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Hunting a Detroit Tiger: A Mickey Rawlings Baseball Mystery (A Mickey Rawlings Mystery #4)

by Troy Soos

Murderer's RowIt's 1920, and perennial 25th man Mickey Rawlings has found a spot on the Detroit roster with a .250 average and 20 stolen bases. Respectable numbers for a utility infielder. Unfortunately that doesn't exempt him from being put in a lineup for murder, even if he's playing toss with the tempestuous talents of Ty Cobb. Mickey admits he was at a player's union rally in Fraternity Hall, but he insists he had nothing to do with the bullet that shot organizer Emmett Siever. It turns out convincing his teammates and the front office of his innocence is about as easy as selling a slide into second to a blind ump. Before Mickey's journeyman career takes one last wrong turn--into a grave--he needs to find the real killer to keep the ball in play and maybe contribute to the Tigers climbing out of last place in the standings.

Pies before Guys (A Pie Town Mystery #4)

by Kirsten Weiss

Val&’s crime-solving club digs into a piping hot new case! A poetry slam at a bakery? Why not! Even though Pie Town proprietor Val Harris would rather be spending time with her newfound half-brother, she knows her employee Abril is beyond excited to be hosting the event. Especially since it stars the apple pie of Abril&’s eye, poet and professor Michael Starke. But the evening ends on a sour note when Professor Starke is found murdered mere moments after being accused of plagiarism. Just like that, Pie Town is at the center of another criminal inquiry. At Abril&’s request—and much to Detective Carmichael&’s consternation—Val and Charlene decide to investigate Starke&’s death. But the case is as tough as an overworked crust and the Baker Street Bakers are only coming up with scraps. If they don&’t pinch the cultured killer soon, Pie Town&’s reputation could crumble.

Video Kill

by Joanne Fluke

Lights. . . Camera. . . With painstaking care, he "casts" his victims, each woman resembling an Alfred Hitchcock star, each killing echoing six of the legendary director's films. The only clue he leaves behind is a gruesome video of his handiwork. But the Video Killer shoots the death scenes as he believes they should have been done--with total realism. . . Kill! A former actress, Allison Rocca knows her husband, Tony, a screenwriter, has been extra busy lately. And news reporter Katy knows her ex, Chief Detective Sam Ladera, is desperately hunting the Video Killer. Still, each woman senses something unusual about the men's behavior. But as they attempt to find the truth, they unwittingly draw closer to the lens of a calculating madman searching for his next leading lady. . .

Just Can't Get Enough

by Cheris Hodges

Both down-home sweet and seductive, Cheris Hodges's new novel is about breaking the rules, going back home...and finding more than your heart's desire... Celina Hart had security, a steady job, a predictable fiancé...and nothing that was making her truly happy. She gave it all up to gamble on her talent, and found success she'd never imagined as one of New York's hottest painters. But when she returns to her South Carolina hometown to care for her ailing father, she gets an even bigger surprise. That "bow-legged" neighbor's boy she used to play with has grown up into Darius McRae, a lawyer who gave up the D.C. fast-lane to get back to his roots. Now, Darius' dark-chocolate build and slow, easy smile are proving to be just as tempting as any city lights... The last thing Darius was looking for was a relationship. He'd been burned by too many women who put finance over romance--including his conniving ex-girlfriend Cortina. But Celina's sense of humor and unpretentious ways are igniting more than his passions. And when Cortina starts stirring up a mess of trouble, Darius will do whatever it takes to show Celina a home-grown love is a dream worth everything...

Marriage Is Pure Murder (A Blossom Valley Mystery #6)

by Staci Mclaughlin

Wedding bells are ringing at the O’Connell Organic Farm and Spa in California’s postcard-perfect Blossom Valley. The entire staff is pitching in to send one of their own down the aisle. But no one knew the nuptials could turn up so many secrets—or that marriage and murder could go hand in hand . . .Dana Lewis is marrying Jason Forrester, a talented reporter and the love of her life. She couldn’t dream of a better venue than the farm where she works, and her friends are determined to give her the wedding of her dreams. Even her florist, Bethany Lancaster, is making sure she has just the right flowers. But Dana’s happiness wilts when she finds Bethany shot dead—and discovers her friend was a busybody with a blackmail list longer than a cathedral veil. With so many enemies, finding Bethany’s killer seems all but impossible. And when Dana herself is eyed as a suspect, she’ll have to chase down the culprit faster than she can say, “I do”—or she’ll be trading in her wedding dress for prison stripes . . .Praise for The Blossom Valley Mysteries!“Cleverly plotted…Plenty of suspects and potential motives keep readers guessing until the very end!” —RT Book Reviews on Green Living Can Be Deadly“A fun, light read.” —Library Journal on Going Organic Can Kill You

The Hungry Dead: Midnight And Escape From The Living Dead

by John Russo

Your book...guided me through my first completed movie. --Quentin Tarantino, on Scare TacticsFrom the Master of the Living DeadJohn Russo's brilliantly chilling screenplay for the 1968 groundbreaking Night of the Living Dead helped pave the wave for the flesh-eating spectacles that have thrilled zombie fans for three generations. Here, for the first time in one volume, are two of the master's most gruesome and demented novels of gut-wrenching mayhem. . .MidnightFirst, they captured small animals. Then, they moved on to bigger prey. Now the backwoods family that slays together stays together for one last midnight snack: a pair of unsuspecting travelers whose ritual torture and sacrifice will only intensify the demonic clan's cravings. . .for more. Yeah, they're dead. . .they're all messed up.Escape From The Living DeadIn an isolated roadside diner, a desperate group of strangers barricade themselves against a ravenous horde of undead customers who crave something more than the early bird special. They want flesh. Human flesh. With a side order of brains and stomach-turning terror. A Two-for-One Feast for Hungry Horror Fans! "An unrelieved orgy of sadism." --Variety on Night of the Living Dead

Modern Warriors: Real Stories from Real Heroes

by Pete Hegseth

From FOX & Friends Weekend cohost Pete Hegseth comes a collection of inspiring stories from fifteen of America’s greatest heroes—highly decorated Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, marines, Purple Heart recipients, combat pilots, a Medal of Honor recipient, and more—based on FOX Nation’s hit show of the same name. <p><p> After three Army deployments—earning two Bronze Stars and a Combat Infantryman’s Badge—Pete Hegseth knows what it takes to be a modern warrior. In Modern Warriors he presents candid, unfiltered conversations with fellow modern warriors and digs for real answers to key questions like: What inspired them to serve? What is their legacy? What does sacrifice really mean to them? How do they handle loss? And what can civilians learn from this latest generation of veterans? <p> From the skies over Afghanistan to the seas of the Mediterranean to the treacherous streets of Iraq, these brave men and women take you inside the firefight, sharing the harrowing realities of war. Hegseth uses their experiences to facilitate conversations about the raw truths of combat, including the difficulties of transitioning back home, while also celebrating these soldiers’ contributions to preserving our nation’s most precious gift—freedom. <p> In addition to the oral history, Modern Warriors presents dozens of personal, rarely shared photos from the battlefield and the home front. Together these stories and images provide an unvarnished representation of battlefield leadership, military morale, and the strain of war. This book is the perfect keepsake and gift for anyone who wants to know what it means, and what it truly takes, to be a patriot.

Manipulating the Masses: Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of American Propaganda

by John Maxwell Hamilton

Manipulating the Masses tells the story of the enduring threat to American democracy that arose out of World War I: the establishment of pervasive, systematic propaganda as an instrument of the state. During the Great War, the federal government exercised unprecedented power to shape the views and attitudes of American citizens. Its agent for this was the Committee on Public Information (CPI), established by President Woodrow Wilson one week after the United States entered the war in April 1917.Driven by its fiery chief, George Creel, the CPI reached every crevice of the nation, every day, and extended widely abroad. It established the first national newspaper, made prepackaged news a quotidian aspect of governing, and pioneered the concept of public diplomacy. It spread the Wilson administration’s messages through articles, cartoons, books, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines; through feature films and volunteer Four Minute Men who spoke during intermission; through posters plastered on buildings and along highways; and through pamphlets distributed by the millions. It enlisted the nation’s leading progressive journalists, advertising executives, and artists. It harnessed American universities and their professors to create propaganda and add legitimacy to its mission.Even as Creel insisted that the CPI was a conduit for reliable, fact-based information, the office regularly sanitized news, distorted facts, and played on emotions. Creel extolled transparency but established front organizations. Overseas, the CPI secretly subsidized news organs and bribed journalists. At home, it challenged the loyalty of those who occasionally questioned its tactics. Working closely with federal intelligence agencies eager to sniff out subversives and stifle dissent, the CPI was an accomplice to the Wilson administration’s trampling of civil liberties.Until now, the full story of the CPI has never been told. John Maxwell Hamilton consulted over 150 archival collections in the United States and Europe to write this revealing history, which shows the shortcuts to open, honest debate that even well-meaning propagandists take to bend others to their views. Every element of contemporary government propaganda has antecedents in the CPI. It is the ideal vehicle for understanding the rise of propaganda, its methods of operation, and the threat it poses to democracy.

70 Tips and Tricks for Mastering the CISSP Exam

by R. Sarma Danturthi

Learn how to think and apply knowledge in a practical way. Tackling the CISSP exam is vastly different from simply understanding the subject matter. Even the most experienced security professionals can fail because the questions are tricky and ask the test taker to pick the best of the options given. The CISSP exam conducted by ISC2 is the hardest and most rewarded cybersecurity examination. The test has several domains and sub-domains and covers a wide range of topics on security, including cyber and physical building security fields. It also covers breaches, discovery of breaches, and how to report data breaches. Because the subject area is vast and the questions are almost never repeated, it is hard for the exam taker to memorize or quickly discover the correct solution. The four options given as answers typically have two very close matches to the question. With quick analysis, it is possible to discover from the verbiage of a question what is truly being asked and learn how to find the closest possible solution without spending too much time on each question. What You Will Learn Think outside the box (the CISSP exam demands this of candidates)Quickly discern the gist of a question, eliminate the distractors, and select the correct answerUnderstand the use of words such as MOST, BEST, FIRST, LAST in the questionsSelect the correct answer when multiple options look like possible solutions Who This Book Is For Experienced security practitioners, managers, and executives interested in proving their knowledge across a wide array of security practices and principles, including chief information security officers, chief information officers, directors of security, IT directors and managers, security systems engineers, security analysts, security managers, security auditors, security architects, security consultants, private contractors, and network architects

Pro Microsoft Teams Development: A Hands-on Guide to Building Custom Solutions for the Teams Platform

by Rick Van Rousselt

Leverage the Microsoft Teams developer platform to integrate and build your apps in Teams.Busy developers will want to integrate it with other applications, both existing and new ones. Use this practical, hands-on guide to get you started building amazing custom solutions on and for Microsoft Teams, the new collaboration workspace in Office 365 and the fastest growing app in Microsoft history. Get ready to learn how to interact with data inside of Teams and how to surface your data on top of Teams, so that it is easily searchable and better supports people in their day-to-day jobs. Teams development expert Rick Van Rousselt starts at the beginning, helping you set up your environment, and takes you step by step through the process. You will begin with low code, simple integrations, and progress in your learning to increasingly more complex, multi-faceted applications that use every aspect of the extension capabilities of Teams. And a bonus for developers is that integrating your own apps into the Teams developer platform is an excellent opportunity for those apps to get more visibility and usage. What You Will Learn Understand the different development extension points and frameworks that are available in the Teams developer platformCreate custom tabs, bots, connectors, messaging extensions, and webhooksSet up your development environment and speed up the development processEnlist best practices and easy wins that will make an application stand out inside the Teams ecosystemExplore advanced scenarios where the integrations of Office 365 meet inside of Microsoft Teams Who This Book Is ForDevelopers (front end, back end, C#, or Node.js) and architects. Readers should be familiar with C# or Node.js and tools such as Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code and have some experience with Microsoft Teams. Beyond that, no further knowledge is required because the book starts at the beginning, setting up a development environment.

Succeeding with Agile Hybrids: Project Delivery Using Hybrid Methodologies

by Shawn Belling

Successfully delivering projects at an organization can happen with the careful utilization of a variety of methods and practices. The best approach is a hybrid framework that adapts in real time to your team and its needs. This book addresses the practical realities of project delivery in the 21st century. The agile method is well-known and well-covered. Author Shawn Belling dives deeper with his expertise into organizational management and investigates how to best execute a graceful mix of waterfall methods, agile, and phase-based approaches. Each business and goal requires flexibility for a unique journey to success, and Belling provides the practitioner with practical, real-world examples and patterns of these methodologies. Succeeding with Agile Hybrids is the answer to the diversity of needs within your team. Whether you are an aspiring or current project manager, scrum master, or mid-level manager, this book will greatly benefit you and your goals for project delivery. Hybrid agile is the future, and you will be well-equipped to tackle it with Succeeding with Agile Hybrids on your shelf.What You'll LearnSee how hybrid agile is a common de facto approach to project managementReview common, practical and real-world examples and patterns of hybrid agile project managementEvaluate projects and organizations for using hybrid agile or agile project managementWho This Book is ForAspiring or current project managers, scrum masters, or mid-level managers with responsibility for projects or professional services delivery in a technical field. Executive leaders, academic and training programs may also pick this book as a text.

Die Digitalisierung von Messeveranstaltern: Eine Untersuchung anhand des Geschäftsmodells

by Christoph Menke

Die Digitalisierung ist ein manifestiertes, globales Phänomen, das die Wertschöpfung von Messeveranstaltern nachhaltig beeinflusst. Im Rahmen einer holistischen Betrachtung stellt Christoph Menke die unmittelbaren Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung detailliert dar und leitet daraus konkrete Management-Implikationen ab. Gleichermaßen wird die Wertschöpfungssystematik von Messeveranstaltern aktuell und umfassend dargelegt sowie das Phänomen Digitalisierung in greifbaren Modulen strukturiert und definiert.

Practice-Relevant Accrual Accounting for the Public Sector: Producers’ and Users’ Perspectives (Public Sector Financial Management)

by Hassan Ouda

This book addresses the necessary developments and adjustments that can be regarded as a promising starting point for making accrual accounting a more practice-relevant for the public sector entities. Specifically, the main focus is on Reshaping the application of accrual accounting principles and assumptions to fit the context of public sector entities; Developing a practice-relevant holistic accounting approach for governmental capital assets, which has been based on developing and reshaping the assets recognition criteria; Scope of general purpose financial reporting from an accountability perspective; Suggesting a sustainable accounting approach for reporting on the long-term fiscal sustainability; Developing a dynamic model for making public sector accrual accounting a more user practice relevant; and finally, Developing a theory of accounting information usefulness, which explains how cognitive aspects do influence the use/non-use of accounting information by the politicians. Fundamentally, the book has tackled these necessary developments and adjustments from both the producer’s and the user’s perspectives.

Water Resources in Algeria - Part I: Assessment of Surface and Groundwater Resources (The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry #97)

by Damià Barceló Abdelazim M. Negm Haroun Chenchouni Abdelkader Bouderbala

This book reviews the latest information on the assessment of surface and groundwater resources in Algeria. The authors cover a large diversity of topics, including the status and assessment of water resources, impacts of pesticides, soil droughts, analysis of flood characteristics, hydrogeological investigations and modeling applications, and evapotranspiration. Special attention is given to the impacts of climate changes on water resources. The assessment methods present in this book can be used or adapted to study other regions of North Africa, Middle East and/or in the Mediterranean with similar climate conditions as Algeria.This book and the companion volume Water Resources in Algeria - Part II: Water Quality, Treatment, Protection and Development will appeal to engineers, researchers, graduate students and policymakers interested in the field of groundwater and surface water assessment.

Mysterious Pyongyang: Cosmetics, Beauty Culture and North Korea

by Nam Sung-wook Chae Su-lan Lee Ga-young

This book is written with the belief that the peaceful unification of Korean Peninsula will be upon us on the day that every woman in North Korea uses South Korean and global cosmetics. The authors focus on understanding the intentions behind the three leaders of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un, based on their comments on the cosmetics industry and their field guidance tendencies, analyzing the governance style of Pyongyang through women’s life and beauty culture. It is the earliest book of its kind in the women’s life and beauty culture of North Korea.

Museum Theory

by Kylie Message Andrea Witcomb

MUSEUM THEORY EDITED BY ANDREA WITCOMB AND KYLIE MESSAGE Museum Theory offers critical perspectives drawn from a broad range of disciplinary and intellectual traditions. This volume describes and challenges previous ways of understanding museums and their relationship to society. Essays written by scholars from museology and other disciplines address theoretical reflexivity in the museum, exploring the contextual, theoretical, and pragmatic ways museums work, are understood, and are experienced. Organized around three themes—Thinking about Museums, Disciplines and Politics, and Theory from Practice/Practicing Theory—the text includes discussion and analysis of different kinds of museums from various, primarily contemporary, national and local contexts. Essays consider subjects including the nature of museums as institutions and their role in the public sphere, cutting-edge museum practice and their connections with current global concerns, and the links between museum studies and disciplines such as cultural studies, anthropology, and history.

Museum Transformations: Decolonization and Democratization

by Ruth B. Phillips Annie E. Coombes

MUSEUM TRANSFORMATIONS DECOLONIZATION AND DEMOCRATIZATION Edited By ANNIE E. COOMBES AND RUTH B. PHILLIPS Museum Transformations: Decolonization and Democratization addresses contemporary approaches to decolonization, greater democratization, and revisionist narratives in museum exhibition and program development around the world. The text explores how museums of art, history, and ethnography responded to deconstructive critiques from activists and poststructuralist and postcolonial theorists, and provided models for change to other types of museums and heritage sites. The volume's first set of essays discuss the role of the museum in the narration of difficult histories, and how altering the social attitudes and political structures that enable oppression requires the recognition of past histories of political and racial oppression and colonization in museums. Subsequent essays consider the museum's new roles in social action and discuss experimental projects that work to change power dynamics within institutions and leverage digital technology and new media.

Targeted: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers

by Mike Smith

Far from the catchy television spots and sleek magazine spreads are the comparatively modest ads that pop up on websites and in Internet searches. But don't be fooled--online advertising is exploding. Growing at a compound annual rate near 20%, it is now the second-largest advertising channel in the United States. Part history, part guidebook, part prediction for the future, Targeted tells the story of the companies, individuals, and innovations driving this revolution. It takes readers behind the scenes--examining the growth of digital advertising, its enormous potential, and the technologies that are changing the game forever. Leading the way is real-time bidding, which offers advertisers unprecedented precision in targeting ads and measuring their effectiveness. From keyword micro-markets and ad serving systems to aggregated virtual audiences and new business models, Targeted is sweeping in scope and stripped of technical complexity. It is an essential resource for anyone interested in finding and connecting with customers in the vast and shifting Internet universe.

Believer's Bible Commentary (Second Edition): Second Edition

by Thomas Nelson

Make Bible study a part of your daily life with the thorough, yet easy-to-use, Believer's Bible Commentary. William MacDonald tackles the controversial issues head-on, taking a theologically conservative stand, yet presenting alternate views with fairness. The Believer's Bible Commentary is a friendly guide to exploring the deeper meanings of every biblical book. This new edition includes 14 pages of 4-color maps of the Holy Land and other study helps. Features: Nelson's best-selling Bible commentary Balanced approach to linguistic studies and useful application Easy to understand 14 pages of 4-color maps Use with any Bible translation Best used with the New King James version of the Bible. The New King James keeps the style and accuracy of the King James but has up-to-date English.

Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale

by Ian Morgan Cron

What happens when the pastor of a mega church loses his faith? Pastor Chase Falson has lost his faith in God, the Bible, evangelical Christianity, and his super-sized megachurch. When he falls apart, the church elders tell him to go away: as far away as possible. Join Chase on his life-changing journey to Italy where, with a curious group of Franciscan friars, he struggles to resolve his crisis of faith by retracing the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, a saint whose simple way of loving Jesus changed the history of the world. Read this riveting story and then begin your own life-changing journey through the pilgrim’s guide included in this powerful novel. Hidden in the past lies the future of the church When his elders tell him to take some time away from his church, broken pastor Chase Falson crosses the Atlantic to Italy to visit his uncle, a Franciscan priest. There he is introduced to the revolutionary teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi and finds an old, but new way of following Jesus that heals and inspires. Chase Falson’s spiritual discontent mirrors the feelings of a growing number of Christians who walk out of church asking, Is this all there is? They are weary of celebrity pastors, empty calorie teaching, and worship services where the emphasis is more on Lights, Camera, Action than on Father, Son, and Holy Spirit while the deepest questions of life remain unaddressed in a meaningful way. Bestselling author Ian Morgan Cron masterfully weaves lessons from the life of Saint Francis into the story of Chase Falson to explore the life of a saint who 800 years ago breathed new life into disillusioned Christians and a Church on the brink of collapse. Chasing Francis is a hopeful and moving story with profound implications for those who yearn for a more vital relationship with God and the world.

Killer Crust (A Pizza Lovers Mystery #5)

by Chris Cavender

Eleanor Swift isn't amused when Laughing Luigi--the sketchy frozen pizza dough baron--walks into her Timber Ridge, North Carolina, pizzeria, A Slice of Delight. But the contract for his pizza-making contest seems made-to-order, especially with $25,000 in first-prize money up for grabs. However, when the pizza dough king fails to rise after being murdered with a slice of poisoned pizza, Eleanor and her sister Maddie are peppered with suspicion from all corners. Faster than a 30-minute delivery, they're going to have to juggle seriously surreptitious sleuthing with pressure-packed pizza-making performances. . .before the real killer dishes them their own slices of death!Includes delicious pizza recipe!"Another fun pizza romp." --Publishers Weekly

Renee And Jay

by J. J. Murray

There are worse places a saucy single gal could be stranded in the biggest winter storm to hit southwestern Virginia in years. Here at Luchesi's restaurant, Renee can fill up on hot breadsticks and spiked mocha cappuccino--and she can check out Giovanni Anthony Luchesi, the finest man this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But damn, if it doesn't stop snowing soon, she's gonna wind up in big trouble, what with all the amaretto and candlelight.Days later, the ice isn't all that's melting in Roanoke. Renee's gone and fallen for the whitest white boy she's ever met. Now she feels like she's living a Julia Roberts movie with an interracial twist and gentle Giovanni, with his slow, seductive hands and spicy kisses, as her leading man. Renee always was a sucker for happy endings. Now, with a make-do ring from Giovanni on her finger, her own seems guaranteed. What can possibly go wrong?Riotous, ardent, and packed with surprises, RENEE AND JAY is Romeo and Juliet for the millennium--a tale that proves true love can turn up in the last place--and face--where you'd ever expect to find it..."An update of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with a twist."--Essence "Deeply explores the problems confronting interracial couples from within and from loving relatives who genuinely want the best for their beloved."--The Midwest Book Review

Death of a Chocoholic (Hayley Powell Mystery #4)

by Lee Hollis

Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell is not looking for love this Valentine's Day. Of course she also isn't planning on looking for a murderer. . .Fed up with dating after a disastrous setup, the only thing Hayley wants to snuggle up to is a box of made-to-order chocolates from plus-sized, plus-mouthed chocolatier Bessie Winthrop. But when Bessie is found dead in her kitchen, only Hayley suspects that Bessie's "heart attack" might actually be a candy-coated murder. Turns out Bessie had more enemies than a boxful of chocolates, each one a suspicious flavor. It's sticky business juggling a job, two teenagers and finding a killer, but it's better than letting a killer find Hayley first. . .Includes seven delectable recipes from Hayley's kitchen!

Besieged (Skye's Legacy #3)

by Bertrice Small

New York Times bestselling author Bertrice Small writes exciting love stories that introduce readers to magnificent historic locales and memorable characters. In her newest book, Besieged, she continues her thrilling 17th century saga, Skye's Legacy, with the moving tale of Jasmine's younger daughter, a courageous beauty determined to follow her heart....BesiegedNearly a spinster at twenty, Fortune Lindley is leaving Scotland to return to her birthplace at Maguire's Ford, a vast Ulster estate that she will inherit only if she marries an Irish Protestant. To that end, Fortune has agreed to consider a match with the Protestant aristocrat William Devers, a man suited to her wealth and status. BesiegedBut it is the rebellious and disinherited Catholic elder brother, Kiernan Devers, who steals her heart, driving William to a black and murderous fury. While Fortune and Kiernan's forbidden ecstasy explodes, jealousy and intolerance lead to an unthinkable tragedy--and a destiny that will test Fortune's will to survive in a struggle to claim a land, a legacy, and the only love she'll have. . . Bertrice Small is the author of over twenty-four novels of historical romance. She is a New York Times bestseller, and the recipient of numerous awards. In keeping with her profession, Bertrice Small lives in the oldest English-speaking town in the state of New York, which was founded in 1640. Her light-filled studio is filled with the paintings of her favorite cover artist, Elaine Duillo; a large library; but no computer as she works on an IBM Quietwriter 7, and her long-time assistant, Judy Walker, types the final draft. Because she believes in happy endings, Bertrice Small has been married to the same man, her hero, George, for thirty-six years. They have a son, Thomas, a lovely daughter-in-law, Megan, and two adorable grandchildren, Chandler David and Cora Alexandra. Long-time readers will be happy to know that Nicki the Cockatiel flourishes, along with his cat housemates, Pookie, the long-haired griege and white, and Honeybun, the petite orange with the cream-colored paws.

Time to Shine (Fab Life Ser. #5)

by Nikki Carter

Fame is hard. So is holding onto your dreams. . .Sunday Tolliver is now the hottest singer-songwriter in the business--but too much personal drama is spinning her crazy-busy life totally out of control. Her boyfriend, Sam, won't discuss the online buzz pulling them apart, and Sunday is past done putting up with him. Her two best friends are way far gone over one irresistible boy and it's messing with their tight-knit group. And Sunday's jealous diva cousin, Dreya, will do anything to stop her own career slide, including putting Sunday's hard-won reputation at risk. Now Sunday's only chance to get control of her fab life is to find out who's truly real. . .

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