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Angstfrei tauchen

by Frank Thiele Mercedes Huscsava

Panik unter Wasser? Ein Alptraum f#65533;r Tauchsch#65533;ler und Tauchlehrer. Damit dies nicht geschieht, liefert das vorliegende Buch Tauchlehrern und Tauchausbildern wertvolle Informationen, wie man Stress oder #65533;ngsten bei Tauchsch#65533;lern erfolgreich begegnet. Die Autoren erl#65533;utern das menschliche Verhalten dabei sowohl aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht, also ,,Warum haben wir Angst?", oder ,,Wie entsteht Angst #65533;berhaupt?" und geben gleichzeitig zahlreiche Tipps, die in einer Akutsituation helfen - vor oder w#65533;hrend des Tauchgangs. Auch auf die Besonderheiten beim Tauchen mit Kindern in den verschiedenen Altersgruppen geht das Werk ein.


by Reinhard Larsen Thomas Ziegenfuß Alexander Mathes

In diesem handlichen Kitteltaschenbuch finden Sie die wichtigsten Fakten zur Beatmung: Prinzipien, Beatmungsverfahren bei speziellen Krankheitsbildern sowie Pr#65533;vention und Behandlung von beatmungsbedingten Komplikationen. Ideal f#65533;r alle #65533;rzte und das Fachpflegepersonal auf Intensivstation und im OP. #65533;bersichtlich, praxisrelevant und auf das Wesentliche reduziert. Passt garantiert in jede Kitteltasche und als ebook auf das Smartphone! Nach kurzer Zeit liegt bereits die 2. aktualisierte Auflage vor.

Programming Languages and Systems

by Bor-Yuh Evan Chang

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 15th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems, APLAS 2017, held in Suzhou, China, in November 2017. The 24 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 56 submissions. They were organized in topical sections named: security; heap and equivalence reasoning; concurrency and verification; domain-specific languages; semantics; and numerical reasoning. The volume also contains two invited talks in full-paper length.

Financial Cryptography and Data Security

by Michael Brenner Andrew Miller Markus Jakobsson Joseph Bonneau Kurt Rohloff Vanessa Teague Peter Y.A. Ryan Andrea Bracciali Massimiliano Sala Federico Pintore

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the workshop on Usable Security, USEC 2013, and the third Workshop on Applied Homomorphic Cryptography, WAHC 2013, held in conjunction with the 17th International Conference on Financial Cryptology and Data Security, FC 2013, in Okinawa, Japan. The 16 revised full papers presented were carefully selected from numerous submissions and cover all aspects of data security. The goal of the USEC workshop was to engage on all aspects of human factors and usability in the context of security. The goal of the WAHC workshop was to bring together professionals, researchers and practitioners in the area of computer security and applied cryptography with an interest in practical applications of homomorphic encryption, secure function evaluation, private information retrieval or searchable encryption to present, discuss, and share the latest findings in the field, and to exchange ideas that address real-world problems with practical solutions using homomorphic cryptography.

Phase Change Memory

by Andrea Redaelli

This book describes the physics of phase change memory devices, starting from basic operation to reliability issues. The book gives a comprehensive overlook of PCM with particular attention to the electrical transport and the phase transition physics between the two states. The book also contains design engineering details on PCM cell architecture, PCM cell arrays (including electrical circuit management), as well as the full spectrum of possible future applications.

Chaotic, Fractional, and Complex Dynamics: New Insights and Perspectives

by Miguel A. F. Sanjuan Mark Edelman Elbert E. N. Macau

The book presents nonlinear, chaotic and fractional dynamics, complex systems and networks, together with cutting-edge research on related topics. The fifteen chapters - written by leading scientists working in the areas of nonlinear, chaotic, and fractional dynamics, as well as complex systems and networks - offer an extensive overview of cutting-edge research on a range of topics, including fundamental and applied research. These include but are not limited to, aspects of synchronization in complex dynamical systems, universality features in systems with specific fractional dynamics, and chaotic scattering. As such, the book provides an excellent and timely snapshot of the current state of research, blending the insights and experiences of many prominent researchers.

Breaking the Ice

by Bernd Frick

This book provides a survey of the academic research and knowledge on the economics and management of professional hockey. While professional football, baseball, and basketball have been the focus of sports economists for decades, professional hockey has been left out of most economic analyses of the sports industry. This book fills that gap by presenting a selection of research focusing specifically on hockey, such as labor relations and player behavior in the NHL, salary determination and player careers, ticket demand and ticket pricing, and emerging topics such as diversity and discrimination. Expanding the available literature dramatically, this book will be an important tool for researchers as well as sports managers, and students at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level.

Alternative Schooling and New Education

by Ralf Koerrenz Annika Blichmann Sebastian Engelmann

This book examines the European discussion about alternative schooling in the 20th century. It refers to a stream of concepts that are often described as New Education, Progressive Education, Education Nouvelle or Reformp#65533;dagogik, and discusses a range of different models of alternative schooling. Exploring the works of a range of continental educational philosophers, including Lietz, Blonsky, Kerschensteiner, Freinet, Decroly and Petersen, the book offers a unique insight into texts not yet translated into English. These educational models are presented with regards to the biographical background of the authors; the crucial elements of their construction; the historical interconnections between schooling, society and culture; and finally their connection to today's discussions in educational sciences. The book will be highly relevant for researchers and advanced students working on the theory, history and practice of schooling, particularly those with a focus on alternative schooling and the philosophy of education.

CMOS Circuits for Biological Sensing and Processing

by Srinjoy Mitra David R. S. Cumming

This book provides the most comprehensive and consistent survey of the field of IC design for Biological Sensing and Processing. The authors describe a multitude of applications that require custom CMOS IC design and highlight the techniques in analog and mixed-signal circuit design that potentially can cross boundaries and benefit the very wide community of bio-medical engineers.

Anomaly Detection Principles and Algorithms

by Chilukuri K. Mohan Kishan G. Mehrotra HuaMing Huang

This book provides a readable and elegant presentation of the principles of anomaly detection,providing an easy introduction for newcomers to the field. A large number of algorithms are succinctly described, along with a presentation of their strengths and weaknesses. The authors also cover algorithms that address different kinds of problems of interest with single and multiple time series data and multi-dimensional data. New ensemble anomaly detection algorithms are described, utilizing the benefits provided by diverse algorithms, each of which work well on some kinds of data. With advancements in technology and the extensive use of the internet as a medium for communications and commerce, there has been a tremendous increase in the threats faced by individuals and organizations from attackers and criminal entities. Variations in the observable behaviors of individuals (from others and from their own past behaviors) have been found to be useful in predicting potential problems of various kinds. Hence computer scientists and statisticians have been conducting research on automatically identifying anomalies in large datasets. This book will primarily target practitioners and researchers who are newcomers to the area of modern anomaly detection techniques. Advanced-level students in computer science will also find this book helpful with their studies.

Green Photonics and Electronics

by Gadi Eisenstein Dieter Bimberg

This books focuses on recent break-throughs in the development of a variety of photonic devices, serving distances ranging from mm to many km, together with their electronic counter-parts, e. g. the drivers for lasers, the amplifiers following the detectors and most important, the relevant advanced VLSI circuits. It explains that as a consequence of the increasing dominance of optical interconnects for high performance workstation clusters and supercomputers their complete design has to be revised. This book thus covers for the first time the whole variety of interdependent subjects contributing to green photonics and electronics, serving communication and energy harvesting. Alternative approaches to generate electric power using organic photovoltaic solar cells, inexpensive and again energy efficient in production are summarized. In 2015, the use of the internet consumed 5-6% of the raw electricity production in developed countries. Power consumption increases rapidly and without some transformational change will use, by the middle of the next decade at the latest, the entire electricity production. This apocalyptic outlook led to a redirection of the focus of data center and HPC developers from just increasing bit rates and capacities to energy efficiency. The high speed interconnects are all based on photonic devices. These must and can be energy efficient but they operate in an electronic environment and therefore have to be considered in a wide scope that also requires low energy electronic devices, sophisticated circuit designs and clever architectures. The development of the next generation of high performance exaFLOP computers suffers from the same problem: Their energy consumption based on present device generations is essentially prohibitive.

Performance and Civic Engagement

by Tim Prentki Ananda Breed

This book explores 'civic engagement' as a politically active encounter between institutions, individuals and art practices that addresses the public sphere on a civic level across physical and virtual spaces. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, it tracks across the overlapping discourses of politics, cultural geography and performance, investigating how and why physical and digital spaces can be analysed and utilised to develop new art forms that challenge traditional notions of how performance is political and how politics are performative. Across three sections - Politicising Communities, Applying Digital Agency and Performing Landscapes and Identities - the ten chapters and three interviews cover a wide variety of international perspectives, all informed by innovative ways of addressing the current crisis of social fragmentation through performance. Providing access to many debates on the theory and practice of new media, this book is of significance to readers from a broad set of academic disciplines, including politics, sociology, geography, and performance studies.

The Brazilian Economy since the Great Financial Crisis of 2007/2008

by Philip Arestis Carolina Troncoso Baltar Daniela Magalhães Prates

This book examines the performance of the Brazilian economy since the Great Financial Crisis of 2007/2008 with focus on both the productive and financial dimensions, along with distributional and social issues. The book will bring to light the causes of the fast recovery over 2009-2010 as well as of the slowdown after 2011. The chapters use econometric approaches and traditional Keynesian and post-Keynesian theories to empirically analyse the macro scenario. They explore monetary policy, fiscal policy, alongside discussion of investments and the exchange rate market, and an analysis of social policy and its impact on the economy.

Corpus Linguistics and Statistics with R

by Guillaume Desagulier

This textbook examines empirical linguistics from a theoretical linguist's perspective. It provides both a theoretical discussion of what quantitative corpus linguistics entails and detailed, hands-on, step-by-step instructions to implement the techniques in the field. The statistical methodology and R-based coding from this book teach readers the basic and then more advanced skills to work with large data sets in their linguistics research and studies. Massive data sets are now more than ever the basis for work that ranges from usage-based linguistics to the far reaches of applied linguistics. This book presents much of the methodology in a corpus-based approach. However, the corpus-based methods in this book are also essential components of recent developments in sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, computational linguistics, and psycholinguistics. Material from the book will also be appealing to researchers in digital humanities and the many non-linguistic fields that use textual data analysis and text-based sensorimetrics. Chapters cover topics including corpus processing, frequencing data, and clustering methods. Case studies illustrate each chapter with accompanying data sets, R code, and exercises for use by readers. This book may be used in advanced undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and self-study.

The Governance of European Public Goods

by Stefan Collignon

This edited volume proposes an innovative approach to European Integration by combining economics and political theory in its study of public goods. The contributors review such elements as a neo-medieval governance, the merits of a new European Republic, and, alongside Europe, include South East Asia in its discussions. By addressing different issues within the overarching approach of public goods and the republican paradigm of governance, Collignon introduces an important new perspective.

Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure

by Leslie Struble Gabriele Tebaldi

This volume includes a unique group of chapters focusing on new advances in materials for infrastructure sustainability. Chapters have been well-organized and handled by a group of international experts in order to discuss a timely topic with regards to the sustainable infrastructures. This volume is part of the proceedings of the 1st GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures, Egypt 2017.

Challenging Cases and Complication Management in Pain Medicine

by Mark S. Wallace Magdalena Anitescu Honorio T. Benzon

This comprehensive book provides reviews of pain management complications that arise in clinical practice. Organized into sections focused on types of pain therapy and procedures, each chapter is based on actual complications; starting with a case description that delineates the context with a short past medical and surgical history, pain management technique and outcome it is followed by a comprehensive review of the topic described in the first section. Authors emphasize the elements of differential diagnosis that pointed towards establishing of the complication and describe the best way to treat the identified complication. Physicians treating pain patients will be presented the necessary tools in identifying and treating unanticipated complications following pain interventions, thus providing safer care for their patients.

Histiocytic Disorders

by Oussama Abla Gritta Janka

This volume provides a comprehensive and world-class review of the field of histiocytic neoplasms and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). It reviews all the advances in the field of histiocytoses during the last ten years, particularly with regards to the genomic findings in LCH and other histiocytic neoplasms and the new suggested classification of the histiocytic disorders. Additionally, it features a state-of-the art update on the most recent treatment strategies for LCH, including the results of the last LCH-III international trial, salvage therapies such as reduced-intensity conditioning (RIC) stem cell transplant (SCT), and targeted therapies with BRAF and MEK inhibitors, as well as the challenging cases of CNS-neurodegenerative LCH and its therapeutic perspectives. For primary and secondary HLH the book updates the most recent genetic and pathophysiological findings, including macrophage-activation syndrome (MAS), and includes a special chapter on HLH in adults. Treatment chapters encompass therapy for newly diagnosed HLH and refractory disease as well as stem-cell transplantation and novel therapies. The text also highlights the most recent advances in the treatment of the uncommon histiocytic disorders, such as Erdheim-Chester disease (ECD), Juvenile xanthogranuloma (JXG) and JXG-like conditions, Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD), and the very rare malignant histiocytoses. Written by international experts in the field, Histiocytic Disorders is a valuable resource for clinicians, researchers, fellows and residents who are interested in or manage histiocytic disorders in children and adults.

Establishing a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Unit

by Éliane Gluckman Dietger Niederwieser Mahmoud Aljurf

This text aims to provide simplified practical guidelines to start a hematopoietic stem cell transplantation unit which could be implemented in most centers and countries worldwide. The book also provides guidelines for existing transplantation units to upgrade their practice and implement new policies and procedures, in addition to developing therapies according to latest international standards and regulations. The book covers a wide range of practical implementation tools including HSCT program team structure, building inpatient and outpatient HSCT units, requisite laboratory support for transplantation program, practical aspects of stem cell collection and processing, HSCT program quality management, education and training, and data management. The book also addresses cost effectiveness and recommendations for establishing transplantation program in countries with limited resources. Written by group of internationally established experts in their corresponding hematopoietic stem cell transplantation fields, with contributions from many leaders of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation organizations, Establishing a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Unit: A Practical Guide is an essential, practical resource for all members of the multidisciplinary hematopoietic stem cell transplantation team.

Beyond Bureaucracy

by Christopher G. Reddick Leonidas G. Anthopoulos Alois A. Paulin

This book examines the role of bureaucracy in modern technologically advanced societies, the traditional models of governance, and the potential of information technology to fundamentally change and improve governance. In the area of public-domain governance, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have empowered public agencies to improve their activities and to strengthen the efficiency of their operations. Technology has enabled optimized transfer of knowledge and information between government agencies, more efficient supervision and control of relationships with citizens, and higher efficiency in law enforcement through better access to information. Throughout the last decades, technology has been used to strengthen the role of state bureaucracies and the relationship between the civil service and the citizens. We have witnessed the transformative powers of ICTs in private-sector enterprises in well-structured technological landscapes, which has produced new ecosystems comprised of software developers, providers, and consumers who provide and consume new products and services in ecosystems that are based on clear technological standards and shared modular generic artefacts, which allow for distributed peer production. ICTs will shape cultural and civic discourse and create products, services and tools, relying on the open toolsets, technologies and exchange of knowledge between peers. This book will be of particular interest to government CIOs, IT/IS managers, researchers, students, and practitioners in technical sciences, public administration, business management, public policy and IS management.

Enlargement of Filtration with Finance in View

by Monique Jeanblanc Anna Aksamit

In addition to presenting the basic theory of enlargement of filtrations, this book also includes new material and applications to finance. The main results are applied to give conditions which ensure that new information does not provide arbitrage opportunities, and in those cases where the arbitrages exist, they are explicitly constructed. Numerous examples are provided together with a list of recent papers on the subject. The presentation has been kept as simple as possible. In particular, sophisticated new results are given without proofs. Addressing the question of how to model and study new information flows, the theory of enlargement of filtrations is used in credit risk modeling, insider trading and in the study of asymmetric information. This book fills a gap in the literature and will be useful to students and researchers interested in the role of information, both in financial mathematics and in econometric science.

Protein NMR

by Ranajeet Ghose

This volume covers state-of-the-art applications of solid-state and solution nuclear magnetic resonance( NMR) spectroscopy to study protein structure, dynamics and interactions. Chapters detail various aspects of data acquisition and processing, determination of the structure, multi-timescale dynamics of entities ranging from individual proteins to large macromolecular complexes to intact viral assemblies. The final two chapters will highlight the promise of NMR beyond field strengths of 1 GHz to study the structure, dynamics and interactions of a larger class of proteins and protein complexes of extraordinary biological interest. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters provide detailed laboratory protocols and troubleshooting tips that would be of great practical help to NMR spectroscopists with different levels of expertise. Authoritative and cutting-edge, Protein NMR: Methods and Protocol aims to ensure successful results in the further study of this vital field.

Discussions in User Experience

by Dave Lull

Understand the work of a modern UX professional and why UX is necessary for your business. Collated through years of online talks and work experience, this short collection of paraphrased discussions reveals the underlying psychology and philosophy of user experience decision making. Go beyond the rules to understand why the rules are there. Designed for anyone in business whose work is touching on UX - from developers to hiring managers - the topics in this book supersede the current thinking established in the IT world and touches on topics not often considered in UX education or in the workplace. Each discussion provides a launchpad for your own thinking and understanding. Written by an author with over 20 years' experience in the field of UX, this book will show you how UX is not just about users, it's about user welfare. What You'll Learn: Understand the psychology and philosophy of UX and why it is important Examine the underlying reasons behind many concepts, methods and tools Ensure the entire business offers a better experience to their users. Who this Book Is For Anyone who wants to make a career of UX design and/or architecture, including management.

PHP 7 Zend Certification Study Guide

by Andrew Beak

Improve your programming knowledge and become Zend Certified. This book closely follows the ZCE2017-PHP exam syllabus and adds important details that help candidates to prepare for the test. Zend Certification is an industry recognized standard for PHP engineers. It is very difficult to pass the examination without extensive preparation. Unlike other books on PHP, this book is very focused on reaching industry standards. The Zend examination syllabus is comprised of three focus areas and a number of additional topics. This book explains the structure of the examination and then addresses each of the topics for PHP 7. A short quiz follows each chapter to help identify gaps in your knowledge. PHP 7 Zend Certification Study Guide also contains a practice test containing 70 questions from the entire syllabus to use when reviewing for your exams. The book provides original code examples throughout and every php featured is explained clearly with examples and uses an efficient way to describe the most important details of the particular feature. What You'll Learn Brush up your knowledge of PHP programming Explore new features of the PHP v7. 1 Build a secure configuration of your server Review strategies and tips to get Zend Certified Who this Book Is For Intermediate PHP programmers with two or three years of experience who are appearing for the Zend certification exams and programmers who are proficient in other languages, but want a quick reference book to dive into PHP.

The Palgrave Handbook of African Philosophy

by Toyin Falola Adeshina Afolayan

This handbook investigates the current state and future possibilities of African Philosophy, as a discipline and as a practice, vis-#65533;-vis the challenge of African development and Africa's place in a globalized, neoliberal capitalist economy. The volume offers a comprehensive survey of the philosophical enterprise in Africa, especially with reference to current discourses, arguments and new issues--feminism and gender, terrorism and fundamentalism, sexuality, development, identity, pedagogy and multidisciplinarity, etc. --that are significant for understanding how Africa can resume its arrested march towards decolonization and liberation.

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