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Bacterial Protein Secretion Systems

by Eric Cascales Laure Journet

This volume details protocols that cover the broad arsenal of techniques used to study a secretion system from A to Z. Chapters focus on identifying and localizing the different subunits, defining interactions within subunits, monitoring conformational changes, purifying and imaging of large complexes, defining the assembly pathway by fluorescence microscopy and the role of energy during assembly and/or secretion, identifying secreted effectors as well as reporters to follow effector transport. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and cutting-edge, Bacterial Protein Secretion Systems: Methods and Protocol aims to provide techniques that are not restricted to the study of secretion systems but are also of specific interest for any researcher interested on multi-protein complexes of the bacterial cell envelope.

Natural Antibodies

by Jagadeesh Bayry Srinivas V. Kaveri

This volume looks at the role of natural antibodies in pathogen elimination, cell survival, inflammation, cancer, and autoimmunity. The chapters in this book cover numerous topics, such as isolation of natural antibodies; methods for separating natural antibodies from human plasma, saliva, breast milk, and gastrointestinal fluids; functional properties of natural antibodies such as anti-tumor cytotoxic activity, and hydrolysis and dissolution of their target antigens; their utility in serological diagnosis of microbial antigens; and the role of natural antibodies in inhibiting viral vectors in the absence of prior exposure to the virus. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Practical and thorough, Natural Antibodies: Methods and Protocols is a valuable resource for researchers and experts who are interested in further studies of natural antibodies.

Guided Internet-Based Treatments in Psychiatry

by Nils Lindefors Gerhard Andersson

This book provides a practically oriented overview of internet-based treatments in psychiatry and mental health care, which represent a relatively new research area and offer a novel clinical approach. The principal focus is on internet-based cognitive behavior therapy, as this is currently the best example of evidence-based internet interventions in the field. Applications are described in a wide range of conditions, including, for example, depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and addictions. Research background, clinical trials and evidence for efficacy and effectiveness are discussed and helpful case descriptions, provided. Information is also included on cost-effectiveness and other relevant aspects of health economics and on new technologies and future challenges. Guided Internet-Based Treatments in Psychiatry will be of great interest for practitioners and researchers alike.

Programming Phase-Field Modeling

by S. Bulent Biner

This textbook provides a fast-track pathway to numerical implementation of phase-field modeling--a relatively new paradigm that has become the method of choice for modeling and simulation of microstructure evolution in materials. It serves as a cookbook for the phase-field method by presenting a collection of codes that act as foundations and templates for developing other models with more complexity. Programming Phase-Field Modeling uses the Matlab/Octave programming package, simpler and more compact than other high-level programming languages, providing ease of use to the widest audience. Particular attention is devoted to the computational efficiency and clarity during development of the codes, which allows the reader to easily make the connection between the mathematical formulism and the numerical implementation of phase-field models. The background materials provided in each case study also provide a forum for undergraduate level modeling-simulations courses as part of their curriculum.

Handbook of Quantifiers in Natural Language: Volume II

by Edward L. Keenan Denis Paperno

This work presents the structure, distribution and semantic interpretation of quantificational expressions in languages from diverse language families and typological profiles. The current volume pays special attention to underrepresented languages of different status and endangerment level. Languages covered include American and Russian Sign Languages, and sixteen spoken languages from Africa, Australia, Papua, the Americas, and different parts of Asia. The articles respond to a questionnaire the editors constructed to enable detailed crosslinguistic comparison of numerous features. They offer comparable information on semantic classes of quantifiers (generalized existential, generalized universal, proportional, partitive), syntactically complex quantifiers (intensive modification, Boolean compounds, exception phrases, etc. ), and several more specific issues such as quantifier scope ambiguities, floating quantifiers, and binary (type 2) quantifiers. The book is intended for semanticists, logicians interested in quantification in natural language, and general linguists as articles are meant to be descriptive and theory independent. The book continues and expands the coverage of the Handbook of Quantifiers in Natural Language (2012) by the same editors, and extends the earlier work in Matthewson (2008), Gil et al. (2013) and Bach et al (1995).

Cross-Cultural Schooling Experiences of Chinese Immigrant Families

by Shijing Xu

This book introduces the concept of reciprocal educational learning among cultures with very different historical and philosophical origins. The concept of reciprocal learning grows out of a four year study of immigrant Chinese family narrative experiences in a Western context. This book captures the lived moments of such transitional lives both in and out of school settings to demonstrate why a child would appear and disappear from different caregivers' purview. Through the narrative lens of student and family life, the study illustrates the intersection of Confucian and Western philosophies of education and how their interaction creates complications as well as benefits for both traditions, hence, the idea of reciprocal learning.

Canadian Music and American Culture

by Tomoyuki Iino Tristanne Connolly

This collection explores Canadian music's commentaries on American culture. 'American Woman, get away from me!' - one of the most resonant musical statements to come out of Canada - is a cry of love and hate for its neighbour. Canada's close, inescapable entanglement with the superpower to the south provides a unique yet representative case study of the benefits and detriments of the global American culture machine. Literature scholars apply textual and cultural analysis to a selection of Anglo-Canadian music - from Joni Mitchell to Peaches, via such artists as Neil Young, Rush, and the Tragically Hip - to explore the generic borrowings and social criticism, the desires and failures of Canada's musical relationship with the USA. This innovative volume will appeal to those interested in Music, Canadian Studies, and American Studies.

Music in Contemporary French Cinema

by Phil Powrie

This book explores composed scores and pre-existing music in French cinema from 1985 to 2015 so as to identify critical musical moments. It shows how heritage films construct space through music, generating what Powrie calls "third space music," while also working to contain the strong women characters found in French heritage films through the use of leitmotifs and musical cues. He analyses fiction films in which the protagonists perform at the piano, showing how musical performance supports the performance of gender. Building on aspects of musical performance, and in particular the use of songs performed in films, Powrie uses a database of 300 films since 2010 to theorize the intervention of music at critical moments as a "crystal-song". Applying Roland Barthes's concept of the "punctum" and Gille Deleuze's concept of the "crystal-image," Powrie establishes the importance of the crystal-song, which reconfigures time as a crystallization of past, present and future.

Religious Genius

by Alon Goshen-Gottstein

This book sets forth a new area in the study of extraordinary individuals in religious traditions. It develops the category of "Religious Genius" as an alternative to existing categories, primarily "saint. " It constructs a model by which to appreciate these individuals, suggesting key characteristics such as love, humility, and self-surrender. Religious geniuses transform their traditions and their legacies endure through these very transformations. They also inspire changes across religious boundaries and traditions. The study of religious geniuses in various faith traditions therefore advances interfaith engagement today. The book complements existing, primarily historical, studies of saints by offering a phenomenological approach that seeks to touch the subjectivity of these individuals, and how they have affected the unfolding of their religious traditions.

Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence

by Craig Comiter Ajay Singla

This text provides a comprehensive, state - of - the art review of this new and emerging field, as the number of men who suffer from post-prostatectomy incontinence increases by greater than 10,000 per year. How to evaluate and manage this devastating disorder has become a necessary part of nearly every urologic practice. This book serves a valuable resource for physicians with an interest in managing patients with post-prostatectomy incontinence. In addition, treatment includes algorithms and suggested office evaluation that will help guide conservative management that is appropriate for most patients. The text provides insight into the history of male incontinence surgery, as well as the current surgical techniques for the operative management of post-prostatectomy incontinence in those who fail conservative management. This text reviews current data regarding surgical outcomes for the most common and newly developed incontinence procedures, as well as step-by-step descriptions of the key surgical steps necessary for success. All chapters are written by world renowned experts in this field and include the most up to date clinical information.

Emotions and The Body in Buddhist Contemplative Practice and Mindfulness-Based Therapy

by Padmasiri De Silva

This book represents an outstanding contribution to the field of somatic psychology. It focuses on the relationship between body and emotions, and on the linkages between mindfulness-based emotion studies and neuroscience. The author discusses the awakening of somatic intelligence as a journey through pain and trauma management, the moral dimensions of somatic passions, and the art and practice of embodied mindfulness. Issues such as the emotions and the body in relation to Buddhist contemplative practice, against the background of the most recent findings of current neuroscience, are expanded in the book. A broad review of the Darwinian-Jamesian heritage on emotion studies is a unique contribution to the tradition of the somatogenic strands of emotions, and provides a contrasting focus to the ideogenic emotions in Sigmund Freud. This work provides an invaluable resource for students of psychology and philosophy, psychotherapists and meditation teachers, students, and for anyone with an interest in the field of somatic psychology.

Kenya and Britain after Independence

by Poppy Cullen

This book explores British post-colonial foreign policy towards Kenya from 1963 to 1980. It reveals the extent and nature of continued British government influence in Kenya after independence. It argues that this was not simply about neo-colonialism, and Kenya's elite had substantial agency to shape the relationship. The first section addresses how policy was made and the role of High Commissions and diplomacy. It emphasises contingency, with policy produced through shared interests and interaction with leading Kenyans. It argues that British policy-makers helped to create and then reinforced Kenya's neo-patrimonialism. The second part examines the economic, military, personal and diplomatic networks which successive British governments sustained with independent Kenya. A combination of interlinked interests encouraged British officials to place a high value on this relationship, even as their world commitments diminished. This book appeals to those interested in Kenyan history, post-colonial Africa, British foreign policy, and forms of diplomacy and policy-making.

Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations

by Pavel Winternitz Raphaël Rebelo Decio Levi

Difference equations are playing an increasingly important role in the natural sciences. Indeed many phenomena are inherently discrete and are naturally described by difference equations. Phenomena described by differential equations are therefore approximations of more basic discrete ones. Moreover, in their study it is very often necessary to resort to numerical methods. This always involves a discretization of the differential equations involved, thus replacing them by difference equations. This book shows how Lie group and integrability techniques, originally developed for differential equations, have been adapted to the case of difference ones. Each of the eleven chapters is a self-contained treatment of a topic, containing introductory material as well as the latest research results. The book will be welcomed by graduate students and researchers seeking an introduction to the field. As a survey of the current state of the art it will also serve as a valuable reference.

Advances in Biology and Treatment of Glioblastoma

by Kumaravel Somasundaram

This volume covers the most important areas of glioblastoma - surgical resection, molecular pathology, targeted therapies, cancer stem cells, the role of DNA methylation, targeted sequencing for personalized therapy, animal models and advances in pediatric glioblastoma. Chapter authors are junior and senior investigators, who are well established in their particular areas and include neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, neurooncologists and basic scientists.

Solidarity in the European Union

by Susanne My Giang Andreas Grimmel

This volume approaches the current crisis of solidarity in the European Union from a multidisciplinary perspective. The contributions explore the concept of solidarity, its role in the European integration process, and analyze the risks entailed by a lack of solidarity. Experts from various academic fields, such as political science, law, sociology, and philosophy, shed new light on contemporary challenges such as the migrant and refugee crisis, the Eurozone crisis, nationalist and separatist movements, and Brexit. Finally, they also discuss different solutions for the most pressing problems in EU politics. The book has two main aims: Firstly, to show that solidarity is a key element in solving the EU's contemporary problems; and secondly, to reveal how the crisis of solidarity has become a crucial test for the integration project, as the nature of the crisis goes beyond the well-known shortcomings in the EU's structure and problem-solving capacities.

The Immunology of Cardiovascular Homeostasis and Pathology

by Teresa Kennedy-Lydon Susanne Sattler

Cardiovascular immunology is a newly emerging research area, investigating the crosstalk between the cardiovascular and the immune system. This crosstalk is evident through (1) crucial immunological capacities and functions of cardiovascular cell types, including cardiomyocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, pericytes and cardiac resident macrophages, (2) the impact of aberrant immune function on the development of cardiovascular disease such as atherosclerosis, direct and indirect immune-mediated heart disease and vasculitis, and (3) the crucial role of the immune system in cardiac repair and regeneration. The Immunology of Cardiovascular Homeostasis and Pathology covers all these aspects of cardiovascular immunology, starting with homeostatic immunological functions of traditional cardiovascular cell types, and moving then to the role of the immune system in cardiovascular pathology and to recent research into targeting the immune system to boost cardiac healing and regeneration.

Supply Chain Disruption Management Using Stochastic Mixed Integer Programming

by Tadeusz Sawik

This book deals with stochastic combinatorial optimization problems in supply chain disruption management, with a particular focus on management of disrupted flows in customer-driven supply chains. The problems are modeled using a scenario based stochastic mixed integer programming to address risk-neutral, risk-averse and mean-risk decision-making in the presence of supply chain disruption risks. The book focuses on innovative, computationally efficient portfolio approaches to supply chain disruption management, e. g. , selection of primary and recovery supply portfolios, demand portfolios, capacity portfolios, etc. Numerous computational examples throughout the book, modeled in part on real-world supply chain disruption management problems, illustrate the material presented and provide managerial insights. In the computational examples, the proposed mathematical programming models are solved using an advanced algebraic modeling language such as AMPL and CPLEX, GUROBI and XPRESS solvers. The knowledge and tools provided in the book allow the reader to model and solve supply chain disruption management problems using commercially available software for mixed integer programming. Using the end-of chapter problems and exercises, the monograph can also be used as a textbook for an advanced course in supply chain risk management. After an introductory chapter, the book is then divided into five main parts. Part I addresses selection of a supply portfolio; Part II considers integrated selection of supply portfolio and scheduling; Part III looks at integrated, equitably efficient selection of supply portfolio and scheduling; Part IV examines integrated selection of primary and recovery supply (and demand) portfolios and scheduling; and Part V addresses disruption management of information flows in supply chains.

Servant Leadership and Followership

by Crystal J. Davis

Providing a deeper understanding of leadership, followership theory, and the follower as servant leader, this book provides employee and follower perspectives of servant leadership in the workplace. The collection brings together both empirical and conceptual research from around the globe to illustrate how the leader is seen through the lens of the follower. Topics discussed include organizational performance, empowerment, competency models, diversity in the workplace, and social roles and stereotypes. With contributions from a range of skilled authors, Servant Leadership and Followership not only provides an overview of servant leadership, but also offers insightful ways for organizations to adapt and progress in line with the shifting moral demands of today's workplace.

Modelling the Fate of Chemicals in the Environment and the Human Body

by Ettore Capri Alice Tediosi Philippe Ciffroy

This volume focuses on modelling the fate of chemicals in the environment and the human body to arrive at an integrated exposure assessment. It covers five broad topics, namely: future challenges in exposure assessment; the evolution of human health and environmental risk assessment; standard documentation for exposure models; modelling different environmental components (i. e. surface waters, atmosphere, soil, groundwater, plants, aquatic organisms and mammals); and the fate of contaminants in humans. This work draws on the authors' and editors' extensive experience and a range of different research activities, including case studies, that have led to the development of MERLIN-Expo, a standardised software package for simulating the fate of chemicals in the main environmental systems and in the human body in an integrated manner. It will be of considerable interest to researchers and students, risk managers, and policy- and decision-makers whose work involves environmental protection and human health.

Modeling of Gas-to-Particle Mass Transfer in Turbulent Flows

by Michael Bühlmann Sean C. Garrick

This Brief focuses on the dispersion of high-porosity particles, their entrainment into the vapor-laden stream, and the condensation of vapor onto the particles. The authors begin with a simple/static problem, focusing on transport within the particle. They go on to consider the high-resolution simulation of particles in a turbulent flow and the time-dependent evolution of the fluid-particle fields. Finally, they examine the more computationally-affordable large-eddy simulation of gas-to-particle mass-transfer. The book ends with a summary and challenges as well as directions for the area.

Platonic Legislations

by David Lloyd Dusenbury

This book discusses how Plato, one the fiercest legal critics in ancient Greece, became - in the longue dur#65533;e - its most influential legislator. Making use of a vast scholarly literature, and offering original readings of a number of dialogues, it argues that the need for legal critique and the desire for legal permanence set the long arc of Plato's corpus--from the Apology to the Laws. Modern philosophers and legal historians have tended to overlook the fact that Plato was the most prolific legislator in ancient Greece. In the pages of his Republic and Laws, he drafted more than 700 statutes. This is more legal material than can be credited to the archetypal Greek legislators--Lycurgus, Draco, and Solon. The status of Plato's laws is unique, since he composed them for purely hypothetical cities. And remarkably, he introduced this new genre by writing hard-hitting critiques of the Greek ideal of the sovereignty of law. Writing in the milieu in which immutable divine law vied for the first time with volatile democratic law, Plato rejected both sources of law, and sought to derive his laws from what he called 'political technique' (politik#65533; techn#65533;). At the core of this technique is the question of how the idea of justice relates to legal and institutional change. Filled with sharp observations and bold claims, Platonic Legislations shows that it is possible to see Plato--and our own legal culture--in a new light "In this provocative, intelligent, and elegant work D. L. Dusenbury has posed crucial questions not only as regards Plato's thought in the making, but also as regards our contemporaneity. "--Giorgio Camassa, University of Udine "There is a tension in Greek law, and in Greek legal thinking, between an understanding of law as unchangeable and authoritative, and a recognition that formal rules are often insufficient for the interpretation of reality, and need to be constantly revised to match it. Dusenbury's book illuminates the sophistication of Plato's legal thought in its engagement with this tension, and explores the potential of Plato's reflection for modern legal theory. "--Mirko Canevaro, The University of Edinburgh

Medical Computer Vision and Bayesian and Graphical Models for Biomedical Imaging

by Annemie Ribbens Mark Jenkinson Albert C.S. Chung Shaoting Zhang William M. Wells III Albert Montillo Dimitris Metaxas Bjoern Menze Georg Langs M. Jorge Cardoso Weidong Cai Tal Arbel B. Michael Kelm Henning Müller

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the International Workshop on Medical Computer Vision, MCV 2016, and of the International Workshop on Bayesian and grAphical Models for Biomedical Imaging, BAMBI 2016, held in Athens, Greece, in October 2016, held in conjunction with the 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2016. The 13 papers presented in MCV workshop and the 6 papers presented in BAMBI workshop were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The goal of the MCV workshop is to explore the use of "big data" algorithms for harvesting, organizing and learning from large-scale medical imaging data sets and for general-purpose automatic understanding of medical images. The BAMBI workshop aims to highlight the potential of using Bayesian or random field graphical models for advancing research in biomedical image analysis.

Strategic Change

by Stefan Iskan Erwin Staudt

Change in der Krise kann jeder - das ist keine Management-Kunst. Doch wie bekommen Sie Ihre Mannschaft bewegt, wenn der Veränderungsdruck noch nicht in den Quartalszahlen spürbar ist? Change-Prozesse gestalten heißt: das Spiel kontrollieren. Für derartige Prozesse in Unternehmen, die kein Sanierungsfall sind, sind völlig andere Kompetenzen gefragt als beim klassischen Restrukturierungsmanagement. Genau hier setzen Stefan Iskan und Erwin Staudt mit ihrem Autorenteam an. Sie verdeutlichen, dass in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft ein völlig anderes Verständnis von Change Management benötigt wird. Und zwar eines, das - jenseits von Krisen- und Turnaround- Management - dem bewussten und strategischen Wandel nahekommt und Veränderungsbereitschaft als neuen kritischen Erfolgsfaktor, ja sogar neuen Input-Faktor, in den Unternehmen betrachtet. ,,Dieses Buch ist nichts für Manager, die in kleinen Schritten arbeiten. Die Herausgeber und ihr Autorenteam beweisen Mut, indem sie das ,,Change Desaster" in Unternehmen ungeschönt beim Namen nennen und ungemütliche Fragen aufwerfen. Die Autoren wissen, wovon sie sprechen. Und das zeigen sie hier mit großer Leidenschaft. " Thomas Blank, Chief Executive Officer Area Central Europe bei Agility & Member of the European Management Board

Integriertes Online-Marketing

by Michael Jacob

Dieses Buch verbindet anschaulich zahlreiche Aspekte des klassischen Marketings mit den modernen Online-Instrumenten und erläutert die Erfolgskomponenten. Denn: Online-Marketing und E-Commerce spielen für fast alle Unternehmen zukünftig eine dominierende Rolle. Wie hängen diese Begriffe zusammen, was wollen Kunden und wie muss eine optimale Integration mit dem allgemeinen Marketing und dem stationären Vertrieb erfolgen? Diese und andere Fragen behandelt der Autor zunächst aus einer strategischen Perspektive und stellt die aktuellen und zukünftigen Rahmenbedingungen dar. Die sich anschließenden taktischen Überlegungen verknüpfen gängige Marketing-Konzepte mit aktuellen Online-Instrumenten. Letztere werden im dritten Hauptteil aus einer Implementierungssicht betrachtet und praxisnah beschrieben.

Das menschliche Auge in Zahlen

by Antonio Bergua

Das Buch enthält alle Werte zur Anatomie und Physiologie des Auges in tabellarischer Form. So entfällt die zeitaufwändige Suche, wenn einmal einzelne Werte benötigt werden - sei es für die Praxis, die Klinik oder für die Arbeit in der Forschung. Da die Quellen, denen die Werte entnommen wurden, angegeben sind, kann auch ohne Umstände auf die Originalarbeiten zurückgegriffen werden, wenn einmal Wissen über die Fakten hinaus benötigt wird.

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