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Art's Teachings, Teaching's Art

by Tyson Lewis Megan Laverty

This volume examines the interface between the teachings of art and the art of teaching, and asserts the centrality of aesthetics for rethinking education. Many of the essays in this collection claim a direct connection between critical thinking, democratic dissensus, and anti-racist pedagogy with aesthetic experiences. They argue that aesthetics should be reconceptualized less as mere art appreciation or the cultivation of aesthetic judgment of taste, and more with the affective disruptions, phenomenological experiences, and the democratic politics of learning, thinking, and teaching. The first set of essays in the volume examines the unique pedagogies of the various arts including literature, poetry, film, and music. The second set addresses questions concerning the art of pedagogy and the relationship between aesthetic experience and teaching and learning. Demonstrating the flexibility and diversity of aesthetic expressions and experiences in education, the book deals with issues such as the connections between racism and affect, curatorship and teaching, aesthetic experience and the common, and studying and poetics. The book explores these topics through a variety of theoretical and philosophical lenses including contemporary post-structuralism, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, critical theory, and pragmatism.

Managing Digital Enterprise

by Jun Xu

This book describes the setup of digital enterprises and how to manage them, focusing primarily on the important knowledge and essential understanding of digital enterprise management required by managers and decision makers in organizations. It covers ten essential knowledge areas of this field: * Foundation of Digital Enterprise * Technology Foundation and Talent Management for Digital Enterprise * Digital Enterprise Strategy Planning and Implementation * B2C Digital Enterprise: E-tailing * B2C Digital Enterprise: E-Services * B2B Digital Enterprise and Supply Chain * Digital Platforms * Digital Marketing and Advertising * Digital Payment Systems * Mobile Enterprise Overall, this text provides the reader with the basics to understand the rapid development of digitization, facilitated by the dramatic advancements in digital technologies, extensively connected networks, and wider adoption of computing devices (especially mobile devices), as more and more organizations are realizing the strategic importance of digitization (e. g. , sustainable growth of the organization, competitive advantage development and enhancement) and are embarking on digital enterprise.

Democracy and Rule of Law in the European Union

by Flora A.N.J. Goudappel Ernst M.H. Hirsch Ballin

The present collection of essays offers the reader a broad range of original perspectives on democracy and the rule of law in the European Union, approaching the existing policy area from new points of view. Leading experts from different countries and backgrounds focus on how democracy and the rule of law are related to topics like security, pension rights, judicial cooperation and human rights protection. Their expert views are based on a combination of theory and knowledge acquired in their practice as academics or practitioners in the field of European integration. . The issue of the rule of law and democracy is close to the heart of Professor Jaap de Zwaan, a true European, building bridges between countries and peoples. He has written extensively on the subject of European integration. Therefore, this collection of expert views is not only an original and valuable contribution to the literature and discussion on the development and enlargement of the European Union, but at the same time it is a tribute to Jaap de Zwaan, whose academic and diplomatic career can be characterized as always serving "an ever closer Union". Flora Goudappel is Jean Monnet Professor of EU Trade Law in the Overseas Territories at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and a consultant on European Union law Ernst Hirsch Ballin is Professor of Dutch and European Constitutional Law at Tilburg University and Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Amsterdam.

Universal Service in WTO and EU law

by Olga Batura

This book is a systematic comparative study of WTO and EU law relevant for universal service provision, and a timely contribution to the ongoing scholarly and policy debates about the concept and scope of universal service. Universal service is one of the most significant regulatory issues worldwide and it is likely to remain so. The central question dealt with by the author is how the technologically intensive sector of telecommunications services can be regulated in a socially fair way in the light of liberalisation and the immense importance of ICTs in the Information Society. The author investigates whether the legal frameworks of WTO and EU can meet the challenges of the rapid and dramatic technological and social change and formulates relevant policy recommendations. The book is of interest to both scholars and practitioners in several disciplines, such as EU and WTO law, telecommunications law and regulation, political science regarding market regulation and governance as well as European integration and WTO. Olga Batura is affiliated to the Leuphana Law School, University of Lüneburg, Germany, and to the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithania.

The Roles of Law and Politics in China's Development

by Guanghua Yu

This book examines China's economic development from the end of 1970s, integrating perspectives from law, economics and political science. Particular attention is given to the role of formal law and political changes in China's development, presenting the argument that formal law has made a useful contribution to China's economic development. Chapters explore the relationship between democracy and mechanisms of property rights protection, financial market, rule of law, and human capital accumulation. The author goes on to examine the persistence of authoritarianism, democracy and economic development and the concept of deliberative democracy. This book concludes with a look at future options for China, from political, economic and rule of law perspectives. The book considers China's current political regime and analyzes the likely political and constitutional law reforms that are not only conducive to China's economic development but also beneficial to the enhancement of freedom. Some knowledge of the Chinese legal system, economy, and political institutions is assumed, making this book valuable to those requiring a deeper understanding of the subject. The book will appeal to legal scholars and lawyers requiring an understanding of the impact of the Chinese legal system on China's economic and political development and to scholars and students in political science and economics with an interest in China's institutional change. Policy makers and administrators with an interest in policy and law making in China will also find this book valuable.

Therapy of Social Medicine

by Byong-Hyon Han

This book introduces novel and groundbreaking theories on social medicine, social medicine therapy and pharmacogelotology. Aimed at improving the global health care system in terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the research included in this book represents a paradigm shift from traditional drugs to social medicine. Tracing the history of social medicine, from Natural Healing Power (NHP), Oriental Medicine's vitalism, to Homeostasis (Natural Healing Strength) and Reciprocity (Social Healing Strength), the book first focuses on laying the theoretical foundations. It then highlights how social medicine can be specialized into various social medicine therapies (i. e. , aromatherapy, stone therapy, diet therapy, exercise therapy, light therapy, etc. ), just like stem cells. This is followed by arguments that 21st century pharmacy should be a harmonious system where the replacement of traditional drug products (i. e. , herbal, chemical, and biological products) with new social medicine takes precedence. To that end, the author focuses on the '4+2 system' with 4 representing diet, body, stress, and facial-image control, and 2 representing the complementary and alternative medical methods of evacuation(-) and filling(+). In the context of pharmacogelotology, the book then goes on to present findings on theories of laughter and laughter therapy practices, which are systematically examined and described in detail. Finally, it calls for the development of social-medicine structures by governments that aim to help local authorities use their resources effectively, and for local governments to establish the long-term planning on social-medicine therapy for healthy ageing.

Menahem Max Schiffer: Selected Papers Volume 2

by Peter Duren Lawrence Zalcman

This two volume set presents over 50 of the most groundbreaking contributions of Menahem M Schiffer. All of the reprints of Schiffer's works herein have extensive annotation and invited commentaries, giving new clarity and insight into the impact and legacy of Schiffer's work. A complete bibliography and brief biography make this a rounded and invaluable reference.

Developing Positive Employment Relations

by Adrian Wilkinson Stewart Johnstone

Offering acritical assessment of the main conceptual debates concerning labour managementpartnership and cooperation at the workplace, this book evaluates the searchfor positive employment relations in five countries. The provision ofcollective employee representation, normally through trade unions, is centralto most definitions of labour management partnership, and the aim is to developcollaborative relationships between unions, employers and employeerepresentatives for the benefit all parties. While traditionally associated with employment relations in the coordinatedmarket economies of the continental European nations, partnership approacheshave attracted increasing attention in recent decades in the liberal marketeconomies of the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Developing Positive Employment Relations assessesthe conceptual debates, reviews the employment relations context in each ofthese countries, and provides workplace case studies of the dynamics of partnershipat the enterprise level.

Cultural Perspectives on Youth Justice

by Elaine Arnull Darrell Fox

Young people, crime and delinquency are words that are commonly linked in public perception and young people are often blamed for social ills. Their deviancy and threat to social control has been held to be a social fact from Plato to today. This book subjects that 'fact' to critical examination through consideration of youth justice systems in six different countries, drawing on sociological and criminological analysis as well as expert practitioner opinion. This book's comparative, cultural approach allows for consideration of the impact of new and emergent systems of communication and discourse and considers how these may impact future constructions of delinquency at a local and global level. Understanding changing constructions of delinquency, the systems and responses we already have and their strengths and weaknesses enables critique about what we do and what we know, and allows us to imagine how it might be otherwise.

Disabling Romanticism

by Michael Bradshaw

This book investigates the presence of disability in British Romantic literature, as subject matter, as metaphorical theme, and as lived experience. It is the first collection of its kind, breaking new ground in re-interpreting key texts and providing a challenging overview of this emerging field. The collection offers both a critique of academic Romantic studies and an affirmation of the responsiveness of the Romantic canon to new stimuli. Authors discussed include William Blake, Lord Byron, Ann Batten Cristall, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George Darley, Richard Payne Knight, William Gilpin, Mary Robinson, Mary Shelley, Robert Southey, and William Wordsworth.

Public Accountability and Health Care Governance

by Paola Mattei

Thisbook deals with the critical empirical void created by the speed at whichhealthcare restructuring has taken place in Europe. Chapters explore thepolitical uncertainty and budgetary pressures which have led governmentsincreasingly to turn to New Public Management (NPM)-style reforms to attempt tobalance the financial viability of public health structures, with democraticimperatives to maintain socially just outcomes. The authors of this volumeconsider how governments have therefore shifted identities from principal careproviders to contractual monitors, setting targets increasingly directed towardthird-party managers in quasi-markets and the private sector. Drawing uponextensive data from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and Israel, thecontributions explore the often unexpected policy outputs and outcomesengendered by such reforms.

The Ecology of Wonder in Romantic and Postmodern Literature

by Louise Economides

This book traces the aesthetic of wonder from the romanticperiod through contemporary philosophy and literature, arguing for itsrelevance to ecological consciousness. Most ecocritical scholarship tends toovershadow discussions of wonder with the sublime, failing to treat these twoaesthetic categories as distinct. As a result, contemporary scholarship hasconflated wonder and the sublime and ultimately lost the nuances that these twoconcepts conjure for readers and thinkers. Economides illuminates importantdifferences between these aesthetics, particularly their negotiation of issuesrelevant to gender-based and environmental politics. In turn, readers canutilize the concept of wonder as an open-ended, non-violent framework incontrast to the ethos of domination that often surrounds the sublime.

An Integrative Model of Moral Deliberation

by J. Jeffrey Tillman

An Integrative Model of Moral Deliberation suggests that the inadequacy of models of moral deliberation to deal effectively with contemporary moral complexity is a result of the lack of an inadequate theory of moral cognition. Drawing from work in neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, social theory, dual process cognitive theory, and the work of William James, this book develops a theory of moral cognition to be used as the basis for a model of moral deliberation. This model portrays moral deliberation as a back and forth movement between intuitive and analytic cognitions, by which narrative scenarios are constructed and then assessed by aesthetic sensibilities.

Toward a Framework of Resources for Learning to Teach

by Lauren Gatti

This bookadvances a new framework for learning to teach, using in-depth case studies toshow how learning to teach--in any type of program--can best be understood as arecursive and dynamic process, wherein teachers differentially accessprogrammatic, relational, experiential, disciplinary, and dispositionalresources. In the lasttwenty years, debates in the field of teacher preparation have increasinglybecome paralyzing and divisive as rhetoric around the failure of universityteacher preparation intensifies. The author addresses the historical andpractical factors that animate these debates, arguing that novice teachers andteacher educators must understand the central conflicts in the field; however,the book also advances a way of approaching learning to teach that accounts forbut does not get stuck at the level of programmatic designation. Using lively,in-depth case studies, the author shows how novice urban English teachers fromtwo different teacher preparation pathways--a university-based program and an urbanteacher residency--learn to teach within a policy context of high-stakes testingand "college readiness. "

Cultures of Transition and Sustainability

by John Clammer

Contending that culture lies at the root of our current planetary and civilizational crisis, this book uniquely explores the nature of the specifically cultural dimensions of that crisis and how culture relates to the areas of politics, policy, economics, ecology and the whole discourse of sustainability. It debates how profoundly our world is shaped by capitalist culture, emphasizing the import of political culture and policy, social justice, leadership and community in the shaping of a new cultural sustainability. It also reintroduces questions of religion, art, citizenship and comparative culture into the sustainability debate and suggests ways in which the central issue of consumer culture can be rethought and others in which socially satisfactory transitions to a sustainable future might be achieved. Addressing the specific role of culture in our crisis and of how to build cultural resources for transition, this cutting edge text provides the reader with an introduction to the literature on culture and sustainability, and both practical and theoretical tools for creating and advancing a humane and ecologically responsible future.

Challenges of Active Ageing

by Simonetta Manfredi Lucy Vickers

This editedcollection takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the 'Active Ageing' agenda toenable readers to consider the implications of this phenomenon for the law, theworkplace, and for working lives from a holistic perspective. Challenges of Active Ageing bringstogether academics working throughout Europe from different disciplinesincluding law, industrial relations, human resource management and occupationalpsychology to explore and debate the challenges of the 'Active Ageing' agendafor equality law and management practice. Also including shorter contributionsfrom law, human resource management, trade union and other practitioners, thisbook aims to fully reflect how organizations can adjust their practices torespond to the challenge of an aging population and extended working lives.

Shakespearean Allusion in Crime Fiction

by Lisa Hopkins

This book explores why crime fiction so often alludes to Shakespeare. It ranges widely over a variety of authors including classic golden age crime writers such as the four 'queens of crime' (Allingham, Christie, Marsh, Sayers), Nicholas Blake and Edmund Crispin, as well as more recent authors such as Reginald Hill, Kate Atkinson and Val McDermid. It also looks at the fondness for Shakespearean allusion in a number of television crime series, most notably Midsomer Murders, Inspector Morse and Lewis, and considers the special sub-genre of detective stories in which a lost Shakespeare play is found. It shows how Shakespeare facilitates discussions about what constitutes justice, what authorises the detective to track down the villain, who owns the countryside, national and social identities, and the question of how we measure cultural value.

Ethics and Literature in Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay, 1970-2000

by Carlos M. Amador

This book argues for a new reading of the political and ethical through the literatures of Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay from 1970-2000. Carlos Amador reads a series of examples from the last dictatorship and the current post-dictatorship period in the Southern Cone, including works by Augusto Roa Bastos, Roberto Bolaño, Ceferino Reato, Horacio Verbitsky, Nelly Richard, Diamela Eltit, and Willy Thayer, with the goal of uncovering the logic behind their conceptions of belonging and rejection. Focusing on theoretical concepts that make possible the formation of any and all communities, this study works towards a vision of literature as essential to the structure of ethics.

The Arab World and Iran

by Amin Saikal

This volume focuses on interpreting the changing domestic and regional dynamics in the Arab world and Iran. Its chapters discuss an array of countries, events, actors, and issues - from an examination of the Arab Spring and the Tunisian democratic transition, to an exploration of the role of Saudi-Iranian geostrategic rivalry, to the impact of ethnic and sectarian politics in Syria, Iraq, and across the region. Chapters from expert contributors are organized into three parts. The first section of the volume covers the aspects and dynamics of change in the Arab world. The second examines the role of Islam, Islamism, Islamic governance, and sectarian and ethnic politics in the region. The third section focuses on Iranian domestic and regional politics. Yet the theme of transition is constant throughout as this multidisciplinary book draws connections across countries and events to not only inform about the prevailing regional situation, but also to invite readers to draw their own conclusions as to the future of the Middle East. Collectively the volume provides a fresh interpretation of the changing dynamics of the Arab world and Iran, unpacking the complexities of the disputes, conflicts, rivalries, failed goals, and processes of change and development that have made the Muslim Middle East so turbulent, directionless, and perpetually contested by both regional and international actors.

The European Banking Union

by Angelo Baglioni

Why did European policy-makers introduce the Banking Union? Which are its main features? How does it affect banks and their customers? This book tries to answer these questions, by providing a clear description of the building blocks of the banking union, and by discussing the issues that still remain unanswered.

The West and the Global Power Shift

by John Peterson Riccardo Alcaro Ettore Greco

This book assesses the state of transatlantic relations in an era of emerging powers and growing interconnectedness, and discusses the limits and potential of transatlantic leadership in creating effective governance structures. The authors first resort to theory and history to understand the transatlantic relationship. They then consider the domestic and systemic factors that might set the relationship between the United States and Europe on a different path. Finally, the authors locate the potential for transatlantic leadership in the context of the global power shift. The world of the 21st century displays different power configurations in different policy domains. This changing structure of power complicates the exercise of leadership. Leadership requires not only greater power and authority, but also persuasion, bargaining and moral suasion, all necessary strategies to build coalitions and manage conflicts between great powers.

Mediations of Disruption in Post-Conflict Cinema

by Adriana Martins Alexandra Lopes Mónica Dias

Mediations of Disruption in Post-Conflict Cinema is a transdisciplinary volume that addresses the cinematic mediation of a wide range of conflicts. From World War II and its aftermath to the exploration of colonial and post-colonial experiences and more recent forms of terrorism, it debates the possibilities, constraints and efficacy of the discursive practices this mediation entails. Despite its variety and amplitude in scope and width, the innovative and singular aspect of the book lies in the fact that the essays give voice to a variety of regions, issues, and filmmaking processes that tend either to remain on the outskirts of the publishing world and/or to be granted only partial visibility in volumes of regional cinema.

New Beginning in US-Muslim Relations

by Eugenio Lilli

This book carries out a comparative study of the US response to popular uprisings in the Middle East as an evaluation of President Barack Obama's foreign policy commitments. In 2009, Obama publicly pledged "a new beginning in US-Muslim relations," causing eager expectation of a clear shift in US foreign policy after the election of the 44th president of the United States. However, the achievement of such a shift was made particularly difficult by the existence of multiple, and sometimes conflicting, US interests in the region which influenced the Obama administration's response to the popular uprisings in five Muslim-majority countries: Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and Syria. After providing a detailed analysis of the traditional features of both US foreign policy rhetoric and practice, this book turns its focus to the Obama administration's response to the 2011 Arab Awakening to determine whether Obama's foreign policy has indeed brought about a new beginning in US-Muslim relations.

Language Evolution and Developmental Impairments

by Arild Lian

This book gives an account of developmental language impairment from the perspective of language evolution. Components of language acquisition and specific language impairments can be mapped to stages in the evolutionary trajectory of language. Lian argues that the learning of procedural skills by early ancestors has served as pre-adaptation of grammar. The evolutionary perspective gives rise to a re-evaluation of developmental impairment with respect to diagnostic terminology and methods of treatment. Chapters within cover topics such as dyslexia, the cultural mediation of language evolution and the cross-modality of language. Turn-taking in marmoset monkeys is considered as a pre-adaptation to dialogue in humans, and the role of infant-caregiver interactions is discussed. Language Evolution and Developmental Impairments will be of interest to linguists, psychologists and neurobiologists interested in the intersection of these subjects, as well as scholars of language acquisition and language impairment.

Imagining Motherhood in Contemporary Irish and Caribbean Literature

by Abigail L. Palko

Imagining Motherhood in Contemporary Irish and Caribbean Literature undertakes a comparative transnationalreading to develop more expansiveliterary models of good mothering. Abigail L. Palko argues that Irish andCaribbean literary representations of non-normative mothering practices do notreflect transgressive or dangerous mothering but are rather culturalnegotiations of the definition of a good mother. This original bookdemonstrates the sustained commitment to countering the dominant ideologies ofmaternal self-sacrifice foundational to both Irish and Caribbean nationalistrhetoric, offering instead the possibility of integrating maternal agency intoan effective model of female citizenship.

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