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Emperor of Pills and Martial Arts: Volume 12 (Volume 12 #12)

by Hu XiaoXian

The road of youth, hot-blooded legend, the path of rising up, the path of thorns, the cultivation of dual alchemy, stepping on boundaries, slashing against the heavens, stepping on the path of the emperor, stepping on the heaven and earth!

Ghost Trail And Demon Shadow: Volume 12 (Volume 12 #12)

by Nong FuShenQuan

Ever since I was young, I was an orphan. There was always a mysterious person who sent me money by letter to live with me, until I graduated from university and lived by myself. The mysterious person told me to go to a place called Green Rock Village and enter the Bei family mansion to search for something.Female ghost search for husband, metal coffin spirit sealed, return of undead, demon of ghost doctor and play … That was how my life began.Furthermore, I did not expect that all of this was my fate. Furthermore, it was a curse that I could not escape from …

Japan’s Cold War Policy and China: Two Perceptions of Order, 1960-1972 (Politics in Asia)

by Yutaka Kanda

From 1960s to the early 1970s in East Asia, the Cold War bipolar system, centering on the US and USSR, shifted to a more complicated structure. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Washington and Moscow accelerated the détente process, leading China to fear a "collusion" of the two superpowers. Publicly attacking its former ally while continuing to fight against America, China rose as a symbol of multipolarization in international politics during this era. Focusing on Japan’s policy toward this changing paradigm, Kanda examines Japanese leaders’ perceptions of the international order and how they reacted to this changing international environment. This book moves beyond the traditional Euro-centric view of the Cold War, emphasizing the significant role Japan played. The research provides insight into the foreign policy patterns of post-World War Two Japanese diplomacy, particularly in relation to China and the USSR. The investigation relies on careful readings of archival records from Japan, China, Taiwan, the US, the UK, Australia and the UN, published diplomatic documents from France and Germany, and personal papers, diaries and memoirs. This volume will appeal to anyone who is interested in postwar Japan's politics and diplomacy, international history of East Asia, and the Cold War history in general.

Routledge International Handbook of Masculinity Studies (Routledge International Handbooks)

by Ulf Mellström Tamara Shefer Lucas Gottzén

The Routledge International Handbook of Masculinity Studies provides a contemporary critical and scholarly overview of theorizing and research on masculinities as well as emerging ideas and areas of study that are likely to shape research and understanding of gender and men in the future. The forty-eight chapters of the handbook take an interdisciplinary approach to a range of topics on men and masculinities related to identity, sex, sexuality, culture, aesthetics, technology and pressing social issues. The handbook’s transnational lens acknowledges both the localities and global character of masculinity. A clear message in the book is the need for intersectional theorizing in dialogue with feminist, queer and sexuality studies in making sense of men and masculinities. Written in a clear and direct style, the handbook will appeal to students, teachers and researchers in the social sciences and humanities, as well as professionals, practitioners and activists.

The Body and Consent in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Medicine: A Therapeutic Rape Culture

by Jemma Tosh

This groundbreaking text interrogates the constructed boundary between therapy and violence, by examining therapeutic practice and discourse through the lens of a psychologist and a survivor of sexual abuse. It asks, what happens when those we approach for help cause further harm? Can we identify coercive practices and stop sexual abuse in psychology, psychiatry, and medicine? Tosh explores these questions and more to illustrate that many of the therapies considered fundamental to clinical practice are deeply problematic when issues of consent and sexual abuse are considered. The book examines a range of situations where medical power and authority produces a context where the refusals and non-consent of oppressed groups are denied, dismissed, or ignored, arguing that key concepts and discourses have resulted in the production and standardisation of a therapeutic rape culture in the helping professions. Tosh uses critical intersectionality theory and discourse analysis to expertly highlight the complex interrelationships between race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability in our understanding of abuse and how we define survivors. Drawing on a wide range of comprehensive examples, including experiences and perspectives from cisgender and transgender men and women, as well as nonbinary and intersex people, this is essential reading for students and researchers of critical and queer psychology, gender studies, as well as mental health practitioners and social workers.

Negotiating Trade in Uncertain Worlds: Misperception and Contestation in EU-West Africa Relations (Global Institutions)

by Clara Weinhardt

This book shows how a constructivist account of bargaining sheds new light on the emergence of impasse situations in international trade negotiations. It uncovers the subtle ways in which misperceptions – and the problems of overcoming them – complicate negotiations. It brings to the forefront misperceptions and sticky beliefs that complicate trade talks between the Global South and the Global North. Empirically, the book examines the recent negotiations of Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union (EU) and West Africa (2002–2014). In doing so, it enriches the study of negotiations of development-oriented trade agreements in the context of a major North-South partnership. By exploring a constructivist perspective on game theory, the author uncovers how the repeated impasse situations followed from the different "games" both sides expected to be playing. The author shows that such misperceptions endured because they reflected deep-seated normative disagreements not only over the effects of neo-liberal trade reforms, but also over how to structure EU – Africa post-colonial trade relations in the 21st century. Comparing and contrasting both sides’ divergent perspectives helps us to see how trade negotiations are never just about economic interests, but also about the (re)negotiation of the values and ideas that structure state interaction. The book draws on a large set of qualitative primary data on EU-West Africa trade negotiations. Negotiating trade in uncertain worlds will be of great interest to students and scholars of international relations, international political economy, international trade, international negotiations, EU external relations, EU-Africa cooperation, economic diplomacy, international relations of the developing world, and North-South cooperation.

The Legacy of Vaiṣṇavism in Colonial Bengal (Routledge Hindu Studies Series)

by Ferdinando Sardella Lucian Wong

This book offers a focused examination of the Bengali Vaiṣṇava tradition in its manifold forms in the pivotal context of British colonialism in South Asia. Bringing together scholars from across the disciplines of social and intellectual history, philology, theology, and anthropology to systematically investigate Vaiṣṇavism in colonial Bengal, this book highlights the significant roles—religious, social, and cultural—that a prominent Hindu devotional current played in the lives of wide and diverse sections of colonial Bengali society. Not only does the book thereby enrich our understanding of the history and development of Bengali Vaiṣṇavism, but it also sheds valuable new light on the texture and dynamics of colonial Hinduism beyond the discursive and social-historical parameters of an entrenched Hindu "Renaissance" paradigm. A landmark in the burgeoning field of Bengali Vaiṣṇava studies, this book will be of interest to scholars of modern Hinduism, religion, and colonial South Asian social and intellectual history.

The Global Muslim Brotherhood in Britain: Non-Violent Islamist Extremism and the Battle of Ideas (Routledge Studies in Political Islam)

by Damon L. Perry

Since 2011, with the British Government’s counter-radicalisation strategy, Prevent, non-violent Islamist groups have been considered a security risk for spreading a divisive ideology that can lead to radicalisation and violence. More recently, the Government has expressed concerns about their impact on social cohesion, entryism, and women’s rights. The key protagonists of non-violent Islamist ‘extremism’ allegedly include groups and individuals associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Jama’at-i-Islami. They have been described as part of the ‘global Muslim Brotherhood’, but do they constitute a singular phenomenon, a social movement? This book shows that such groups and individuals do indeed comprise a movement in Britain, one dedicated to an Islamic ‘revival’. It shows how they are networked organisationally, bonded through ideological and cultural kinship, and united in a conflict of values with the British society and state. Using original interviews with prominent revivalist leaders, as well as primary sources, the book also shows how the movement is not so much ‘Islamist’ in aspiring for an Islamic state, but concerned with institutionalising an Islamic worldview and moral framework throughout society. The conflict between the Government and the global Muslim Brotherhood is apparent in a number of different fields, including education, governance, law, and counterterrorism. But this does not simply concern the direction of Government policy or the control of state institutions. It most fundamentally concerns the symbolic authority to legitimise a way of seeing, thinking and living. By assessing this multifaceted conflict, the book presents an exhaustive and up-to-date analysis of the political and cultural fault lines between Islamic revivalists and the British authorities. It will be useful for anyone studying Islam in the West, government counter-terrorism and counter-extremism policy, multiculturalism and social cohesion.

Das Buch für Ihren Erfolg im Vertrieb

by Florian Woracek

Die erfolgreichsten Organisationen, wie Würth und Apple, sehen den Verkauf als ihre zentrale Aufgabe an. So nach dem Motto: "Ohne Verkauf ist alles nichts!" Dem stimmt Florian Woracek definitiv zu. Er spricht im Rahmen seiner Tätigkeiten nicht nur immer wieder vom Verkauf, sondern lebt ihn tagtäglich. Er weiß, welche Ängste Verkäufer umtreiben. Auf dieser Basis setzt er sich in seinem Buch nun mit dem Verkaufsprozess auseinander, sowohl face-to-face als auch am Telefon. Er beantwortet für Vertriebsleiter die Frage, wie ein Verkaufsprozess aufzubauen ist, damit 4 von 5 Kunden zielsicher abgeschlossen werden können. Woracek zeigt, wie die Verkäufer des Teams Kompetenz, Vertrauen und Sympathie ausstrahlen - die 3-MUSS-Kriterien, damit der Kunde in Kauflaune gerät. Das Buch hilft, die Einstellung eines erfolgreichen Verkäufers zu erkennen und gibt praktische Tipps, dass jedes Verkaufsteam eine solche Einstellung bekommt. Florian Woracek weist außerdem die Fallstricke aus, die den Verkauf mit Garantie verhindern. Gespickt mit plakativen Beispielen und Formulierungen aus der täglichen Verkaufspraxis des Autors.

Gute Entscheidungen: Eine Anleitung zum Integrativen Denken für Führungskräfte

by Roger L. Martin Jennifer Riel

Viele Unternehmer und Manager haben Probleme, neue Ideen zu entwickeln. Oftmals bleiben sie dann doch ihren bisherigen Problemlösungen verhaftet und benutzen dieselben "alten" Tools. Aber wir müssen anders und neu denken und uns von konventionellem Wissen verabschieden. Zum Beispiel von der Ansicht, dass bei einer Entscheidung mit 2 gegensätzlichen Polen nur ein Entweder-Oder oder Kompromiss (der kleinste gemeinsame Nenner, wenn es hart auf hart kommt) die einzigen Möglichkeiten sind. Roger Martin fordert dann integratives Denken, also die Schaffung einer neuen Lösung als Synthese aus den beiden gegensätzlichen Modellen. Wie Integrative Thinking in der Praxis umgesetzt werden kann, zeigt er in "Gute Entscheidungen". Das Buch von Roger Martin und Jennifer Riel liefert für jede Führungskraft und jeden Manager, die harte Entscheidungen treffen müssen, eine vierstufige Methode zur integrativen Lösung von komplexen und großen Problemen. Damit und durch die zahlreich enthaltenen Storys und Praxisbeispiele integrativer Denker aus verschiedenen Unternehmen und Branchen ist es DAS Anwendungsbuch für die Kunst des integrativen Denkens.

Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World (Tribe of Hackers)

by Marcus J. Carey Jennifer Jin

Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World (9781119643371) was previously published as Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World (9781793464187). While this version features a new cover design and introduction, the remaining content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product. Looking for real-world advice from leading cybersecurity experts? You’ve found your tribe. Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World is your guide to joining the ranks of hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals around the world. Whether you’re just joining the industry, climbing the corporate ladder, or considering consulting, Tribe of Hackers offers the practical know-how, industry perspectives, and technical insight you need to succeed in the rapidly growing information security market. This unique guide includes inspiring interviews from 70 security experts, including Lesley Carhart, Ming Chow, Bruce Potter, Robert M. Lee, and Jayson E. Street. Get the scoop on the biggest cybersecurity myths and misconceptions about security Learn what qualities and credentials you need to advance in the cybersecurity field Uncover which life hacks are worth your while Understand how social media and the Internet of Things has changed cybersecurity Discover what it takes to make the move from the corporate world to your own cybersecurity venture Find your favorite hackers online and continue the conversation Tribe of Hackers is a must-have resource for security professionals who are looking to advance their careers, gain a fresh perspective, and get serious about cybersecurity with thought-provoking insights from the world’s most noteworthy hackers and influential security specialists.

Essentials of Forensic Accounting (AICPA)

by William S. Hopwood Michael A. Crain Carl Pacini George R. Young Richard S. Gendler

Essentials of Forensic Accounting Essentials of Forensic Accounting is an authoritative resource covering a comprehensive range of forensic accounting topics. As a foundation review, a reference book, or as preparation for the Certification in Financial Forensics (CFF®) Exam, this publication will provide thoughtful and insightful examination of the key themes in this field, including: Professional responsibilities and practice management Fundamental forensic knowledge including laws, courts, and dispute resolution Specialized forensic knowledge such as bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, and valuation Through illustrative examples, cases, and explanations, this book makes abstract concepts come to life to help you understand and successfully navigate this complex area.

Advances in Ceramics for Environmental, Functional, Structural, and Energy Applications II (Ceramic Transactions Series #266)

by Amar Bhalla

This proceedings contains a collection of 22 papers presented at the 2018 Materials Science and Technology Meeting (MS&T’18) held in Columbus, Ohio, October 14-18, 2018. Symposia topics included in this volume are:• Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices• Innovative Processing and Synthesis of Ceramics, Glasses and Composites• International Symposium on Ceramic Matrix Composites• Materials for Nuclear Applications and Extreme Environments• Nanotechnology for Energy, Environment, Electronics, Healthcare and Industry• Processing and Performance of Materials Using Microwaves, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Ultrasound, Lasers, and Mechanical Work – Rustum Roy Symposium• Additive Manufacturing of Composites and Complex Materials• Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Ceramics

Fixed Income Analysis Workbook (CFA Institute Investment Series)

by Barbara S. Petitt

THE THOROUGHLY REVISED AND UPDATED FOURTH EDITION OF THE COMPANION WORKBOOK TO FIXED INCOME ANALYSIS Now in its fourth edition, the Fixed Income Analysis Workbook offers a range of practical information and exercises that will enhance your understanding of the tools, strategies, and techniques associated with fixed-income portfolio management. Written by a team of knowledgeable contributors, this hands-on resource helps busy professionals and those new to the discipline apply the concepts and methodologies that are essential for mastery. The Workbook is an accessible guide for understanding the metrics, methods, and mechanics as applied in the competitive world of fixed-income analysis. It also provides a stress-free way to practice the tools and techniques described in the companion text. The Fixed Income Analysis Workbook includes information and exercises to help you: Work real-world problems associated with fixed-income risk and return Review the fundamentals of asset-backed securities Comprehend the principles of credit analysis Understand the arbitrage-free valuation framework Practice important methods and techniques before applying them in actual situations The fourth edition provides updated coverage of fixed income portfolio management including detailed applications of liability-driven and index-based strategies, exposure to the major types of yield curve strategies, and practical approaches to implementing active credit strategies. For anyone who wants a more solid understanding of fixed-income portfolio management, the Fixed Income Analysis Workbook is a comprehensive and practical resource.

Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs

by David Parmenter

The new edition of the bestselling guide on creating and using key performance indicators—offers significant new and revised content Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help define and measure the organizational goals which are fundamental to an organization’s current and future success. Having solid KPIs is crucial for companies that are implementing performance management systems, such as balanced scorecards, six sigma, or activity-based management. In many organizations, KPIs are often too numerous, randomly assembled, and overly complex—essentially rendering them ineffectual, or at worse, counterproductive. Key Performance Indicators provides a model for simplifying the complex areas of KPIs while helping organizations avoid common mistakes and hazards. Now in its fourth edition, this bestselling guide has been extensively revised and updated to incorporate practical lessons drawn from major implementations. Fresh content includes a more concise KPI methodology with clear implementation guidance, original insights on how other areas of performance management can be corrected, and new in-depth case studies. A revised starter kit is included to identify critical success factors, and the KPI resource kit contains updated worksheets, workshop programs, and questionnaires. Helping readers to better define and measure progress toward goals, this important guide: Dispels the myths of performance measurement and explains a simple, yet powerful KPI methodology Explains the 12-step model for developing and using KPIs with guidelines Helps readers brainstorm performance measures, sell KPI projects to the Board and senior management, and accurately report performance Features the “KPI Project Leaders Corner” which provides readers with essential information and useful exercises Includes an array of practical tools—templates, checklists, performance measures—and a companion website ( Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs, 4th Edition is important resource for C-suite executives, senior management, project teams, external project facilitators, and team coordinators involved in all aspects of performance management systems.

Banking on Change: The Development and Future of Financial Services

by Ouida Taaffe

PRAISE FOR Banking on Change "In this 140th Anniversary celebration book, The London Institute of Banking and Finance stick to their core function of educating us all, but especially aspirant bankers, on the role and concerns of (retail and commercial) banking in the UK. They have assembled a well-chosen group of practitioners from a range of professions to write clear and easily assimilable essays, no technical expertise required, on a wide variety of current banking issues. If you want to learn about the current practices and problems of UK retail banking, this book must be essential reading." —Charles Goodhart, emeritus professor of banking and finance at the London School of Economics "In this important book, a line from Bill Allen's contribution is key: 'Nobody can predict the ferocity of the gale of creative destruction' that faces the financial services sector. True; but if you read the many and varied contributions, you'll have a pretty good idea. Moreover, you'll understand how we (that is, bankers) got here – and what we should do to make the industry more competitive, fairer and more genuinely useful. It is a soup-to-nuts look at banking – from the early days of the Institute of Banking, through the go-go years of ifs, to a present and future that are likely to be dominated by technology. It is well-worth a long read." —Andrew Hilton, director, Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation "If you were to imagine what a book celebrating 140 years of financial knowledge might contain, you could not come up with a better selection than this. As well as a historic sweep – from no-tech to fintech, the decline of trust and the rise of competition – today's hot subjects are addressed, including sustainable investing, cultural diversity and digital identity. The cradle-to-grave nature of the industry is captured in pieces about financial education and pensions. And it's well written, setting the scene nicely for the next era." —Jane Fuller, Fellow of the Society of Investment Professionals Financial services are undergoing rapid, and potentially dramatic, change. What will happen in payments, in sustainable finance and in fintech? How can the industry boost financial inclusion and ensure that its workforce has the skills it needs to meet regulatory requirements and to compete with new entrants? Can trade finance rise to the challenge of underpinning global trade for all and help the developing world avoid "financial abandonment"? What do financial services need to do to protect our digital identities? Banking on Change provides insights by experts and influencers from across the financial services industry on these and other questions. Published to mark the 140th anniversary of The London Institute of Banking & Finance, this book is intended to be of lasting value to both students and professionals.

Trading Systems and Methods (Wiley Trading #Vol. 74)

by Perry J. Kaufman

The new edition of the definitive reference to trading systems—expanded and thoroughly updated. Professional and individual traders haverelied on Trading Systems and Methods for over three decades. Acclaimed trading systems expert Perry Kaufman provides complete, authoritative information on proven indicators, programs, systems, and algorithms. Now in its sixth edition, this respected book continues to provide readers with the knowledge required to develop or select the trading programs best suited for their needs. In-depth discussions of basic mathematical and statistical concepts instruct readers on how much data to use, how to create an index, how to determine probabilities, and how best to test your ideas. These technical tools and indicators help readers identify trends, momentum, and patterns, while an analytical framework enables comparisons of systematic methods and techniques. This updated, fully-revised edition offers new examples using stocks, ETFs and futures, and provides expanded coverage of arbitrage, high frequency trading, and sophisticated risk management models. More programs and strategies have been added, such as Artificial Intelligence techniques and Game Theory approaches to trading. Offering a complete array of practical, user-ready tools, this invaluable resource: Offers comprehensive revisions and additional mathematical and statistical tools, trading systems, and examples of current market situations Explains basic mathematical and statistical concepts with accompanying code Includes new Excel spreadsheets with genetic algorithms, TradeStation code, MetaStock code, and more Provides access to a companion website packed with supplemental materials Trading Systems and Methods is an indispensable reference on trading systems, as well as system design and methods for professional and individual active traders, money managers, trading systems developers.

The Romantic Soldier King: Volume 8 (Volume 8 #8)

by You Liaodeyu

In the past, when the beautiful ladies fell in love with the soldier king train at first sight, they had become close friends of the beautiful ladies and bodyguards. Back then, the soldier king at first sight had become close friends of the beautiful ladies and bodyguards at first sight.

Strongest Revenge System: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Nian Xi

Lin Xiao, who accidentally transmigrated to the cultivation world, obtained a revenge system. If he wanted to survive, he had to do something. The bigger the problem, the bigger the trouble, the more points he would have for revenge, and the more he would be able to buy the necessities for survival.From then on, in order to survive, Lin Xiao had no choice but to step onto the road of creating trouble.

Almighty Cultivating Fanatic: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Shui Zhujianghu

The universe was like a sleeve, moving at night. In the surging currents of history, Chen Yang was everywhere. He was once the great general who had pacified the world in ancient times, an extremely powerful subject! He used to be a Grand Scholar of the Shuangjie Painting Sect, but now he was branded as Wen Zheng! He used to be the true master of face-to-face ghost hunting, and his achievements were boundless!He had seen the vicissitudes of life, he had seen the alpine plains, and now that he had returned from the ninth reincarnation, he had merged into the body of a young man of modern times.

Romantic Medical Saint in the City: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Xiao Ya

Despite facing an unemployment crisis, he found out that his girlfriend had cheated, but that doesn't matter. I have the Fairy Doctor bracelet, it cured the school beauty's illness, and it saved the life of the beautiful CEO. Don't be anxious, we have lined up the girls one by one, this is Wang Yunjie's story of stepping onto the peak of life.

The Ancient Sovereign: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Luo Qinglei.

In the Great Thousand World, on the path of cultivation, there were countless living creatures that could be called deities. Those who stole Yin and Yang would never die.The young man rose up in the end, supported by the mysterious Imperial Jade Seal. He refined an invincible ability, stepped on the bones of all the powerful experts in the world, experienced countless tribulations, proved the way of the universe, and embarked on the road to an eternal immortal supreme being!

Rebirth: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Shang Wei

Qin Yichen was the famous Extreme Xuan Sky Sovereign in the cultivation world. He had accidentally fallen during the tribulation, but he was reborn back to Earth. After experiencing thousands of years of cultivation, he was no longer that cowardly and useless bookworm from back then! In this life, he had killed Buddha and killed gods, and he had chosen his own path. He vowed to seek immortality in this bustling city and become the strongest person in this world!

Eternally Blood Emperor: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Bu Zui

Being reputed as the most terrifying subordinate, Ye Ya was ambushed and killed because of his great achievements. He was reborn into a lower plane of the Tian Ling Continent and became the clan leader of a clan in a precarious situation.

The Strongest Takeout System: Volume 5 (Volume 5 #5)

by Jiang Nian

The unlucky little take-out worker Wang Yu unexpectedly got the strongest take-out system, sent all the gods in the Immortal World, sent all the undead in the Underworld, a large group of legendary bosses hired a large group of martial arts hero as a take-out worker, an unending number of fortuitous encounters. From then on, school beauties, imperial sisters, and beautiful CEO ladies all threw themselves into his arms one after another, Chang'e, the Seven Fairies admired him endlessly, and wanted to see how Wang Yu would deal with the teasing of each beauty.

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