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Carlos va de campamento (¡Arriba la Lectura! Level D #79)

by Katie Sharp Roberta Collier-Morales

NIMAC-sourced textbook <p><p> ¡Acampar es divertido! Carlos y su papá van de campamento. ¿Qué harán?

Ben busca el tesoro (¡Arriba la Lectura! Level D #62)

by Beverley Randell Nathalie Ortega

NIMAC-sourced textbook <p><p> ¿Te gusta buscar tesoros? La mamá de Ben planeó una búsqueda de tesoro para él. ¿Qué encontrará Ben al final del cuento?

Catarina está cómoda (¡Arriba la Lectura! Level C #47)

by Lisa Trumbauer Margo Burian

NIMAC-sourced textbook <p><p> Catarina no logra estar cómoda en ninguna parte de la casa. ¿Adónde puede ir para estar cómoda?

Bebés de todo tipo (¡Arriba la Lectura! Level B #33)

by Linda Washington

NIMAC-sourced textbook <p><p> Los animales también tienen bebés. En este libro, verás algunas mamás con sus bebés.

IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook

by Robert Lee

IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook is North America's most popular and widely used reference book. It was revised in 2006 to 534 pages. Used for on-the-job reference as well as numerous training and apprenticeship programs.

Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities

by Eric Kaufmann

Whiteshift: the turbulent journey from a world of racially homogeneous white majorities to one of racially hybrid majorities <P><P>This is the century of whiteshift. As Western societies are becoming increasingly mixed-race, demographic change is transforming politics. Over half of American babies are non-white, and by the end of the century, minorities and those of mixed race are projected to form the majority in the UK and other countries. The early stages of this transformation have led to a populist disruption, tearing a path through the usual politics of left and right. Ethnic transformation will continue, but conservative whites are unlikely to exit quietly; their feelings of alienation are already redrawing political lines and convulsing societies across the West. One of the most crucial challenges of our time is to enable conservatives as well as cosmopolitans to view whiteshift as a positive development. <P><P>In this groundbreaking book, political scientist Eric Kaufmann examines the evidence to explore ethnic change in North American and Western Europe. Tracing four ways of dealing with this transformation--fight, repress, flight, and join--he charts different scenarios and calls for us to move beyond empty talk about national identity. If we want to avoid more radical political divisions, he argues, we have to open up debate about the future of white majorities. <P><P>Deeply thought-provoking, enriched with illustrative stories, and drawing on detailed and extraordinary survey, demographic, and electoral data, Whiteshift will redefine the way we discuss race in the twenty-first century.

José y sus plantas de frijol (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level E #83)

by Jenny Mountstephen Debbie Croft

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Hugo, el búho (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level E #81)

by Jenny Giles Celina Korcak

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Los animales van a casa (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level D #73)

by Patricia Brennan

NIMAC-sourced textbook

La oveja de Casey (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level D #71)

by J. Perkins Jamie Williams

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Los búhos bebé (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level C #59)

by Beverley Randell Elizabeth Russell-Amot

NIMAC-sourced textbook

La luna (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level C #52)

by Heather Hammonds

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Lola y el bebé (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level C #48)

by Monica Hughes Lisa Smith

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Los animales se esconden (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level B #36)

by Patricia Brennan

NIMAC-sourced textbook

La rana Rita (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level B #28)

by Chloe Thompson Carol O'Malia

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Insectos en el jardín (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level B #25)

by David Bauer Burgandy Beam

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Los globos rojos (¡Arriba la Lectura!, Level B #22)

by Cindy Harris Anthony Carnabuci

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change

by Neal Ford Rebecca Parsons Patrick Kua

The software development ecosystem is constantly changing, providing a constant stream of new tools, frameworks, techniques, and paradigms. Over the past few years, incremental developments in core engineering practices for software development have created the foundations for rethinking how architecture changes over time, along with ways to protect important architectural characteristics as it evolves. This practical guide ties those parts together with a new way to think about architecture and time.

Picture Cards, Grade 1 and 2

by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Junior Great Books: Nonfiction Inquiry 4, Student Log

by The Great Books Foundation

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts, Grade 3, Unit 3, How Does Your Body Work? Reader

by Amplify Core Foundation

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Brother Solomon: Martyr of the French Revolution

by William John Battersby

This book, which was first published in 1960, tells of Brother Solomon Leclercq, Secretary of the Institute during the French Revolution.Brother Solomon is one of the martyrs of the French revolution and the Secretary-General of the Institute at that time. His story is compelling.Once the monarchy had been overthrown early in the French Revolution, the next target was the Church. In 1790 the Civil Constitution of the Clergy gave the state complete control over the Church in France. In order to continue to function, priests and religious were forced to take an oath to support the constitution. Most of the Brothers refused and so were forced gradually to abandon their schools and communities. Eventually the Institute was deprived altogether of legal status in France.Brother Solomon was secretary to Brother Agathon, the Superior General, after having been a teacher, director and bursar. He always showed a great love for people and a great attachment to his work. Having refused to take an oath, he lived alone in Paris in secrecy. We still have many of his letters to his family. The last one is dated August 15, 1792. That very day he was arrested and imprisoned in the Carmelite monastery, which had become a prison, together with several bishops and priests. On September 2, almost all the prisoners were killed by sword in the monastery garden. He was beatified on October 17, 1926, together with 188 of his fellow martyrs. He was the first one of our martyrs and also the first Brother to be beatified.

C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0 – Modern Cross-Platform Development - Fourth Edition

by Mark J. Price

Readers with some prior programming experience or with a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) background, who want to gain a solid foundation with C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0.

The One Man: The Riveting and Intense Bestselling WWII Thriller

by Andrew Gross

"As moving as it is gripping. A winner on all fronts."--Booklist (starred review) "Heart-pounding...This is Gross's best work yet, with his heart and soul imprinted on every page."--Kirkus Reviews (starred review)Poland. 1944. Alfred Mendl and his family are brought on a crowded train to a Nazi concentration camp after being caught trying to flee Paris with forged papers. His family is torn away from him on arrival, his life's work burned before his eyes. To the guards, he is just another prisoner, but in fact Mendl--a renowned physicist--holds knowledge that only two people in the world possess. And the other is already at work for the Nazi war machine.Four thousand miles away, in Washington, DC, Intelligence lieutenant Nathan Blum routinely decodes messages from occupied Poland. Having escaped the Krakow ghetto as a teenager after the Nazis executed his family, Nathan longs to do more for his new country in the war. But never did he expect the proposal he receives from "Wild" Bill Donovan, head of the OSS: to sneak into the most guarded place on earth, a living hell, on a mission to find and escape with one man, the one man the Allies believe can ensure them victory in the war.Bursting with compelling characters and tense story lines, this historical thriller from New York Times bestseller Andrew Gross is a deeply affecting, unputdownable series of twists and turns through a landscape at times horrifyingly familiar but still completely new and compelling.

Indigo: A Novel

by Christopher Golden Charlaine Harris Tim Lebbon Kelley Armstrong Cherie Priest Kat Richardson Mark Morris Jonathan Maberry James A. Moore Eva Diaz Seanan McGuire

Investigative reporter Nora Hesper spends her nights cloaked in shadows. As Indigo, she’s become an urban myth, a brutal vigilante who can forge darkness into weapons and travel across the city by slipping from one patch of shadow to another. Her primary focus both as Nora and as Indigo has become a murderous criminal cult called the Children of Phonos. Children are being murdered in New York, and Nora is determined to make it stop, even if that means Indigo must eliminate every member. But in the aftermath of a bloody battle, a dying cultist makes claims that cause Indigo to question her own origin and memories. Nora’s parents were killed when she was nineteen years old. She took the life insurance money and went off to explore the world, leading to her becoming a student of meditation and strange magic in a mountaintop monastery in Nepal…a history that many would realize sounds suspiciously like the origins of several comic book characters. As Nora starts to pick apart her memory, it begins to unravel. Her parents are dead, but the rest is a series of lies. Where did she get the power inside her? In a brilliant collaboration by New York Times and critically acclaimed coauthors Charlaine Harris, Christopher Golden, Kelley Armstrong, Jonathan Maberry, Kat Richardson, Seanan McGuire, Tim Lebbon, Cherie Priest, James Moore, and Mark Morris join forces to bring you a crime-solving novel like you’ve never read before.

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