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Lincoln's Wartime Tours from Washington, D.C. (Civil War Series)

by John W. Schildt

Abraham Lincoln spent much of his presidency traveling. His visits to Antietam to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and to Pennsylvania for the famed Gettysburg Address are well remembered. During the course of the war, Lincoln also traveled to West Point and Harpers Ferry. As hostilities drew to a close, he spent time on the Virginia battlefields, from Petersburg to Richmond and beyond. In this new edition of Lincoln's Wartime Travels, John W. Schildt details visits to wounded soldiers both Union and Confederate, conferences with generals and the logistics of getting a wartime president from place to place.

Layton (Images of America)

by Lynn Arave

Layton was settled in 1850 by pioneers in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An outgrowth of Kaysville, Layton separated in 1902 following a 20-year legal battle. The city incorporated in 1920. The Layton Sugar Plant opened in 1915, and the town was an agricultural and ranching hub until 1941, when the United States entered World War II. In less than 10 years, by 1950, Layton's population had tripled, mainly because of Hill Field, a US Air Force maintenance base. Today, Layton is the largest city in Davis County and a regional retail center, anchored by the Layton Hills Mall. It is well known for its "Restaurant Row;" Commons Park, which boasts an extensive collection of lighted animal figures during the holidays; the Ed Kenley Amphitheater; the Adams Canyon trail; and much more.

Fort Carson (Images of America)

by Angela Thaden Hahn Joseph E. Berg

Army scout Kit Carson rode the Southwest in many capacities. He served and retired in Colorado, and so Fort Carson is appropriately named. On land once traversed by Lt. Zebulon Pike, Camp Carson was constructed almost overnight under the watchful eye of Pres. Franklin Roosevelt and with the approval of the neighbors in Colorado Springs. Since its creation, the post has been the home and training grounds for thousands of soldiers who have fought in all wars from World War II to the current war on terror. Fort Carson continues to be a valuable asset to the community economically and in its generosity with resources when a local need arises.

Bucks County Trolleys (Images of Rail)

by Mike Szilagyi

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was once served by 120 miles of trolley lines. During the decades spanning the 1890s to 1950s, a variety of trolley cars glided through Bucks County's towns and countryside, beginning with Langhorne's quaint open streetcars and culminating with streamlined interurbans streaking across open fields from Sellersville to Quakertown at 80 miles per hour. The trolleys were powered by electricity, with the line stretching north from Doylestown energized by renewable hydroelectric power generated by the Delaware Canal. Before automobiles and trucks were commonplace, and before roads were paved, the rapid, convenient electric trolley was the best mode of travel for both passengers and freight shipments. Although the trolleys have almost completely disappeared today, the photographs on these pages provide rare glimpses of a long-lost mode of travel and charming scenes of Bucks County's soon-to-be-altered landscapes.

Reborn To Be A Vicious Phoenix: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Hua KaiBanJi

In the first year of Zhenyuan, Dingkang County, Hean Prefecture, a woman transformed into a monster.Luo Qingcai had spent nine years helping her husband. The Heavens did not disappoint those who had worked hard for her. As soon as he ascended the clouds, he kicked her into the abyss where she would never be able to recover!"He said you were as stupid as a pig or a dog and not worthy to be the supervisor lady." The eldest young mistress smiled sweetly as she looked at the corpse nailed to the coffin. "You little bastard, you're still quite useful. At least you raised me a husband for the top scholar."Once they were reborn, she was going to make them suffer through all the suffering in this world!

Mr.CEO's Beloved Wife: Volume 16 (Volume 16 #16)

by Yan Qi

On the day of her wedding, she had been set up for adultery. Her reputation had been completely ruined, and she had left the house in disgrace. Four years later, she returned with her son!That domineering CEO suddenly wanted to be her child's father."The son is mine! Don't even think about snatching it away! " Angry, she hugged her son and tried to run.The man blocked her way with a smile, "I won't snatch, your son is yours, you are mine …"

Fox Fairy In Palace: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Bai JiuGui

In order to repay the debt of gratitude he owed, the Thousand Year Fox Demon possessed the body of the Prime Minister's concubine, Jiang Qisha, who had died in injustice, to avenge her death. Fighting with his stepmother and bullying his direct sister, he could easily become the Crown Prince's concubine. The path to revenge was just around the corner. But what was going on with this man called Meng Hehui? Despite knowing her identity, she was still able to maintain a straight face and go against her at every turn!

Leading a School Culture of Learning: How to Improve Attainment, Progress and Wellbeing

by Jill Harland

This practical book is designed to help school leaders develop a sustainable culture of learning across the curriculum. It offers a personal insight into how one school embraced a range of dialogic and analytical tools to create an environment in which all stakeholders were inspired to evaluate and innovate. Each chapter tackles one piece of the ‘jigsaw’ that makes up a successful school environment, considering topics such as Attitudes for Learning, Coaching for Learning and Love of Learning. Utilising theory, case studies and activities, it illustrates how the reader can realistically and practically increase student attainment in their own school setting. This book will help leaders: Develop a supportive and encouraging leadership style that will create a cycle of self-improvement and self-efficacy for all Adapt the curriculum to focus on progress and engagement Use the Philosophy 4 Children strategies to promote deeper thinking and enquiry, increasing the rate of school improvement through a system of enquiry based staff professional development Using an inner-city primary school as a working example, this book will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for school leaders, teachers and school advisors looking to cultivate and embed a love of learning into their school.

Trace Elements in Coal and Coal Combustion Residues (Advances In Trace Substances Research Ser. #5)

by Robert F. Keefer Kenneth S. Sajwan

Trace Elements in Coal and Coal Combustion Residues focuses on trace metal chemistry of coal and coal combustion residues. Special emphasis is placed on management of coal combustion residues in electric power plants and the influence of coal and associated residues on soils, plants, water, and animals. Topics covered include a brief summary of research sponsored by Electric Power Research Institute, environmental pollution from coal combustion plants in low-rainfall regions, accumulation of trace elements in freshwater mussels near a power plant, testing to evaluate fossil fuel wastes by chemicals and isotopes, transport of metals from coal piles and ash impoundments, leachability and toxicity of metals in fly ash, and plant absorption of chemicals from ash. The book will be a useful reference for environmental and reclamation consultants, environmental engineers, toxicologists, environmental regulatory personnel, officials with electric power utilities and water treatment plants, and soil scientists.

Golf Course Management & Construction: Environmental Issues

by James C. Balogh William J. Walker

Golf Course Management & Construction presents a comprehensive summary and assessment of technical and scientific research on the environmental effects of turfgrass system construction and maintenance. Although the book focuses on golf courses, it also discusses turfgrass systems for residential and commercial lawns, parks, and greenways. The book is an excellent introduction to the concepts of nonpoint source environmental impacts of turfgrass management for turfgrass scientists and specialists, landscape and golf course architects, turfgrass system and golf course developers, golf course superintendents, environmental scientists, and land-use regulators.

Tomographic Methods in Nuclear Medicine: Physical Principles, Instruments, and Clinical Applications

by Bhagwat D. Ahluwalia

This publication is a compendium of physical principles, system descriptions, instrument quality assurance, and clinical applications of extant tomographic methods in nuclear medicine. Written by an expert in this pertinent field, each chapter deals with the topics in a comprehensive fashion to provide a ready reference of all the work done on the subject and an estimate of the future utilization. Descriptions of methods available to nuclear medicine for tomographic viewing include positron emission, single photon emission, and planar tomography. This is an excellent resource volume of general applicability for nuclear medicine physicians, nuclear medicine scientists, and researchers in organ imaging and processing techniques.

Interacting Processes in Soil Science

by B.A. Stewart Philippe Baveye R.J. Wagenet

Interacting Processes in Soil Science focuses on coupled processes in soil. Topics covered in this important volume include the effects of inorganic salts upon water flow, modeling of sorption, transport and transformation of organic solutes, and the effects of microorganisms on silicate clay minerals. The book presents studies and approaches that can be extended and complemented by innovative work in the future.Interacting Processes in Soil Science will be an essential reference for all researchers and students in soil science, soil and water engineering, civil and environmental engineering, earth sciences, and hydrology.

The Emergence of Agriculture: A Global View (One World Archaeology)

by Tim Denham

This volume, the first in the One World Archaeology series, is a compendium of key papers by leaders in the field of the emergence of agriculture in different parts of the world. Each is supplemented by a review of developments in the field since its publication. Contributions cover the better known regions of early and independent agricultural development, such as Southwest Asia and the Americas, as well as lesser known locales, such as Africa and New Guinea. Other contributions examine the dispersal of agricultural practices into a region, such as India and Japan, and how introduced crops became incorporated into pre-existing forms of food production.This reader is intended for students of the archaeology of agriculture, and will also prove a valuable and handy resource for scholars and researchers in the area.

Ghost Eye Master: Volume 14 (Volume 14 #14)

by Ye GuHun

The human left the human and the ghost left the ghost. No matter if it's a person or a ghost, if you take the wrong path, I, Li Xiangyang, will come and take you in. After a class reunion, Li Xiangyang's business was in full swing. All sorts of demons and monsters, come to my bowl!

Aloof Master Can't Hold Himself: Volume 11 (Volume 11 #11)

by A Suo

"The bride was abandoned by the groom at the wedding, and the bride said something fierce on the spot. I will marry whoever marries me." "I'll marry her." He had never expected that the man who had stood up was actually the brother of the groom … She had lost her body and her heart, and finally she knew that she had married her only to save the little bit of cinnabar in his heart, and how could this farce of a marriage end?

Don't Provoke Princess: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Ai MuYing

Because she was the daughter of the Mu Clan. So the family … The family property and glory belonged to her.It was also because she was the daughter of the Mu Clan.So the stepmother and sister became jealous,to take away her man,to take away her family fortune,To take away her glory,Together, they sent her to heaven.She was reborn to the age of fourteen,and turned on the hacking and reversing of their lives,Entrance to a happy school,He would use his own ability to exact revenge.There are risks associated with hanging out,Use carefully.It was also because she had met a man in her life who could make her vomit blood at any moment …

Reborn In Future: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Yu MuFeiYang

Hundred Transformations Special Agent Mo Lian had no choice but to die, as she was transported to the world after the apocalypse. Since he had taken over the bodies of others, he naturally had to make good use of them. Beating zombies, making viruses, these days, don't be too comfortable. However, if it wasn't for that seemingly iceberg but actually having a black stomach, this life would be even better!

Princess Too Frivolous: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Feng GuoWuHen

Guard: Master, the princess said she was in a bad mood and didn't have time to see you.SOME MAN: Opposed to her?Guard: Master, the wangfei said she is in a good mood and wants to test the effect of the new drug on the crown prince.SOME MAN: Bind it back!Guard: Master, the wangfei said she was in a good mood and had already entered the palace to find the empress dowager to talk nonsense.Some guy: …Guard: Master, the Royal Consort said she is in a good mood …SOME MAN: What does she want to do now?Guard: The princess said she wanted to give herself a long vacation. She left the city by dawn.SOME MAN: I'm wrong, I'm wrong, okay!?

My Queen Always Tries to Escape: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Mi ShiDeYaoJi

When she woke up from her confinement, she discovered that she was the daughter of a fifth-grade official. Facing the deceit of the imperial palace, she wholeheartedly wanted to escape!Faced with all sorts of ruckus and plots, the only thing she could do was to face them head on and become the empress who wielded great power in her hands in the end, a decisive killer!He was the sovereign of the country, the emperor of the nine to five years of age.Yet, he didn't take in another concubine for her!

Transmigration: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Wen WanLiangRen

Through time and space, she only wanted to be a mere commoner, yet she was suddenly selected by the prince. She begged, "I don't want to be an imperial concubine, let me go; his eyes are captivating, you have no choice." Then she was pushed into bed …

Supreme Magic Doctor In City: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Hua TuoZaiShi

Three years ago, Lin Qing went to prison full of hatred and coincidentally obtained the ancient teachings of the God of Agriculture. When he returned, he was already proficient in peerless medical skills and also had mysterious and wondrous techniques in his possession.

21st Century Nanoscience – A Handbook: Low-Dimensional Materials and Morphologies (Volume Four) (21st Century Nanoscience)

by Klaus D. Sattler

21st Century Nanoscience - A Handbook: Low-Dimensional Materials and Morphologies (Volume 4) will be the most comprehensive, up-to-date large reference work for the field of nanoscience. Handbook of Nanophysics by the same editor published in the fall of 2010 and was embraced as the first comprehensive reference to consider both fundamental and applied aspects of nanophysics. This follow-up project has been conceived as a necessary expansion and full update that considers the significant advances made in the field since 2010. It goes well beyond the physics as warranted by recent developments in the field. This fourth volume in a ten-volume set covers low-dimensional materials and morphologies. Key Features: Provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date large reference work for the field. Chapters written by international experts in the field. Emphasises presentation and real results and applications. This handbook distinguishes itself from other works by its breadth of coverage, readability and timely topics. The intended readership is very broad, from students and instructors to engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, biomedical researchers, industry professionals, governmental scientists, and others whose work is impacted by nanotechnology. It will be an indispensable resource in academic, government, and industry libraries worldwide. The fields impacted by nanophysics extend from materials science and engineering to biotechnology, biomedical engineering, medicine, electrical engineering, pharmaceutical science, computer technology, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, food science, and beyond.

The Global Journalist in the 21st Century (Routledge Communication Series)

by David H. Weaver; Lars Willnat

The Global Journalist in the 21st Century systematically assesses the demographics, education, socialization, professional attitudes and working conditions of journalists in various countries around the world. This book updates the original Global Journalist (1998) volume with new data, adding more than a dozen countries, and provides material on comparative research about journalists that will be useful to those interested in doing their own studies. The editors put together this collection working under the assumption that journalists’ backgrounds, working conditions and ideas are related to what is reported (and how it is covered) in the various news media round the world, in spite of societal and organizational constraints, and that this news coverage matters in terms of world public opinion and policies. Outstanding features include:Coverage of 33 nations located around the globe, based on recent surveys conducted among representative samples of local journalistsComprehensive analyses by well-known media scholars from each countryA section on comparative studies of journalistsAn appendix with a collection of survey questions used in various nations to question journalists As the most comprehensive and reliable source on journalists around the world, The Global Journalist will serve as the primary source for evaluating the state of journalism. As such, it promises to become a standard reference among journalism, media, and communication students and researchers around the world.

Aquatic Mesocosm Studies in Ecological Risk Assessment

by Robert L. Graney

A Special Publication of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)Aquatic Mesocosm Studies in Ecological Risk Assessment discusses the methods currently used for conducting simulated field studies and provides a series of case histories in which mesocosm type studies have been used to assess the impact of pesticides on aquatic ecosystems. Specific chapters address the dosing and exposure components of such studies and how they influence experimental design. Advantages and disadvantages of various statistical designs are addressed in detail. Regulatory aspects of the design and interpretation of these studies are also covered. The book will be a superb reference for aquatic biologists, ecologists, toxicologists, environmental toxicologists, environmental chemists, and regulatory personnel.

Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine (Nutrition In Exercise And Sport Ser. #4)

by Luke R. Bucci

This timely and exciting new book brings together for the first time the readily available choices of dietary supplements and their relationship to injury rehabilitation. Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine supports the rational use of specific nutrients for specific healing conditions. Guidelines for nutritional programs applied to specific conditions are provided for practical application.

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