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North Carolina Tobacco: A History

by Billy Yeargin

The days when rural life revolved around tobacco planting and harvest are gone, but many fondly remember when North Carolina was the state of farming, planting and picking tobacco. In this book, historian Billy Yeargin takes readers back to the days when communities were founded and built upon tobacco culture, and when traditions developed as industries were born. Yeargin recounts the deeply intriguing influence of tobacco on the history and culture of the state.

Enduring Journey of the USS Chesapeake, The: Navigating the Common History of Three Nations

by Chris Dickon

"Fight 'til she sinks, boys. Don't give up the ship! Burn her."James Lawrence's command, spoken as his final fighting words in the historic 1813 battle between the USS Chesapeake and the HMS Shannon, would endure as the motto of the U.S. Navy. He lost the battle, however, and a large portion of the Chesapeake was recycled by the ship breakers of Portsmouth, England, until her timbers gave form and size to a new water mill in the village of Wickham. Almost two hundred years later, the old mill sat derelict, an eyesore. What was it made of ? Where had it come from? Why should it be preserved? It was then that the sails of a long-forgotten fighting ship were seemingly unfurled along the Meon River in the County of Hampshire, and the old navy frigate--having crossed the waters of America, Canada and England--set off on the third century of her enduring journey.

Mayday!: Shipwrecks, Tragedies & Tales from Long Island's Eastern Shore

by Van R. Field

From valiant rescues to sorrowful disasters, the eastern shore of Long Island is home to a riveting collection of maritime lore.Since the mid-1600s, eastern Long Island's shoals, sandbars and assorted submerged hazards have caused many an unlucky vessel to become shipwrecked. The frequency of wrecks rose to a grim crescendo during themid-nineteenth century as New York and New England peaked as shipping centers. Then came the dawn of the twentieth century and the arrival of advanced navigational aids. Although the number of wrecks declined, the high drama persisted as rumrunners and German submarines kept the coast humming with rumors and anticipation. In MAYDAY!, author Van R. Field painstakingly assembles a compendium of Long Island's most harrowing, amazing and notorious shipwrecks and ocean-going incidents.

A Cades Cove Childhood

by J. C. Mccaulley Margaret Mccaulley

The remote Smoky Mountain community of Cades Cove still lives in the memory of J.C. McCaulley, one of the few remaining former residents, who offers an exclusive glimpse into a childhood in the Cove. His stories, compiled by his wife Margaret, are a testament to a way of life long abandoned--a life before automobiles, television and perhaps too much exposure to the outside world; a life of hard work and caring for your neighbors. Join the McCaulleys in their quest to preserve the beauty, tranquility and traditions of this pristine community, and dare to dream of a way of life that encouraged independence, integrity and the courage to overcome adversity.

High Peaks: A History of Hiking the Adirondacks from Noah to Neoprene

by Tim Rowland

The unique geological history of the Adirondacks can be found in a pebble. So discovers humorist and outdoorsmanTim Rowland as he chronicles the evolution of hiking in the howling wilderness of the High Peaks. From nineteenth-century guides' "random scoots" to Melville Dewey's "Adirondaks Loj" to today's technologically enhanced weekenders, Rowland, who has climbed the forty-sixhimself, incorporates personal anecdotes and laugh-out-loud wit to capture the appeal and beauty of this beloved region, all the while reminding us of the importance of keeping these stunning mountains, and their attendant"neat rocks," "Forever Wild."

A History of Hunting in the Great Smoky Mountains

by Bob Plott

Man versus beast. It is an age-old struggle, and one that has ensued within the rugged terrain of the Great Smoky Mountains since humans first encountered the region centuries ago. Author and local hunting connoisseur Bob Plott takes readers on a quest back through time for a glimpse into the minds and the rifles of the region s most intrepid hunters. From the primitive weaponry and prevailing tactics of the Cherokee to the audacious rifle-toting ridge runners, and even a gruesome gang of cannibalistic rogues, these stories are truly a gripping tribute to mountain life and the adventure of the game.

Remembering North Carolina Tobacco

by Billy Yeargin

North Carolina's tobacco history comes alive in this selection of remembrances from Billy Yeargin and others born and bred in the American tobacco culture.When early settlers struggled to grow anything at all in North Carolina's sandy soil, tobacco was a boon. The lives of many North Carolinians continue to revolve around the growth cycle of the tobacco plant, from laying-by to cropping and curing. In this collection of nostalgic memories, Yeargin and others reminisce about the frustrations of slugs and tar, the cropping of dew-drenchedleaves, the aching beauty of a tobacco bloom and the ultimate connection of man with earth--a connection that is slowly fading with each new generation.

Morris Island Lighthouse, The: Charleston's Maritime Beacon

by Douglas W. Bostick

Douglas Bostick, historian and former director of Save the Light, Inc., recounts the stories of the many lightkeepers and their families who braved meager provisions, low pay and grueling conditions living on a small island at the entrance to Charleston Harbor.

Ghosts of Atlanta: Phantoms of the Phoenix City

by Reese Christian

* Do the ghosts of Civil War soldiers still march through the mists of Kennesaw National Battlefield on the outskirts of Atlanta?* Can those who listen still hear the voices of the guests who died in the devastating Winecoff Hotel fire of 1946?* Does the spirit of a young boy still ride the "black horse" on the Riverview Carousel at Six Flags Over Georgia?Drawing on her work with the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute at Bauder College and Ghost Hounds Paranormal Research Society, elite psychic medium and cold case researcher Reese Christian writes of the tragic past and the haunted present of Greater Atlanta. From Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown to the plantations and battlefields surrounding the city, join her in discovering the twisted histories of some of Atlanta's most infamous landmarks and forgotten moments.

Haunted DeLand and the Ghosts of West Volusia County

by Dusty Smith

Author and Haunted DeLand tour guide Dusty Smith recounts a century of ghostly history in the bustling historic community of DeLand, the Athens of Florida. Specters include those of Jeannette Barnhill, whose ghost drove her real estate mogul widower mad by standing behind him to keep a constant watch on his accounting books, and of the guest killed in the 1917 Putnam Hotel fire who leaves the smell of burnt wood and flesh in the air. Forlorn lovers Ruby and Joshua, a freed slave and a plantation foreman, and Suzanna Brown, who jumped to her death with unrequited love for a Stetson professor, are included, as well as the ghostly horse-drawn hearse that has been seen parked alongside what was once the Old Casket Company. From steamboat captains to Spiritualist camp residents, DeLand's ghosts are sure to delight visitors and residents alike in this stirring account of the area's historic haunts.

Haunted Kingsport: Ghosts of Tri-City Tennessee

by Pete Dykes

Summon the necessary courage and dare to explore the haunted history of the "mountain empire." Tales of ghostly spirits envelop the northeast Tennessee landscape like a familiar mountain fog. Join Pete Dykes, editor of Kingsport's Daily News, as he offers up a collection of spooky local stories and legends from centuries past, including such spine-chilling accounts as the foreboding ghost of Netherland Inn Road, spectral disturbances at the Rotherwood Mansion, devilish felines, ruthless poltergeists in Caney Creek Falls, the tortured cries from fallen Rebel soldiers still heard today and--could bigfoot really be buried in the woods of Big Stone Gap?

Ghosts of Central Jersey: Historic Haunts of the Somerset Hills

by Gordon Thomas Ward

What ghosts roam within the historic sites and buildings ofCentral New Jersey? How accurate are the traditional stories? From the shadowed woods of the Somerset Hills to the dappled banks of the Delaware River, Ghosts of Central Jersey delivers a rich mix of factual history and the sound investigation of ghostly phenomena. The combination of an open-minded enthusiasm and a level-headed approach underscores this collection of reports that will inform, entertain and lead the reader to places where the past is considered to be very much alive and entwined with the present.

Haunted Rochester: A Supernatural History of the Lower Genesee

by Mason Winfield Rob Lockhart John Koerner Reverend Tim Shaw

Avenging specters, demon-tortured roads, holy miracles, weird psychic events, prehistoric power sites, ancient curses, Native American shamans, active battlefields, ghost ships, black dogs, haunted monuments and the phantoms of Rochester's famous--all are part of the legacy of Rochester and the lower Genesee. Supernatural historian Mason Winfield and the research team from Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc., take us on a spiritual safari through the Seneca homeland of the "Sweet River Valley" and the modern city in its place. After their survey of Rochester's super natural history and tradition, "the Flour City" will never look the same.

A Guide to Historic Nashville, Tennessee

by James A. Hoobler

Written by accomplished historian James Hoobler, senior curator of art and architecture at the Tennessee State Museum and former executive director of the Tennessee Historical Society, this book offers extraordinary insight into Nashville's heritage. Carefully researched and exceptionally written, it is a wonderful companion, both for visitors and for Nashville residents who want to see their hometown in a new light.* Enjoy eleven walking and driving tours around Tennessee's historic capital.* Explore the legendary Music Row and the famous Ryman Auditorium.* Discover fascinating facts about Nashville's past, from the battlefields to the universities.* Experience one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in the Southeast.

Forgotten Tales of Long Island

by Richard Panchyk

In this enthralling new book, Richard Panchyk has compiled a collection of true stories from Long Island's history sure to befuddle, baffle and bemuse even lifelong residents. Who knew that Plum Island was bought with a barrel of biscuits and a few fishhooks? Or that an Oyster Bay woman accused of being a witch was instead found guilty of being a Quaker? Little-known tales of snake-eyed horses, naked ghosts, swamp serpents and cats riding horses offer a fresh look at Long Island's past. Culled from numerous period sources, including newspapers, books and historical records, these little stories are notable both as entertaining anecdotes and as forgotten history.

Central New York & The Finger Lakes: Myths, Legends & Lore

by Melanie Zimmer

With this series of tales, local author and longtime storyteller Melanie Zimmer helps us discover the people and places of Central New York and the Finger Lakes region. Whether interested in the Revolutionary War or the founding of the Mormon Church, Zimmer brings the heart of upstate New York to vibrant life. From delightful stories recounting the exploits of the legendary Red McCarthy and the creation myths of the Iroquois to heroic tales of Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad, Central New York & the Finger Lakes: Myths, Legends & Lore is sure to please both the seasoned historian and the casual reader.

Somerville, Massachusetts: A Brief History

by Dee Morris Dora St. Martin

Enter Somerville, a city packed with stories larger than itself, to salute a heritage that justifies the fierce pride of its citizens. Share a perch on one of Somerville's celebrated hills with Dee Morris and Dora St. Martin and watch the raising of America's first flag and the stringing of its first telephone line. Strolling from neighborhood to neighborhood, this brief history knocks on the doors of everyone from the father of Fenway Park to Missy LeHand, Franklin D. Roosevelt s private secretary and steadfast companion. Even the notoriously elusive Captain Kidd is caught for inspection as he tries to slip through a trapdoor in a bedroom closet.

Prime Crime Holiday Bundle

by Emily Brightwell Maggie Sefton Cleo Coyle Betty Hechtman Claudia Bishop

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Glastenbury: The History of a Vermont Ghost Town

by Tyler Resch

Founded by a famously scheming New Hampshire governor, Glastenbury struggled for over a century to break triple digits in population. A small charcoal-making industry briefly flourished after the Civil War, yet by 1920 Glastenbury counted fewer than twenty inhabitants. The end came officially in 1937, when the state, following a spirited debate, formally disincorporated the town. Yet Glastenbury's legacy lives on in Tyler Resch's lively and amusing history. Follow Resch as he chronicles the community's compelling, if always precarious, existence. From mysterious murders and curious development schemes to the township's eventual annexation by the U.S. Forest Service, Glastenbury narrates the ultimately redemptive tale of a community that lost its political status, only to gain a national forest.

Location Audio Simplified: Capturing Your Audio... and Your Audience

by Dean Miles

From the basics of using camera, handheld, lavalier, and shotgun microphones to camera calibration and mixer set-ups, Location Audio Simplified unlocks the secrets to clean and clear broadcast quality audio no matter what challenges you face. Author Dean Miles applies his twenty-plus years of experience as a professional location operator to teach the skills, techniques, tips, and secrets needed to produce high-quality production sound on location. Humorous and thoroughly practical, the book covers a wide array of topics, such as:* location selection* field mixing * booming techniques* using different kinds of microphones (including wireless systems) and booming* camera calibration, interview techniques, and much more Learn the secrets of a real-world professional with easy-to-follow, non-technical tips and techniques that you can apply in the field on your own projects immediately. The book follows the companion Location audio Simplified online course, , to bring Dean's teaching to life. Make sure to check out the Location Crew website for more location audio goodness!

Boston Miscellany: An Essential History of the Hub

by William Marchione

Before the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and thenineteenth century's cultural renaissance, a serious rebellion was brewing in the taverns of Boston.Look back to a time when riots raged through the streets of Boston, when Beacon Hill was a neighborhood of beggars and vagabonds, and papal effigies burned on the Boston Common. Meet William Blackstone, the first Bostonian, and John Singleton Copley, portrait artist of the elite. In this compilation by historian William Marchione, discoverBoston as it once was--when customs officials were dragged through the sewers and drinking tea was a highly political act. Even the city's largest and most controversial funeral, held for the infamous Sacco and Vanzetti, ended in a street brawl with police. And yet, with the sprawl of the first American railroads, the dawning of the abolitionist movement and the cultural flourishing in art and architecture, Boston emerged as the nation's first cultural, economic, and political hub.

Why Do I Need Research and Theory?: A Guide for Social Workers

by Jennifer Anderson-Meger

This book is based on the idea that social work as a profession can do better with advancing our mission if practitioners are knowledgeable, skilled, critical thinkers that use research to inform practice. This is a user-friendly, student directed book form to help students understand the connection between knowledge, social work research, and social work practice. This short text will support students in their research course by offering insights as to why research is important, how to help students understand how research affects their own future social work practice, how their beliefs impact successful learning, and practical tips for being successful in research.

Remembering Old Charleston: A Peek Behind Parlor Doors

by Margaret Middleton Eastman

These 'First Families' of Old Charleston- and others- are Lowcountry legends in their own right. Margaret Middleton Rivers Eastman takes readers behind parlor doors on a journey from the patrician historical area south of Broad Street to the luxurious Sea Island plantations in an unusual collection of treasured family traditions that span the colony's founding to the mid-twentieth century.

Understanding Community Colleges

by Susan T. Kater John S. Levin

Understanding Community Colleges provides a comprehensive review of the community college landscape--management and governance, finance, student demographics and development, teaching and learning, policy, faculty, and workforce development--and bridges the gap between research and practice. This contributed volume brings together highly respected scholars in the field who rely upon substantial theoretical perspectives--critical theory, social theory, institutional theory, and organizational theory--for a rich and expansive analysis of community colleges. The latest text to publish in the Core Concepts in Higher Education series, this exciting new text fills a gap in the higher education literature available for students enrolled in Higher Education and Community College graduate programs. This text provides students with: A review of salient research related to the community college field. Critical theoretical perspectives underlying current policies. An understanding of how theory links to practice, including focused end-of-chapter discussion questions. A fresh examination of emerging issues and insight into contemporary community college practices and policy.

True Bluegrass Stories: History from the Heart of Kentucky

by Stephen M. Vest Tom Stephens

Famed pioneer Daniel Boone, upon seeing the Bluegrass region for the first time in 1769, wrote, "From the top of an eminence, we saw with pleasure the beautiful level of Kentucke." Centuries later, his sentiments still ring true.In this fast-paced collection of articles from his widely successful "Looking Back" column in Kentucky Monthly magazine, author Tom Stephens delivers a captivating glimpse into Kentucky's renowned Bluegrass region. Hideaway in the stockades and stations of the pioneers, discover Abraham Lincoln's Lexington retreat, face off in a duel as Henry Clay did, consume the potent origins of Kentucky bourbon and sober up with the Shakers. All of this and plenty more lie ahead when you explore True Bluegrass Stories: History from the Heart of Kentucky.

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