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Primitive Culture Volume I

by Edward Burnett Tylor

Use of the term "culture" as an expression of the full range of learned human behavior patterns began with this classic two-volume work, first published in 1871. Edward B. Tylor, the first Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oxford, declared that culture is "that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society." Tylor is credited with the establishment of anthropology as a scientific discipline, and his groundbreaking work was highly influential in the development of cultural evolution as the foundation for anthropologic studies. Tylor's unilinear model of development maintains that humans share a common history, evolving from a single primitive form. His studies of the languages, rituals, and beliefs of societies from around the world pioneered the use of statistical data and substantiated his view of a universal pattern of development in all cultures. Volume I of Primitive Culture focuses on social evolution, language, and myth. Volume II focuses on Tylor's interpretation of animism in society, offering details of the endlessly varied ideas and beliefs regarding the soul, spirits, and gods.

Primitive Culture, Volume II

by Edward Burnett Tylor

The first Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oxford, Edward B. Tylor, defined the term "culture" for modern readers in this groundbreaking work. Initially published in 1871, this classic two-volume study explores the full range of learned human behavior patterns in terms of the beliefs, wisdom, laws, artistic achievements, and mores that constitute a society. The formation of anthropology as a scientific discipline began with this work, which continues to exercise a profound influence on anthropologic studies. The shared history of all humans, a common ground that evolved from primitive roots, constitutes the basis for Tylor's model of development. Drawing upon a worldwide variety of beliefs, rituals, and languages, the author illustrates an all-inclusive pattern of progress. His methods inaugurated the use of statistical data in anthropology, a standard procedure today but a landmark for his time. Volume I of Primitive Culture examines social evolution, language, and myth. The focus of this second volume is animism in society, which explores the tremendous diversity of thinking related to the concepts of the soul and religion as well as the marked similarities of spiritual beliefs.

The Sport of the Gods

by Paul Laurence Dunbar

A landmark in African-American literature, this powerful turn-of-the-century novel was among the first realistic depictions of ghetto life and language. Written by a renowned poet, essayist, and lecturer who was the son of former slaves, its fictional portrayal of social and political issues within an early-twentieth-century black community foreshadowed the later works of such luminaries as James Baldwin and Richard Wright. As the story opens in the post-Civil War South, Berry Hamilton, his wife, and children are living happily in a cottage on Maurice Oakley's prosperous plantation. Employed there for thirty years, the black couple has been loyal and enjoyed a comfortable life--before and after emancipation. But their good fortune changes abruptly when money is discovered missing from Oakley's mansion. Berry is wrongfully accused of theft and sentenced to ten years of hard labor. Evicted from the plantation, the rest of the family flees to New York's Harlem to start anew. But the lure of the city's vices is more than they can handle. Without their patriarch's guiding hand, they fall victim to its temptations with serious consequences for each of them. Hailed by Booker T. Washington as "the Poet Laureate of the Negro Race," Paul Laurence Dunbar broke new ground with this poignant novel, entertaining readers with lively dialogue and dialect, as he influenced a nation's social conscience.

Van Gogh on Art and Artists: Letters to Emile Bernard

by Vincent Van Gogh

These letters, written from 1887 to 1889, are among the most important and relevant sources of insight into van Gogh's life and art. 23 missives, accompanied by reproductions of a number of his major paintings and facsimiles from his letters, radiate their author's impulsiveness, intensity, and mysticism. Chronology. Select Bibliography. Index. 32 full-page black-and-white illustrations.

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

by Harold Speed

"In any exhibition of amateur work . . . it is not at all unusual to find many charming water-colour drawings, but . . . it is very rarely that the work in the oil medium is anything but dull, dead, and lacking in all vitality and charm." -- Harold SpeedSuch provocative assertions are characteristic of this stimulating and informative guide, written in a highly personal and unique style by a noted painter and teacher. Brimming with pertinent insights into the technical aspects and painting in oils, it is also designed to help students perfect powers of observation and expression.Harold Speed has distilled years of painting and pedagogical experience into an expert instructional program covering painting technique, painting from life, materials (paints, varnishes, oils and mediums, grounds, etc.), a painter's training, and more. Especially instructive is his extensive and perceptive discussion of form, tone, and color, and a fascinating series of detailed "Notes" analyzing the painting styles of Velasquez, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Franz Hals, and Rembrandt.Nearly 70 photographs and drawings illustrate the text, among them prehistoric cave paintings, diagrams of tonal values, stages of portrait painting, and reproductions of masterpieces by Giotto, Vermeer, Ingres, Rembrandt, Titian, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Hals, Giorgione, Poussin, Corot, Veronese, and other luminaries. In addition to these pictorial pleasures, the author further leavens the lessons with thought-provoking opinion.Clear, cogent, and down-to-earth, this time-honored handbook will especially interest serious amateurs studying the technical aspects of oil painting, but its rich insight into the mind and methods of the artist will enlighten and intrigue any art lover.

Un verano en el paraíso

by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Una familia perfecta. Demasiadas mentiras perfectas Una historia sobre la seducción del dinero y el poder Mabel, una chica no especialmente atractiva y de origen humilde, conoce en la universidad a la guapa, atrevida y rica Ev Winslow. Cuando esta la invita a pasar el verano en Bittersweet, su casita en la finca de Vermont donde su familia ha vivido durante décadas, Mabel se da cuenta de que le gusta cómo viven los Winslow y de que Ev tiene todo lo que ella siempre ha querido: riqueza, amigos, un novio y, sobre todo, la sensación de pertenencia. Pero poco a poco Mabel descubre que los Winslow esconden oscuros secretos y que ninguno de ellos es lo que parece. Tendrá que enfrentarse a sus propios fantasmas y tomar una decisión: sacar a la luz los terribles secretos de la familia y ser expulsada del paraíso o bien dejar que sigan ocultos y redefinir lo que está bien y lo que está mal. La crítica ha dicho... «Un aire de cuento de hadas inunda la novela -pero del tipo de los hermanos Grimm, no de Disney-, construyendo ingeniosamente una creciente sensación de amenaza. [...] Beverly-Whittemore nos transporta a un mundo de ensueño, con casitas de campo y sus ritmos diarios de verano... Los secretos de familia brotan como burbujas dentro de una botella de champán.» New York Times Book Review «Miranda Beverly-Whittemore nos emociona con una novela de intriga con protagonistas rubias de sangre azul y puertas cerradas con llave.» «Conduce al lector al interior del glamuroso mundo de los superricos, donde no todo es lo que parece, y los oscuros secretos familiares que llevan mucho tiempo enterrados poco a poco comienzan a salir a la superficie. El resultado es una novela adictiva que mantendrá a los lectores intentando adivinar hasta el final.» BookPage «Un thriller gótico fascinante. Un verano en el paraíso es un libro que merece la pena saborear, y que se va desarrollando como un largo día de verano, desvelando sin prisa toda su oscuridad.» People «Llena de suspense e intriga, y plagada de personajes que encajan en el molde de la sangre azul y que a la vez rompen los estereotipos que asociamos con las clases altas. Sus cortos capítulos, con sus finales en suspenso, obligarán a los lectores a seguir pasando páginas hasta altas horas de la madrugada.» Booklist «Un verano en Nueva Inglaterra de primeros amores, amistad, fuegos artificiales, baños desnudos a media noche, tragedia y trapos sucios de familia.» The Herald News

Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics

by Walter Lippmann Woodrow Wilson

A remarkable work of scholarship, Congressional Government addresses the difficulties inherent in the American Constitution's separation of legislative and executive powers. Woodrow Wilson wrote this powerful political tract as his doctoral dissertation, and it contains the essence of the future president's political reasoning. A popular and critical success upon its 1885 publication, it remains remarkably vital more than a century later.Wilson argues that in the years following the Civil War, the legislature received unfair advantages from the system of checks and balances, threatening the effectiveness of the constitutionally mandated separation of powers. He proposes the British parliamentary system as an alternative model of openness and responsibility, citing numerous examples of its effectiveness. Frequently quoted by constitutional scholars and advocates of government reform, Congressional Government remains essential to discussions of the balance of power within the U.S. government. This edition features an insightful Introduction by political theorist Walter Lippmann.

The The Log Cabin Book:: A Complete Builder's Guide to Small Homes and Shelters

by Oliver Kemp

This vintage guide from over a century ago offers timeless, practical advice on building log cabins. Plans and directions for simple structures are easy enough for amateurs to follow; time and inclination are the only necessary elements. Each of the designs has been tested and allows numberless alterations to suit the builder's tastes and requirements. Instructions range from selecting a site and safe, efficient methods of cutting down trees for building materials to building an ice house and boathouse to furnishing and decorating interiors. Photographs and drawings provide clear images for a variety of wilderness homes, including floor plans for The Block House, Wildwood, Crow's Nest, Idlewild, and other rustic retreats. Rich in nostalgic charm as well as useful applications, this manual offers priceless guidance to handymen, woodworkers, and hunters as well as those interested in small houses, construction, and home history and seekers of off-the-grid, environmentally friendly living.

Mathematics for Everyman: From Simple Numbers to the Calculus

by Egmont Colerus

Many people suffer from an inferiority complex where mathematics is concerned, regarding figures and equations with a fear based on bewilderment and inexperience. This book dispels some of the subject's alarming aspects, starting at the very beginning and assuming no mathematical education.Written in a witty and engaging style, the text contains an illustrative example for every point, as well as absorbing glimpses into mathematical history and philosophy. Topics include the system of tens and other number systems; symbols and commands; first steps in algebra and algebraic notation; common fractions and equations; irrational numbers; algebraic functions; analytical geometry; differentials and integrals; the binomial theorem; maxima and minima; logarithms; and much more. Upon reaching the conclusion, readers will possess the fundamentals of mathematical operations, and will undoubtedly appreciate the compelling magic behind a subject they once dreaded.

Anarchism and Other Essays

by Emma Goldman

In the 1890s and for years thereafter, America reverberated with the name of the "notorious Anarchist," feminist, revolutionist, and agitator, Emma Goldberg. A Russian Jewish immigrant at the age of 17, she moved by her own efforts from seamstress in a clothing factory to internationally known radical lecturer, writer, editor, and friend of the oppressed. This book is a collection of her remarkably penetrating essays, far in advance of their time, originally published by the Mother Earth press which she founded.In the first of these essays, Anarchism: What It Really Stands For, she says, "Direct action, having proven effective along economic lines, is equally potent in the environment of the individual." In Minorities Versus Majorities she holds that social and economic well-being will result only through "the non-compromising determination of intelligent minorities, and not through the mass." Other pieces deal with The Hypocrisy of Puritanism; Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure; The Psychology of Political Violence; The Drama: A Powerful Disseminator of Radical Thought; Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty; and The Tragedy of Woman's Emancipation. A biographical sketch by Hippolyte Havel precedes the essays.Anarchism and Other Essays provides a fascinating look into revolutionary issues at the turn of the century, a prophetic view of the social and economic future, much of which we have seen take place, and above all, a glimpse into the mind of an extraordinary woman: brilliant, provocative, dedicated, passionate, and what used to be called "high-minded."

Diario 1887-1910

by Jules Renard

Jules Renard comenzó a escribir su Diario con apenas veinte años. Una obra personal que lo acompañó a lo largo de su vida y lo consagró póstumamente como uno de los autores más sobresalientes del siglo XX. Su enorme influencia entre una pléyade de escritores de varias generaciones se debe a la radical modernidad de su Diario, escrito de un moralista que, sin perdonar las vivisecciones de la sociedad literaria, política y cultural de su tiempo, concentró lo mejor de su talento en el análisis penetrante y despiadado de su propio carácter, sus méritos y debilidades, sus ambiciones y contradicciones. Jules Renard se propuso como espejo de todos los hombres, como tema central de una obra autobiográfica que se erige, a su vez, como un arte poética.La esposa de Renard censuró y quemó muchos de los pasajes del texto original, por lo que la primera publicación del Diario, en 1925, representa tan solo la mitad de la obra. La presente edición es una antología esencial, una cuidada selección de estos escritos, prodigios de humor y lucidez de un maestro indiscutible de la palabra.

The Principles of Psychology, Vol. 1

by William James

Volume 1 of the famous long course, complete and unabridged. Stream of thought, time perception, memory, experimental methods -- these are only some of the concerns of a work that was years ahead of its time and is still valid, interesting and useful. Total in set: 94 figures.

The Principles of Psychology, Vol. 2

by William James

This is the first inexpensive edition of the complete Long Course in Principles of Psychology, one of the great classics of modern Western literature and science and the source of the ripest thoughts of America’s most important philosopher. As such, it should not be confused with the many abridgements that omit key sections.The book presents lucid descriptions of human mental activity, with detailed considerations of the stream of thought, consciousness, time perception, memory, imagination, emotions, reason, abnormal phenomena, and similar topics. In its course it takes into account the work of Berkeley, Binet, Bradley, Darwin, Descartes, Fechner, Galton, Green, Helmholtz, Herbart, Hume, Janet, Kant, Lange, Lotze, Locke, Mill, Royce, Schopenhauer, Spinoza, Wundt, and scores of others. It examines contrasting interpretations of mental phenomena, treating introspective analysis, philosophical interpretations, and experimental research.Although the book originally appeared nearly 75 years ago, it remains unsurpassed today as a brilliantly written survey of William James’ timeless view of psychology.

The Art of Knitting

by Butterick Publishing Co. Inc. Dover Publications

Comprehensive in scope and elegant in presentation, this classic Victorian-era volume was the first complete how-to guide to knitting. Originally published by Butterick, the company that later produced Vogue Knitting, it constitutes a fantastic historical document as well as an easy-to-follow guide for knitters at all levels of experience. In addition to basic knitting instructions and a dictionary of stitches, the book offers illustrated patterns for dozens of projects, including sweaters, scarves, hats, and other items for women, men, and children. Starting with a chapter of general directions, the guide presents examples of fancy stitches, including edging designs for mittens and socks, borders for scarves and shawls, and knitted edgings and insertions. Ladies' apparel and accessories include hoods, capes, shawls, jackets, fascinators, leggings, and many other projects. Menswear includes sweaters, belts, scarves, ties, and more. In addition to children's clothing and toys, the book also features patterns for counterpanes, spreads, doilies, mats, and other household articles.

Living My Life, Vol. 1

by Emma Goldman

The no-holds-barred account by American anarchist Goldman relates her philosophical and political journey through life. Explore the politicization of the young Russian immigrant as she arrives in the United States in 1886, and how she wends her way through the labyrinth of American, Russian, and European politics over the next 40 years.

Cartas desde Tasmania

by Anna Romer

Una romántica novela de misterio que reúne secretos familiares, crímenes terribles, traición y pasiones, por la autora de la exitosa novela Una casa en Thornwood. Cuando todo lo que crees saber se desmorona ¿saldrías huyendo? ¿O afrontarías la verdad? Ruby Cardel tiene una vida en apariencia normal -un novio cariñoso, una profesión que le apasiona-, pero en un terrible momento su mundo se derrumba. El descubrimiento de que la muerte de su hermana Jamie no fue un accidente le hace cuestionarse todo lo que sabe acerca de ella misma y de su pasado. Cuando Ruby decide volver a Lyrebird Hill, la propiedad en el campo donde creció junto a su madre y su hermana, comienza a recordar ese año que ha estado bloqueado en su memoria. Allí encuentra escondidas unas cartas antiguas de una pariente perdida hace mucho tiempo, Brenna Magavin, escritas desde su celda en la prisión de Tasmania dondecumplía condena por asesinato. Al leerlas Ruby comprende que la historia de su familia está marcada por la tragedia y la violencia. Y mientras poco a poco va juntando los fragmentos de la verdad, lo que finalmente descubra sacudirá toda su vida..., y revelará lo que le pasó a Jamie el fatídico día de su muerte.

Sensation: Adventures in Sex, Love & Laughter

by Isabel Losada

Bestselling author Isabel Losada brings her unique blend of humour, curiosity and honesty to the still-taboo subject of sexuality. This is a brave, funny and often vulnerable quest to find out how we can make our sex life blissful. On behalf of all women, slightly terrified, she begins with a woman’s workshop where she has to get naked. From here, Isabel journeys through the first international conference of clitoral stroking, is informed of eleven different forms of orgasm - ten of which she hasn’t had, endures NHS Kegal exercises and mystical sensations with tantric masters. Irreverent yet open-minded, ‘Sensation’ is both moving and challenging. For anyone who has ever been tempted to dip their toes in the deep waters of sexual exploration, Isabel Losada plunges you straight in.

The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom: A Comprehensive History

by Wilbur H. Siebert

First published in 1898, this comprehensive history was the first documented survey of a system that helped fugitive slaves escape from areas in the antebellum South to regions as far north as Canada. Comprising fifty years of research, the text includes interviews and excerpts from diaries, letters, biographies, memoirs, speeches, and a large number of other firsthand accounts. Together, they shed much light on the origins of a system that provided aid to runaway slaves, including the degree of formal organization within the movement, methods of procedure, geographical range, leadership roles, the effectiveness of Canadian settlements, and the attitudes of courts and communities toward former slaves.In his introduction to Professor Siebert's book, historian Albert Bushnell Hart lauds the author for having "rescued and put on record events which in a few years will have ceased to be in the memory of living men. [Siebert] has done for the history of slavery what the students of ballad and folk-lore have done for literature; he has collected perishing materials."Invaluable for its unbiased, literate treatment, this carefully researched study will be an excellent resource for instructors and students of African-American history, and engrossing literature for readers interested in the plight of fugitive slaves in the pre-Civil War era.

Luis Buñuel. La forja de un cineasta universal (1900-1938)

by Ian Gibson

Luis Buñuel (Calanda, 1900-México, 1983) es el aragonés más célebre del mundo después de Goya y está considerado como uno de los grandes creadores del siglo XX. En Luis Buñuel. La forja de un cineasta universal el hispanista Ian Gibson profundiza en las raíces de una obra cinematográfica del calandino, transida de resonancias personales, cada vez más valorada internacionalmente. Con una revisión minuciosa de la ingente bibliografía acumulada en torno a la figura de Buñuel en distintos idiomas, y una rigurosa investigación personal de siete años llevada a cabo en Calanda, Zaragoza, Madrid y París, el hispanista ha salido airoso del reto. La infancia del cineasta, la intensa relación con la madre, su larga temporada con los jesuitas, los años universitarios en Madrid al lado de Lorca y de Dalí, el traslado a París en 1925 #donde encuentra pronto su vocación y participa en la apasionante aventura del surrealismo#, Un Chien andalou y el escándalo de L#Âge d#or, la vuelta a España bajo la República, su trabajo con la productora Filmófono, el compromiso antifascista y, empezada la contienda, su actuación semisecreta a órdenes de la embajada española en París... he aquí un relato magistral que se lee como una novela. A finales de 1938 Buñuel embarcó con su mujer y su hijo hacia Estados Unidos, encargado de una misión republicana en Hollywood. A los pocos meses los sublevados ganaron la guerra. No volvería a pisar tierra española hasta 1960, ya ciudadano mexicano, para rodar Viridiana. Pero esto es otra historia.

Te acordarás de mí

by Vicente Martín Terán

"Qué despacio pasa el tiempo cuando aguardas al hombre al que vas a matar". Semana Santa de 1928, Madrid es una ciudad convulsa donde se mezcla lo nuevo y lo viejo. Mientras la dictadura del general Primo de Rivera da sus últimos estertores, Tomás Halcón, antiguo policía y legionario de la guerra de África, recibe la visita de Marcial, amigo y excompañero del ejército, para que colabore en la resolución de un asesinato. La violencia con la que se ha perpetrado el homicidio pone en alerta a los altos cargos del Gobierno, pues temen que el asesino pueda ser un militar. Su nerviosismo aumenta con cada víctima; saben que solo Halcón puede resolver el caso. Entre el desasosiego producido por los recuerdos de la guerra, los crímenes y la barbarie aparece Ana, una mujer que hará que Tomás recupere la cordura entre tanto desconcierto. Haciendo gala de un estilo muy visual, casi cinematográfico, Vicente Martín Terán construye un thriller trepidante en el que cazador y presaquedarán atados para siempre. Mezclando crónica histórica y novela negra, realiza una indagación psicológica sobre el origen del mal, la venganza y la culpa y el amor como única vía de redención posible.

Twenty Years at Hull-House: With Autobiographical Notes

by Norah Hamilton Jane Addams

In 1889, while many Americans were disdainful of newly arrived immigrants, Jane Addams established Hull-House as a refuge for Chicago's poor. The settlement house provided an unprecedented variety of social services. In this inspiring autobiography, Addams chronicles the institution's early years and discusses the ever-relevant philosophy of social justice that served as its foundation.Addams, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for her philanthropic work, explains her motives for creating the institution and outlines its main activities. She also discusses many of her beliefs, including the need for commitment of federal agencies to services for immigrants, as well as socialized education. Filled with observations on everyday life, accounts of practical action, and prescriptions for public policy, Twenty Years at Hull-House remains a rich source of provocative social theory. This edition of Addams's classic of American intellectual and social history features more than 50 illustrations.

La chica que dejaste atrás

by Jojo Moyes

La autora de Yo antes de ti vuelve con una historia que te emocionará. Dos mujeres separadas por un siglo pero unidas por su determinación a luchar por lo que más aman.A cualquier precio. En 1916 el artista francés Édouard Lefèvre ha de dejar a su mujer, Sophie, para luchar en el frente. Cuando su ciudad cae en manos de los alemanes, ella se ve forzada a acoger a los oficiales que cada noche llegan al hotel que regenta. Y desde el momento en que el nuevo comandante posa su mirada en el retrato que Édouard pintó a su esposa nace en él una oscura obsesión que obligará a Sophie a arriesgarlo todo y tomar una terrible decisión. Casi un siglo más tarde, el retrato de Sophie llega a manos de Liv Halston como regalo de boda de su marido poco antes de su repentina muerte. Su belleza le recuerda su corta historia de amor. Pero cuando un encuentro casual revela el verdadero valor de la obra, comienza la batalla por su turbulenta historia, una historia que está a punto de resurgir, arrastrando con ella la vida de Liv. La crítica ha dicho...«Una clase magistral de escritura que los fans de Yo antes de ti adorarán.»Elle «Una verdadera obra de arte.»Fabulous «Jojo Moyes hila con maestría los hilos de esta historia agridulce en una novela irresistible.»Entertainment Weekly «Un homenaje a la audacia, la determinación y la inteligencia.»Los Angeles Times «Moyes escribe historias deliciosas con personajes tan reales que parecen saltar de las páginas.»USA Today «Liv y Sophie son tan reales en sus defectos, sus pasiones y su valentía que arrastran al lector hasta la última página.»Library Journal «Moyes escribe con tal claridad que uno casi puede ver el cuadro centenario que se sitúa en elcentro de la trama de esta maravillosa novela. Una historia de amor excepcional.»Booklist

Franklin Goes to the Hospital, Franklin and the Tooth Fairy, and Finders Keepers for Franklin

by Brenda Clark Paulette Bourgeois

Franklin Goes to the HospitalIn this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero goes to the hospital for an operation to repair his broken shell, and everyone thinks he’s being very brave. But Franklin is only pretending to be fearless. He’s worried that his X-rays will show just how frightened he is inside. With the help of Dr. Bear, Franklin learns that even though he’s feeling scared, he can still be brave.Franklin and the Tooth FairyIn this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero discovers that, unlike most of his friends, he doesn’t have teeth, and worries that he’s missing out on the Tooth Fairy’s magical visits.Finders Keepers for FranklinIn this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin is very excited to find a camera. He knows that he should find the owner and return the camera, but his friends tell him “finders keepers!” and soon Franklin gets carried away taking pictures. With his father’s encouragement, Franklin decides to return the camera to its rightful owner—but finding out who the owner is takes some clever sleuthing!

The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses

by Theodore Roosevelt

Politician, soldier, naturalist, and historian--a century after the peak of his multifaceted career, Theodore Roosevelt remains a towering symbol of American optimism and progress. This collection of speeches and commentaries from 1899 through 1901 embodies the Rough Rider's enduring ideals for attaining a robust political, social, and personal life.The twenty-sixth president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) served as Chief Executive from 1901 to 1909 and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1906 for his mediation of the Russo-Japanese War. Roosevelt wrote thirty-five books and delivered numerous lectures on topics ranging from citizenship and success to duty and sportsmanship. His 1899 address to a Chicago audience, "The Strenuous Life," articulates his belief in the transformative powers that individuals can achieve by overcoming hardship. Along with the other speeches and essays in this collection, Roosevelt's work offers an inspiring vision of moral rectitude and stalwart leadership.

Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar

by James B Greenough G. L. Kittredge Benj. L. D'Ooge A. A. Howard J. H. Allen

A venerable resource for more than a century, Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar is still regarded by students and teachers as the finest Latin reference grammar available. Concise, comprehensive, and well organized, it is unrivaled in depth and clarity, placing a wealth of advice on usage, vocabulary, diction, composition, and syntax within easy reach of Latin scholars at all levels. This sourcebook's three-part treatment starts with words and forms, covering parts of speech, declensions, and conjugations. The second part, syntax, explores cases, moods, and tenses. The concluding section offers information on archaic usages, Latin verse, and prose composition, among other subjects. Extensive appendixes feature a glossary of terms and indexes. Students of history, religion, and literature will find lasting value in this modestly priced edition of a classic guide to Latin.

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