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Wild Things to Make: More Heirloom Clothes and Accessories to Sew for Your Children

by Kirsty Hartley

Following on from prolific sewer Kirsty Hartley's WILD THINGS FUNKY LITTLE CLOTHES TO SEW, this second book will offer over 40 more projects for your child. The Wild Things Funky Little Dresses clothing range brings exciting and mythical clothing to your child's wardrobe; now you can make your own everyday play clothes and accessories to bring to life. WILD THINGS TO MAKE will inspire makers of all abilities to create something exciting for their children that they will really want to wear. Drawing on simple shape and whimsical imagery, the step-by-step projects include dresses, hats, jackets and dungarees, as well as some simple accessories and keepsake gifts with a little heart and soul. With themes from enchanted woodland to summer essentials for beginners, and outfits including a robin pinafore, mermaid sundress, shark dungarees and fun accessories like your child's very own puppet theatre or teepee, this book adds a spark of adventure to everyday clothes and playtime fun.

The Spectator Book of Wit, Humour and Mischief

by Marcus Berkmann

Approaching its 200th birthday in the rudest of health, the Spectator is known for the quality of its writing and the deep eccentricity of some of its writers. Given the freedom to say what they want, they take that freedom and more, and the result is original, provocative, often very funny, sometimes plain wrong. From Jeffrey Bernard's reports from the Soho frontline and Auberon Waugh fulminating about hamburger gases in the early 1990s, we encounter in turn the wild stream of consciousness of Deborah Ross's restaurant reviews, the pinpoint etiquette advice of Mary Killen, Rod Liddle's frothing but elegantly sculpted outrage and the magazine's secret weapon, low life adventurer Jeremy Clarke. This bumper selection, which also includes eminent diarists, mad letter-writers and Boris Johnson, amounts to a masterclass in comic writing, lovingly compiled and edited by Marcus Berkmann, who still can't believe he wrote a monthly pop column for the magazine for twenty-eight years without being fired.

Farewell to Burracombe

by Lilian Harry

The day that Hilary and David have been waiting for has finally arrived and as the church bells ring out for the arrival of the bride, everyone's fingers are crossed for the day to go without a hitch. The festivities set the tone for the year ahead and there's more love in the air in Burracombe so planning continues for both Dottie and Joe's and Frances and James's nuptials. There's nothing like a wedding to bring the village together. Times are changing in Burracombe and as young and old embark on new adventures it's time to say goodbye. But with friends like these, a goodbye is rarely for ever, so instead we'll say a very fond farewell.Return to Burracombe in Lilian's next book, A Child in Burracombe, a prequel to the series that will show you where it all began...

Bad Soldier: Danny Black Thriller 4

by Chris Ryan

A migrant boat battles through the rough Mediterranean. Its passengers are desperate, starving and scared.They are also being ruthlessly targeted by the SAS.Islamic State militants are smuggling themselves into Europe using these boats. Only by locating such men before they make it into the UK can the Regiment stop them committing their acts of terror on British soil.When one of these migrants reveals plans for a sickening Christmas Day atrocity in London, SAS operative Danny Black is tasked with infiltrating the most dangerous theatre of war in the world: Islamic State heartland. There, he and his team must lift a brutal IS commander - the only man who knows all the details of the London attack. The commander surrounds himself with vicious militants and a harem of sex slaves whom he treats in the most sadistic ways imaginable. And his jihadi wife is, if possible, even more abominable than him.As Danny pits himself against the violent thugs of the Islamic State, he learns that it is not just the UK that is under threat. His very presence on the mission has put at risk the safety of those closest to him. And he discovers that there are greater forces at work here, who do not care if the innocent live or die.Now there is nothing Danny will not do, no line he will not cross, to protect his family. Whether that makes him a good soldier or a bad soldier he neither knows nor cares. Because as he is fast learning, it is sometimes impossible to tell the difference between the two.And as every SAS soldier is trained to understand, the worst threats often come from the most unexpected places...

Study and Revise for AS/A-level: Tess of the D'Urbervilles

by Luke Mcbratney Mark Asquith

Enable students to achieve their best grade in AS/A-level English Literature with this year-round course companion; designed to instil in-depth textual understanding as students read, analyse and revise Tess of the D'Urbervilles throughout the course.This Study and Revise guide:- Increases students' knowledge of Tess of the D'Urbervilles as they progress through the detailed commentary and contextual information written by experienced teachers and examiners- Develops understanding of characterisation, themes, form, structure and language, equipping students with a rich bank of textual examples to enhance their coursework and exam responses- Builds critical and analytical skills through challenging, thought-provoking questions and tasks that encourage students to form their own personal responses to the text- Extends learning and prepares students for higher-level study by introducing critical viewpoints, comparative references to other literary works and suggestions for independent research- Helps students maximise their exam potential using clear explanations of the Assessment Objectives, sample student answers and examiner insights- Improves students' extended writing techniques through targeted advice on planning and structuring a successful essay

A Slice of Pi: All The Maths You Forgot To Remember From School

by Liz Strachan

A new look at maths without the Boring Bits . . .How many trillions are there in a googol? Which fractions are vulgar? What famous mathematician refused to eat beans? And which one never travelled without his pet spider in an ivory box?Mathematical theorems and equations are inextricably entangled with the great, and often eccentric thinkers who made breakthrough discoveries. Teacher and numbers expert Liz Strachan takes readers beyond the classroom, combining anecdotes, proofs and party tricks to reveal the foundations of algebra, geometry and trigonometry in a clear and entertaining style.From the Difference Engine to magic squares and from the Fibonacci rabbits to Fermat's Last Theorem, this fascinating tour of the weird world of numbers, imaginary, real or infinite, will appeal to anyone with an enquiring mind.

Set Me Free

by Hina Belitz

Set Me Free by Hina Belitz is a beautiful, unforgettable novel that will be devoured by fans of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman. It shines a gentle light into the shadows of life and shows how sometimes reaching out to the world is all it takes to set you free ...Mani and Nu. Sister and brother.Forced to flee their home in fear of their lives, Mani and Nu find themselves in a dark London flat. When the worst happens, fate abandons them far from the family who might love them. And so Mani accepts an offer of marriage in hope of finding comfort for Nu - but her dreams of happiness soon evaporate and she is left with no way of revealing the truth about the life she and Nu are leading.Little by little, Mani reaches out to the world with love ... it is only a matter of time before the world reaches back for her.

Kemlo and the End of Time

by E. C. Eliott

Everyone knows the story of the Marie Celeste. Kemlo and Kerowski hardly expected to find an aerial Marie Celeste adrift in the void.But caught, with others, in the worst astral storm of their experience, they had other things to think about for the moment. And after that there was yet another, one still more important...

Kemlo and the Purple Dawn

by E. C. Eliott

Earth is faced with annihilation by the Purple Dawn - effect of the cosmic fall-out from the swirling planet-in-the-making Polarthanus.Kemlo and his Space Scouts are out in the void, towing a crippled space ship with their scooters, when suddenly the crisis is upon them. The space-born boys have to make a decision: if they take drastic action will it avert the danger - or will they blow up Earth, the Satellite Belts and themselves...?

Art Journal Your Archetypes: Mixed Media Techniques for Finding Yourself

by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli

It's true, isn't it? You have a burning desire to express yourself. But to be successful, confident and happy, you need to know yourself, your true self. That's where archetypes come in. An archetype is a symbolic representation of the repeated patterns of behavior that make you who you are, the driving forces behind your being. Maybe you're a Rebel or a Seeker? Maybe you are both. Or are you a Visionary? How about a Student? The better you know yourself, the stronger, more resonant and more authentic your art. And where else to practice expressing your newly discovered self than in an art journal--a place where you are free to create with no rules, no wrongs. Art journaling is a colorful, non-critical way to explore your archetypes. In this unique book, you will learn processes for discovering your core archetypes and using that knowledge to create highly personal visual expressions, all the while embracing the personal revelations and creative breakthroughs that result.A fun 33-question quiz will help you discover and embrace your guiding archetypes.Find out how 11 professional artists draw on their archetypes as inspiration for their art journal pages.Follow along with 26 step-by-step demonstrations to learn how to use altered magazine images, layered stencils, Gelli Plate printing and other awesome mixed-media art techniques to enhance your art journal pages.No matter what your experience level, you will learn how to use your guiding archetypes as inspiration. Whatever your motivation for opening this book, you will discover a fun, creative path to gaining confidence, happiness and clarity in every aspect of your life.

Make It Sparkle: 25 Dazzling Jewelry Designs to Make Any Occasion Special

by Lindsay Burke

A little shine--a lot of fun! Stand out from the crowd with the cute and carefree jewelry in Make it Sparkle! Inside, jewelry junkie Lindsay Burke of Fusion Beads shares 25 colorful, sparkling pieces that will make any outfit pop. Pair crystals and bangles for Pink Party Bracelets, perfect for stacking. Turn a gray day around with pendants and French hoops with Rain City Earrings. Dress up your favorite jeans when you pair them with your very own Denim Ice Necklace, a multi-strand must-have your friends will be dying to borrow. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos, any project can be personalized by adding your own choices for colors, shapes, and metals. Even if you've never made your own jewelry, soon you'll be ready to Make it Sparkle!

The Songbird Thief

by Skye Allen

An Oaktown Fey BookWhere's the harm in a little petty theft now and then? Fifteen-year-old Lee is about to find out. Lee has a gift--the ability to use her songs to enchant prospective victims, making them easy to rob--but it isn't without a price. The source of this mysterious ability is revealed when Lee comes to San Francisco, fleeing her stepfather's abuse: she is half fey. This knowledge puts a strain on Lee's relationship with her friend and secret crush, Sonja, since Sonja thinks entanglements with the fey only lead to trouble. As her adventure takes her deeper into the intrigues of the Faerie Realm, Lee discovers her power has the potential for more than fun and profit. Some would use it for evil, and only Lee can decide if there's good to be found in her songs.

The jOYs of Life

by Michelle Hoppe

Do the words "What's for dinner?" make you cringe? Are you tired of one-word answers from the teenager in the house? These hilarious stories are a laugh-out-loud look at everyday life. From "A construction company...what were we thinking?" to "My Big, Fat Tongue," you won't be able to put this one down.The jOYs of Life by comedy author Michelle Hoppe is a look into the ups and downs of raising a family, while attempting to become an author. Take a peek into the family life of the Hoppe clan and discover how Michelle turned OYs into jOYs...or at least delightfully funny stories.Michelle was blessed with the ability to view life through rose tinted glasses. Unlike Claire Tomalin, who said "My life was a sort of series of random disasters," Michelle's life, with her twisted sense of humor and a madcap home crew, is more a series of random OYs and jOYs.Growing up, Michelle loved to read books by Erma Bombeck; books like If Life is a Bowlful of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits and Motherhood taught her to look for the humor in life. Michelle's favorite Erma quote "When humor goes, there goes civilization!" seemed like a call to action, so this comedy autobiography is her contribution to the continuation of mankind, oops...personkind!This hilarious book contains humor about family life, motherhood, and parenting, and is sure to keep you laughing from beginning to end.

Crouching Tigress Horny Dragon

by Lexxie Couper

Life is complicated when your Fire Mate obstinately insists she is not a dragon! Crouching Tigress Horny Dragon from awarding winning erotic paranormal romance author Lexxie Couper, is Book 3 in Lexxie's bestselling Fire Mates series. Take flight with the dragons of Australia, and discover what dark secrets await in this thrilling erotic paranormal romance.No way in hell Ryan Conley is ready to settle down. He's an Aussie dragon shifter having a great time exploring the USA, and the last thing he's looking for is love-or his Fire Mate. That is until he meets Deanna Roe, the one living soul destined to be his for all eternity. Nothing can prevent the mating fire claiming them... an intense and very carnal period of wild, not-to-be-denied sexual frenzy.Deanna Roe is sexy, feisty, and gorgeous... and also adamant she's not a dragon. With a deranged hunter on her tail, the last thing she needs is Ryan's sexual advances and ridiculous claim she's his Fire Mate.It's not easy being a dragon shifter in another country, horny as hell and madly in lust with a woman who refuses to admit she's a dragon. Oh, and now the deranged hunter is after them both!Is Ryan is up for the challenge, or will everything he's ever known be shattered forever when he discovers the truth about his Fire Mate?This erotic paranormal suspense contains dragons, shapeshifters, werewolves, and adult themes. Crouching Tigress Horny Dragon is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

India Conquered: Britain's Raj and the Chaos of Empire

by Jon Wilson

For the century and a half before the Second World War, Britain dominated the Indian subcontinent. Britain's East India Company ruled enclaves of land in South Asia for a century and a half before that. For these 300 years, conquerors and governors projected themselves as heroes and improvers. The British public were sold an image of British authority and virtue. But beneath the veneer of pomp and splendour, British rule in India was anxious, fragile and fostered chaos. Britain's Indian empire was built by people who wanted to make enough money to live well back in Britain, to avoid humiliation and danger, to put their narrow professional expertise into practice. The institutions they created, from law courts to railway lines, were designed to protect British power without connecting with the people they ruled. The result was a precarious regime that provided Indian society with no leadership, and which oscillated between paranoid paralysis and occasional moments of extreme violence. The lack of affection between rulers and ruled finally caused the system's collapse. But even after its demise, the Raj lives on in the false idea of the efficacy of centralized, authoritarian power. Indians responded to the peculiar nature of British power by doing things for themselves, creating organisations and movements that created an order and prosperity of its own. India Conquered revises the way we think about nation-building as much as empire, showing how many of the institutions that shaped twentieth century India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were built in response to British power. The result is an engaging story vital for anyone who wants to understand the history of empires and the origins of contemporary South Asian society.

Blood and Sand: Suez, Hungary and the Crisis That Shook the World

by Alex Von Tunzelmann

Over sixteen extraordinary days in October and November 1956, the twin crises of Suez and Hungary pushed the world to the brink of a nuclear conflict and what many at the time were calling World War III. Blood and Sand is a revelatory new history of these dramatic events, for the first time setting both crises in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the treacherous power politics of imperialism and oil. Blood and Sand tells this story hour by hour, with a fascinating cast of characters including Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anthony Eden, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Nikita Khrushchev, Christian Pineau, Imre Nagy and David Ben-Gurion. It is a tale of conspiracy and revolutions, spies and terrorists, kidnappings and assassination plots, the fall of the British Empire and the rise of American hegemony. Blood and Sand is essential to our understanding of the modern Middle East and resonates powerfully with the problems of oil control, religious fundamentalism and international unity that face the world today.

Blood of the Innocents: The Vintener trilogy

by Michael Jecks

The thrilling finale to the Vintener trilogy from the master of historical adventure. France, 1356: Ten years have passed since the battle of Crecy, and the English fighters are still abroad, laying siege to cities, towns and even small villages. Meanwhile the Prince of Wales raids across France to draw King John into a battle for sovereignty. Berenger Fripper, having lost everything to the plague, is now captain of a company of mercenaries, but treachery and deceit dog him when his travels with the company lead him to Uzerche. And then his path crosses that of Prince Edward and his men as they embark on their latest chevauchée to bring death and disaster to the King of France's subjects. Enlisted as Vintener under Sir John de Sully, Berenger finds himself drawn into a new struggle. Can the English defeat the much larger French army, or will they find themselves finally overcome when their weary feet bring them at last to the field of battle near Poitiers...

Cold Killers: Will an East End feud lead to murder?

by Lee Weeks

Eddie Butcher, one of four brothers from a notorious East End family, is tortured and brutally murdered while visiting London from his home in Marbella. DI Carter and DS Willis monitor his extravagant funeral in case Eddie's violent brother Terry, under house arrest in Spain, tries to make an appearance. Terry is wanted for robbery, drug trafficking and murder - and the police strongly suspect he is even prepared to kill his own family to maintain his power. What Carter hasn't told all of his colleagues is that this family's history is personal to him. When Carter is offered the chance to finally catch Terry, he knows he cannot refuse. But it comes at a heavy personal, and professional, cost - and Willis must protect them all as the Butcher family's enemies close in, wanting revenge.

Kemlo and the Zombie Men

by E. C. Eliott

'Zombies' is Krillie's name for them - although Kemlo and Kerowski explain that the men engaged in the Sonic Wave Experiment are risking their lives in the attempt to revolutionise man's powers of communication through space.Yet even the leader of the Space Scouts and his friends are shaken at the odd behaviour of some of the S.W.V.s under text conditions thousands of miles out in space. Perhaps after all there are stronger forces at work than the earth scientists had anticipated. Kemlo is determined to find out.But they have another problem as well. What is the mysterious weakness which haunts Alvin Searle, the stern and dominating figure in charge of the experiment - and can the space-born boys help him overcome it?

Kemlo and the Space Men

by E. C. Eliott

Once again Kemlo and his friends find themselves in the thick of a plot - a plot to overthrow the complete organisation of the Satellite. And they are not up against anything they can understand.These mysterious black-suited men who are not men, but who can do with the utmost efficiency anything they are told, cause considerable, and not unwarranted, alarm on Satellite K.

Kemlo and the Space Invaders

by E. C. Eliott

When Jod Wyler and his gang of Whirleebirds decided to invade the new satellite, where now lived Kemlo, Kerowski, Krillie and all our other friends from Satellite K, there were one or two points which he entirely overlooked.One or two very important points . . .

Kemlo and the Masters of Space

by E. C. Eliott

As Kartin says, 'You can't have houses in space.' What then are those mysterious objects that have suddenly appeared far out on the planet routes? What connection do they have with 'the Shy Six Hundred', as Kemlo calls them, those strange, Earth-born visitors to Satellite K who are so chary of having their photographs taken?Kemlo and his Space Scouts decide that the time has come for a little detective work and the boys are soon hot on the trail - a trail which is to lead them from the comfort and security of the satellite to a battle to the death twenty million miles out into the void.

Great British Bake Off – Bake it Better (No.7): Sweet Bread & Buns

by Linda Collister

Bake it Better: Sweet Bread & Buns includes everything you need to know about baking delicious sweet bread. Whether you are new to baking and looking for simple, easy recipes or a more confident baker seeking to refine your skills, with The Great British Bake Off you can be sure you're getting scrumptious and tried-and-tested recipes.The recipes themselves include classics and modern bakes, from simple to more challenging showstoppers -Bake it Better will take you a journey from first timer to star baker. There are expert tips about ingredients, equipment and techniques, with easy-to-follow step-by-step photographs.The Great British Bake Off: Bake It Better are the 'go to' cookery books which gives you all the recipes and baking know-how in one easy-to-navigate series.

Stereoelectronic Effects: A Bridge Between Structure and Reactivity

by Igor V. Alabugin

Stereoelectronic Effects illustrates the utility of stereoelectronic concepts using structure and reactivity of organic molecules. This advanced textbook provides an up-to-date overview of the field, starting from the fundamental principles and presenting a large selection of modern examples of stereoelectronic effects in organic reactivity. Modern theoretical concepts are described in an accessible manner for students and experimentalists working in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and materials science; the background/concept part of the book is based on a wealth of computational and theoretical work but the mathematics behind the concepts is distilled in a general non-technical discussion of the role of stereoelectronic effects in chemistry. Topics covered include: * Effects of orbital overlap on reactivity * Experimental and theoretical approaches for studies of stereoelectronic effects * The fundamentals of stereoelectronic effects * Hyperconjugative stereoelectronic effects * Transition state stabilization * Remote stereoelectronic effects * Practical applciations of stereoelectronic effects in asymmetric catalysis, photochemical processes, bioorganic chemistry and biochemistry, inorganic and organometallic reactivity, supramolecular chemistry and materials science. The aim of this book is to make life easier for students of organic chemistry and practicing organic chemists by providing them with a concise set of rules which govern interactions between molecules and between functional groups in molecules. These rules will offer a unifying framework for the understanding of molecular structure and reactivity.

Current Therapy in Endodontics

by Priyanka Jain

Dentistry has been undergoing enormous changes, and the field of endodontics has certainly been at the forefront. Recent advances in technology, materials, and equipment have changed the way endodontics is practiced today, thereby facilitating treatments with greater efficiency, precision, and success, ultimately leading to better outcomes. Current Therapy in Endodontics encompasses the recent discoveries and applications for this field in one clinically relevant volume. Evidence-based presentation of recent advances in the field of endodontics Objective comparison of materials and instruments on the market Tables present key data and instruction for quick viewing and comprehension

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