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La vecina misteriosa (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level L #2)

by Jeremy Tugeau Loretta West

La familia de Lila tiene nuevos vecinos. Quiere ser amiga de Ana, su nueva vecina, pero es un poco misteriosa. ¿Por qué Ana es tan extraña? NIMAC-sourced textbook

Wave Archive

by Emmalea Russo

Is it possible to archive the invisible symptoms of an illness? Is the archive emotional? Emmalea Russo's Wave Archive moves between essay and poetry while also pondering the mind-body connection and the unreliability of thought patterns and histories. Here, Russo invokes her own experiences with seizures, photographs and art-making, archival and indexical processes, brain waves, and the very personal need to document and store while simultaneously questioning the reliability of memory and language. Drawing upon the history of epilepsy in both ancient and modern brain treatments, Wave Archive disrupts and restores the archive over and over again, exploring the very edges of consciousness.

3D Bioprinting in Medicine: Technologies, Bioinks, and Applications

by Murat Guvendiren

This book provides current and emerging developments in bioprinting with respect to bioprinting technologies, bioinks, applications, and regulatory pathways. Topics covered include 3D bioprinting technologies, materials such as bioinks and bioink design, applications of bioprinting complex tissues, tissue and disease models, vasculature, and musculoskeletal tissue. The final chapter is devoted to clinical applications of bioprinting, including the safety, ethical, and regulatory aspects. This book serves as a go-to reference on bioprinting and is ideal for students, researchers and professionals, including those in academia, government, the medical industry, and healthcare.

La alfombra del príncipe (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level L #1)

by Katya Krenina Jacqueline Greene

Unos ladrones capturan al príncipe Jabib cuando sale a montar a caballo. El príncipe astuto ofrece fabricar alfombras para que los ladrones las vendan. ¿Logrará escapar de la cueva con su habilidad para tejer alfombras? NIMAC-sourced textbook

Topics in Clifford Analysis: Special Volume in Honor of Wolfgang Sprößig (Trends in Mathematics)

by Swanhild Bernstein

Quaternionic and Clifford analysis are an extension of complex analysis into higher dimensions. The unique starting point of Wolfgang Sprößig’s work was the application of quaternionic analysis to elliptic differential equations and boundary value problems. Over the years, Clifford analysis has become a broad-based theory with a variety of applications both inside and outside of mathematics, such as higher-dimensional function theory, algebraic structures, generalized polynomials, applications of elliptic boundary value problems, wavelets, image processing, numerical and discrete analysis. The aim of this volume is to provide an essential overview of modern topics in Clifford analysis, presented by specialists in the field, and to honor the valued contributions to Clifford analysis made by Wolfgang Sprößig throughout his career.

Operations Management for Social Good: 2018 POMS International Conference in Rio (Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics)

by Sebastián Villa Adriana Leiras Carlos Alberto González-Calderón Irineu de Brito Junior Hugo Tsugunobu Yoshida Yoshizaki

This volume showcases the presentations and discussions delivered at the 2018 POMS International Conference in Rio. Through a collection of selected papers, it is possible to review the impact and application of operations management for social good, with contributions across a wide range of topics, including: humanitarian operations and crisis management, healthcare operations management, sustainable operations, artificial intelligence and data analytics in operations, product innovation and technology in operations management, marketing and operations management, service operations and servitization, logistics and supply chain management, resilience and risk in operations, defense, and tourism among other emerging Operations Management issues. The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) is one of the most important and influential societies in the subject of Production Engineering and, as an international professional and academic organization, represents the interests of professionals and academics in production management and operations around the world.

Urbanization and Regional Sustainability in South Asia: Socio-economic Drivers, Environmental Pressures and Policy Responses (Contemporary South Asian Studies)

by Sumana Bandyopadhyay Chitta Ranjan Pathak Tomaz Ponce Dentinho

This book examines urbanization and migration processes in South Asia. By analyzing the socio-economic impacts and infrastructural, environmental and institutional aspects of different conurbations, it highlights conflicts over agricultural land as well as the effects on health, education, poverty and the welfare of children, women and old people. The authors also explore issues of mobility; connectivity and accessibility of public services, and discuss the effective use of new urban-management tools, such as the concept of smart cities and urban spatial monitoring.

Un coup de chance

by Anaïs Wilde

Et si tu te réveillais mariée avec un célèbre acteur dont tu as toujours été amoureuse ? Un coup de chance (Trilogie chance et amour :1) Ferme les yeux, Imagine que tu te réveilles dans la meilleure suite d’un hôtel de luxe, mariée avec un acteur à la mode, celui pour qui toutes, toi incluse, soupirent. Tu n’as aucune idée de comment ça s’est passé, mais, à ton doigt, il y a une bague magnifique et lui, il semble follement amoureux de toi. Ainsi, ta vie de fille normale, de gondolière dans un supermarché, donne un virage à cent- quatre-vingt degrés et tu te retrouves, non seulement à côté de l’homme que tu aimes depuis ton âge de raison, sinon aussi entourée de luxes et du monde du spectacle. Et c’est que les rêves, même paraissant insensés, se transforment parfois en réalité.

Extreme Weather Events and Human Health: International Case Studies

by Rais Akhtar

This edited book assesses the impacts of various extreme weather events on human health and development from a global perspective, and includes several case studies in various geographical regions around the globe. Covering all continents, it describes the impact of extreme weather conditions such as flash floods, heatwaves, cold waves, droughts, forest fires, strong winds and storms in both developing and developed countries. The contributing authors also investigate the spread of diseases and the risk to food security caused by drought and flooding. Further, the book discusses the economic damage resulting from natural disasters including hurricanes. It has been estimated that in 2017 natural disasters and climate change resulted in economic losses of 309 billion US dollars. Scientists also predict that if nothing is done to curb the effects of climate change, in Europe the death toll due to weather disasters could rise 50-fold by the end of the 21st century, with extreme heat alone causing more than 150,000 deaths a year, as the report on global warming of 1.5°C warns that China, Russia and Canada’s current climate policies would steer the world above a catastrophic 5°C of warming by the end of 2100. As such, the book highlights how the wellbeing of different populations is threatened by extreme events now and in the foreseeable future.

Current Immunotherapeutic Strategies in Cancer (Recent Results in Cancer Research #214)

by Matthias Theobald

This book offers a comprehensive review of recent advances in cancer immunotherapy, and explores the value and limitations of the most effective current therapeutic strategies and emerging treatment modalities. It discusses in detail the successes achieved using monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), including developments with regard to conjugated mAbs and also bispecific mAbs as novel treatment options for leukemia and solid tumors. It also examines the advances toward personalized immunotherapy, focusing on the effectiveness of adoptive cell therapy using genetically engineered T cells with tumor-associated antigen-specific T-cell receptors and chimeric antigen receptors, as well as the role of tailored vaccines based on the patient’s cancer mutanome. Further, it describes the impressive therapeutic results recently achieved with checkpoint inhibitors, and analyzes novel strategies to modulate the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. Written by leading international experts and providing up-to-date information on emerging strategies, such as oncolytic virus-based therapy, epigenetic therapy, and combination therapy, the book appeals to all those with an interest in immunotherapy as it comes of age.

Instructional Leadership and Leadership for Learning in Schools: Understanding Theories of Leading (Palgrave Studies on Leadership and Learning in Teacher Education)

by Tony Townsend

This book offers a nuanced understanding of how two different theories of leadership can be applied to achieve better results within schools. These leadership theories – Instructional Leadership and Leadership for Learning – have assisted our recent understanding of school leadership. This book interrogates the theories themselves as well as their impact on education systems around the world. It also looks at how they can be practically applied to educate school leaders within their schools and beyond, building partnerships with families, schools and other community agencies serving students. In doing so, the book considers the possibility that these theories are not opposed, but two sides of the same coin. Both are underpinned by the question ‘how do we provide the best educational experience for students?’. The answer to this question will determine the way leaders go about the task of leading schools. This important book will be of interest and value to students and scholars of educational leadership, as well as educational leaders themselves.

Frontiers of Dynamic Games: Game Theory and Management, St. Petersburg, 2018 (Static & Dynamic Game Theory: Foundations & Applications)

by Leon A. Petrosyan Vladimir V. Mazalov Nikolay A. Zenkevich

This book is devoted to game theory and its applications to environmental problems, economics, and management. It collects contributions originating from the 12th International Conference on “Game Theory and Management” 2018 (GTM2018) held at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia, from 27 to 29 June 2018.

Un coeur mis au défi

by Tetsuya 古謝哲也

Ceci est un manga que j’ai dessiné sur le thème de l’autonomie et des passions d’une personne handicapée mentale. Il se base sur ma propre expérience. Kazunori Nashiro, le personnage principal, après avoir terminé le lycée, trouve un emploi mais doit être hospitalisé car le stress sur son lieu de travail et les relations avec les autres l’ont rendu malade. Une fois sorti, avec la collaboration du personnel du centre de soins de jour par lequel il est passé, Il commence à faire des visites régulières à l’institut de formation pour handicapés moteurs, le « Jardin des ficus ». Le « jardin des ficus » accueille des personnes souffrant de handicaps moteurs, intellectuels et mentaux qui font tout leur possible pour se former à un emploi. Dès le premier jour de ses visites, Nashiro tombe amoureux d’une jeune femme en fauteuil roulant. Nashiro et les collègues qu’il a rencontrés, tout en se soutenant et s’encourageant les uns les autres, veulent être autonomes.

Handbook of Sexual Assault and Sexual Assault Prevention

by William T. O’Donohue Paul A. Schewe

This timely handbook provides in-depth overviews of the myriad and multi-faceted issues surrounding sexual assault and its pervasiveness in today’s culture. Drawing for multiple viewpoints and experts, the book is divided into seven comprehensive sections, covering such topics as risk factors, varying theoretical frameworks, prevention and intervention, and special populations. Within these sections the authors provide historical background as well as the latest research, and offer treatment outcomes and potentials.Selected topics covered in this book include: Feminist theories of sexual assaultSocial and economic factors surrounding sexual violenceMental, physiological, physical, and functional health concerns of victims, including PTSDMajor categories of sexual offendersTreatment of sexual assault survivors in the LGBTQ+ communityProcedural processes related to sexual assault investigation and adjudication within the criminal justice system The Handbook of Sexual Assault and Sexual Assault Prevention is a vital book that will appeal to a broad spectrum of students, researchers, practitioners, and clinicians in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, community mental health, and sociology.

Un Caronte dell'Unione Sovietica

by Elena Chernikova

Un racconto breve di uno spaccato di vita sovietica. La storia di un uomo che si ritrova a capo dei servizi funebri di un grande cimitero. Le direttive del partito permeano non solo la vita ma anche la morte della gente comune.

Un cadeau de la famille

by Marta Girón

Le premier roman qui traite des répercussions de notre héritage énergétique Très souvent il nous arrive des choses que nous ne savons expliquer, des situations qui nous font souffrir parce que nous ne les comprenons pas. Nous en arrivons même à accuser le destin de notre malheur ou notre tristesse, de notre maladie ou celle d'un être cher, de nos carences ou limitations. Mais, que se passerait-il si tout cela était un cadeau qui se transmet de génération en génération pour soigner quelqu'un d'autre pour nos ancêtres ? Que se passerait-il si nos expériences étaient le fruit d'expériences passées, de notre mémoire transgénérationnelle ? Que se passerait-il si les troubles physiques apportaient un message qui peut être biodécodé ? Que se passerait-il si nous devenions conscient de toutes ces expériences et si nous soignions nos problèmes? Nous sentirions-nous libres ? Récupérerions-nous notre santé ? Reconduirions-nous notre chemin et trouverions-nous de nouveaux objectifs ? Ce livre est basé sur une histoire réelle, sur les expériences de l'auteure elle-même par rapport aux circonstances de sa vie qu'elle ne réussissait pas à comprendre mais dont elle savait qu'elles n'étaient pas fortuites. Avec elle, vous pourrez voir comment elle a avancé sur un chemin que jamais elle n'aurait imaginé, entourée et conditionnée par les influences des schémas hérités de l'énergie ancestrale de son clan.

Un cadavere sulla spiaggia

by Agnès Ruiz

Un'inchiesta di Rachel Toury. In trasferta in un paesino della costa la detective Toury viene mandata a indagare su un omicidio che si rivela non essere tale... Agnès Ruiz è autrice di numerosi best-sellers, venduti in più di 360.000 copie. Ha ottenuto un immenso successo col suo primo romanzo, Ma vie assassinée. Scrive sia per gli adulti che per i ragazzi. I suoi racconti che hanno per protagonista la detective Rachel Toury ottrngono un notevole successo sia in Europa che Oltreoceano. Molti suoi titoli sono stati tradotti in diverse lingue. È originaria della Normandia (Francia) e ha abitato per oltre 20 anni in Canada. È sposata e ha tre figli.

Sodium Fluoride PET/CT in Clinical Use (Clinicians’ Guides to Radionuclide Hybrid Imaging)

by Kalevi Kairemo Homer A. Macapinlac

This pocket book is the first of its kind on sodium fluoride (18F-NaF)-PET and addresses skeletal as well as cardiovascular applications. In malignant metastatic diseases 18F-NaF-PET has already demonstrated its benefits in cancer staging, re-staging, follow-up and response evaluation. It also has an emerging diagnostic role in the calcified soft-tissue metastases of primary bone tumours, and can be applied to evaluate cardiovascular diseases, such as calcifications in heart valves and peripheral vascular disease. The book is divided into 11 chapters: five on oncology, four addressing the general aspects of skeletal conditions, and two on cardiovascular diseases. It offers a valuable guide for referring colleagues, nuclear medicine physicians/radiologists and aid clinicians, and highlights the main applications and limitations of 18F-NaF-PET hybrid imaging (PET/CT).

Un Ange à mon Portail: Poésie

by Miguel D'Addario

Ce petit chef d’œuvre, réunissant près de quatre-vingts poèmes, est à ce jour le livre le plus traduit de Miguel D’Addario. Écrit en espagnol à l’origine, il est désormais traduit en italien, anglais, portugais, grec et français. Nous sommes plongés dans un voyage intérieur à travers des thèmes universels comme l’amour, la vie, la mort, les obstacles, les bonheurs, Dieu, notre existence à travers notre recherche intérieure, notre réveil, notre évolution... Parfois l’auteur nous interpelle, nous secoue, souhaitant nous faire prendre conscience qu’il est temps de s’éveiller. L’aspect social est un thème de prédilection, car inconsciemment, nous sommes sous l’influence de la société. Mais sans le moindre questionnement, ne risquons-nous pas de passer à côté de l’essentiel ? L’adversité pourrait-elle être perçue de manière positive, comme une expérience nécessaire permettant le réveil puis l’évolution ? Les éléments perturbateurs apparaitraient alors comme des médiateurs entre le monde tangible et intangible. Et finalement l’amour apparait aussi comme une réponse, poème Limites : « (…) Embrasse comme si tu perdais ton corps demain et aime comme si c’était le dernier jour de ta vie. » Un recueil de poésie qui permet de faire face aux déboires de la vie de manière positive et de croître en se recentrant sur notre essentialité.

UMA SOBREMESA PARA ESSA NOITE as receitas de uma mãe italiana

by Gabriele Napolitano

In this book you can find 30 italian desserts and cakes recipes. Nesse livro vocês pode encontrar 30 receitas de sobremesas italianas.

Uma paixão volta no Natal

by Kris Pearson

O surpreendente reencontro, por acaso, de Tony Robinson e Ellie McKenna na fazenda deste, que viúvo e precisando de uma turora para suas pequenas gêmeas, pede à sogra Ginny para contratar uma professora. Ao chegar, já no café da manhã, eles se reencontram e começa uma longa história de resgate da paixão de onze anos atrás, o primeiro amor um do outro, que resultou em Cal, o filho que Ellie tenta esconder de Tony.

Uma questão de confiança

by Deb Stover

Gordon fechou a porta e caminhou cambaleando para a cama. Ele queria perdoar Taylor. Desesperadamente! Mas não podia confiar nela. Se se permitisse confiar, saberia que ela ficaria com o poder de o magoar novamente. Independentemente de tudo, ele não poderia mais dar-lhe esse poder. O chão rangeu logo após a porta de Gordon, e ele prendeu a respiração quando a maçaneta da porta se virou. O chão rangeu bem por trás da porta do quarto de Gordon e ele susteve a sua respiração à medida em que a maçaneta da porta ia rodando. O seu coração acelerou de tal forma e ele queria desesperadamente chamar por ela. A porta abriu devagarinho e Taylor apareceu como um vulto iluminado pela luz da lareira. "Meu Deus!" pensou ele. O seu olhar percorreu todo o seu corpo, saboreando cada centímetro de cada perna nua…O seu corpo brotou para a vida mesmo que a sua boca tenha começado a dizer as palavras: "Taylor, não..." "Tenho estado deitado e acordado e não consigo parar de me lembrar." Ela foi até à sua cama descalça. "Olha para mim, Gordon." disse Taylor. Ele abriu as pestanas e deparou-se com o seu olhar. Algo brilhante, caloroso e perigoso queimava dentro dos olhos dela. "Sabes..." disse. Ela colocou o seu joelho na cama e acarinhou-o, colocando a mão gentilmente na sua cara, depois colocou o outro joelho na sua cama e agarrou a cara dele com as suas mãos. "Apenas sei de uma coisa..." sussurrou, encostando cada vez mais a sua boca à dele.Gordon fechou a porta e caminhou cambaleando para a cama. Ele queria perdoar Taylor. Desesperadamente! Mas não podia confiar nela. Se se permitisse confiar, saberia que ela ficaria com o poder de o magoar novamente. Independentemente de tudo, ele não poderia mais dar-lhe esse poder. O chão rangeu logo após a porta de Gordon, e ele prendeu a respiração quando a maçaneta da porta se virou. O chão rangeu bem por trás da porta do quarto de Gordon e

Uma namorada grávida

by Amaya Evans

Tempo presente: Cloe Holland é uma modelo de revistas que está feliz com seu estilo de vida, cheia de luxos e viagens. Ela sente falta apenas de uma coisa: um homem que a valorize e que queira ter algo sério com ela. Ela está cansada dos homens com cabeça vazia que a rodeiam. Todos preocupados com seu físico, mas sem sentimentos, nem conversas inteligentes. Certo dia, ela foi com algumas amigas a um bar e todas concordaram em ir a uma agência de casamentos para conhecer um homem que valesse a pena, pois todas estão na mesma, procurando um relacionamento amoroso que não durasse apenas um suspiro. Os meses se passaram e ela se esqueceu do assunto, até que um dia ela é procurada por uma agência de casamentos, no exato momento em que tinha acabado de terminar com seu namorado e descoberto que aquela relação tinha deixado consequências. 1886: Charles Doyle é o xerife do vilarejo. Um homem trabalhador, que não tem sorte com as mulheres. Seu tamanho e uma cicatriz feia no rosto, resultado de uma briga intensa com um bandido, faz com que as pessoas se sintam intimidadas e se afastem quando ele passa. Ele começou a desistir de encontrar uma boa mulher, que o aceitasse como ele é, e foi por isso que seus dois bons amigos, Mathias e Derek, o aconselharam a procurar uma esposa por correspondência. Após algum tempo, enquanto cavalga em direção ao vilarejo, escutou alguns gritos e correu para ajudar uma mulher que gritava como louca e ao vê-lo ela desmaiou. A mulher carregava uma carta direcionada a ele, onde diziam que aquela era a esposa que ele tinha pedido e não davam muitos detalhes. Ele, como todo cavalheiro, levou-a até sua casa, esperando não ter cometido um erro ao escrever para aquela agência, pois a mulher não se parecia em nada com o que ele queria em uma dama e, além disso, ele ainda não sabia o que estava por vir.

Uma Festa de Casamento Arruinada

by Janet Evans

Um livro perfeito para quem gosta de mistérios! Uma festa de casamenta arruinada por um desatre, onde os noivos, convidados e cerimonialistas vão parar no hospital. Em meio a revira-voltas, a Detetive Julia tem grandes surpresa.

Uma espécie de mulher

by Verdiana Nobile

Londres. Um homem encontra uma mulher. Mas esta não é uma história de amor. Não uma daquelas tradicionais, pelo menos. Ela tem os cabelos cor-petróleo, é um pouco extravagante, tagarela, invasiva. Ele, um jovem e brilhante jornalista aprisionado em um trabalho pouco gratificante. Juntos, jogam-se na redescoberta da cidade deles, transformando cada encontro em uma pequena aventura, aprendendo a se conhecerem e fantasiando sobre o futuro. Mas, uma manhã, ela desaparece. Não tem um bilhete, uma explicação. Cada objeto ligado a ela parece ter evaporado magicamente. Reencontrá-la, para ele, torna-se uma obsessão que o levará a duvidar de si mesmo, a afrontar verdades incômodas, a reavaliar todas as suas escolhas, as relações com outros e a inteira concepção que sempre teve de si e do seu mundo. Quem realmente Leila é? O quanto é real?

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