com, 5 Hearts125,000 Words

Yesterday's Promise

by Teresa Howard

A Passionate VisionHistory professor Serena Brooks fears for her sanity. She has moved back into her ancestral Virginia home-only to be haunted by visions in which she is dressed like her great-grandmother. . . and being courted by a Confederate soldier. What's unsettling is how those long-ago images seem to feel more real each time she dreams them. . . A Dream Come TrueIn a time of age-old chivalry, Serena is engaged to a handsome Confederate officer Captain Logan Sheridan. As the fires of Civil War consume the South, a burning passion ignites between them. But Serena feels there is too much distance between them. Worse, she could lose Logan forever. . . unless she can find a way to keep their love as timeless as forever. . . 100,000 Words

The Happy Home Project

by Jean Nayar

We all want beautiful homes that reflect our personal style. But the happiest homes don't just look good-they also feel good. Ideally, they support the way we live, keep us healthy and safe and enrich our net worth, too. So how do we create homes that truly make us happy? In The Happy Home Project, author Jean N ayar looks not only at the material things that contribute to the beauty and style of a house, but also explores the hidden elements and intangibles that add to its substance and soul. Brimming with beautiful photos and filled with expert advice from architects, designers, organizing experts, and contractors, the book offers easy-to-follow guidance on how to create inspiring, stylish rooms as well as practical tips on how to invest wisely in furniture and improvements that will add value to your home-and your quality of life. Focusing on comfort and harmony with nature, the book taps into the wisdom of poets, philosophers and social scientists-as well as experts of the ancient Asian building philosophies of feng shui, vastu shastra, and wabi-sabi-to reveal some of the subtler steps that anyone can take to turn to an ordinary, impersonal house into an uplifting, personal sanctuary.With helpful hints on everything from corralling clutter, picking paint and arranging furniture to refinishing floors, replacing windows and remodeling a kitchen, The Happy Home Project is a great go-to guide for home improvement projects, large and small. Whether your home needs a major makeover or just a little fine-tuning, the ideas, solutions and tips in this book will help you increase its happiness quotient-and let you live well in any dwelling and at any stage of life.

Help, It's Broken! A Fix-it Bible for the Repair Impaired

by Arianne Cohen

No matter where you live and whether you rent or own, one day you'll wake up in the morning and something will be broken. This book will come in handy to avoid panic and home repair disasters because a good reference guide is just what you need when there's a geyser in your living room. Count on this manual to tell you what to do or who to call to get the mess fixed.This useful book includes chapters on: Walls, Doors, Windows and Floors; Electricity; Appliances; Plumbing; Heat and Ventilation; Pests; Frugal Fixing and more. Each section is illustrated and explains the basics of how things operate before detailing how to fix them in a few easy steps. It also teaches you not only how to fix things yourself but also how to get someone who knows what they're doing to fix things for you and what questions to ask. This quick and informative guide can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of hassle. From unclogging drains to expelling rodents, from repairing stained carpet to fixing your dishwasher, you can depend on this book in any number of household catastrophes. Even if you can barely tell a nut from a bolt, Help! It's Broken is your quick reference guide for all home-repair solutions. Consider it a toolbox essential.

The Woman's Day Everyday Cookbook

by Editors of Woman's Day

Do you ever feel like you're eating the same dishes over and over again, yet feel uninspired or don't have enough time to plan your family's meals? In The Woman's Day Everyday Cookbook, the trusty editors of Woman's Day have done the planning for you. Featuring 365 simple, never-repeating recipes organized by month, the book delivers a huge variety of delicious and healthy dishes for a different meal everyday for a whole year, many prepared in 30 minutes or less. A handy day-to-day meal planner at the beginning of every month takes the work out of organizing your family's meals. The book also spotlights seasonal ingredients for appealing and fuss-free meals, year-round. Each week features a variety of dishes and ingredients so you get the health benefits of eating a varied diet and never get bored with your dinners. Weekly grocery lists make shopping super easy and planned leftover meals get dinner on the table in minutes on busy days. And, by planning your meals, you can stay organized, know exactly what your family is eating and save money too. For decades, the Woman's Day test kitchen has been a trusted source of wholesome, time-saving recipes that appeal to cooks and diners alike. The recipes are easy-to-follow and include cooking time, serving size, nutritional information, handy tips and helpful facts to make cooking easier. So tasty and easy, you'll want to keep using this book year after year!

Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age

by Albert Hourani

Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age is the most comprehensive study of the modernizing trend of political and social thought in the Arab Middle East. Albert Hourani studies the way in which ideas about politics and society changed during the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries, in response to the expanding influence of Europe. His main attention is given to the movement of ideas in Egypt and Lebanon. He shows how two streams of thought, the one aiming to restate the social principles of Islam, and the other to justify the separation of religion from politics, flowed into each other to create the Egyptian and Arab nationalisms of the present century. The last chapter of the book surveys the main tendencies of thought in the post-war years. Since its publication in 1962, this book has been regarded as a modern classic of interpretation. It was reissued by the Cambridge University Press in 1983 and has subsequently sold over 8000 copies.

Budget Celebrations: The Hostess Guide to Year-Round Entertaining on a Dime

by Shelley Wolson

This all-in-one guide is the ultimate resource for stress-free, budget-friendly entertaining for every special occasion. This collection of more than 250 inspiring photos and easy-to-follow instructions shows how to have a good time without breaking the bank.

Money-Wise Makeovers: Modest Remodels and Affordable Room Redos That Add Value and Improve the Quality of Your Life

by Jean Nayar

A guide for thrifty and efficient DIY remodeling project suggestions for your home. It's easy to improve your home on a small budget!

Real Life Decor: 100 Easy DIY Projects to Brighten Your Home on a Budget

by Jean Nayar

The economy may have stalled but life goes on. Chair legs break, pillows lose their puff, painted walls get scuffed and sheets get torn or go out of style. Real Life Decor brims with ideas for repurposing, reusing or replacing your accents and furniture to keep your home fresh and functional as well as wallet-friendly. Comprised of a collection of 100 easy, appealing projects illustrated with lively photos and simple how-tos, the book is divided into 7 sections that offer multiple approaches to dressing up walls, sewing simple soft furnishings, recycling old furniture, brightening lamps and accents, making multipurpose furnishings and storage, and sprucing up floors and ceilings. The photos include inspiring ideas that the reader can interpret and emulate as well as pretty projects they craft to the T. Sidebars with simple solutions on topics such as Displaying Your Collections, Easy Vintage Fabric Ideas, and Small Space Ideas enrich each chapter with additional tips.

Woman's Day Healthy Slow Cooking: More Flavor, Fewer Calories

by Editors of Woman's Day

There's nothing cozier than coming home from a busy day to the mouthwatering smells of dinner simmering on the stove and nothing more convenient than a meal that takes minutes to put together and then cooks itself. Slow cookers make sharing home-cooked family meals every night easier than ordering pizza and this healthy recipe collection from the experts at Woman's Day will ensure those dishes are not only appealing and fuss-free but wholesome and nutritious as well. Slow cooking is not only convenient, easy and versatile but economical as well and novices and expert cooks will love these yummy dishes without worrying about the calories. This collection of over 50 recipes that have been triple tested by Woman's Day will ensure that your meals are not only nutritious and low-fat but flavorful and tasty too. Perfect for the busy cook who's short on time but values healthy home-cooked meals, all the slow cooker recipes in the book are organized by ingredient and include a variety of dishes using beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and vegetables. Much more than just stews and soups, all of the recipes are healthy and low in fat and include cooking time, serving size and nutritional information. All you'll have to do is set the table and serve!

Woman's Day Weekend is for Family Meals

by Editors of Woman's Day

Woman's Day introduces the sixth and final in a series of essential recipe books for every cook. The user-friendly cookbooks undertake one type of food for every night of the week; the weekend is for family meals. All of the recipes are easy to make and include cooking time, serving size, nutritional information, handy tips to make cooking easier, and "FYI": helpful facts that every cook should know. There might be more free time over the weekend but who wants to spend it cooking? Enjoy the time with your family and take the fuss out of your weekend meals with over 60 trusty recipes that have been triple-tested and perfected by Woman's Day. Dozens of easy, wholesome dishes are divided into two sections featuring on-the-go meals on Saturdays and Sunday's sit-down dinners. Whether you're a novice or an expert in the kitchen, there is a variety of dishes to choose from. On Saturday rustle up tasty sandwiches, burgers, salads and snacks that take no time at all. Make every Sunday a special occasion with at-home meals like roasts, casseroles, special desserts and even sides that will bring the family around the table. With a variety of ingredients, cuisines and techniques, Weekend is for Family Meals will guarantee to have the whole family gathering to gobble it up!

I Love My Cat!: The All-Around Guide to Choosing, Grooming, Raising and Caring for Your Feline Friend

by Editors of Woman's Day

More than half of America 's pet owners consider their pet as much a part of their family as any other member and it's a fact that caring for animals improves our emotional and physical health. This cat and kitten reference manual from the experts atWoman's Dayis divided into three sections - Cats 101, Cat Behavior and Cat Health and contains information on lifelong care for your cats, including: · Favorite cat names, how to choose the right breed for your lifestyle and cat myths and legends; · Articles and facts about unusual breeds, quirky kitty behavior and how to communicate with your cat; · The ins and outs of grooming, training and disciplining cats and caring for kittens; · Cat health and dental care, including information on common cat ailments, insurance and choosing the right vet. I Love My Cat!isthecat lovers' reference for caring for your feline friends. If you're just thinking about getting a cat or want to learn more about protecting the one you have, this reliable source will teach you everything you need to know to make kitty care affordable and easy!


by Editors of Woman's Day

Celebrate! from the editors of Woman's Day offers complete menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter along with recipes and treats for those more lighthearted festivities like Halloween and Valentine's Day. Find everything from hors d'oeuvres and appetizers to main courses, sides and desserts. With recipes like that prove successful from the first bite to the very last, Celebrate! is your stress-free guide for complete and delicious holiday feasts.

One-Pot Wonders: Effortless Meals for Hectic Nights

by The Editors of Woman's Day

This Woman's Day book offers a wealth of easy and practical recipes that can be cooked or baked in just one pot! Just throw in the ingredients, turn on the heat and walk away while a delicious casserole or skillet prepares itself.

Dinners’ On... 15 Minutes Away: 70 Recipes That Will Save the Day

by The Editors of Woman's Day

Woman's Day presents 70 dishes that are not only quick and easy but also nutritious and flavorful, giving new meaning to 'fast food.'

Fire Up the Grill! Over 75 Recipes for Great Dining Outdoors

by The Editors of Woman's Day

Over 75 Woman's Day recipes for great dining outdoors - from a simple backyard barbeque to an elaborate alfresco dinner party.

I (Heart) My Dog!: The Guide to Choosing, Training, Grooming and Caring for Your Best Friend

by The Editors of Woman's Day

More than half of America 's pet owners consider their pet as much a part of their family as any other member and it's a fact that caring for animals improves our emotional and physical health. This puppy and dog reference manual from the experts at Woman's Day contains information on lifelong care for your dogs, including: Favorite, popular and unusual names for dogs, as well as how to choose the right breed for your lifestyle; The Ins and Outs of housebreaking, grooming and keeping your dogs healthy and happy; Puppy health care, including information about insurance and choosing the right vet; Essential tips for traveling with your dog; Green pet care, from making your own dog food to natural treatments for ailments. I Heart My Dog is your all-in-one reference for caring for your trusty companion. If you're just thinking about getting a dog or want to learn more about protecting the one you have, this reliable source will teach you everything you need to know to make doggy care affordable and easy!

Guilt-Free Sweet Treats: Delicious 300-Calories-or-Less Desserts

by The Editors of Woman's Day

Americans are becoming more and more health conscious, and while they are paying more attention to what they eat, it does not mean that they are cutting out flavor and fun out of their diets. This collection of 80 of the best Woman's Day's dessert recipes with just 300 calories or less per serving, contains every type of treat for the nutrition minded cook, conveniently organized by type: Classic Cookies like double-chocolate oatmeal bars and chocolate-dipped macaroons; Sophisticated Cakes like orange cream mini-cheesecakes and chocolate s'mores cake; Elegant treats like strawberry cannoli and best biscotti; Beautiful Fruit Pies like blueberry tart and nectarine and plum galette; and Deliciously sinful Ice Cream treats like cherry ice cream cake and rum raisin pumpkin ice cream pie. Guilt-Free Sweet Treats is your reference for the baking and cooking tips to transform a dessert from sinful to secretly healthy. The recipes are all affordable, easy, and fun! Whether you know someone with a sweet tooth or you are the culprit, this cookbook is the best way to indulge yourself without any guilt!

Friday Night Is Seafood Night: The Eat-Well Cookbook of Meals in a Hurry

by The Editors of Woman's Day

This Woman's Day cookbook, the fifth in a series tackling one type of food for each night of the week, is full of quick and easy-to-follow recipes that will bring the health benefits of fish and seafood to your family dinners.

Thursday Night Is Hearty Meat

by The Editors of Woman's Day

This Woman's Day cookbook, the fourth in a series tackling one type of food for each night of the week, will delight those hearty appetites with savory, wholesome meat recipes. Featuring a variety of cuisines and recipes using beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken and turkey this cookbook will fill your family and maybe, just maybe, leave enough for leftovers.

Tuesday Night Is Pasta Night

by The Editors of Woman's Day

Woman's Day introduces a cookbook of over 75 deliciously easy and tasty pasta recipes, each with cooking time, serving size, nutritional information and handy tips and helpful facts that every cook should know.

Monday Night Is Chicken Night

by The Editors of Woman's Day

From the experts at Woman's Day, this essential cookbook, the first in a series tackling one type of food for each night of the week, is full of quick, easy-to-follow recipes for dozens of complete chicken dinners, including variations and side dishes.

52 Weekend Decorating Projects

by The Editors of Woman's Day

A wide range of easy, creative and inexpensive decorating projects that will add personality and style to your rooms at very little cost.

Living Fiscally Fit: 1000 Ways to Get Out of Debt and Build Financial Wealth

by The Editors of Woman's Day

Full of practical and engaging advice, Living Fiscally Fit is a financial planning guide that dispenses invaluable advice to today's busy woman.

Daniel's Dish: Entertaining at Home with a Four-Star Chef

by Daniel Boulud

Daniel Boulud, renowned French chef and long time Elle Décor contributor, shares his style of entertaining at home. Combining enticing photographs with recipes straight forward enough for even an amateur, DANIEL'S DISH is an ideal cookbook for everyone who loves to cook - and eat!

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