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Work it Out: Using Personality Type to Improve Team Performance

by Sandra Krebs Hirsh

Work It Out delivers a dynamic way to simplify the complex--and sometimes chaotic--interactions between people at work. With fresh insights on applying the power of personality type in executive coaching, experts Hirsh and Kise have built a solid foundation for helping individuals tap into their strengths, minimize unnecessary conflict, and learn to work more effectively with others. Dozens of hands-on exercises, intervention descriptions, and case studies put the power to implement these teambuilding and coaching strategies into the hands of any manager, consultant, business leader, or HR professional committed to improving communication, reducing stress, fostering sustainable change, and building strong, effective teams in organizations.

Working Globesmart: 12 People Skills for Doing Business Across Borders

by Janet A. Kise

Taking a new assignment in your company's foreign office? Meeting a business associate from another country? Videoconferencing with a group of global co-workers? Negotiating a project deadline with the foreign software engineer across the hall? Learn how to apply a new set of cultural competencies to successfully cross national or cultural boundaries. Working GlobeSmart shows how global people skills add value to global business and captures the essence of what global leadership means: the ability to create a corporate culture that builds cooperation across borders and cultures, between customers and suppliers-across every organizational line.

Presidents Fact Book Revised and Updated!: The Achievements, Campaigns, Events, Triumphs, and Legacies of Every President from George Washington to the Current One

by Bill Harris Thomas J. Craughwell Roger Matuz

An All-New Edition! The Presidents Fact Book is a complete compendium of all things presidential and a sweeping survey of American history through the biographical lens of every president from George Washington through Donald Trump. Organized chronologically by president, each entry covers the major accomplishments and events of the presidential term; cabinet members, election results, groundbreaking legislation, and Supreme Court appointments; personality and personal habits; career before the presidency; a behind-the-scenes look at the wives, families, friends, and foes; and much more, including hobbies, odd behaviors, and outlandish penchants. Major primary documents from each administration-from the Bill of Rights to Barack Obama's speech on race in America-provide a glimpse into the crucial moments of America's storied past in the words of those who led the nation. Perfect for students, history buffs, and political junkies, The President's Fact Book is at once an expansive collage of our nation's 45 individual presidents and a comprehensive view of American history.

Green Jobs for a New Economy: 50 Four-year Schools with Great Green Programs

by Peterson'S

Looking for two-year schools with sustainability programs? These easy-to-read profiles are organized by state and province, and include the following information for accredited two-year schools in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada that responded to Peterson's Survey of Sustainability Efforts in Higher Education online survey: Sustainability Initiatives, Academics, Student Services and Green Events, Food, Transportation, Buildings and Grounds, Recycling, Energy, Purchasing, and Contact Information. Featuring exclusive bonus section, "What Does Being Green Mean," which examines the current interest in sustainability, President Obama's "New Energy for America" program, and key green terms and definitions, with links to more than 20 green job boards and over 30 U.S. and global organizations that support sustainability.

Manifest animalista: La causa animal com a camí per a un nou humanisme

by Corine Pelluchon

La violència contra els animals és un atac directe a la nostra humanitat. Això demostra Corine Pelluchon en aquest breu, pragmàtic, i controvertit assaig que suposa una contribució radical a l'ètica i la filosofia política. Lluitar contra el maltractament animal és rebel·lar-se contra una societat basada en l'explotació, i per això la causa animalista és una qüestió política major que ens concerneix a tots, més enllà d'ideologies o conflictes d'interessos. Amb un estil viu, persuasiu i inspirador, l'autora proposa un camí possible i factible per portar aquest debat a l'esfera política amb tanta claredat i urgència com sigui possible. Ressenyes:«Corine Pelluchon ho explica tot absolutament bé en tot just un centenar de pàgines: per ser una alternativa vàlida, és imprescindible polititzar la causa animal.»Luce Lapin, Charlie Hebdo «L'objectiu principal de l'autora està completament assolit en aquest Manifest animalista: dóna al lector les claus que li permetran ampliar el radi d'acció de l'humanisme als animals.»Philippe Douroux, Libération «Una perspectiva bella i ambiciosa.»Isabelle Gravillon, Femme Majuscule «Un llibre d'intervenció política, tan compromès com lúcid.»Robert Jules, La Tribune «Una de les moltes i grans qualitats d'aquest Manifest animalista és que, en tot moment, el seu projecte està exposat de manera perfectament creïble i realitzable. Precisament per això, l'autora no es fa cap il·lusió sobre la dificultat que suposa introduir la qüestió animal en el debat polític.»Hicham-Stéphane Afeissa, Non Fiction

The Built-Up Ship Model

by Charles G. Davis

This highly detailed, superbly illustrated manual introduces serious model builders to the hand crafting of ship models from the bottom up, exactly as real ships were traditionally built in shipyards. Clearly, and with painstaking care, every step of construction is explained, from laying the keel to the last details of masting and rigging.For this book, the author chose as a model the 16-gun United States brig Lexington, a merchant vessel converted to military use in 1773, and a veteran of two years of active service in the Revolution. To ensure complete accuracy and to alert readers to possible problems and pitfalls along the way, the author, a naval architect and master model builder, constructed the model as he wrote the book.Photographs illustrate the day-to-day work in progress, so that ship model builders can check their work against Davis's own replica. In addition, over 100 drawings show in detail correct implementation of the more complex instructions. In his introduction, Charles Davis chronicles the exciting career of the Lexington, and the role it played in America's fight for freedom.A classic in its field, The Built-Up Ship Model is not a book for beginners; rather, it is an expert guide aimed at model builders with experience, patience, and a passion for building "the real thing." The reward: an heirloom-quality ship model as beautiful as it is authentic in every detail.

A Narrative of Ethan Allen's Captivity: Containing His Voyages and Travels

by Ethan Allen John Pell Will Crawford

The well-known patriot and leader of the Green Mountain Boys was arrested by the British in 1775 during a failed attempt to capture Montreal. Imprisoned aboard Royal Navy ships, paroled in New York City, and finally released in a 1778 prisoner exchange, Ethan Allen offers a stirring firsthand account of the early years of the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary Europe 1780–1850

by Jonathan Sperber

Jonathan Sperber’s Revolutionary Europe 1780–1850 is a history of Europe in the age of the French Revolution, from the end of the old regime to the outcome of the revolutions of 1848. Fully revised and updated, this second edition provides a continent-wide history of the key political events and social transformation that took place within this turbulent period, extending as far as their effects within the European colonial society of the Caribbean. Key features include analyses of the movement from society’s old regime of orders to a civil society of property owners; the varied consequences of rapid population increase and the spread of market relations in the economy; and the upshot of these changes for political life, from violent revolutions and warfare to dramatic reforms and peaceful mass movements a lively account of the events of the period and a thorough analysis of the political, cultural and socioeconomic transformations that shaped them a look into the lives of ordinary people amidst the social and economic developments of the time a range of maps depicting the developments in Europe’s geographic scope between 1789 and 1848, including for the 1820, 1830 and 1848 revolutions. Revolutionary Europe 1780–1850 is the perfect introduction for students of the history of the French Revolution and the history of Europe more broadly.

The First American Cookbook: A Facsimile of "American Cookery," 1796

by Amelia Simmons

This facsimile of the first American-written cookbook published in the United States is not only a first in cookbook literature, but a historic document. It reveals the rich variety of food Colonial Americans enjoyed, their tastes, cooking and eating habits, even their colorful language.Author Amelia Simmons worked as a domestic in Colonial America and gathered her cookery expertise from firsthand experience. Her book points out the best ways of judging the quality of meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, etc., and presents the best methods of preparing and cooking them. In choosing fish, poultry, and other meats, the author wisely advises, "their smell denotes their goodness." Her sound suggestions for choosing the freshest and most tender onions, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, asparagus, lettuce, cabbage, beans, and other vegetables are as timely today as they were nearly 200 years ago.Here are the first uniquely American recipes using corn meal -- Indian pudding, "Johnny cake," and Indian slapjacks -- as well as the first recipes for pumpkin pudding, winter squash pudding, and for brewing spruce beer. The words "cookie" and "slaw" made their first published appearance in this book. You'll also find the first recommended use of pearlash (the forerunner of baking powder) to lighten dough, as well as recommendations for seasoning stuffing and roasting beef, mutton, veal, and lamb -- even how to dress a turtle.Along with authentic recipes for colonial favorites, a Glossary includes definitions of antiquated cooking terms: pannikin, wallop, frumenty, emptins, and more. And Mary Tolford Wilson's informative Introductory Essay provides the culinary historical background needed to appreciate this important book fully.Anyone who uses and collects cookbooks will want to have The First American Cookbook. Cultural historians, Americana buffs, and gourmets will find this rare edition filled with interesting recipes and rich in early American flavor.

The Red and the Black

by Stendhal Horace B. Samuel

A landmark in the development of psychological realism, Stendhal's masterpiece chronicles a young man's struggles with the dualities of his nature. Julien Sorel, a young dreamer from the provinces whose imagination is afire with Napoleonic ideals, sets off to make his fortune in Parisian society of Restoration France. His encounters and experiences along the way incite constant inner conflict, drawing him back and forth between sincerity and hypocrisy, idealism and cynicism, humility and pride, love and ambition.

Barchester Towers

by Anthony Trollope

A new bishop arrives in the fictional cathedral town of Barchester, launching a comical battle for ascendancy among the local clergymen and their dependents. Dr. Proudie, the newly appointed bishop, brings two powerful allies: Mrs. Proudie, the outspoken power behind the ecclesiastical throne, and a scheming chaplain, the odious Obadiah Slope. Anthony Trollope's novel satirizes Anglican Church infighting during the 1850s between "low church" reformers and "high church" conservatives. Trollope's ironic observations and keen social and psychological insights combine to form a tale with timeless appeal. There are many ways to approache the prolific Victorian author's 47 novels, and Barchester Towers is among the best as an introduction. The success of its predecessor, The Warden, inspired Trollope to return to Barchester for the next in what ultimately became a series of six related novels. Rich in humor, wisdom, and memorable characters, this volume offers a captivating portrait of provincial life in 19th-century England.

Dulce promesa (Dulce Londres 3)

by Eva Benavidez

Expuestos ante el peligro, la muerte, el misterio y la tentación, se desatará una lucha entre el rencor, el orgullo y el recuerdo de una dulce promesa de amor. Ante la sociedad inglesa Sebastien Albrigth, Conde de Gauss, es solo un libertino despreocupado que dedica sus días a la diversión y a los placeres carnales. Es la máscara perfecta para ocultar su verdadera identidad, la del misterioso espía conocido como Halcón Blanco. Lady Emily Asher, a pesar de ser una beldad, es rechazada por ser hija del Marqués Loco. Pero ella esconde un secreto: la razón de la demencia de su padre y la pérdida de su madre. Al hacer un macabro descubrimiento es amenazada y obligada a huir, transformándose en la Dama Negra. Cuando el famoso rastreador de la corona persiga a la misteriosa mujer tras el antifaz, los enamorados del pasado se reencontrarán y deberán enfrentarse a la encrucijada que el amor y el deseo les interpondrá.

Tuya sin condiciones (Amnesia 3)

by Mari Díaz

«Cuando el enigma que oculta tu pasado es tan oscuro, quizá sea mejor no recordarlo». La separación de Marcus y Evelyn no es la primera, sin embargo, esta vez las circunstancias son otras: un divorcio, un embarazo..., y una pareja atada por el deseo, el amor y la pasión que son el eje central de una historia que termina. En ella, ambos deben enfrentar una vez más los obstáculos y secretos que quedarán desvelados y amenazarán con interponerse entre ellos. ¿Lograrán al fin estar juntos sin que nada ni nadie se lo impida? No dejes de leer la última entrega de la Saga Amnesia, el desenlace de una novela romántica y apasionante que llevará al límite tu imaginación.


by Jane Austen

Eight years ago, Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth fell head over heels in love. But Anne's snobbish family put a stop to their engagement, believing the young naval captain wasn't good enough for her. Pretty, intelligent Anne soon realises it was a terrible mistake, and spends her twenties in the shadow of her father and her selfish sisters. But she never forgets.Then Captain Wentworth - by now a successful, wealthy man, looking for a wife - walks back into her life. Can he forgive her? Does he still love her? And could they ever be happy, after all this time?

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

by Jacob Burckhardt

This authoritative study by a distinguished scholar presents a brilliant panorama of Italian Renaissance life, explaining how and why the period constituted a cultural revolution. Author Jacob Burckhardt chronicles the transition from the medieval concept of society as a conglomeration of classes and communities to the Renaissance focus on individual spirit and creativity. Burckhardt's comprehensive view of art, government, and aspects of daily life redefined both the Western world's understanding of the Italian Renaissance and future studies of cultural history. Historian Hajo Holborn praised this survey as "the greatest single book on the history of Italy between 1350 and 1550." First published in German in 1860, its exploration of art, fashions, manners, and philosophy traces the influences of classical antiquity on Michelangelo, Leonardo, the Medicis, and other thinkers and artists. As alive today as when it was written 150 years ago, this indispensable study chronicles the revival of humanism, the conflict between church and empire, and the rise of both the modern state and the modern individual.

Mechanical Appliances, Mechanical Movements and Novelties of Construction

by Gardner D. Hiscox

From the devices that power ships and trains to the workings of clocks, typewriters, and guns, this engrossing visual narrative profiles the specific and unique properties of hundreds of mechanical devices. Nearly 1,000 detailed illustrations depict steam-powered appliances, spring-powered devices, hydraulic equipment, and other machines, many of which remain in common use today. Each apparatus features a detailed line drawing and an informative explanation of its workings and uses. A final chapter chronicles 400 years of impassioned but futile searching for a perpetual motion machine.The companion to Dover's 1800 Mechanical Movements, Devices and Appliances, this volume features fewer but more complex machines than its predecessor. Today's readers--especially engineers, inventors, and other mechanically inclined individuals--will find endless fascination and inspiration among the novelty and variety of these ingenious mechanical designs.

Charlotte Beverly

by Andrea Muñoz Majarrez

Ella siempre le quiso, pero cuando decidió alejarse de él, el destino optó por cambiar sus planes. Charlotte Beverly ha amado a Michael Davenport desde su más tierna infancia, sin haber sido nunca correspondida. El padre de Charlotte, el capitán Beverly, pronto fallece, pero antes de morir, le pide al abuelo de Michael y buen amigo suyo, Lord Davenport, que Michael se case con Charlotte. Lord Davenport no podrá negarse, ya que el capitán Beverly le salvó la vida hace años, y siente que esa es la mejor manera de pagar su deuda. Michael recibe la noticia con rabia y descontento, porque él no ama a Charlotte. Decide marcharse del hogar familiar, pero horas después regresa tras haber sufrido un accidente. Al despertarse, no recuerda nada de Charlotte Beverly, un hecho que la familia de Michael ve como un milagro. Esta es la oportunidad perfecta para que Michael vea a Charlotte con otros ojos. Decidirán que lo mejor será mentirle y decir que Charlotte y él se amaban. ¿Qué ocurrirá a partir de entonces?

Danzando sobre los árboles

by A. Macklaus

Cuando el amor no llega a primera vista... a veces solo hay que mirar nuevamente. Julieta estaba pasando por un mal momento, pues trataba de equilibrar su vida diaria tras una grave pérdida que acababa de sufrir. Justo en medio de ese mar de emociones y sentimientos en los que está inmersa, encontrará a Mark, un chico que tiene la capacidad de hacerla sentir tranquila. Juntos disfrutarán de los pequeños placeres de la vida# y de la sexualidad en pareja como nunca lo habían imaginado.

Anna Karenina

by Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina in half the time Anna Karenina is the heart-wrenching tale of a woman who recklessly throws away everything she has for a passionate affair with a young soldier. Beautiful, popular, wife to a wealthy man and mother to an adored son, Anna seems to be in an enviable position. However, it takes only one encounter with Count Vronsky to fill her with the sense that her life has hitherto been empty. As the rest of the world fades into insignificance next to her great love, Anna faces an impossible choice¿

Mark Twain at Your Fingertips: A Book of Quotations

by Mark Twain Caroline Thomas Harnsberger

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.""When in doubt, tell the truth.""Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."One of America's greatest storytellers, Samuel Clemens had something witty and wise to say on just about every topic. Gathered from his classic novels, diary entries, newspaper articles, and correspondence, this collection of wry quips and quotes reflects his keen observations on animals, critics, doctors, laughter, politics, youth, and other topics. Arranged alphabetically -- "Abroad to Ax," for example, along with "Madness to Mystery" and "Uncle to Utah" -- the subjects are also conveniently indexed and cross-referenced by topic.

What Katy Did

by Susan Coolidge

'One of my all-time favourite books. It's a very lively, funny story' Jacqueline WilsonKaty has grand plans to be beautiful, graceful and ladylike ... one day! But for now she has hair that is always tangled, bootlaces undone, a torn dress and she doesn't care about being 'good'. With a wild imagination and high spirits, she is always up to mischief, but there never has been a heroine as lovable as Katy. Then a terrible accident happens and it takes all her courage - and hard-learned patience - to keep her dreams alive.'Katy speaks with a charm and directness that remains as fresh as when it was written' Amanda Craig'This was one of my favourite books as a child. The children felt real enough to touch, and I fell head over heels in love with Katy. It's a book with an unstoppable heart' Katherine RundellThis collection of the best in children's literature, curated by Virago, will be coveted by children and adults alike. These are timeless tales with beautiful covers, that will be treasured and shared across the generations. Some titles you will already know; some will be new to you, but there are stories for everyone to love, whatever your age. Our list includes Nina Bawden (Carrie's War, The Peppermint Pig), Rumer Godden (The Dark Horse, An Episode of Sparrows), Joan Aiken (The Serial Garden, The Gift Giving) E. Nesbit (The Psammead Trilogy, The Bastable Trilogy, The Railway Children), Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Little Princess,The Secret Garden) and Susan Coolidge (The What Katy Did Trilogy). Discover Virago Children's Classics.

What Katy Did at School

by Susan Coolidge

When Katy Carr and her sister Clover leave for boarding school, they are weighed down by worry. How will their father manage without their help? Can they ever hope to fit in and make new friends? When the Carr girls arrive, they meet the principal, Mrs Florence, who is tall, dignified and very strict: there are no less than thirty-two rules that students must adhere to! And with Miss Jane always on the prowl to discover the slightest fault, Katy fears that it might be more difficult to stay out of trouble than she'd hoped. But then she meets Rose Red - irrepressible, unconventional, and always full of fun. With the right friends, Katy can't help but get into all sorts of scrapes.A collection that will be coveted by children and adults alike, this list is the best in children's literature, curated by Virago. These are timeless tales with beautiful covers, that will be treasured and shared across the generations. Some titles you will already know; some will be new to you, but there are stories for everyone to love, whatever your age. Our list includes Nina Bawden (Carrie's War, The Peppermint Pig), Rumer Godden (The Dark Horse, An Episode of Sparrows), Joan Aiken (The Serial Garden, The Gift Giving) E. Nesbit (The Psammead Trilogy, The Bastable Trilogy, The Railway Children), L. M. Montgomery (The Anne of Green Gables series) and Susan Coolidge (The What Katy Did Trilogy). Discover Virago Children's Classics.

Rescatando tu alma perdida (Rosa blanca 1)

by Laura A. López

Darline deberá elegir entre la pasión del primer amor y la tranquilidad de un dulce romance. Lady Darline de Derby, una sobreprotegida debutante en la temporada social de Londres, está llena sueños románticos e ilusionada con conocer a un caballero que la convierta en su esposa. Durante su presentación, Alfred, marqués de Huntly, queda impactado por su belleza y su intención es cortejarla sin importarle la fuerte tutela a la que está sujeta Darline. Con lo que no cuenta es con las malas intenciones de su examante, que se empeña en separarlos... y cumple su objetivo. Esto provoca que la salud de Darline se vea gravemente afectada. Años después, Darline conoce al amigo de su hermano, Alen, Duque de Malborough, quien la enamora con su encanto y se gana su corazón. Sin embargo, el amor de Darline y Alen se ve afectado por la repentina aparición de Alfred reclamando a su prometida.

Looking Backward

by Edward Bellamy

First published in 1888, Looking Backward was one of the most popular novels of its day. Translated into more than 20 languages, its utopian fantasy influenced such thinkers as John Dewey, Thorstein Veblen, Eugene V. Debs, and Norman Thomas. Writing from a 19th century perspective and poignantly critical of his own time, Bellamy advanced a remarkable vision of the future, including such daring predictions as the existence of radio, television, motion pictures, credit cards, and covered pedestrian malls.On the surface, the novel is the story of time-traveler Julian West, a young Bostonian who is put into a hypnotic sleep in the late 19th century, and awakens in the year 2000 in a socialist utopia. In conversations with the doctor who awakened him, he discovers a brilliantly realized vision of an ideal future, one that seemed unthinkable in his own century. Crime, war, personal animosity, and want are nonexistent. Equality of the sexes is a fact of life. In short, a messianic state of brotherly love is in effect.Entertaining, stimulating, and thought-provoking, Looking Backward, with its ingenious plot and appealing socialism, is a provocative study of human society as it is and as it might be.

A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin: Presenting the Original Facts and Documents Upon Which the Story Is Founded

by Harriet Beecher Stowe

"I highly recommend reading this supplement in conjunction with Ms. Stowe's novel to gain a better understanding of the history of our nation." -- The Literary SouthIn 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe published Uncle Tom's Cabin, an instant classic that received overwhelming acclaim by Northerners and other abolitionist readers. Southerners, conversely, strongly denied the novel's accuracy. The following year Stowe answered pro-slavery critics with this unique bestseller, a meticulous and thoughtful defense of her work, which cites real-life equivalents to her characters.Southern readers were further incensed by this follow-up volume, their wrath in no small part inflamed by a Yankee woman's presuming to tell men what to think. A critical aspect of Stowe's Key is her critique of the law's support of not only the institution of slavery but also the mistreatment of individual slaves. As in the original novel, her challenge extends beyond slavery to the law itself. American society's first widely read political novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin influenced the development of the nation's literature, particularly in terms of protest writing. This supplement to the novel offers valuable insights into a historical and literary landmark.

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