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SubSurdity: Vignettes From Jasper Lane (SubSurdity Series #1)

by Eric Arvin

SubSurdity: Book OneJasper Lane is a well-off neighborhood, not much different in appearance than most, with a tree-lined drive, manicured lawns, and crystal clear ponds. But underneath the pleasantry, a completely different world lurks. Cassie Bloom, the grand dame of Jasper Lane, has a missing son and husband and throws gay porn parties that are the social events of the year. Her best friend, a transsexual named Vera, owns a nightclub. Melinda Gold is the resident religious fanatic whose views clash with that of her son Patrick. Sandy and Steve Jones are the stereotypical all-American couple (except Steve acts in gay-for-pay porn unbeknownst to his pregnant wife). Rick Cooper just moved in, and despite his qualms about another relationship (having literally lost an eye in the previous one), he falls for ex-soldier, James. And David and Cliff are the most "normal" couple on the block... never mind that David helped Cassie with some past nefarious deed and that Cliff is the biggest gay porn star in the biz. Throw a dog named Gayhound and a dead body into the mix, and Jasper Lane may just be the gayest neighborhood in town!

La piel fría

by Albert Sánchez Piñol

Un fenómeno literario y la revelación de un autor «imparable de verdad» (Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, La Vanguardia). «Una novela fantástica, a medio camino de Conrad y Lovecraft [...]. Al mismo tiempo, fascina y da qué pensar.»Babelia A comienzos del siglo XX un prófugo de la resistencia irlandesa llega a una pequeña isla del Atlántico Sur para realizar mediciones meteorológicas durante un año. Allí solamente encontrará una cabaña y un faro habitado por un personaje intratable y hermético. Pero lo peor llega durante la noche, cuando los dos habitantes de la isla se ven asediados por extrañas criaturas procedentes del océano. Sometidos a una tensión extrema y conscientes de la titánica lucha que deben sostener para vencer la amenaza, descubren que convivir con lo desconocido es la única salida posible para sobrevivir. Ganadora de los premios Ojo Crítico y Llibreter de narrativa, La piel fría es una novela trepidante y claustrofóbica sobre el miedo y el deseo, que muestra una verdad perturbadora: el único monstruo invencible es aquel que produce la propia mente. * Ganador de los premios Ojo Crítico y Llibreter de narrativa.* Traducida a 37 lenguas.* Más de 800.000 ejemplares vendidos en todo el mundo. La crítica ha dicho:«Me persigue después de haberlo leído. Un libro espléndido.»Enrique Vila-Matas «Una soberbia novela [...] que defiende la literatura con mayúsculas: la que aún es capaz de atrapar al lector desde la primera línea.»Care Santos, El Cultural «Debo destacar La piel fría por su fría y al mismo tiempo sobrecogedora fantasía insólita.»Pere Gimferrer «Se ha dicho que una nueva generación de narradores está aterrizando en las letras catalanas, renovándolas con fuerza imparable [...]. Hoy por hoy el imparable de verdad es Sánchez Piñol.»Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, La Vanguardia «Un sueño febril con una lógica interna aun más convincente que la de los Cantos de Maldoror. Lo devoré.»Charlie Hebdo «Una obra absolutamente imprescindible de un escritor que se revela en el siglo XXI.»Carme Riera «Una especie de Robinson Crusoe visto a través de un cristal oscuro. Fascinante. Sorprende su impacto emocional.»Kirkus Reviews «El ritmo vertiginoso atrapa, y su historia, construida con gran habilidad, mantiene la intriga hasta el final.»Der Spiegel «Simplemente, un libro excelente.»Simon Baker, The Spectator «Es un relato trepidante y claustrofóbico sobre el miedo y el deseo.»MÍA «Una historia que nos trae ecos de Lovecraft, pero también de Conrad o Stevenson. Una historia que nos atrapa desde un primer momento y nos hace disfrutar de la lectura como cuando aún jóvenes, disfrutábamos con Verne, Cooper, London y tantos otros.»Ramón Clavijo, Diario de Jerez

Maritime Men (Maritime Men and Anchors Aweigh #1)

by Janey Chapel

SEAL candidates Cooper Fitch and Eli Jones are cut off from the outside world and pushed to their physical and mental limits by the demands of the Navy's elite training program. Their reliance on each other takes an unexpected turn after Hell Week, the most grueling stretch of basic conditioning, when Cooper and Eli surrender to passion fueled by fatigue, horniness, and alcohol. Despite the danger of being discovered, their intense attraction begins to feel like a natural extension of living, working, and training side by side, and neither is willing to give it up, no matter the risk.

Come Back To Me

by Lisa Marie Davis

Mikel Maxwell gets the two biggest shocks of his life at once: he's attacked by an inhuman monster, and he's saved... by his dead lover. Nineteen months ago, Mikel was told Slate died during his final mission for a mysterious government group. While not dead yet, Slate will be soon--he's been exposed to a terrible virus, and as much as he wants to live to be with Mikel, there's no guarantee the cure is any better.

Fair Winds

by Chrissy Munder

Rudy Haas dreams of becoming an "old goat," a sailor who's completed twenty-five races from Port Huron to Mackinac. But when his crew throws him off the team for being gay, Rudy has to find another boat and crew to have any chance of making his dream come true. Blind luck leads him to the men of Devlin's Due and a test run where Rudy's toughest battle isn't winning his place on the team--it's fighting his attraction to team captain Ike Ujarka.The tension between the two men was almost palpable; watching as their relationship developed I came to appreciate Rudy's openness and Ike's quiet strength. Together these two are sexy as all get out, but they also have an attraction for each other that grabbed my heart...totally engaging, exciting and a perfect story about friendship, relationships and falling in love. 5 of 5 divas Kathy @ Dark Diva Reviews

Dreams Come True (Dreams Come True and Moving Forward)

by Lisa Marie Davis

The last person Jamie Truman wants to see at his sister's wedding is the man he both loves and hates. Payne Rogan is outgoing and athletic, the kind of guy Jamie's father always wanted Jamie to be, and while undeniably attracted to Payne, Jamie still resents him for that. But when he finds out Payne is equally interested in him, it forces Jamie to examine his painful past so he can move forward with his future.

The Secret Book (Melowy #6)

by Danielle Star

It is time for the Feast of Harmony and all the Melowies in Aura are ready to celebrate. Everyone except Cleo, who doesn't know which realm she belongs to. She prefers to take comfort in a book she borrows from Eris, but she quickly learns that the company of a book can be dangerous.

Talons of the Condor (Condor One Series #2)

by John Simpson

Sequel to Condor OneCondor One: Book TwoDavid J. Windsor, the first openly gay president of the United States, has his hands full. After surviving an assassination attempt, he's now dealing with the fallout: finding all of the culprits is at the top of his list. Will his enemies give up trying to bring down the administration, or will they try again? In the meantime, he has to deal with fractious allies, hidden foes, the vice president's kidnapped son, and secrets that tear at his heart--including his relationship with his lover, Shane Thompson, who is also his Secret Service agent. While they want to live a more open life, it's impossible while David is in office; the demands of the job and the constant spotlight would tear even the most devoted couple apart. Throw in David's attempts to help gay teens and they're living in a pressure cooker that threatens to boil over. Will David be able to get a handle on the intrigue and danger of his job and find a way to keep his lover as well? Or will Shane become a casualty of Condor One's political decisions?

Warrior's Cross

by Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux

Cameron Jacobs is an open book. He considers himself a common waiter with normal friends, boring hobbies, harmless dogs, and nothing even resembling a secret... except a crush on a tall, dark, devastatingly handsome man who dines alone at his restaurant on Tuesday nights. All it takes is one passionate night with Julian Cross to turn Cameron's world on its head. Julian's love and devotion are all Cameron could have hoped for and more. But when his ordinary life meets and clashes with Julian's extraordinary lifestyle, Cameron discovers that trust and fear can go hand in hand, and love is just a step away from danger. ...a wonderful edge of your seat book. 5 or 5 Divas Jen @ Dark Diva Reviews ...a suspenseful and slow-paced story with plenty of drama. The romance is breathtaking, and the action and suspense are intense. Nannette @ Joyfully Reviewed The authors' narrative is comfortable and flows smoothly, their plotting is tight, and their characters are well-developed and interesting...My only true disappointment in this book? That I've finished reading it. It was a little bit like a slice of birthday cake: beautiful to look at, satisfying to consume, and then mourned when it's gone. 5 of 5 stars Bobby @ Bookwenches The strong characters and narrative carry the story and the enjoyable action plot make this a fun, entertaining read with a good romance. The actions scenes are interesting and engaging with good writing and a dash of wit and humor thrown in to keep the story from being too dark and tense. 4.5 of 5 cherries Cactus @ Whipped Cream Reviews

Impacted! (Bay Area Professionals #1)

by Mickie B. Ashling

Bay Area ProfessionalsOn his way home from vacation, Scott Gregory, a closeted sub, hooks up with the gorgeous Red, a flamboyant Dom, for a thrilling one-off at a BDSM bar. They part ways after a satisfying scene... but meet again when Robin Kennedy--Red--arrives at his new job as a dental hygienist and discovers one of his two bosses is Scott. Robin and Scott embark on a journey of exploration into their kinkier sides and discover they're more than compatible--they're a perfect match. But keeping employer/employee and Dom/sub separate at the office presents difficulties, and to make matters even more complicated, the owner of the dental practice is an acknowledged homophobe. They fall in love, but Robin chafes at all the secrecy, refusing to live in the shadows. Scott isn't as brave; he's desperate to protect his job and his future. Will they be able to find some middle ground... or will their entire relationship fall apart because of fear?

Bottled Up (Bottled Up Stories #1)

by Andrew Grey

A Bottled Up StorySean Bielecki has built a new life, leaving an infamous identity and painful past behind. Now Sommelier Wines is Sean's dream. And after taking in Bobby, a homeless teenager who was attacked in the alley behind his store, parental instincts wake in him that he didn't know he had, giving him new courage and direction. Officer Sam Davis has been watching Sean for a while--not because of his past--but rising star because Sam wants to be a part of his life now. Sam finally asks Sean out, and they seem to click, but Sean is haunted by his memories. It all comes to a head when the man who attacked Bobby returns, awakening Sean's buried fears, which are compounded by a hateful ex and a new lover who puts his life on the line for others. Can Sean come to terms with his past and present to move into the future? Or will his dream of love end before it starts?

Kaji Sukoshi & The Shining One

by Connie Bailey

When the manager of Kazuki, Japan's hottest pop star, approaches Benjamin Blume, manager of the fledgling rock 'n' roll band Hayate, he can't believe their good fortune. Their plan to court publicity by having Hayate's lead singer, Kaji, pose as The Shining One's lover sends both groups' popularity skyrocketing. But when the publicity stunt turns into a real affair with disastrous consequences, Kaji is left heartbroken. Unfortunately, Ben has problems of his own. Soothing his lead singer's pain and keeping Hayate on the road to success becomes even more challenging when his ex-lover, rock god Hagen Rune, shows up promoting rival band Voodoo. Torn between the attentions of Kazuki's attorney, Shin Yoshiro, and the feelings for Rune that have never quite died, Ben's decisions could send Hayate to the top of the charts--or lead to disaster for them all.

Bramble the Hedgehog (Dr. KittyCat #10)

by Jane Clarke

We'll be there in a whisker!A carnival has come to Thistletown! Bramble the Hedgehog can't wait to go on the big Ferris wheel. But when Bramble climbs off the ride, his stomach is still spinning. Dr. KittyCat and her trusty assistant, Peanut, swoop in to help. Bramble hopes they'll have him back to purr-fect health soon!

Extreme Bull

by Catt Ford

Inside and outside the rodeo arena, Jeff Stratton and Clay Harris are rivals with tempers worse than the bulls they ride. So Clay is shocked when Jeff taps that wild energy and kisses him, sparking an undeniable urge for more of each others' bodies. But when they discover they might want more than casual sex between competitions, Clay's greatest fear is recognized: He is scared of being identified as gay. He'll have to cowboy up if he hopes to hang on to Jeff on the circuit of love....sometimes light-hearted, often serious, but always kept me involved with Clay and Jeff. Watching as their relationship developed and as they changed and became surer of themselves and each other was a joy. 4.5 of 5 divas Kathy @ Dark Diva Reviews

Un avant-goût de paradis (Bon à savoir #2)

by D. W. Marchwell Domitille Malin

Suite de Bon à savoirBon à savoir, tome 2Cela fait presque une année que William a perdu ses parents et quitté la seule vie qu'il ait jamais connue pour un nouveau foyer au Canada. Mais aujourd'hui, William aime plus que tout passer du temps avec ses deux nouveaux pères. Son oncle Jerry McKenzie l'a adopté et s'est marié avec David Loewenberger, et William apprend ce que signifie faire partie d'une famille. Mais malgré tout l'amour et l'affection dont les deux hommes le couvrent, William se sent toujours seul. Ce n'est pas avant de rencontrer Cory, un lycéen qui aide son équipe de football, qu'il se met à penser à ce que ce serait d'avoir un frère. Il rêve que son vœu se réalise, mais d'abord William devra apprendre quelques leçons importantes sur l'amour et le deuil.


by Mary Calmes Livin Deverel

Trevan Bean ha un lavoro che da illegale sta diventando spaventoso, un ragazzo che potrebbe non essere sano di mente, un angelo custode che in realtà potrebbe essere l'incarnazione del male. A questo si aggiunge la ricomparsa della famiglia che aveva allontanato il suo ragazzo, minacce di morte, un rapimento e il tentativo di mettere soldi da parte per realizzare un sogno. Trevan ha davvero molte gatte da pelare, ma si sente all'altezza della sfida: ha promesso a Landry un lieto fine e Landry lo avrà, sempre che qualcuno non lo uccida! E potrebbe accadere. Landry Carter era una bambola rotta quando si erano conosciuti due anni prima, ma è diventato un compagno in grado di stare accanto a Trevan... almeno per la maggior parte del tempo. Ora che la vita di Trevan ha preso una piega spaventosa - e Landry viene rapito - Trevan deve continuare a sperare che l'amore di Landry rimanga saldo di fronte a questa nuova sfida, perché non ci sarà lieto fine se Trevan dovrà proseguire da solo.

Agua Clara

by Amy Lane Vivian Pérez

Conozcan a Patrick Cleary: parrandero, fracasado y tarado. Patrick ha estado intentando desesperadamente transformarse, y los resultados han sido espectaculares, casi lo han asesinado. Conozcan a Wes "Whiskey" Keenan: biólogo de campo que se pregunta si ya es tiempo de sentar cabeza. Cuando el peor día de la vida de Patrick concluye siendo rescatado por Whiskey, ambos acaban haciéndose compañía en un compartimento diminuto en la casa flotante más cutre del mundo. Patrick necesita enderezar su vida, Whiskey quiere ayudar, pero Patrick no está completamente convencido de que eso sea factible. Está bastante seguro de ser un fenómeno de la naturaleza. Pero Whiskey, quien trabaja con verdaderos fenómenos de la naturaleza, piensa que lo único que necesita Patrick es un poco de ayuda para ver la verdadera belleza en su interior espástico, y se ofrece como voluntario. Entre ranas anómalas, un exnovio homicida, y los complejos de Patrick, Whiskey va a necesitar toda su paciencia, y Patrick va a necesitar encontrar lo mejor de sí, antes de que estos dos hombres puedan ver el agua clara.

Flower Girl Power (Puppy Princess #4)

by Patty Furlington

Who says princesses have to be perfect?When Princess Rosie's favorite cousin announces her wedding, she asks Rosie to be her bridesmaid! Suddenly, there's so much to do to prepare. But when gifts start disappearing and the cake is mysteriously destroyed, Rosie suspects someone's trying to sabotage the wedding. Can Rosie figure out what's going on and save the royal wedding?

Promesse mantenute (Serie Promesse #1)

by Amy Lane Emanuela Graziani

Serie Promesse, Libro 1Carrick Francis ha passato la maggior parte della sua vita a cacciarsi in un guaio dopo l'altro. L'unica cosa che l'ha salvato dal finire in prigione, o peggio, è stata la sua devozione assoluta a Deacon Winters. Deacon è stata l'ancora di salvezza di Crick durante la sua infanzia triste e fatta di abusi, e Crick vorrebbe stare con lui per sempre. Così, alla morte del padre di Deacon, Crick mette da parte i suoi piani per il college per aiutare Deacon, come Deacon ha fatto per lui. Il più grande desiderio di Deacon è vedere Crick liberarsi dai suoi brutti ricordi e andarsene dalla città in cui sono cresciuti per godersi un futuro scintillante. Ma dopo due anni di tentazioni e di sentimenti sempre più forti, alla fine il timido Deacon soccombe alle avances determinate di Crick e ammette di voler far parte della sua vita. Deacon è quasi distrutto dal dolore quando scopre che Crick si era sempre aspettato che lui lo cacciasse via, proprio come già aveva fatto la sua famiglia. Quando la capacità di Crick di prendere decisioni avventate lo fa finire molto lontano da casa, Deacon rimane solo, sotto shock, lottando per rimettere insieme il suo cuore in un mondo dove l'amore di Crick è una promessa, ma di certo non una certezza.

Compared to Who?: A Proven Path to Improve Your Body Image

by Heather Creekmore

See your body image struggles as issues of the heart—then find freedom from body insecurity using five biblically rooted steps!Are you tired of clichés like "It’s what’s on the inside that counts!" or "Just love your body!" which sound encouraging but don’t really help your struggle? Then Compared to Who? is for you. It may not be grammatically correct, but it’s one question every woman should ask as she wrestles issues like:•Am I enough?•Should I try to be more beautiful?•Will anyone ever love me?•Would my life be different if I looked different?Writing from her personal battle with weight and appearance, Heather will encourage you to see your body image struggles from a fresh perspective. Heather’s humor and honesty will encourage you, while her practical, grace-based approach will offer a path to follow to find the freedom you crave.

Words to Live By: A Reader’s Guide to Key Bible Terms

by Ann Doyle Nancy Ferguson

The words we use and live by have a life of their own. They come, they go, they change. Learn what certain words mean in Scripture, and learn to live by the Word of God.Words, both written and spoken, allow us to communicate, but we do not always read or hear them in the same way. Meanings change over time, and some words really do lose something in translation. What does Abba, Father mean? What is edification? Knowing what words like fellowship, hope, and redeem mean will give you a better understanding of biblical teaching on salvation and Christian living.


by Howard Akler

It's 1971. Hal Sachs runs a used bookstore. Business isn’t so great, and the store is in a part of Toronto that’s about to be paved over with a behemoth expressway. When Hal meets Lily Klein, an activist schoolteacher who’ll do just about anything to stop the highway, it’s love at first sight. Until it isn’t. And then Hal vanishes. Half a century later, Hal’s nephew, Aitch, waits for his baby to be born as he tries to piece together the facts and fictions of Hal’s disappearance. Splitsville is a love letter to a city whose defining moment was to say ‘no way’ to a highway, and a look at the obsessions that carry down through a family.

Veterinary Medical Terminology Guide and Workbook

by Angela Taibo

Designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, the text offers easy-to-understand explanations of medical terminology and contains helpful learning features such as tips, case studies, and review questions. Describes medical terms with easy-to-understand explanations and phonetic spellings Offers an updated edition of this practical guide to veterinary medical terminology Contains real-world case studies, word lists, and review questions that are designed to promote active learning Includes new chapters on medical reports and case studies and large animals, as well as helpful memorization features Provides access to a companion website with images, audio clips, flash cards, and other helpful learning tools

BISG Guide to Accessible Publishing: 2019 Edition

by Bill Kasdorf Elaine Ober Robin Seaman

The BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing offers both a succinct introduction to the basics of accessibility and the market advantages to publishers for adopting best practices in creating accessible digital content. It is available in the EPUB 3 format and serves as a model of a properly accessible publication. <P><P>The guide addresses why and how to create, distribute, and display accessible digital content and provides an overview of these topics: <br>The critical importance of accessibility <br>The business case for making content accessible <br>Practical advice on how best to make content accessible <br>Legal requirements for accessible content <P><P>The BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing can help companies: <br>Make content more discoverable <br>Reach an untapped market <br>Streamline production workflow <br>Save money by creating "born accessible" educational materials <P><P>This is a critical and hopeful time, when technology and massive industry shifts are mitigating the constant catch-up effort that currently limits access and requires so much extra work to create accessible content. With the BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing, publishers will discover an invaluable resource. When all digital content is also “born accessible,” the dream of equal access to information for everyone will be a reality.

Statistical Thermodynamics: Basics and Applications to Chemical Systems

by Iwao Teraoka

This textbook introduces chemistry and chemical engineering students to molecular descriptions of thermodynamics, chemical systems, and biomolecules. Equips students with the ability to apply the method to their own systems, as today's research is microscopic and molecular and articles are written in that language Provides ample illustrations and tables to describe rather difficult concepts Makes use of plots (charts) to help students understand the mathematics necessary for the contents Includes practice problems and answers

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